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Recent Press:

Our doe Caroline named Atlanta's #1 Least Influential in 2008.
Read about our brief stint as a Grade A dairy here and here.

Who We Are:

Decimal Place Farm is a dairy goat farm on about 18 acres in Conley, Georgia, not far from Hartsfield International Airport and Atlanta. Our milkers--mostly American Saanens, plus some recorded grades (cross-breeds)--have been getting their milking stars on a regular basis for years. Decimal Place Farm is run by Mary Rigdon.

Our Story:

We founded Decimal Place Farm with the dream of providing healthy, tasty goat milk and cheese for our family. Building on a "Rock Point"-solid foundation (with additional Des Ruhigestelle and Briarwind bloodlines), for 15 years we have selected primarily for milk production and secondarily for the structural features that score well in the show ring. Even so, Decimal Place Zenyatta is a permanent champion who has won her class at the ADGA national show. Our herd has been on DHIR standard milk test for almost the whole 15 years. Our herd has been CAE-free for more than 12 years, and is also free of CL and Johnes. Decimal Place Farm pioneered the national goat scrapie program in Georgia, and our herd is approaching export status in that program.

Mary is a self-taught cheesemaker who has won awards nationally and who is always experimenting with new varieties, usually with terrific results. Mary regularly teaches popular classes on the basics of cheesemaking and goat husbandry.

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