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Your New Puppy Recommendations - FOOD - TOYS - TRAVEL - MORE


Current Dog Food – Cesar Puppy Foods  - - Purchased at most  local grocery or pet stores.  Size 3.5 puppy flavor cost of about .70-$1.00 each and also sold in cases of 12 for about $8-9 each.  Cases come in 2 flavors per case.  Also have many, many different flavors for the adult dogs.


Can view the reviews and see what flavors they offer, etc. on their website included in the link above.  Press on the coupon icon on bottom of the page so that you can print out a coupon for them. 

1st set of Shots given on July 28th.  Booster shots normally given around 3 weeks after that.

Vet exam due within 3 days after bringing puppy home.  When making an appointment for visit, you may inquire if you can schedule for an exam and the booster shots at the same time. This will save you some time and money if it’s possible.  Scan or mail me a copy of the Vet exam for the health guarantee to be valid.


Traveling with Puppy:

If you are not traveling here with someone else, then be sure to bring a crate or something.  If you have a one or more passengers then you can put some old towels in your lap and place the puppy on the towels and hold him for the drive home. I think that the puppy generally feels safer when he is held and comforted rather than sticking him in a crate but this is a matter of preference. If you have a short distance to travel, then it doesn't matter that much.  Still, if you are able to have someone travel and hold the puppy that is a much better option.  Make sure that they bring some old towels and paper towels along and put some in the bottom of the crate or on the person's lap that is holding the puppy.  

We will try and feed the puppies early in the morning prior to pick up time so they have enough time to digest their food prior to traveling.  They have been brought in the car and driven to the Vets office in Chehalis on a couple of occasions so this should help to reduce their natural fear of being in the car with the motion.  Still, I anticipate that they will likely be apprehensive.  If you decide to crate the puppy while traveling in the car, then I suggest you also bring something to cover the crate or kennel. This seems to reduce their fear since they can't see what is outside.  They can't see the trees zooming by and unfamiliar things. In that case, you might want to throw a blanket over the carrier or crate.


Shots and Follow Up Vet Appointments: 

We will provide the 1st set of shots for your puppy.  The shot record booklet will be provided to you when you pick up your pooch.  For the Health Guarantee and 3 day healthy puppy guarantee we ask that you schedule a Vet appointment within 3 days after you pick up your puppy.  Normally, the booster shots are given about 3 weeks after the initial shots but I would inquire when scheduling the Vet exam appointment so that if possible, you can schedule both appointments at the same time.  If you are able to get the exam and booster shots at the same time then it will save you some time and money.  After getting the puppy examined, please fax or scan and email or mail us a copy per instructions outlined in the health guarantee. 

Our Choice in Dog Foods:

If you are one of those people who demand the healthiest foods for your family and your pets, then there is nothing wrong with that if it works for you. I eat a well-balanced diet and rarely eat junk food but I am not 100% health conscience and so neither are my dogs.  My dogs are pretty picky and so I opt to feed them a food that I don’t have to coerce them too much to eat.  It's not about the price.  Cesar dog food is actually higher per ounce than most of the highest rated dog food.  For us, it’s a combination of the quality and what they will eat and enjoy. I wouldn't recommend Old Sam or whatever that junk is. It's like cardboard. 


Moist Dog Food - Cesar: 

This is what we currently feed our adult dogs and puppies.  They come in a small plastic 3.5 ounce container and cost about .70-$1.00 for each container.  You can normally buy a case for about $8-9.  It's sold individually or in a case of 12 with 2 different flavors. They offer lots of varieties in the adult flavors. The puppies are on Cesar puppy formula.  It comes in 2 flavors.  You can buy this brand of food at nearly any supermarket, chain pet food store, etc.  It's rated like 3 of 5 on the healthiest rating from dogfoodadvisor but rated pretty high with customers according to the reviews which probably mean that most owner’s dogs love it too.  We do add a bit of cooked and diced beef liver to our adult formula and well as a crushed up daily vitamin/mineral to the adult and puppy food.  


