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Were Better but Not Priced Higher

What's the Puppy Worth?:  AKC registered Champion Bloodline puppies are not the cheapest puppies available but they Are the Best!  Just like everything esle in this world, the higher quality and more rare something is then generally the higher the cost. Sometimes, though the price charged is not warranted by the quality. It's just over priced.  We estimate the average price of full bred AKC registered Havanese puppy from a reputable dealer, to be from around $1,000-$2,500. If you are considering paying the higher price ranges of $2,000-$2,500, then you should expect an exceptional quality puppy. Some breeders may try to substantiate the higher price by exagerating the quality of the pedigree. They will tell you that the puppy comes from Championship bloodlines but the titles are often from smaller, lesser known shows.  In my opinion, this does not warrant the highest price range. At the higher prices, either one or both of the parents should hold some title from a more prestigous class of show.  Why pay $2,500 for the pedigree, when in most cases, you can get the same or better from us for far less the price.  At $1595, you are getting a healthy and well adjusted puppy with a very good pedigree, a great health guarantee in writing and a completed AKC certificate paid for by us, from honest people who truly want the best for the puppy and the new owners.  Take a look at our Serafina and the puppies.  Also, take a look at some of the puppies from our last litter.  I will post and identify pictures of each.  I want you to see just how beautiful our puppies are at this age and when they get older.  The puppies from our last litter only got cuter as they got older and they have some excellent breed qualities!  Our puppies are the cutest I've seen on the market and Serafina who is 6 years old now, actually resembles a puppy still herself.  

Some may consider this breed Elite and as such, they are not priced for everyone. It is for those who don't mind paying more to adopt that very special puppy. f you divide the cost up by the number of years that the puppy will provide you love and enjoyment then it is really not much at all.  We are offering our high quality puppies for $1595, although the other local breeders are selling the same quality dog for $1999. The Stud dog owner's recommended price to us was $1,999. We feel that the economy warrants a more attractive price, so we decided to offer them at $400 less, at $1595. We have priced them the most competively for our area, according to the pedigree and breed. We must also take into account the startup and operating costs, like initial price for Dam. Other costs normally include, Sire purchase or Stud fee, medical, advertising, food, treats, toys, bedding and AKC registration costs.  All these costs add up.


We are not financially driven. It is a concern, of course, but our main concern will always be the health and welfare of the puppy over any financial gain. We don't skimp on the care of our dogs. We spoil our puppies and basically treat them like we our family dogs.  We also put in a great deal of time caring, cleaning and playing with them. We are pretty much on the clock, working intermittently 24 hours hours a day. It does get demanding because we are involved and don't just stick them away in cages by themself or with Mom and ignore them. 


All this being said, our goal by offering them for sale at $1595 is so that they will get adopted faster.  We could price them higher and then they would likely be here longer. That is not the best for them in the long run. We don't want them to leave to early, because it could be emotionally damaging on them to separate from their Mother at too early of an age On the other hand, we don't want them to be here an extended period of time, because they will get too attached to this home and then have more difficulty transitioning to their new home. Not to mention, we get very attached to the them and this only gets harder the longer they stay. Getting too attached to them and not wanting to let them go, is the hardest part and the only reason I didn't want to breed the puppies. It is really difficult to see them go. We are not financially driven. It is a concern, of course, but our main concern will always be the health and welfare of the puppy over any financial gain.


I can't say that for all Breeders feel the same though. For the puppies, they have no problem keeping it longer, say, 6-8 months rather than to reduce the price from $1999. We have witnessed where they have offered their adult dogs, ages 5-7 years, for sale for $1200. After the dog is no longer being bred they will just get rid of it. I don't understand how someone could have a pet in their home for years and then sell it off because it no longer makes them money. It really sickens us. We could never sacrifice our dog like that. It's cruel and unethical. It's one thing, is someone was forced to find their animal another home because of some unforeseen medical or personal situation. It is an entirely different story when they go into it knowing that they will do this later in life. We have have an Male, AKC registered Havanese Dog that we purchased as a puppy. We got him nuetered shortly after we got him because he had some genetic problems that we felt didn't needed to be bred. He is our pal and we wouldn't consider selling him if someone offered me $20,000. That is the truth and we feel that way about all our animals. They are like our kids and we love them no matter what they are worth.