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Is AKC Registation Important?

Is it important to be AKC registered? What about other registries?:  Well, my opinion the answer is a giant YES. I do think that AKC registry is more prestigous. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has been around since 1888s. They are most known for providing a registry service which records the registration numbers of all recognized pure bred dogs. They record the ancestry of the pure bred dogs. They try to ensure that each dog registered is in fact that actual dog and that the puppies registered are from the claimed Sire and Dam. They have changed a bit over the years and they now take on a larger role other than just a registry. They also now monitor “High Volume Breeders”, and even use DNA to identify or prove realtionships between parents and puppies. They have sanctions that are imposed for those who falsify records and do not comply with other AKC guidelines. They don't allow everyone to join. You have to present proof of the ancestory. Not only are they a registry but they now also hold the position of an inspector, of some sorts. They have taken on this role because of a real need for someone to ensure the safety and authenticity of our pure bred friends, especially in the cases of “High Volume Breeders”. There are many other “fly by night” registry organizations out there but I personally would not put too much weight on nearly all of them. I sincerely think that the main thing motivating these other organizations is the financial aspect of breeding. They do very little, if any, authentication of any dog or verification of the actual pedigree. They may go with another registry because they were sanctioned by AKC.  You could easily end up purchasing a puppy with some serious genetic defects because the pedigree information is not documented or verified. Normally, puppies advertised with another registry do not warrant or command the same prices. They are generally priced much lower. If you consider a puppy filed with another registry, please be cautious and ensure that you have done your homework so you know what kind of dog you are purchasing. You could end up with mounting medical costs and lots of heartache.