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Bill of Sale Contract

Agreement to Purchase AKC Havanese Puppy

(For Information purposes Only - Both Buyer & Seller Signed copies at the time of Purchase)


Litter Born:_______________ 

AKC Registered Litter_________________

Puppy Named –  ­­­­­­­­__________________

Description: _________________________


Seller:                                                                                                    Buyer: 

________________________                                                _______________________                                              

 _______________________                                                  _______________________

______________________________                                    ______________________________




Deposit: $500-We guarantee our puppies to be healthy per the Healthy puppy guarantee and terms outlined here.  Buyer is expected to complete sale with final payment by pickup dates outlined here. If an unforeseen situation arises where the buyer does not complete purchase, then we may at our discretion, apply the deposit amount to a puppy from a future litter, otherwise, deposit is non-refundable. 


Deposit Payment Terms:  Paypal preferred.  Paypal payment address:  ________________ Deposit Paypal instant transfer fees paid by us the Seller. We have confirmed and registered Paypal account since 2000.  Checks accepted with prior approval only.  For check payments, when holding a reserve spot for pick of puppy, we will hold for up to 3 business days to allow for receipt in mail.  Check must clear prior to puppy pickup.


Remaining Balance Payment Terms: Total Sales Price ______ Remaining amount owed after Deposit Paid ______.  Remaining balance is to be paid in full and cleared by applicable by pickup date.  Methods accepted: Preferred - Cash upon Pickup with receipt provided. Paypal – We will accept final payment by Paypal but we will not cover transfer fees for remaining balance. Personal & Certified Checks – Accepted with prior approval. Must be sent in plenty of time to ensure cleared by date of pickup.   NS checks or other charge backs will be responsibility of Buyer.


Pickup Dates:  Pickup Dates - Scheduled Date Between _______   and _______.  Extended Care:  We will always try and work with the buyer to ensure a smooth and happy purchase but certain circumstances prevent us from offering extended care for the puppy.  Its best that we send the puppies to their new homes as soon as possible after they are at least 8 weeks old.   The puppy will become too attached to us, otherwise, and this can make it more difficult and stressful for the puppy and us to part.   There are other reasons such as medical and food costs, care, etc. that prevent us from being able to often be able to offer to care for the puppies for an extended period of time after it’s sold and eligible for pickup.  We’ve sold puppies and then been called to care for the puppy for another month after it’s due for pickup.  For these reasons, we ask that the puppy be picked up by the dates outlined here, or otherwise, we may at our discretion, charge a nominal $10 daily care fee.   

Provided: One Adorable, Fluffy, Loveable, Havanese Puppy in Good Health, First set of shots will be provided and Vet exam, as well as Dew Claws Removed. AKC Litter Registration, AKC Premium 3 Generation Litter Certificate for Display, Doggie Gift Bag, Toy from our home to make the transition to their new home easier. AKC Limited Puppy Application for Registration through AKC – This is optional at buyer’s discretion. Fees paid directly to AKC per their charges for registration.  3 day Healthy Puppy Guarantee and our 1 Year Specific Congenital Health Guarantees provided at the time of pickup. Guarantees are as outlined and can be viewed by request or on Comcast webpage. Puppy must be brought to the buyer’s Vet within 3 days after pickup and spayed/neutered at which time as recommended by Vet, normally done near 6 months of age.  Puppy is not eligible for breeding.


Buyer affirms that they have never been found guilty of a crime against animals. If the buyer was accused but not found guilty, please provide information regarding the accusation.  Buyer also affirms that in the event that they can’t care for puppy and must rehome it, that they will notify us of the transfer. In such an event, we may also offer our services and possibly take puppy back and help to find a good home for the pet without any compensation to buyer.

 (For Information purposes Only - I reserve the right to change the terms at anytime.  Actual copy will be provided to Buyer at the time of purchase for review and signature. )

** When Contract is not signed in person, it may also be accepted and enforced by both parties, by the issue of deposit by buyer and acceptance by seller.  




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