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Dam AKC Registered Serafina:   

Our Beautiful – Healthy – Well Behaved – Amazing - Talented - Super Fun Dog Serafina is going to be a Momma again.  She’s such an Super Dog that we are pleased that she will be able to share some of her characteristics with another litter of puppies and their new owners.  She’s already had some super great puppies. She has an adorable look, super personality and laid back disposition.  She’s very healthy and happy and is a wonderful companion and Momma.   We purchased her as a Pet and not to Show.  Nothing wrong with showing dogs but we choose her for a loving pet and decided because she was such a great example of the Havanese Breed that we should breed her so that others could enjoy her superb line and traits through her puppies.  We don’t over breed her and we will keep her with us forever!  We couldn’t imagine giving her up because she has finished breeding.  She was our first Havanese Dog.  After getting her, we were hooked on the breed.  I can't say enough great things about her.  Her coat is a color of beautiful white with cream markings with thick wavy fur.  She's extremely healthy!  She plays and acts just like a puppy and has the most appealing characteristics.   She loves people and other dogs and is quite personable.  She likes to be outside and go hiking or whatever.  She’s a tomboy like dog and not a girly girl dog.  She’s pretty much up for anything but content to do nothing.  She travels well and behaves when we bring her with us on trips.  When we moved here, she traveled with us in the car from TN all the way to WA and did great.  We made a trip out of it and stopped along the way.  It took almost 2 weeks of traveling.  She has no current or past medical issues.  She’s always been quite healthy.  She has the cutest personality and just makes me laugh.  She makes us happy and really brings a lot of joy to our lives.  She is a special dog.  She's easily trained, rarely misbehaves, calm, not hyper, protective but not aggressive, healthy, playful, loveable, plus lots of fun. We think that she has so much to offer.  Her beautiful appearance, fun and easy personality, laid back and loving disposition and good health are all traits that are very desirable and sought after.  Like many other Havanese dogs, she does like to be near her owner, but she doesn’t have to be right up on me.  She is the perfect mix of big and small all tied up in one. She is protective of me but not aggressive.


Our Serafina is the TOPS! 

SERAFINA is a TOP quality pooch.  No matter who she mates with, her puppies are beautiful, smart and loving with desirable personalities.  We are like most other people who merely want a beautiful, well behaved, fun and loving dog, with a great personality!  That's not judged in a competition.  She has not been shown because she was purchased as our loving pet and we really don't need to have a piece of paper to show that she is a top quality dog.  You can see that from the Pictures of her.  Look at her!! She is beautiful. We've been stopped on the streets more times than I could tell you to say how beautiful our dog is.  We've even been stopped by a car full of Teenagers out driving on a weekend night.  We thought we were going to hear something vulgar and they yelled out the window, that we had a Beautiful Dog!  What a surprise, I'm telling you.  She is pretty amazing and are all of her puppies.  We kept her beautiful on from her 1st litter,  He is of AMAZING Quality.  The Vet said that he has never seen such form on any Havanese puppy before.   He rated him a 5 out of 5 in form.  


We provide Quality Puppies and Service:  

Serafina has had 3 previous litters and we plan to have one last litter.  We hadn’t planned the past 2 litters in advance as though, we thought we would retire her.  She is so healthy and happy and continues to birth large litters with no problems so we have decided to have 1 last litter.  We have not lost a puppy yet.  She has no problems with feeding her puppies and rebounding back to excellent health and shape.  Yes, a girl has to keep her girlish figure after having 3 litters of 7/8/7 puppies!!  She has the most awesome puppies and we are so excited that she will have another litter. 

We’re excited to have these bundles of love in our home again and find them the most loving homes.  Keep in mind that not everyone can raise or breed good puppies.  Not everyone's home is clean and healthy and they don't spend the amount of time with their dogs and puppies that is necessary to raise them to be well socialized, healthy and happy.  We keep them out in the open with us and do not put in the back away from people and ignored.  I do not believe that every puppy is the same. I believe very much that even if you have a good quality puppy with good genes passed on from one or more parents that the upbringing will very much help to determine the puppy's fears, temperament and overall personality.  Raising an emotionally healthy puppy takes time and dedication.  It takes patience and a great deal of work.  All puppies are not the same and are not raised the same.  We go that extra mile.  We don't just care for their basic needs but cater to their emotional needs as well.  We raise them in a clean environment so they don't get used to playing around in a messy area where they can pick up many very nasty and bad habits, some of which can't be avoided because of their primal instincts, but we do what we can. There is no reason why a good owner shouldn't have a clean house.  We actually spend the time necessary every day to play and love on our puppies and do the things necessary to ensure the puppies well-being and still care for our home.   We begin training the puppies when they are outdoors to use the potty out there and when they are in the house to use the pads.


