Cost of Lessons



Free   1/2 hour initial assessment



$  50   Individual hour session (not on weekly discount plan).

$180   Weekly Plan: (4 sessions)  

          PREPAID and due at 1st session of the month. 

                             5 week months = $225


1/2 Hour Sessions:

$ 25     Individual session (not part of weekly plan).

$ 95     Weekly 1/2 hour Plan. (4 sessions)  

       PREPAID and due at 1st session of the month. 

5 week months = $118




No cost for annual recital

(which singers can opt in or out to participate).


  • There is a small selection of sheet music located in the studio, and an excellent (and growing) collection of studio Karaoke CDG's available for in-studio lesson practice. Karaoke CDG's remain in the studio and are not for your home use.  You are welcome to bring in your own CDG or sheet music to your session.  Students MAY benefit from suggested material that is available from a music store (if I feel that it would be beneficial to your progress).  It is your option to purchase such material or not.
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  • If you're looking to have a demo made, now or in the future:

Cost to produce CD on our 24 track studio will be determined based upon the project.  I have equipment that has hundreds of digitally sampled instruments at your disposal for the demo.  Classical voice demos will require additional cost of hiring a pianist (I can supply).

Eric W Schneider