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Alvin Newton Wilson

Alvin Served with Co. G of the 28th. He was recruited by Captain Goodwin on September 12, 1862 at Elyton, Alabama. He survived the war and resided in Jefferson County until his death in 1906. Alvin was born in Spartanburg, SC in 1840 and married in Eliza Foster in 1860 at the age of nineteen. He had one child at the time of his enlistment. He raised a total of nine children.

Alvin was with the 28th at Chattanooga and he related this story to the family afterwards, His battle station was under a wagon at one of the battles near Chattanooga. He fired over 100 rounds from a prone position during the battle. He felt a severe pain in one of his arms and thought that it had been shot off. He was afraid to look, but finally decided that he would begin at his shoulder and feel down to find out how much of his arm was gone.After feeling down to his hand and finding everything intact, he looked around and found a "minnie ball" that was just about spent before hitting him on his "funny bone".


Josiah S. Wilson

Josiah was born in 1842 in Spartanburg, SC and was living in Jefferson County at the time of his enlistment with Co. G. He served until sometime before January 1864. Family legend states that he came home, either sick or wounded, and while recovering was ordered back to duty with the 28th. He refused and enlisted with the Alabama 1st Cavalry at Camp Davis, Ms and served as Orderly Sgt, Co D until his discharge at the end of the war.He married Tabitha Tate in 1867 and raised ten children. He became a successful farmer and land owner and died in 1890.The picture is in his Union uniform.


William Jasper Wilson

William was born in 1838 in Spartanburg, SC and was living in Jefferson County at the time of his enlistment on February 26, 1862. He married Miley Ann Lawler in 1858. William became 1st Sgt of Co G. He was elected to the Roll of Honor at the Battle of Chickamauga. He was captured on November 23, 1863 and spent the rest of the war at Rock Island Prison, Illinois.After the war, William became a Primitive Baptist minister and served the church until his death in 1891.They had seven children and he is buried in Itawamba, Ms where he had lived for many years.Alvin, Josiah and William were the sons of Abisha and Elizabeth Brooks. Abisha apparently moved to Jefferson County after 1844 and prior to 1849.

Submitted by E. D. Wilson, great nephew Aug 2008




David Batson was born on December 29, 1845, in Coosa County, Alabama, the son of William and Phebe Batson. By 1860 the family had moved to Jefferson County.

David enlisted in Co G of the 28th Infantry Regiment on February 25, 1862 at Elyton, Alabama and served with the 28th at Corinth, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, the Dalton-Atlanta Campaign and Ezra Chapel.

On August 10, 1864, while on picket duty near Atlanta, he was shot through the left arm, just above the elbow. According to oral tradition, the arm was first amputated above the wound, but he later contacted gangrene and it was amputated at the shoulder to save his life

He was retired from service on December 20, 1864 and may have lived briefly with his brother, William, in Coosa County near Travelers Rest. At a somewhat rowdy gathering place called The Devil's Half Acre, David shot and killed a man named Sewell, a relative of his brother George's wife, for ridiculing his military service and his missing arm. He then fled to Covington County where his sister Elizabeth and her husban Enoch Jordan lived.

David spent the remainder of his life in Covington County. Late in 1865 or early 1866 he married Arena Frazier and they had twelve children, eleven of whom lived to maturity. David was a farmer and a school teacher and known as a strong disciplinarain by his students. His ability to plow with only one arm was legendary. In December 1903 he was appointed Registrar for Covington County. He apparently never returned to Central Alabama.

Three of his brothers saw military service; George also served in Co G of the 28th, Benjamin Franklin served with the 18th Infantry and the oldest brother served with Ellis Logan's company of mounted reserves from Coosa County. David was among the first group of maimed soldiers to receive a pension from the state in March 1877.

David died October 10, 1910, and is buried at Enon Baptist Church Cemetery in Covington County. Arena died December 20, 1916 and is buried beside him in an unmarked grave.

Submitted by Bob Bradley, great grandson of David -December 13, 2005\


Alpheus Monroe Fowlkes was born November 22, 1838, in Franklin County, NC to Edward T and Mary Foster Fowlkes. About 1838, the Fowlkes moved to Marion, Alabama and several years later moved to Selma in Dallas County. Alpheus attended Howard College in Marion, Alabama, completed his eduation in 1855 as a civil engineer. Later he became Secretary of Perry Insurance Trust Company in Marion, and was serving in that capacity when the war broke out in 1861. According to his biography, posted at he served as Captain for two years after Capt Lavelle Butler was promoted to Major. In 1863 he was promoted to Major and served on the staff on General Joe E. Johnston and General Hood. He returned home after the war and in 1868 became treasurer of the Selma, Marion and Memphis Railroad and served with them until 1882. He moved to Selma in 1883 and established a very successful hardware business and in 1886 became one of the purchasers of Birmingham, Selma and New Orleans Railroad. He led an active and successful business life until his death in 1893. In 1859 he married Bettie Jemison,and they had two daughters. He is buried in Live Oak Cemetery, Selma, AL.

Contributed by Carter Fowlkes, great nephew Sep 2009



There were five Watkins brothers that served with the 28th.

Pleasant H and Julia Watkins

PLEASANT H WATKINS Enlisted at age 21 at Elyton, AL and served as 4th Corporal of Co. D.Pleasant was wounded at Chickamauga on Sep 20, 1863, losing part of his left hand. At winter quarters in Dalton, GA Pleasant and others of the 28th reenlisted for the duration. He was captured at Marietta, GA on July 3, 1864 and sent to Camp Douglas, IL. He was discharged from prison August 18, 1864 and returned home to Montevallo, AL. Died January 3, 1902.

Stephen H. Watkins

STEPHEN H WATKINS Born August 24, 1831, Elyton, AL. Enlisted at age 29 in Elyton, AL on February 6, 1862, and served as 4th Sgt of Co. D. He was captured in Murfreesboro, TN on Jan 1, 1863 after receiving three minie ball wounds, one in the ankle just under the joint, in the calf of the same leg one lodged in the chest after passing through his orderly book, his Testament and two jackets and shirts. He was sent to Camp Morton Prison, Indiana on February 27, 1863. He was exchanged and admitted to Episcopal Church Hospital at Williamsburg, VA on April 12, 1863. Died July 2, 1920.

Thomas D. Watkins

THOMAS D WATKINS Born May 27, 1830. Enlisted at age 18 in Elyton, AL Feb 6, 1862 and served in Co D. Died at Academy Hospital, TN on March 4, 1863 from complications of knee wound, probably from Battle of Murfreesboro. His father, Daniel filed claim on May 3, 1864.

Enoch A Watkins

ENOCH A WATKINS Born November 24, 1827. Enlisted at age 34 at Elyton, AL on February 6, 1862 and discharged at Selma, AL on November 28, 1862 due to rheumatism. Died August 21, 1904.

Wiley M Watkins

WILEY M WATKINS Born May 27, 1830 and enlisted at Elyton, AL at age 34, served as Corporal of Co D. Died April 18, 1901.

All five of he Watkins brothers are buried at Union Hill Cemetery, Homewood, Jefferson County, AL.

Contributed by Wes Jarrett, ggg nephew January 17, 2012.