Cesar Dog Food Website for more Information:   I went to the site today and if you click on the bottom link, there is a coupon for a free small container when you buy 3.  Just click on the bottom of the page with the coupon Icon and print it out.  It will allow you to go back and print the coupon out a total of 2 times on each computer. 


Beef Liver added to the Dog Food:

We also like to add some store bought beef liver to our dogs daily diet.  We buy it packaged at a grocery store, cook, dice it and add it to our Adult’s Dog food every day.  The puppies only get a bit of liver as treats.  Both adult dogs and puppies love it!  It’s so good for them and has a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. My dogs actually like this dog food without the liver but they do love it even more with the liver bites in it.  I buy it in strips from the store and cook it on a cookie pan sheet in the oven, at about 350 for 15 mins until thoroughly cooked. I then dice it into small pieces and store it in a large zip lock baggie in the fridge or freezer.  The cost is about $2.99-$3.99 a lb.   I only add about 1/8-1/4 cup to each container of food. It’s enough to flavor it but not too much as to give them the diarrhea.   


Daily Vitamin:

For the vitamin, it comes in a large pill that my dogs couldn’t or wouldn’t eat even if coaxed by wrapping it around a piece of sliced turkey or other meat.  They would merely eat the meat and spit out the vitamin. It’s about the size of a penny.  What I do is to pour a good amount of vitamins into a small bowl and leave it in the container on the counter. The humidity will actually make it so that these very hard pills will break up and crumble into a sprinkle consistency.   I take a pill and break it in my hands into a sprinkle and mix it with the adult and puppy foods.  They don’t even taste it when I do it that way. If you try to break it up without leaving it out then it won’t work.


Dry Dog Food - California Natural Lamb Small Bites: We also feed our adult dogs this dry dog food.  It has a Daschund on the front of the package. It comes in a small 5 or 15 lb bags.  It's a good rated dog and puppy food made for all generations. My Dogs have eaten this for past 4 years or so with the exception of like 8 months or so when we put them on Blue Buffalo.  They really love it.   Some of the puppies from the past litters have nibbled on this as they walked by and really liked it but we don’t feed the puppies any dry food at this time.  


Home cooked Dog Food:

In the past, I’ve fed my dogs and puppies homemade food but it does take a good amount of time and effort to prepare. There are many advantages to cooking your own dog food to include knowing the quality and kinds of meats that are used, etc.  On the other hand, it takes a good amount of time to prepare the homemade foods and not everyone has the time to do that, etc.  Due to the amount of time that it took to prepare the homemade foods,  I now feed my dogs and puppies a commercial brand dog foods.  If you do choose to go this route, there are many recipes out there.  You can google them and I have a couple of recipes on my Comcast site as I have in the past home made the dog food for my puppies and dogs.  If you choose to change the food that the puppies have been on to another brand then make sure that you make the change gradually. 


Other Excellent Quality Recommended Brands: 


If you are interested in changing foods and don't already have a food in mind, then I've included a few other recommendations below.  These are considered very high quality commercial dog foods.  There are quite a few 5 star foods on the market and you can research them if you like. has a lot of information about the ratings for different dog foods.  These foods are pretty expensive but the quality is supposed to be very good.  It's not rated as high as these but cost per ounce, the food I feed them is more expensive. I feed them it because they like it.  These foos but they are not the only ones on the market. There are many "5" star quality dog foods and you can research the other brands if you like. My dogs have tried a number of the higher quality brands and they liked these the best. 


Moist Dog Food – Merrick:

Comes in an adult and puppy formulas. The puppy formula is 1-2 flavors and about 23 flavors for the adult dogs.   I recommend the flavors with the chicken thighs in it, like Turducken and Grandma's Chicken Stew as well as other flavors.  In these 2 flavors, you can actually see the whole chicken when you open the can.  It looks like people food.  You see the chicken bone and everything so don't freak out that there is a whole chicken bone included.  It has been pressure cooked to be soft and has provides some good nutritional value to the food, plus they like the taste.  It won't hurt the puppy or dog because it has been cooked to be so soft.   It's pricey and is sold at better quality dog food stores and online. It’s sold at Mud Bay with various locations across Washington.  Merrick is a 5 star dog food and highly recommended.  Merrick Moist Dog Food comes in about 23 different flavors.  It is rated a 5 star dog food. The price a can depends on the variety, where you buy it and if you buy a case or amount purchased.  The average price is about $2.25-$3.00 a can. Merrick Moist Dog Food - 


Dry Dog Food – Blue Buffalo or Merrick:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness comes in 3 different flavors.  Merrick, I think has a couple of dry dog food flavors and a puppy formula flavor.  Both are excellent quality dog foods and again you can normally only buy these at high end dog food stores like Mud Bay which has many different locations in Washington.

