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Mother Dog Princess Serafina

What is companionship? Companionship is a friendship forged through mutual understanding and respect. My contribution to my family's companionship is loyalty, protection, and playfulness. I am very understanding and not very demanding.

 I have a playful, friendly temperament. I am comfortable with young children and other pets. I am clever and active, and I am not above performing tricks for attention.

We Havanese are a very people-oriented dog, and often follow our human companions around the house. We are not overly possessive and do not suffer aggression or jealousy towards other dogs, pets, or humans.

Unlike most toy dogs, who are too delicate, nervous, or aggressive to tolerate the often clumsy play of children. We Havanese, with care, are a cheerful companion to even younger children.

I could have been a show dog, traveling the country winning awards, fame, fortune you know what I mean. I chose to be a stay at home pet and if you think that is easy, just read on.

When I want something, I just walk up to daddy and give him that look. I just sit there and stare up at him until he says “What do you want Sera”? That's short for Serafina. After he asks, I just lead him to whatever it is I want is stored and he knows. If I want to go for a walk, I just walk over to the door and look at him. If I want something from the meat box I go to the meat box and sit. Meat box, you probably don't know what that is. It's the giant box in the kitchen that when the door opens and my dad's hand comes out, he has meat in it. Sometimes ham, sometimes chicken or steak. Sometimes he will say “No Sera, you have had enough” I usually don't agree with him and have to get a second opinion. I will walk over to Mom and give her the look. When she asks, I'll head to the meat box.

I dont do tricks for food, I do it for smiles. A girl needs a little praise every once in a while. When I do something new, I usually am told if its ok or not. I am quick to learn. For instance, when my family comes home from an outing I used to celebrate by barking and wagging my tail, trying to kiss everyone who arrives. I don't jump on people cause thats not allowed. I started a tradition of grabbing an item to greet them with when they arrive. Its usually one of my plush toys or a bone, whatever is in the vicinity of the door. If I can't find anything to greet them with I have to search frantically for an item or its just not a proper greeting. I have sometimes returned with a toy, or a piece of paper or even a sock. Just something to let them know I care.

I am just an all around good girl. I enjoy praise and have fun with my whole family.