Clement Marshall, son of Joseph and Catherine Riley Marshall, killed in Railroad Accident

From the Wednesday November 22, 1899 issue of the Wayne County Democrat, Wooster, Ohio (as noted in 1992 at the Wayne County Library in Wooster).


Clem Marshall, of Doylestown, killed at Barberton ... early Tuesday morning

... three o'clock in the morning Mr. Marshall's lantern was observed setting on top of a car ... horribly mangled remains were found under the engine ... Both feet were cutoff, mid legs were crushed as was chest and skull - the body was badly bruised.

Mr. Marshall age was about thirty and he was unmarried. He was a stone mason by trade and a good one. Winter being his dull season, he had only recently obtained a position as the brakeman on the B & O. ... Funeral services were held at Saint Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Doylestown Saturday afternoon.

Charlie Shondel delivered the message of death [received by telegraph at the Shondel Hotel] to the Marshall home before dawn. Mrs. Marshall answered the door, on the way telling Mr. Marshall to get up "Clem is home".

The body was taken to the Marshall home - many came to look at it as Clem was well liked.


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