 Merrick Classic Dry Dog Food -


Volunatary Dog Food Recall:

There was recently a fuss over the "Voluntary Recall" this and many other companies had.  Unfortunately, the news and way portrayed the recall as the company had infected dog food.  That was not the case. The case was that there is another company that had identified some Salmonalla in it's food.  To be proactive and to ensure that no food was infected, other companies decided to also do a "Voluntary Recall" but no evidence of infected food was ever found or was the basis of this Voluntary Recall by California Natural.  It seems like the company did the right thing by removing the products from the market and they took a big hit by doing this. Still, the media and social network implied that the company found infected food and that was the basis for the recall.   There is nothing to say that the food will not be tainted.  It can happen at any time and so the safest method is to home prepare the food.  That isn't always possible though. 


Gradually Change Dog's Diet:

If you choose to change their diet, then I suggest it you do it very gradually.  Make sure you incorporate the old food with the new food by mixing them together at different ratios and gradually increasing the new brand ratio over time.  Follow these guidelines, 75% old food and 25% new food for the first few days and then 50/50 for the next few days, and then 25/75 the next few days until you are gradually feeding them the other dog food alone 0/100.  Even if you make the transition slow, the puppy will likely still get diarrhea.  This might be made worse by the stress of the move and drive home. 


Treatment for Diarrhea or Stress related Intestinal Problems:

Forti flora helps to balance their system and it can be purchased online or through your Vet.  I also have a packet that I can supply if you need one. I also recommend getting a tube of Rapid Care GI.  It comes in a tube  and is a paste and is easily to administer.  It works relatively quickly to help them balance their system.


Dog Food Ratings Website: has a link to bring you to a petfoodsupplier site online.  I haven't ever shopped at this online store.  It's called  I clicked thru to it and have to say, that it does appear to be a pretty good site.  They carry most all brands of dog food at some very good prices.  When you click on the link from thru to the site, there is a coupon available to new customers.  It gives you $10 off of purchases over $49 and Free shipping.  That is pretty good since shipping on most dog foods can be pretty pricey.  They weigh a lot so the shipping cost is normally higher than I am willing to pay so I just go to buy the food in store.  This site looks like a good value. The Merrick is priced well and you can get a discount for a case and also schedule recurring orders like Mudbay.  It appears that they also sell other items like dog toys and treats, etc.  


 Online Pet Store Recommendations:

As far as the other items needed to prepare for the new puppy, the place I order all my toys and other pet needs from is online at  In my opinion, they have the best prices on the internet.  (I have to check out the new site mentioned above to see if they compare to the low prices offered on  In addition, they usually have a coupon online for like 10%-15% off the entire purchase.   You can also set up a recurring order for any specific item.  It will ship out as frequently as you set it to and then you will be billed for the item.  That way, you don't run out of certain items.  You can always cancel the recurring order before it occurs.  I do most all my ordering from them for the Dental Bonies, Capstar, Advantage, Dog Toys, Collars, and Bedding, etc.  They offer most everything but the dog food, I think.  The shipping is free when you purchase over a certain amount and is otherwise, pretty reasonable also.  You can order online or place an order through their toll free number.  Be mindful that if you order an item online, there is a drop down menu to the right of the item and it is for recurring orders.   It is defaulted to one time purchase but if you drop down the menu, you can choose to order it on a recurring basis like monthly, bi-monthly, yearly, etc.  If you choose to order ahead of time then you will be charged for the order and shipped out to when it is scheduled.  They normally send you an email before they charge or ship to you but just make sure you know when it is scheduled to be billed and shipped to you. 


