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Changing Colors of the Havanese Coat

In my ad I touched base on how the coat colors might change.  This time we had a litter of puppies with black coats and white markings.  We've had a good mixture or variety of puppies with different coat colors.  Some have been born one color and then eventually change drastically to another color.  Other's have changed minimually and some not much.  It is difficult to tell. It's different becuase Havanese Puppies are born in nearly every color mixture and are accepted in any color by the AKC.  They do often change colors and  with white markings. I've received emails or calls from nearly every new owner but not all have sent updated pictures.  I'm not sure how many of our puppies changed the colors of their coats. I do know that 2 of the dark brown puppies we had in the 1st and 2nd litters, have changed the coat colors drastically.  Alexsei has changed to an all white coat and Alexander has changed to a light silver gray, coat with markings of brown and white.They both look so significantly different than when they were born as puppies.  This is important to know because I have no idea what color coat these puppies will look like once they have matured.  They may not change much. I don't know. This is the same situation with any Havanese puppy you purchase so it's not just with our puppies.  I just want you to be aware of this.  It's interesting how it works. I know that our puppies are always so cute and well behaved so you will get an excellent quality puppy.  I've included some pictures for you to see the transformation and I've also included a link for you to read up on this subject.  I know that there is a lot of different sites out there that have more information on this subject.  This is just one site.

Pictures below show the transformation of 2 puppies born with dark brown coats.  The first set of pictures is of our puppy we named Alexander.  The last picture was taken with his new owner.  The other set of pictures is of the puppy we called Alexsei and the last picture is also with his new owner.  He is on the right side of the picture.  Both of their coats has turned much lighter over time. The 2nd Dog's coat is nearly white and he is about 1 1/2 years old in picture. Again, this does not happen with every dog.  Some dog's coat colors don't change at all.  





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