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sera with newborn pups

  • Champion Bloodline
  •  AKC Registered Litter
  • The Best of the Best Breed and Pedigree
  • Adorable - Loving - Healthy - Socialized - Loving Environment
  • Specially priced at $1350

The Dam Serafina: 





Our Dam Serafina is a very Special Dog!  She has every good quality that you could possibly want in a Dog!  She’s a beautiful dog, with a thick wavy coat of white and cream fur. She has a beautiful look and disposition. She’s extremely healthy, gentle, playful, energetic but not hyper, loving but not dependent, protective but not aggressive and One of a KIND!  We keep her active and walk her 2 miles each day right up until she has a litter of puppies and then after that, start walking her again after the puppies are old enough to be left for a short period of time. We feed her very well and provide her quality dog food mixed with Fresh cooked liver, daily vitamins and other quality items. We provide lots of human interaction.  She has a load of toys and we play with her often. She loves to play with us, walk, hike, wade in the water, or whatever.  She listens well, behaves, is a protector but not aggressive, gets along with other pets, is loveable, adorable and an all-around superior quality dog. She will go outside but isn’t a needy dog at all. She is quite content to be near us and amp up the energy level when and if we are ready to go. She is a blast and we couldn’t ask for a better dog in any way. She is a special dog and has the most wonderful puppies.

She’s a good Mother. She is so content being a Mother. She seems so happy when you come to see her puppies, and you can see the pride she has in them. She is quite content on taking good care of them. She even plays with them when they get older. She is really a quite impressive Mother Dog.  We do watch to see what her disposition is when the puppies are sold and taken from our home. We do it discretely and so she doesn’t see people handling her puppies or taking them from our home. Still, she has not shown us signs of duress and stress but it is something that we continue to evaluate to ensure that she emotionally healthy. She was our first Havanese Dog.   After we got her as a pet, then we were absolutely hooked on the breed.  She does come from a Champion Bloodline, even though we didn’t get her to be a show dog or anything.  We only breed her with other AKC Havanese, that compliment her and lineage.  

We home raise our puppies and they become an intricate part of our lives. Serafina is very trusting. She allows us to get close to her and the puppies. Together, we take care of all of the puppies needs. We present them to paper training at a very early age with the Misty Trails method of potty training and then introduce them to going outdoors when feasible.  We provide the puppies all the love and care so they grow up to be the most healthy and happy puppies.  We provide them lots of attention, and socialize them at an early age. This way they become used to being around other pets, people and things, and are not afraid or aggressive. Our pups are extremely well behaved. Our Vet even commented that they were the best litter he's seen by any Breeder in all his years in the field and we already had 3 customers who have purchased 2 dogs from us and would have sold another one or 2 from our last litter to a previous buyer, but unfortunately they were all spoken for by the time they notifed us.  Just a few Actual references below.  I need to post some newer ones as we have many but you can also view them on our Facebook page.  There are many posts, comments and recommendations on that page:


  • Annoushka ... "She is a joy and a real completeness in our lives".  "Annah had a prelim showed clear. eyes perfect ".

  • Mischa and Alexsei... "Thanks so much! We feel blessed to have found you guys as breeders.  It is wonderful to know how well cared for the pups are.  Thank you!"  

  • "Just wanted to let you know that we took Mischa to the vet on 9/3/11.  He checked out just fine.  They did a fecal float and there were no worms/parasites/ova noted."

  • Iraina... "We feel really good about buying a puppy from your family".  "We call her Sheba and she has been the best dog we've ever had".

  • Bailey... “Thank you for raising such nice dogs” “Bailey continues to do excellent.  Transitioning to toileting outside quite well.”

  • Our Veteranarian... “Ive seen Breeders who have been in business for many years and this is the best breed of puppies I've seen before”. “They don't even bark!”


Breeding our Dam:

We have our Dam examined and always do a series of tests and exam all areas when considering breeding our Dam again. We have her examined at the Vet and get his opinion regarding her health and condition for breeding. We consider other things such as her overall physical and mental health, disposition, traits,  size and number of her past litters, demand for the puppies, ease or difficulty with her past pregnancy and birth, nursing and care for her puppies.  She is a healthy, happy and playful dog. She gets into the Momma mode where she gets down to business and not as much playing and such while she is pregnant and while nursing but as soon as the puppies get a little older and start playing, then she is right in there with them. When she is not in the Momma Mode then she is playful and energetic. We walk her 2 miles a day.  She has no problem with nursing or with raising the puppies.  She’s never lost a puppy and they have all been a good weight and the size of her litters are a strong number, which are indicators that she is still capable of producing good litters.