Outstanding Service Provided: 

I also take the time to respond in a timely manner to all inquiries and requests.  I make myself available to the buyers if they have any issues and go out of my way to resolve anything or help with any issues.  This is why I've had repeat buyers with only 3 litters.  All puppies are not the same and even the puppies of excellent quality can come damaged depending on the way they have been trained and raised.  We make sure our puppies have been loved, are happy, healthy and ready to move onto their new home with their new owner.  We remember each puppy and love them so much.  We keep in touch with them and their new owner after they move on.  It's a delight to know that we touched someone's life with the addition of a loving pet to their family.  That's why we do this.  As you can tell from my websites, we are pretty thorough.  We go the extra mile in raising the puppies and placing them.  We care about customer service and try to give everything that we would want.


Reviews and Recommendations:  

I can say that we've received the most overwhelming positive feedback.  We’ve received excellent reviews and very high praises from those who have adopted our puppies.  We have received emails and phone calls telling us how good of a job we have done with the puppies and how much they appreciate the time and effort we put in to lovingly raise them.  The people are most often so grateful, and kind with their reviews.  We've been told they got the "best dog ever from us" and "blessed to have found us as a breeder" plus the Vet said that "in all his years of work, he's has not seen a better litter of puppies from any breeder, large or small”.  We have many excellent reviews and references and can provide them upon request, while some are posted on our FB page at:  https://www.facebook.com/HavaneseBySerafina?ref=hl


Havanese Breed Traits:  

One of best characteristics of this breed of dog is that they are Non-shedding. They virtually leave no fur around. I probably lose more hair than my dogs :). They really don't shed and it's great because I can still wear black clothing and don't have to constantly vacuum the house. They are perfect for those with Allergies. Other excellent character traits are: Excellent with kids and pets, smart, easily learns tricks, responds well to treat training, not aggressive, calm, not yappy, protective – good watch dogs but not aggressive, dedicated, loving but independent. Another big bonus is that they generally have long lives and live to an average lifespan of 14-16 years. Average size is 10-16 pounds. My husband was totally stuck on a large dog breed until we got our first Havanese dog, Serafina and now he is hooked! It's a very popular breed but still somewhat rare breed.  They are not generally needy but do love being near people.  They are sometimes quoted to be like “Velcro” dogs so if you don’t want a dog that wants to be in the same room as you, don’t get this breed of dog.  They don't do so well being left alone most of the time.  They are content to lie near you at your feet or atop your chair. They do well and are fairly content with just a moderate amount of daily exercise but can also be also be quite athletic. With some workup, they can do quite well with hiking, biking and in other outdoors activities. I watched my other dog Tanner, swim out in a lake to chase a goose. He thought he could catch it but he never came close.  It was pretty funny.   Serafina has hiked many miles, jumping over tree stumps and other stuff in the way, with no problem. Not any of my dogs are aggressive with children, even when the young children get rough with them. They are a great sturdy small dog but not fragile and a great amount of fun to play with. My Havanese dogs have done very well on long trips and adjust well to new environments. They don't get too uneasy and do very well except for the occasional motion sickness. It depends on the dog, as some dogs get used to the drive and others always seem to get a bit ill.


Excellent Breed Reference Material:   

  • This page concisely covers most of the most important aspects of the breed like temperament, appearance, grooming, health, history, etc. It's a must read!  Wikipedia Havanese page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havanese. 


