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AKC Registation Type and Breeding Rights:  We have registered the litter of pups with the AKC.  (Puppy Litter Registration #TS136619).   When the buyer adopts a puppy, we will get all the information in order to complete the AKC registry application and file it with AKC as a courtesy to the new owner. There is normally a $30 charge associated with this filing but we will incur that charge for you. We will then forward the certification papers to you.


You will then receive an “AKC Limited Registration”:  It is very normal in the breeding world to offer a “Limited AKC Registration” which basically does not allow the puppy to be bred. This is quite the norm in the breeding world, however, most breeders do not openly disclose this. I have read complaint after complaint, that stated that the Breeder did not disclose this fact to the buyer and it was no where on the advertisment. Sometimes the breeder adds in the statement for “Pet” only or “AKC Limited Registration” and the buyer doesn't even know what those terms mean in the breeding world. Like most people who see a puppy advertised as a “Pet” only probably don't give it a second thought. They likely think that it is what they are buying it as anyway but have no idea that it means more to it than that. It is too bad that many of these breeders feel that they must hide this fact rather than being forthright about it. Simply take the time to express it in layman's terms so that it is explained well. We want to be forthright about what you are buying. “Limited AKC Registation” allows the dog to be shown in certain classes of dog shows like agillity but not breed competetions in a licensed or member dog show. AKC Limited Registration eligible Dog shows include: Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog. If the dog mates and has a litter of puppies then the AKC will not register the puppies.


Since most breeders do not openly advertise this then please specifically ask them if you are shopping around. There are many reasons why the breeders don't like to allow the breeding of the puppies. They come up with all sorts of reasons, but in my opinion, it is to reduce the amount of competetion that they would create amongst themselves. They don't want the competetion so they can keep the prices high. We had our female sired and the Sire's owner made us agree to only provide a “Limited AKC registation” with no breeding allowed. Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive the actual certifcation of AKC registration. The AKC limited registration will be completed and turned in. Please let us know if you have other questions. Once it is received, we will forward it to your address on file. Please notify us if your address changes or you don't receive it within 8 weeks after the date of purchase.