M3U Dropper

M3U Dropper creates playlists from links.  Links can be dropped onto the program from browsers or file managers.

M3U Dropper is a portable, no install, open source, registry green program.

Download version 0.741: 32-bit (234K) or 64-bit (301K).  (Windows NT or higher required)

Permanent download locations via Dropbox: 32-bit, 64-bit

M3U Dropper is freeware, Copyright© 2010-2012 Eric Nitzsche, licensed under GNU LGPL v3.   Download the source code here.

View the release notes here.

Last program update: October 6, 2012

Note:  M3U Dropper can accept and launch any link drops.  So, for hacker types, it could also be used as a portable hybrid bookmarker or program launcher.  Configuration files contain a screen location, so different configs can open at different positions.
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