What We Provide: 

We offer a clean and loving environment, with socialization for all the puppies prior to them being homed.  We set up a nice quiet area of the house for Serafina to whelp and nurse her puppies. When they are older, we put them into a more open part of the house so that they can spend more time with us and our other pets. We train them on the Misty Trails method of potty training so they use the indoors reusable puppy pad starting when they are very young. By the time they leave our home, they are normally regularly using the pad and also familiar with using the outdoors to potty, although, the degree of each varies and the actual potty training will begin at home, depending on the method that you choose to incorporate. Weather permitting, we give them outside time and they enjoy that so much!  It's really cute to watch them all pile outside.  A line of puppies all running outside to our covered porch area and fenced in back yard where we are always watching them and we join in the fun of course!  We never kennel our puppies or dogs. We care for the needs of our Adult dogs as much as we do our puppies. We feed our Adult dogs quality dog foods and other proteins, as well as vitamins.  We cater to our new Momma and ensure that she has everything that she needs to provide the puppies with the nurturing that they need to thrive.  We spend a good deal of time in their area feeding them, playing with them, cleaning them, and loving of them. We don't allow them to stay in a messy area so that they don't get sick or pick up bad habits.  Our dogs are not just for breeding.  We breed our female because we want to share her qualities with other people. She is amazing!  Her puppies are amazing!


Quality Puppies: 

We don't try and squeeze in several litters a year and we are not burned out on taking care of puppies or our Dogs.  We prioritize our dogs and puppies needs.  We work hard to make ensure that the puppies are well cared for and that we provide the foundation for them to have a great start without any emotional scars or disabilities!  This makes for a more sound, secure and well-rounded puppy.  Not all breeds of dogs are the same; nor are all dogs within that breed the same.  The quality of dog and how it was raised makes a big difference in the traits that the puppy will develop when they grow up.


Our Pricing: 

This quality and type of breed of puppy is not inexpensive by any means. Still, in the world of the Havanese Breed you can rest assured you are getting a good value for our puppies. You can pay more for another Havanese, as excellent quality puppies such as these can command upwards of $2k.  We have sold our puppies for an average of about $1600 with other’s sold at $2k.  Price is not we put our emphasis.  We really want to make them available to families that will love and cherish them. The puppies have enriched so many people’s lives and we are thrilled to be able to provide that to people. The economy is really just rebounding we want to provide these excellent quality dogs for an excellent price.  These are not cheap dogs in the 1st place so we try to offer them at an attractive price for the breed. 

Another important consideration is that it is better if the puppies leave our home when they are old enough and not get too attached to us. If the price is too high then we may have 1 or 2 that we end up keeping longer as a result of waiting for the right buyer to pay that higher price. This is hard on the puppy. The puppy gets very attached to us and then the transition does not go as smoothly. This can be traumatizing to the puppy. Many breeders would and do continue this process in order not to reduce their prices.  They would rather have to keep a 6 month old puppy then to sell the puppy for less and have it sold and gone when it is younger.   Since we have begun pricing the puppies across the board for $1350-$1450 ($1350 pre-reserve price) we’ve had most of the puppies reserved prior to them even being born. In fact, we don’t always even advertise the puppies until we are absolutely sure that the mating took.  We also set a limit on the number of deposits we will accept prior to the birth of the puppies to try and ensure that we don’t accept a deposit and not have a puppy for them. Still, if that did occur, we would give the money back but I would hate to disappoint someone like that.  I would feel awful so we wait until the puppies are born to really begin selling the majority of them.  If you want a puppy, then I do suggest you put down a deposit as soon as possible, because the demand is pretty great for this excellent quality and priced puppies.  I’ve had to turn many people away in the past and I get calls all the time when I have no puppies available. I have a list of people that have requested I notify them when we have another litter and I must get to calling them back.  Hurry and reserve Now!  Don't miss out.   


