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Shipping Details:   We prefer the buyer or agent pickup puppy when that is feasible. If shipping is requested, and you live within driving distance then we normally do not allow the puppy to be shipped in Cargo section of plane but prefer the puppy fly with the person as a carryon.  Of course, this is not always possible.  For those who live farther away, we will help to arrange cargo shipping when possible and weather permitting.   All transportation costs are responsibility of the buyer.  Also, we will help you to figure out a service that is the most cost effective and also best for the puppy.  We do help to negotiate pickup at the Airport as well as offer hand delivery in addition to other services.  The fees for these services range on the distance and other variables.  Contact us with the specifics for an estimate. All shipping costs are buyer's responsibility. These include but are not limited to: Health exam required to issue a certification for flying (issued no later than 10 days before flight), airline approved kennel, actual cost of transportation or gas, airline parking expenses and any other travel expenses. We reserve the right to refuse transportation requests that may risk the health and welfare of the puppy. We are anxious to get your new puppy to you, as that is our job, but our main concern is still the health and safe delivery of your puppy.