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Pups Care, Food & Diet

Puppies Care and Food Diet: We are very proud parents. They've have had a great upbringing and have been extremely loved and cared for in our home. Someone is at home with them nearly round the clock, 24 hours a day. The attention we spend on them, really shows in their gentle, playful and well adjusted dispositions. They have been raised in the rooms in our home and not inside kennels or cages. They've had tons of toys and bones to play and chew on. We change them out frequently so they don't get bored and chew up furniture or shoes. We don't tempt them to start bad habits that may be harder to break later on. We started them on a store bought dog food but then changed to making the dog food at home in the pressure cooker.  We have a very good recipe that the Vet highly recommends and it includes Grade A meats made for human consumption, vetetables, rice and minerals. It creates a well balanced diet.  We know that the ingredients included are healthy and good for them.  They also like the store bought food so a change of diet will be easily adapted as long as it is done slowly over time so that the puppy doesn't get sick. 

Of course, we would not expect for anyone else to prepare their own dog food. Any transition to new dog food should be done by gradually mixing some of the new with the old. Do this over a period of time so that the pups wont get belly aches. Often the pups do get sick even though you made the transistion slow and incorporated the old with the new. If that happens then you might want to give the puppy a pacakge of FortiFlora. We will also provide a packet of this Nutritional Supplement. FortiFlora works to re-establish a normal microflora balance in the gastrointesinal tract. Simply follow the directions and sprinkle a package a day mixed in with the pups food.