What to look out for: 

You can directly contact the AKC to ask about local and reputable breeders in your area.  You can do an internet search and look up puppy mills in your area and law suits or alarming information against a particular breeder.  Are they accused of being a “puppy mill”?  Is there any foundation to that accusation?  Do they respond to your inquiries for information?  Are they posted on Craigslist?  Craigslist doesn’t allow the selling of dogs but only allows seller to charge a very nominal/small fee for re-homing the puppy or dog.  Does the breeder seem loving and concerned with the welfare of the puppies and the breed? Knowledgeable?  Is pickup in their home offered? Is the Damn on site ? Are they registered AKC?  References?  We have many references posted on our FB page by owners who have kept in contact with us. They have posted by their own free will and even posted with their personal Facebook account.   Be wary about picking up the puppy outside of their home. This is often times a warning sign.  Be wary, of the lowest price puppies.  You sometimes get what you pay for.  This is an investment in the quality of your life for many years to come. If you pick the right puppy, then you may have the puppy for 15-20 years.  If you buy a puppy that needs medical attention then you could end up spending much more money on medical bills.  Not to mention, the stress, time and effort that you will go through with a sick puppy.  Our pedigree is proven.  There's no way anyone who has the pedigree, and puts the time, effort and money into raising the puppies as we do, could offer them for less.  We take care of our puppies like new born babies, which means for us, day and night.


Inferior Quality/Neglected or Traumatized Pets: 

You may save money and buy a puppy for less money but end up with one that needs a lot of medical care, and has emotional and behavioral problems.  As a result, not only could you end up incurring a huge amount in medical costs but you may also end up having to care for it and watch it while it’s sick. No one wants to get a new puppy and then have to watch while it’s sick and in pain. It may be genetically inferior so that it’s really not a good example of this awesome breed of dog. Many of the less expensive puppies come from puppy mills, and have not been properly raised or have the high standards of breeding or care that we provide.  They may have even been abused which of course, can cause severe emotional scarring and behavioral problems that are difficult to fix.  It’s not good when a puppy is taken away from its Mother or Siblings too early because they learn through play and interaction with them.  There is nothing wrong with adopting a rescue dog but many people are not aware of the difficulty in trying to change these dog’s behaviors.  It often takes a professional accustomed to working with these types of dogs, to be able to rehabilitate them so that they are more well-rounded pets. 

Almost always in these situations, the puppy will be very disruptive and difficult to train and handle. It may act out and even aggressively bite and chew on things, be unfriendly, not get along with other pets and children, and overall threaten the peaceful surroundings and tranquility of the hone.  Meanwhile, the family has ended up spending money and time than what they can comfortably invest, and often end up exceeding the amount that they would have paid for a modest priced puppy.  Plus, both the puppy and the children end up being traumatized.  When there are children involved then you must be extra careful. You want to ensure their safety and not expose them to dogs and situations that will likely result in them being scared of dogs in general and even traumatize the children or taint the family on the possibility of getting another puppy.

A very loving puppy with good pedigree can make a wonderful pet and a genuine positive addition to almost any family, however, the opposite can be true of a disruptive, aggressive or sick pet.  It’s best to leave those puppies to people and families that are prepared for that type of dog and situation and ready to invest that type of time and money to rehabilitating a dog.   


The Havanese Breed & Traits:

When you consider a Havanese, you are considering one of the BEST BREEDS! The breed is non-shedding and so it's perfect for allergy sufferers.  They are also great to use as a therapy or service type dog.  Havanese are smaller dogs but not tiny, miniature dogs. They are extremely healthy with little known congenital problems and average lifespan is 14-17 years. The weight of this breed is slightly increasing and the average weight is now about 12-16 pounds.  Fewer of the breed, weigh about 10-21 pounds.  I estimate puppies from this litter to be about 12-15 pounds but that’s an early estimate based merely on the weight of the parents.  It will be easier to determine the weight and size of the puppies after birth. 

The color of the Havanese fur is often known to change.  It will sometimes change drastically and can turn into even more beautiful coloring. Most often it does this when the fur is dark colored. 

