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Advantages We Provide to Pups

What is Provided To our Puppies:  Serafina is a fine example of the Havanese breed of dog. She has been a great Momma. She has trusted me and my husband to be near her pups since day one. We helped to deliver the pups and she has never resisted us assisting, touching or playing with the pups. We continue to help to care for them, and provide them with a very loving, clean and caring home. We believe that this will help to make the the difference between a well adjusted puppy and one that has much alot of anxiety and fears. We believe that we have some of the best puppies in the industry and they will make the greatest, most loving and adorable pets you can imagine.We are almost always with our puppies.  They grow to be accustomed to other pets and people. They are handled lovingly and played throughout the day.  We train, wean and get them ready to go to their next home all while trying to ensure that they have been properly socialized.  We work hard to provide a loving home to these pets but unfortunately, there are many Breeders out there, that don't care for the puppies as they should.  They are merely concerned with the financial aspect of breeding these puppies. 

Our puppies are very healthy and happy. They came from a good pedigree and we ensured that the Dam and Sire were given a clean bill of health prior to mating. The (Parent Dogs) were medically examined to ensure that they present no serious medical defects. They've had regular medical care including their shots and have been in good health. They are fed high quality dog food and they have been brought up in the most loving homes. We wanted to ensure that Serafina's puppies would have every advantage to be healthy and happy. We've cared for her puppies like we would our babies.  We ensure that our home is a clean, safe, secure place to live in with lots and lots of love. Being raised inside an actual home exposes the pups to things common in a home environmet. Hopefully this will reduce some of the fears of common household items like vacuum cleaners,  garbage disposals, and garage opener. The puppies have their own room to sleep, grow and play. Their bed is on one side and their potty is on another. They have lots of room in between to run and play. We can offer many extra benefits that you will not find with other breeders. We have gone to great lengths to be involved in their raising them since their birth. We are definitely very hands on. We work extremely hard to be the best people parents. In addition, they have come from a very loving, clean, stable and well socialized home.  We do take raising these pups very seriously.  We do not even allow our puppies to be adopted and leave the home until at least 10 weeks of age. Our main concern does not lie with the fastest adoption and the most financial gain. We want to ensure that the puppies are old enough to be taken from the safety and care of their home and mother and ready to be adopted and move into a new family home. By waiting a little longer, they will be better adjusted.