Hem's Choice

In 1818 Peter Marshall purchased 154 acres known as "Hem's (or Henn's) Choice" & 20 acres known as "addition to Hem's Choice" in Frederick County, Maryland, from his father, Joseph Marshall of Berwick Twp, Adams Co. PA (Ref: Land Record JS 6-616).   His father had purchased the land in 1812 (Ref. Land Record WR 43-67). Peter was a member of the "Old Church on the Hill" Catholic Church at Mount St. Mary's College.   In the 1820 census of Frederick County, Peter Marshall is listed as head of a household in Election District No. 5 of (Emmitsburg area). 

Hem's Choice was located south of Emmitsburg, and about two miles southeast of Mount Saint Mary's College. It was bordered on the west by Old Frederick Road and on the north and east by Motter Station Road (Maryland 76).   See a portion of USGS quadrangle sheet with Hem's Choice with the outline of Hem's Choice superimposed to scale, and Frederick County Zoning Map 014 of the same area.   

[In his extensive research of Emmitsburg area land records, Michael Hillman, has determined that Hem's (or Henn's) Choice originally included a tract north of Motter Station Road.  See http://emmitsburg.net/history/land_records.htm and http://emmitsburg.net/history/deed_list/stony_branch.htm#Henn's%20Choice.]

In September of 1826 Peter and his family, along with George Whitman and his family, left for Ohio.   Preparatory to his move to Ohio, Peter gave Power of Attorney to George Eickelberger, Lewis Motter and others on 16 Sep 1826 to sell all his real estate and personal property consisting of horses, hogs, farming equipment and household furnishings (Ref: JS 25-663).

From the 1818 Deed:

"For consideration of sixteen hundred pounds current money ... Two adjoining tracts or parcels of land situate in Frederick County aforesaid described Hems Choice & addition to Hems Choice,

Beginning for the part called Hem's Choice

At the Beginning Tree of the original & running thence

South eighty one degrees West one hundred & sixteen perches

North twenty four & a half degree West one hundred & thirty six perches

North thirty three degrees East seventy eight perches

South seventy six degrees East one hundred & thirty eight perches then

by a straight line to the beginning containing one hundred & fifty four acres & a half of land

Then beginning for addition to Hems Choice at the end of six perches on the first line of the aforesaid tract called Hems Choice and running with said land South eighty one degrees West and one hundred & ten perches

North twenty four & a half degrees West one hundred & thirty perches then

South thirty three degrees West thirteen perches to a marked white oak

South twenty four & a half degrees East one hundred & thirty six perches then

by a straight line to the first beginning containing twenty acres of land ... "

The deed was witnessed by Henry Williams & Patrick Reid.

After Peter Marshall's death in Knox County Ohio at age 85, his daughter stated during an asset discovery hearing that "five or six weeks before father was taking down to his bed that he did not have his right mind.   He kept talking about going to Mount St. Mary's ... he said he could go there in one day and back again but that he wanted to stay there all night ... Mount St. Mary's was just over the mountain (but when asked were he lived he would say Knox County)." 

In the 1820 census, after his purchase of Hems Choice, Peter Marshall is listed as head of a household in Frederick Co. MD, Election District #5.



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