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What you Might Get Elsewhere:  If you are not careful then you could unknowingly purchase a puppy from a Puppy Mill or not a Very Nice or Good Breeder.  In any of those cases, you could easily end up with a puppy with emotional problems who may easily exhibit signs of fear or aggression, sometimes against other pets, children, people or objects.  Traits normally associated with any breed are changed when a pet is abused or neglected. You may end up with a dog that has been emotionally damaged and does not get along with children or other pets. Also, beware many times a very low price may indicate a lessor quality pedigree, little investment and poor conditions, some genetic defects or emotional or social problems, or no AKC registration amongst other things.  Although Havanese are not known for being skidish or have anxiety problems, it can happen if they are seriously frightened from some traumatic event or abused. They can develop into a hard to manage pet.  While the puppy may still be quite loveable, these anxieties do have the propensity to bring alot of stress into your life for many years to come.  While some people may be equipped with the knowledge to deal with these poor pets; many of us are not.  This could be very disruptive to you and your family's lives.




There are many breeders out there who are most concerned with the financial aspect of breeding puppies. They simply do not take good care of them. They live in a filthy home and do not take good care of the puppies. It is unfortunate but if you purchase a puppy from a sorry breeder, then what you may end up with is a puppy that is not healthy, stable or well adjusted. Those puppies may have serious medical issues or hidden defects. It could have all kinds of emotional problems much like a child raised in a dysfunctional home. Some of the early weeks of the puppies life are considered the formative weeks. Those weeks are especially important. If the puppy is not treated appropriately during this period, then it could result in some very serious emotional problems. The puppy may have lifelong problems with adjusting to things that other puppies adjust well to. This could make it more difficult to handle the puppy and will have a negative effect on the happiness and harmony of your family. These sorry type of Breeders are much more likely to sell off puppies with undisclosed hereditary defects, like hip dysplasia or cataract of the eyes. These medical problems could end up costing you thousands of dollars to “attempt” to fix the problem. They will likely provide you with a warranty for a replacement dog knowing good and will that once you have attached to the dog, you will likely keep him for the long haul.  This is a trick of the trade.  Offer only to exchange the dog if it gets sick becuase they will be too attached to really do that.  We r the only Breeders I have seen that actually offer a cash medical reimbursement in our health guarantee.  Read the contract page for specific details.  In cases where the dog has some genetic disorder, the dog may be in pain everyday and may even have to go through some very serious costly medical procedures and surgeries to attempt to fix the medical condition. Some unknown heath problems, could even shorten the dog's lifespan. In the end, no amount of money might save the dog. That is heartbreaking. Be careful and ensure that you know the conditions the dog was raised in.  If at all possible, visit the Breeders home so you can get an idea of what conditions the puppy was raised in.  That will give you a general idea of the care that the puppy received.