Here you will find information about wire antennas as well as directional beams.
Make it with wires   Make your calculations
HF / UHF dipoles
Calculate electrical length of a line
Folded dipoles Determine the power output to antenna
Other wire antennas How long should my coax cable be?
Design dipoles and inverted vees Quarter wave line matching transformer
Design dipoles and inverted vees (Metric) Determining efficiency of a transmission line
Design a ground plane Frequency scaling
Design a ground plane (Metric) Decimal to fraction conversion chart
Design a half wave vertical antenna Convert from feet to meters
Design a 5/8 wave vertical antenna Convert from meters to feet
Design a quad
Design a quad (Metric)
Make it with metal
2 meter 2 element direct connect beam
2 meter 3 element direct connect beam
VHF / UHF direct connect beams
HF satellite antenna (10/15 meter beam)
Fan-tenna...An antenna made from a fan?
Antenna Construction Tips
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