Havanese are known to be Playful, Gentle, Responsive, Companionable, Intelligent, Affectionate, small but not fragile.  Havanese are smaller dogs but not fragile. They are very sturdy and can actually play with small children without being aggressive or getting hurt.   They are tough little dogs. They are energetic but not known to be hyper.  They are really tough little dogs but very gentle.  They are game for about anything. If you are active, then they are active.  They will hike, swim, play and are pretty much game for any outdoors sport.  If you are more sedative, then they are sedative.   They are quite content to sit inside and be by their owner with a small amount of exercise.  Like most dogs, they should be walked or have access to outdoors. They are really a perfect companion, therapy or assistance dog. They are non-shedding and perfect for those allergy sufferers and those who simply don’t like fur all around the house. I have full grown dogs and you would not know it by the lack of fur in my house. You can also wear black without getting fur on your clothes.  It’s known to be a very healthy breed without any real serious Congenital Diseases.   


Application for Puppy:

If you are interested in a puppy, then I ask you to complete a puppy questionnaire form or call me with the information. It’s important to talk to prospective buyers.  We ask some questions to try and ensure suitability and see what your preferences are.  We have provided a puppy questionnaire form on the link to the left.  You can fill that out and send a copy to me in email or phone me with details. Information will be kept private and I won’t use it for any purpose other than to determine suitability and preference in a puppy.  After reviewing the information, I will let you know if we have a puppy available for you and negotiate the sale of the puppy.  Deposit is required to hold a puppy.


Deposit, Balance and Payment Options: 

·         Deposit Required:  $500 Non-refundable

·         $850 remaining balance due upon pickup

Please discuss options to pay the deposit and remaining balance so that both parties feel comfortable with the payment options and the balance is paid by or upon the date of pickup.

Payment thru Paypal :  Preferred Method of Payment.  $500 Deposit Paypal payment accepted.  Balance Due Paypal Accepted =  Since Paypal charges the business receiver a fee to accept payments, we ask that if the buyer wishes to make the remaining balance payment through this method of payment, that they include $25 for the fees that will be deducted from our payment.  

We will accept the remaining balance paid in cash, upon time of pickup, with a written bill of sale, health guarantee/contract and puppy provided to the buyer at that time.   

We may accept a check for either deposit or remaining balance.  Please discuss this option with us prior to the payment.  When paying by check for the deposit payment, we will hold your spot on the list for up to 3 days if you pre arrange this with us. With prior approval, we may also accept a check for remaining balance but the check must have cleared by the time the puppy is picked up.

We may also facilitate a transfer from your bank to our bank, for the remaining balance due.  I see that many banks are doing bank to bank transfers although I’ve not used this option on many occasions and would have to look into it and possibly set up my account to receive the payment, however, it may be an option for payment. 


Choosing a Puppy”

Appointment for Viewings: ­­ For those on the Reserve list, we will set aside a weekend for viewings.  We will set up times for the buyers, beginning with #1 on the list, to come out and view and interact with the puppies. We will schedule them at least 1 hour apart, and allow ½ hour viewing times, so that the puppies don’t get overly tired.  We don’t want the puppies to get sick, so we ask that buyers don’t come with anyone that is sick or bring their other pets.  The date and time is to be determined. In past, we’ve made the viewing available after the pups turned 6 weeks old and had their 1st set of shots. We will make every effort to notify the buyers with ample advance notice of the viewing times. We can only continue to allow the buyers to make the determination of what puppy they choose if they notify us of the puppy they choose at the time required, otherwise, it will hold up all the other sales and we will have to pick for the buyer and not be able to offer this service again in the future. We’ve had people on a list like this for the past 2 litters and it worked well.  Most breeders simply choose the puppy for the buyer as it’s a much easier system and no home visits.  We like to continue to offer this service so the buyer is able to interact with the puppies and have a say about which they choose. Of course, the buyers always ask about the puppies traits and characteristics when considering a pick and we provide all the information we can to help ensure a good match.

Buyer or Seller Choosing the Puppy:  We do recommend that the buyer visits the puppy in person.  If that isn’t possible, then we will happily use the information we have about the puppy and the family to choose a puppy for that family. We will also provide pictures and information online for the buyer’s enjoyment. We like to give the buyer the opportunity to pick their choice of puppy, but in the very rare case, where we feel that a puppy would not be compatible with a family, then we do retain the right to override the buyer’s choice about a particular puppy.  We don’t anticipate that this will happen however, our highest concern is to the current and future health and well-being of our dogs. 


