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Havanese Breed Basics

Details About this Breed:  You may be like me and put a great deal of thought into getting a puppy. What kind of puppy do I get? Which puppy do I choose? From where do I get the puppy? I am not an impulsive person and I waited for many years to decide the time was right to get a puppy. I wanted to make sure that I could take very good care of it. Truthfully, after I got my Serafina, I wished that I would have gotten her much sooner. I thought back to the days when she was not a member of the family and it just didn't seem possible. Right away, it seemed like we had always had her. The transition was that natural. I do believe that that is partly due to her easy going type of breed. When I was still deciding on a puppy, I did a lot of research regarding the different breeds. First I looked up the traits associated with different breeds, until I found a bred that was most compatible with my family. The Havanese breed has some very appealing traits. They are a very family friendly breed. Most have an easy going temperament plus a friendly and loving disposition. There are so many excellent qualities associated with the Havanese breed of dog. In short, Havanese has so many excellent qualities and I belive that most people will simply fall in love with it.  These dogs are known for being excellent with all people and other animals. Most have gorgeous long and silky fur. Their appearance might indicate that they tend to shed a lot, but that is not true. They are the perfect dog for allergy sufferers and those who don't like the constant cleanup of dog hair because they do not shed. This dog does not shed and so is perfect for those people with allergies. You can actually wear black clothing and not have to worry about all the hair all over your clothes. No kidding! It makes life so much easier and comfortable without all the allergies.

They have so many other good traits. They are a small bred dog but they are not wimpy or fragile by any means. Dogs of this breed are generally known for being patient, intelligent, excellent watchdogs, excellent companions, mild tempered, easily adaptable to smaller spaces like apartments and very child and pet friendly, among other characteristics. They are generally friendly and outgoing. They are not normally considered a “barker”. In the early days, this breed was owned by Aristocrats.  They were bred and originated in Cuba. An interesting fact is that they were nearly instinct but 11 dogs were transported to the U.S. and all the dogs in existence today date back to those 11 dogs. The breed is so intelligent and highly trainable they were also trained and used as circus dogs.  They are happy to just be in the presence of their owners. They are actually quite controllable over some of the other small breed types. They do not need to be exercised constantly. They are content with only a moderate amount of exercise and will normally adjust to the lifestyle of their owner. They do well in smaller apartments with little yard.  They are most generally considered to be very happy dogs and most walk with a springy bounce in their step. They will greet you and make you feel like a Rock Star every time you come home.  My husband was always a big dog lover. He grew up with big dogs in his home and didn't think he would like a small dog. He was blown away by these smaller dogs.  They are not considered “high maintenance” however their long silky fur does require frequent brushing. They are otherwise a very easy breed of dog to raise. These are the traits that are generally associated with this breed but there is no guarantee that each dog will have every trait. 

I watched a very entertaining and informative video Havanese 101, produced by Animal Planet. It's approximately 4-5 minutes in length and doesn't require a download.  It's available on Youtube.  I would suggest anyone considering to purchase this breed take a few minutes to watch the video.  It is really very cute and provides some nice information regarding the breed.  Just click on the following link to watch the uploaded video: