A Few Extras (v024)

Pauline's Estate Photo Gallery.

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Pauline's Artwork. Click the bolt on the left for a user-friendly gallery, or click here for direct access to the files.

Photos and documents found in the Osman family bible.

My cousin, Steve Osman was interviewed as part of a spot on Weekend America, a radio show on NPR. I downloaded the hour-long program from weekendamerica.publicradio.org and then edited out just the spot he was in. Warning: almost 7MB.

Site for Nolan's baseball team: The Spuds

Coming someday, maybe: Our Penrose Tile floor. I've written the document but still need to "webize" it. In the meantime, you can download the raw MS word document here (size: 613KB). Or you can just check out this photo of the finished floor (152KB).

Coming eventually: The 200 club. Eric's trip in September of 2004 with his college friends.

Coming eventually: Nolan's science fair project: Trebuchet Design.

Coming eventually: Rockets. Some information on our high-flying hobby.