Local Pet Store Recommendations:

Up till now, we have bought all our food from Mud Bay.  I may try and order from this online site and see how that goes.  Mudbay is a specialty dog store and they basically only carry quality dog foods.  They can be a bit pricey though but there selection is great and the customer service rocks.  They have a good selection of quality dog foods. They have locations throughout the Seattle area, including Olympia, Redmond, Bothell and others.  You can look up the locations under   They allow you to get for free, up to 3 of the smallest sized cans available in each flavor to bring home and allow your dog to try them out without an investment. Ask them about that. 


Frequent Buyer Program:

Mud Bay or other fine Pet Shops many times have Frequent Buyer Programs for many of the brands they carry.  Sometimes, it is only offered for certain brands of food.  Not all stores offer the program.  Basically, ask if they have a program and what it entails.  Normally you buy about 12 bags of a specific dog food or 12 cases of moist dog food and retain all the proof of purchases for the bags or case.  Once you get 12 saved, then you can send in the required proofs and other documentation provided by the store to get a free bag or case of moist. In most cases, it is generally cheaper to buy the moist canned dog food by the case or larger sized dry dog food bag.  Many retailers, like offer a discount off of a case.  Mudbay offers a discount of like 5%-10% off the total price of the case of moist dog food.  I forget the actual amount given. I've included some of the following links for reference only.  I can't verify these as the best or cheapest place to make purchase. 


Dog Food Advisor Website:


If you want to get all the details on nutritional value and ratings from an informative website then you can visit this website. It has a lot of information.  They also usually have a link for a discount to a major online dog food website.  I don't know if this link applies anymore but it used to be good for $10 at


Puppy Pads:

We've began to train the puppies to go outside on the grass and use the paper on the inside. If you plan to complete the indoors potty training or train them to use both indoors and outside then you may want to purchase puppy pads. The puppy pads are reuseable and washable. They are not the plastic kind that you purchase at the store and fill up the landfills. Many people are training their dogs to go on the pads and using them permanently. It’s really your based on your needs and preference.  I’m only giving you some options either way.  They come in a variety of sizes and they are priced very well online at Ebay. They are sometimes listed under reusable puppy pads or reusable bed pans. They are the same thing. They can be quite pricey otherwise. I purchased some larger sizes and they were slightly used ones but totally cleaned and bleached. They were priced very well. I think I bought 12 initially. I've given many away but they are nice to have around the house in case we leave for the evening then the dogs can go on the pad. We don't have to worry about getting back to let them out. Still, it takes some finesse to train them to use the outdoors grass area and the pads also. They might get confused. It's a personal decision.

Puppy Pads Link is as follows (don't know if link is valid anymore):   

To clean the mess from the pad, you can place a piece of paper over the pad.  To clean it, simply fold up the paper and dispose of it.  Wash the pad periodically to remove the smell and clean.  Later, you can take the paper away if you like and have the puppy go directly on the pad.  You will have to remove the waste with a scoop or paper towel, dispose of it and then clean the pad.  I wash the pads in the washing machine and use some Clorox bleach or non-chlorine bleach to clean and remove any smell.  If you the paper over the pad, then you will need to purchase a large roll from a place like Office depot or Staples, etc.  We will provide you with a small roll at the time of purchase.


Transporting Puppy in Crate or Box:

If someone comes to pick up the puppy alone, then I strongly suggest you bring either a crate or a box lined with old towels for the drive home.  Most puppies get sick on the ride home.   That way if the puppy gets sick, he will not throw up in you’re on the way home.  I suggest bringing these things even if you have a passenger in the car.  If the puppy gets sick on the way home then your passenger can put the puppy in the box or crate for the remaining trip home.   I’ve seen puppies feel much more confident and secure in getting around when they are put away in a box or something that is slightly covered.  It’s like they get sicker when they see what is out there.  It’s much like a person on the deck of a large boat.  If the puppy throws up then it is on the old towel and not in the car or on a person.  If the passenger holds the puppy in their lap, then I suggest that they place some old towels on their laps.  That way, if the puppy throws up, it won’t go all over the person’s lap.   The crate will also help to contain the puppy if the driver is alone.  You don't want the puppy roaming around the car while someone is driving.

