Peter Marshall's Gold

The following is a transcription of portions of an "Asset Discovery" deposition.  The original copy is written out in longhand on forty plus pages of ruled "school" paper and was filed in Box 170, File 262.  It is not dated, but identified in the Knox County Probate Court index regarding the Estate of Peter Marshall (1783-1868), as an "Asset Discovery."  From notes made on Thursday, July 14th, 1995, at the Knox County (Ohio) Courthouse.

Questions to Catherine Marshall (sometimes referred to as the "defendant")


Question:  Are you a daughter of Peter Marshall, late of Knox County Ohio ?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  When did your father die ?

Answer:  He died in August '68

Question:  How long had you lived with him at the time of his death ?

Answer:  Seventeen years _____ since I came home.

Question:  Where did you reside before ?

Answer:  I lived in Wayne County, Chippewa Township, this state

Question:  Do you know if your father had any money about his home at the time of his death ?

Answer:  I don't know of any money about but ten dollars and that was paper money of his.

Question:  What became of that ten dollars ?

Answer:  Five dollars I spent getting things through his sickness, and five dollars of it went towards paying the girl

Questions:  Did not your father get several hundred dollars ( ? ) in money from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania three or four years before his death ?

[ Peter Marshall's younger brother, Adam Marshall, had died in 1863 in Adams County, PA.  The county seat of Adams county is Gettysburg.  Adam apparently nevered married and had no children.  Adam and Peter's father, Joseph Marshall, had stipulated in his will that if Adam died without lawful issue that "one half of all the estate, which he receives from me, shall revert & fall back to the heirs of my sons Peter & John, but their parents shall not receive the same.  Although the disposttion of the Adam Marshall estate is not found in the Adams County records, it is assumed it was the source of the money received from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania." ]

Answer:  He did sir

Question:  How much in all did he get and when did he get it ?

Answer:  It is hard for me to tell you but I can show you where he got it by the express envelope which was here produced by witness. Which envelope shows that there had been received three hundred and thirty-five dollars sent by J. E. Smith to Peter Marshall, Ashland County, Ohio by Adams Express Company, from agency cosignment November 2nd, 1864.  Hanover.  Witness also in answer to same produced another envelop marked two hundred and ninety-five dollars addressed to Peter Marshall sent by J. E. Smith a short time after the receiving the 335 mention above

Question:  Is that all the money he received from Pennsylvania ?

Answer:  That is all as far as I know anything about.

Question:  Do you know anything about him getting a lot of gold from Pennsylvania ?

Answer:  I don't

Question:  Do you know anything of your father converting any of the money he got from Pennsylvania into gold after he got it ?

Answer:  I don't know anything about that neither

Question:  Do you know that your father had a lot of gold about his house at the time of his death ?

Answer:  I do not know anything about any gold being there at the time of his death that was his

Question:  How much gold and silver money was there about your father's house at his death belonging to anyone ?

Answer:  There was twenty two dollars in silver and forty-two dollars fifty cents in gold that belonged to me

Question:  How much paper money was there about your father's house at the time of his death belonging to anyone ?

Answer:  Well I don't remember of any being about but that ten dollars

Question:  Did you not take a lot of gold and silver money after your father's death to Father Brent and ask him to keep it for you ?

Answer:  I did not take any there but I went down there and asked him what I should do as Joe was making an awful fuss

about it searching the house.  He told me to bury it but I never did.  I have reference to the gold belong to me the same as I have here before mentioned.

Question:  Did you not seal up in a fruit can a lot of gold and silver and hide it in your cellar after your father's death ?

Answer:  I did the same that I gave in here - I done it

Question:  Did you not on or about the 13th of August 1871 when at dinner at your home answer John Marshall your brother that there was no money hidden in the cellar or about the home ?

Answer:  I don't remember that I told him anything about it.

There was not any of father's if I did.

Question:  Did John Marshall get your Mother's consent to search the house and cellar for money at that time ?

Answer:  He said he was going down into the cellar to search it and she told him he could go.

Question:  Did he go into the cellar and did you follow him there, if so what occurred when you and he were in the cellar ?

Answer:  I did go with him into the cellar and he found it and when he found it he wanted it opened and I opened it. I told him at the time that it was mine and I could show it to him. He said he did not want to see it and that someday I would have to swear to it.

Question:  How much money was in that can that he found ?

Answer:  There was twenty-two dollars in silver and forty-two dollars and fifty cents in gold

Question:  What did your father do with the money he got from Pennsylvania ?

Answer:  He paid off his debts all except what he owed me.  He had given a note to Henry Marshall for three hundred dollars, two hundred and fifty he gave to me, a note.  He, father, had his money put out on interest in these notes.  He endorsed the two hundred and fifty dollar note to me and the three hundred dollar note to Henry Marshall.  The money was loaned to Anthony Gardner. These notes were Anthony Gardner's.

[ The transcript goes on for considerable length ]

In answer to a question about whether Peter Marshall was in his right mind prior to his death Catherine Marshall stated that: Five or six weeks before father was taking down to his bed that he did not have his right mind.  He kept talking about going to Mount St. Mary's ... he said he could go there in one day and back again but that he wanted to stay there all night ... Mount St. Mary's was just over the mountain (but when asked were he lived he would say Knox County).


Question:  Where did you get the silver and gold you claim was yours that you had and kept at your father's house ?

Answer:  I got that while I was working around in Wayne County taking care of sick folks and spinning. Five dollars of it Anthony Gardner gave me as a present.

Question:  How long did you live in Wayne County ?

Answer:  I lacked from January till along in May or June of being twelve years that I was there.

Question:  Can you tell about what your age was when you left home to live in Wayne County ? Was your age over twenty-one years ?

Answer:  I was forty-nine last April.  I lacked from January to May or June of being away twelve years from home.  I have returned from Wayne seventeen years last January.

Question:  What work did you perform at his house ... ?

Answer:  I did all kind of work tending to the horses & cows, milking, spinning and weaving, etc. ...

Question:  What aged man was your father at the time of his death ?

Answer:  He was in his eighty-fifth year according to his statement

The follwoing section contains questions asked of Louise Marshall (wife of John Marshall, sometimes referred to as Elizabeth - ELM):


Question:  What was your relationship to Peter Marshall ?

Answer:  He was my father-in-law

Question: ...

Answer:  He told me that he wanted John to write to Peter Marshall in Iowa to come home.  He had five hundred dollars

apiece for him and John.  He told me this on the fourth of June 1868.

Question: When and where did he tell you this and who was present ?

Answer:  At my own house.  My daughter and Nora Marshall.

Question: ...

Answer:  Catherine said it was no use to write to Peter, that he would only spend his money in coming home.  What when he would come he would get nothing that father had nothing for him.

In response to questions John Marshall stated that he had consulted with Billy Gorum, a fortune teller about the location of his father's gold, John stated that he had consulted with Billy Gorum but about the location of his father's will, not his gold:

... I went to New Castle ( ? ), Licking County ( ? ), first time with my wife, second time with my sister Marie Downs, next time with Peter Marshall, next time with George Marshall, next time with Joseph Marshall ...

Question:  Did not your father get several hundred ____ in money from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania three or four years before his death ?

Answer:  He did sir.

In answer to a question as to why he had not written to his brother, Peter, after his sister Catherine had said that their father had nothing for them, John stated that it was because he had thought at the time that Catherine was "his friend"


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