With Purchase:

We offer all our puppies with a 3 day Healthy Puppy Guarantee, 1 year guarantee against specific Congenital Health Conditions both as outlined in Health Contract provided upon pickup and info on link to left (Vet exam required within 3 days after arriving home), AKC Limited Registration Application-$25 fee paid to AKC if requested, Copy of 5 Generation Pedigree, Copy of Vet Records including Exams and Shots, Dew Claws Removed, and a Puppy Gift Pack with a Comforting Toy to transition home with.  Health Guarantee is outlined on link to left and copy will be provided upon pickup of puppy.  AKC Limited Registration doesn’t include breeding rights and warranties are not transferrable.   


Pickup Requirements:

Unless otherwise scheduled, dates for pickup will be made and expected to be completed by the end of the puppies 8 week birthday.  Scheduled times will be done at a later time and we will notify every one of the times and dates. Please make it a priority to try and pickup at the scheduled time/date.  It’s in the puppy’s best interest to get settled into its new home before it gets too overly attached to us. We also schedule other things in our lives, like remodeling, appointments, vacations and such after the sale of our puppies and in between the litters, so this makes it very difficult for us to offer extended care for the puppies that are sold.  The amount of work and time that we put into raising them doesn’t allow us the time to do many other things at the same time.  If we offer extended care then we may also incur additional costs for their 2nd round of shots or other medical fees, costs to feed and care for them, as well as the time we put into caring for them.  If the puppy is not picked up as scheduled, then we reserve the right to charge a nominal fee of $10 day fee. If you are unable to pick up by the arranged pickup date, then please notify us of this asap, so that we can discuss any options.  Any change to the terms must be put in writing and agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller. Failure to make other arrangements agreeable by both parties and put in writing, with regards to late pickup/extended care or non-payment in full, may at our discretion, result in termination of the contract and forfeit of any monies paid.    



We discourage shipping a puppy Cargo method.  This method of shipping is not recommended for a young puppy.  We will consider requests on a case by case basis, although, we will not approve it when the conditions are unsafe for the puppy. i.e. Shipping a puppy to Texas in the middle of Summer. The Cargo section of the plane gets very hot and the planes are often left on the runway for hours. The puppies are then brought to a room and often left there for extended periods of time, until someone picks them up.   We suggest that if you are purchasing a puppy from out of state, then you fly here and bring puppy back on plane with you.  The puppy would be eligible. Airlines allow this for a charge. You can fly with the puppy under the front seat.  We will assist in shipping. All costs associated with shipping a puppy, is the responsibility of the owner.  Contact us for details on shipping options.


Puppy Preparedness: 

I’ve listed a long list of recommendations for picking up your puppy, travel home and welcoming home.  Please refer to the link on the left side of this page.  ­­­­­­­­You may want to send us a toy or blanket of some sort so that the puppy can become familiar with it prior to you coming to pick him/her up. We will put the item in the area with the puppies and then you take it home with you after you pick up the puppy. We will also provide each buyer with an item that has been in our home to take home with them.  This makes the puppy feel more comfortable so the transition will be smoother.  We also provide a Puppy Gift Pack of some very cool gift items to get you started.  When picking your puppy up, please bring a box or crate, old towels and a blanket.  I would suggest coming with a driver and rider so that the rider. If you don’t have a rider, then you should definitely bring something to put the puppy in. Line the crate or box with an old towel or place a towel over the rider’s lap, as the puppy will normally get sick during the drive home.

Ensure you have purchased the items that the puppy will need once it gets home.  They will need a list of items, including, water and food bowl, toys, dog bones for teeth cleaning and chewing, toothbrush and toothpaste, slicker brush and/or stainless steel comb, quality shampoo/conditioner, sleeping area such as a mat, bed, kennel or crate, quality food dry and/or moist (stick with the same brand we use or gradually change brands so not to get the puppy sick).  We currently feed the puppies California Natural Dog food, small bites and also Cesars Dog Food puppy formula.  We also bake beef liver and dice up into small pieces and mix up with the moist food and feed to them. We also give our Adult Dogs daily vitamins.



   #Pictures of Dam Serafina and a few of her puppies from past litters