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                                            Photo illustration by JOSON IMAGES


Whenever we gaze at the sky, especially on a dark, clear, moonless night far from city lights, we never fail to be captivated by the ethereal beauty and majesty of our star-studded firmament. It is this beauty that had mesmerized ancient skywatchers and made them yearn to unravel the secrets of the Universe. And it is this same beauty that practically anyone can access and enjoy from the comfort of one’s backyard.  


Our passion for astronomy and stargazing has now spanned more than three decades. During that time, we have enjoyed countless views through our telescopes from the desolate, pockmarked surface of the Moon to the glorious orbs of the major planets. We have also marveled at the faint, gossamer tendrils of nebulae and the pale, ghostly glows of galaxies millions of light-years away.


These sessions at the eyepiece have made us realize one very important lesson -- how fragile and unique Earth is. There is so much to explore and understand about this lonely celestial oasis we call home -- from the mind-boggling diversity and adaptability of terrestrial life forms, to the dynamic processes that drive our planet’s geology and climate.





   Photos by Imelda Joson and Edwin Aguirre


We are so grateful for realizing this lesson early on, for because of this realization, we have become more mindful and appreciative of our environment and of life itself.


We have now become more of a naturalist, observing not only the night sky but also our surroundings. This fondness to observe, coupled with our curiosity to understand and to find explanations for the various phenomena we see in Nature, has made us acutely aware of the effects and consequences of our actions.


Through this website, we would like to share with you the awe-inspiring beauty and wonder of planet Earth and the worlds beyond, as seen through the optics of our cameras and telescopes. Join us in our journeys to the far corners of the globe, from chasing the Moon’s shadow as it sweeps across our planet during total solar eclipses, to exploring the magnificent temples and monuments of long-lost civilizations.


We live in such a wonderful planet, with such a wonderful history and in such a wonderful time. We are the writers of our own life story. Each day we live is like a page in our book of life. How colorful and vivid we would like it to be depends solely upon us. So let us make the most of our finite time on this planet. Let us make each moment count and help make a difference in this world.


Imelda and Edwin



   Imelda and Edwin at Edwelda Observatory. Photo courtesy Craig Michael Utter.



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