  • Also a great short 5 minute fun and informative video called Dogs 101 Havanese: http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/dogs-101/videos/havanese.htm


Reservation Process:  

Once we have a definite date of mating, then we will update the page and begin taking applications and reservations for the puppies.  It is on a 1st come: 1st Serve Basis.  We will accept applications and then deposits.  You will then be added to a list and once the puppies are born, we will chronologically have those on the list pick their puppy of choice.   We will keep you updated with lots of pictures and postings on our Facebook page so that you don’t can get acquainted with the little bundles of fluff and cuteness, until the time comes to come and view them and pick your puppy.  This is generally how the process works and below I’ve listed each area in more detail.


    1.    Email us if you are interested in reserving a puppy or schedule a time to come and visit us and the puppy.  If interested, then either by email or in person, we will ask you some questions and have you fill out a questionnaire regarding the traits you are looking for in a puppy, and other important criteria.   Our main concern is to ensure that the puppy goes to a qualified, loving and suitable home. We also want to learn what traits are important to you so we can possibly suggest the most suitable puppy for your family. We want the family to be happy and find their match in a loving pet.  We do need to learn some about your family in order to determine eligibility. We don’t anticipate any problems; however, we do reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy with a family, at any time we see fit.

     2.    After we have reviewed your application, we will ask for a $500 deposit to reserve your puppy.  We will send you a Paypal invoice or accept cash or a check if approved. May pickup in person and make payment in full.  We do expect payment in full by the time the puppy is picked up.

    3.    Please be advised that when transporting a puppy home, that most puppies will get sick from the motion of the car. If picking the puppy up, please bring a crate or box, to put the puppy in or a passenger to hold the puppy. If bringing a box or crate, line with old towels. Bring extra old linens, or paper towels to cover the lap of the passenger if holding the puppy and for to use for clean-up, in case the puppy gets sick.


 It's a Forever Bond:  

While it is difficult to raise these loving precious puppies and then watch them go out the door, we take satisfaction and pride in providing excellent Havanese puppies to loving homes so they can enrich their lives and make life a little bit more memorable and worth living.  We service those people who have allergies.  This is one of the few non-shedding breeds.


What’s included in the Sale of the Puppy:  

Each puppy will have all their shots up to date, dew-claws removed, nails clipped, de-worming, healthy medical exams, 1 year congenital health guarantee and 3 day health guarantee contract (specifics outlined in contract with link located on left side of page), 3 generation litter pedigree ready for framing and a copy of a 5 generation pedigree for Serafina. Puppy is not eligible for breeding and is sold on an AKC limited Application basis only.  AKC Limited individual puppy application provided to new owner so they can register their puppy if they wish.


Shipping or Transportation Services:  

The Buyer is responsible for all charges associated with transportation or shipping costs. Inquire with specifics for details. We will assist or coordinate shipping or travel of puppy to you. Deliver puppy to you by transporting in plane or car. We may refuse and prefer not to use Cargo shipping for puppy. This depends on the situation and other criteria such as month and location. Actual services offered depend on location and situation and every destination may not include all transportation options. Buyer's charges associated with any shipping method may include but are not limited to following: transportation costs, airline approved kennel, vet exam with health stamp for flying, toll roads, parking fees, etc. We can't provide shipping or associated transportation costs for free but we are reasonable in our rates.


Staying in Touch with our Owners!  

The Photo Gallery link on the Left side includes lots of pictures of past litters and puppies. You can also go to our Facebook page to see other puppy pictures including updated pictures of the litter mates with their new owners and pictures as they have grown. We like to stay in touch with the owners and post pictures as we acquire them.  It’s good to stay in touch with the new owners so we can hear about how the puppies are doing.  It’s a good feeling to know that they are so loved and making a huge impact on the new owner’s lives.   It’s great to hear the stories and see pictures after they are gone from our home.  We couldn’t ask for anything more than them to have a healthy and happy life and bring lots of joy and love to the new owners


** Pictures in Sequence:

            Most Recent Pictures of our Beautiful Dog Serafina is included.  Also, pictures of her with one of her litters, pictures of her son Sergi.  This is the only puppy we kept.  He is now 2 1/2 and he is a gorgeous dog with a wonderful personality and other excellent traits. He has beautiful white, silky hair.  Also included is some various pictures of some of her puppies.  They are adorable as well.  This should give you a general idea of what she looks like as well as some of her off-spring.