Sleeping Arrangements for Puppy at Home:

To prepare for the puppies arrival, you should have an area ready for your puppy to sleep at night. You may want to purchase a crate or a Sherpa floor mat or pillowy bed for the puppy. You may crate your puppy or Dog or you may be more lax and allow them to sleep with a family member. I can tell you that I've never crated or kenneled my dogs.  We allow them to sleep with us.  This works for us.  I believe they are quite content with this situation and they don't appear to need a crate.  They don't tear up the house or things in the house.  They are potty trained and do well when we are gone.  I believe that there are pros and cons for each situation and it is your choice what you do in this situation. It's your choice on how you train your puppy. I am merely explaining what actually works for us. You make the choice on what works for you.


Other Doggie things Needed for Home:

In addition, you will need to have other things purchased and available when the puppy arrives home.  Some of those things include, a collar, leash, feeding bowls, toys and some rawhides or bonies to chew on.  Puppies need lots of acceptable things to chew on otherwise you may find your good pair of shoes all chewed up or part of your sofa destroyed.  As long as you provide ample items to chew on then you should have no problem with them chewing on other "undesirable" things in the house. We've not had problems with the puppies or dogs chewing on unwanted things because we provide them so many things that they can chew on. Show them the things that they have.  Keep their toys and rawhides or bones in a basket on the floor so they have access to them.  I have a large list of recommended items prepared on my Comcast Web Site. You can look up the list online.  Please email me if you have any questions at all.  We will see you soon when you come to pick up your puppy.

Below, I have listed many things you might want to purchase to prepare for your new puppy.  I have posted some URLs for reference and to better identify each item.  This way, you can click on the link and see the item that I am referring to.  Then if you choose to buy the item, you can choose to buy that identical item or one close to it.  This should help with your shopping list.  Please be aware that while I have used many of these items, other items I have not.  I don't guarantee any item.  I am merely passing on the information we believe to be true as we see it.  I don't have any affiliation with any website or manufacturer and do not get any kickback or bonus for recommending them. This is merely my recommendations based on what I think to be true. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Recommended List for New Puppy:


Water and Food Bowls:

I recommend getting bowls that don't slide.  Perhaps bowls that has a rubber gripe around or on bottom of bowls.  Ensure that the water bowls are big enough to hold extra water in case you are delayed and unexpectedly can't get home.  Ensure you wash the bowl out and refresh the water daily.  I recommend getting 2 water bowls and 2 food bowls.  2 Water Bowls – 1 kitchen and 1 other room  1 bowl dry food and 1 bowl moist (if you are providing commercial food with a dry)



·         This is based on the size and weight of the puppy.  Make sure you update the size of the collar as the puppy grows bigger.

·         Leash: Either retractable or single leash.

·         Petmate Palm Retractable Leash - Small (Assorted Colors) at   OR

·         Premier 1 in x 6 ft Leash - SILVER & BLACK


Pet Tag:

The pet tag is extra protection as I would get the microchip put in the puppy when you go to get his Vet exam) Microchip identifies a puppy and the owner information if he is found and brought into the vet or puppy pound, etc.)  You want to register the microchip online and keep the information updated to ensure that they have your current address/phone number is puppy is ever lost and then found.

·         Tagapet:  This is a new kind of pet tag. It looks very nice. I don't know much about it but it is definitely well worth looking into. 


Description as written online:

The Argos Tag is an electronic tag which can be scanned by a smartphone enabling a user to access a pets online profile. The profile contains important contact information and allows you to send lost pet alerts across your social media pages (Twitter/Facebook). Animal shelters in your area are immediately notified and sent a link to your pets profile as well. When the Argos Tag is scanned the GPS coordinates from that persons phone are sent back to you in the form of a map allowing you to see exactly where your pet was last located! Let the Argos Tag protect your pet today!


