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What we Provide With Purchase

What you will get upon purchase:  We will offer you a folder with copies of your pups medical, a copy of the litter's certified pedigree chart once we obtain it, a copy of the mutually signed contract and the AKC limited registration application.  If you desire, you will need to submit the AKC puppy application to obtain your limited registration.  There is a cost associated with this service and it is charged by the AKC.  We will provide you all the documentation you need for the application.  You may wish to review the posted contract available online before purchase is made. The contract outline's the specifics including both the 3 day and 1 year conditional health guarantees. Per when the contract specifics are met, the warranty options are exchange puppy for another puppy or medical assistance, matching dollar for dollar up to $500.  Most breeders, simply offer to replace the puppy for whatever period of time, “Lifetime” or whenever.  I don't believe in this because I know as do many breeders, that it's not likely that someone will return a sick puppy in exchange for another one.  Most people, will become too attached to the puppy and will not consider that option.  Another thing to consider is will the breeder eve be in business or have any puppies?  In this tight economic situation then it might be unlikely. So, well the lifetime guarantee may initially sound good, it's basically worthless.  I've known a breeder in business for many years and they offer this but have never been asked to full fill it.  I'm sure they would honor it if it was but I think that most people would appreciate actually trying to fix the puppy you got in the first place.