Dog Bed:

Get something with a pillow bottom and Sherpa or other soft fabric and surrounding side.  This one is supposed to be machine washable and is not supposed to lose its shape.  It also comes apart into 2 pieces for easy washing.  I found the following the looks nice:

·         Black Faux Jag Cloud Bed at

Found a great one at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's a small round one with stuffed quilted sides and bottom and lined with fur.  They love this little bed.  It's really very pretty too. I picked one up while I was vacationing visiting family. It was on clearance for like $10 and it's awesome.  I think it was regularly like $20 but I think it's still well worth that. Probably like $25 at most stores. I was surprised it was actually pretty reasonable at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Found one online and copied the following link. I'm sure that they are plenty similar to this.  I have to go get another one because I only have one and all my dogs want in it.  :)

·   $15 online


Dog Mat:

Great to lay on the hardwood floor or in a special area for them in the living area. 

·         Maybe something like this:


Dog Toys:

No Stuffing Type:  They like this type for playing tug of war and just carrying around.  They are lightweight and they can't gut them like the ones with stuffing.


·         Nothing oversized though.  They like the average sized toys.

·         Skinneeez Stuffing-Free Dog Toys by Spot at OR

·         Some smaller balls for fetch: Zanies Tennis Teasers at


Other Stuffed Dog Toys:

·         MultiPet Look Who’s Talking Chicken (5 inches) at

·         Migrators Plush Hunting and Migrating Birds MALLARD at

·         Duckworth by Multipet at

·         Good Rope Toy for Playing Tug of War with Puppy"

·         2 Knot Small Tug Rope Bone - White (5 inch) at  - Can also purchase good dog rope toy at Dollar Tree for $1


#####   Dog Training Treats: ##### (Check the Recall list before buying any of these. I haven't reviewed this list and compared it to the new updated recall list. So many items are being recalled so you have to be extremely careful when buying any dog food or treats. Sign up for an email update so you are kept on file to get updates as they come out.)  I would not feed my dog or puppy any of these foods without looking up the recalls every time. Safest thing is to get a dehydrator or buy some Beef Liver strips from the store.  I actually cook the beef liver strips on a metal cookie plate in the oven at about 350-375 for about 15 minutes.  I then take them off the cookie plate and allow them to cool at bit.  I then slice all of them into very thin strips and then slice again until I've diced all the pieces.  Cook it for an internal temperature of 165 purchase about 2 pounds of strips for about 2.50 pound at Safeway.  This makes a good amount of treats.  You can also use it to mix with some dry or moist and make it yummy for them to eat.  Liver is very healthy for them too. It has an immense amount of nutritional value.  Beef Liver is better quality.   Look up information on how to pick the best liver and prepare it safely. I'm merely providing basic information.  I know that it is to be done so that it is not too rare.  You have to follow the instructions and ensure the internal cooking temperature and make sure that you handle it properly and wash your hands properly. Online it shows that the internal temperature needs to be at least 165.  Please verify all the information on how to safely cook this or any other food item safely.  These are posted as a courtesy to you and I’m not an expert in these fields.


  Dog Training treats are smaller and used for training them to do all the commands.


·         Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Treats Chicken Flavor (3.52 oz) at

·         Other Dog Treats or Chewies:  (Check Food Recall List)

·         Pet Botanics Training Reward Treats - BEEF (3.52 oz) at

·         Regular Dog Treats to reward good behavior or Just to give because they are so loved and cuddly. 

·          Dog Biscuits.  I use the regular "Milk Bone" from any store but they have many different varieties out there.  Some others are all natural.    

·          Soft Dog Biscuits like:  Roasted Chicken Flavor (6 oz) at

·          Dog Rawhides:  Something like Dingo Dental Bone Chicken in the Middle Rawhide Chew OR Mini Bones (21 pack) at or

·          Dingo Mega Mini Rawhide Chew Bone 7 pack (5 oz) at 

·          Alaska Naturals Wild Alaska Salmon Crunchy Dog Snacks (3 oz) at - Haven't tried these but they look like the pups would love these. 

·         Other Dog Snacks like Chicken Strips or Jerky:  (Check the Recall List or Prepare your Own at Home)

Dogs LOVE these but they are rigid and have the propensity to chock on them. My dogs get these but I make sure that I watch them when they eat them.  They love them so much that they eat them too fast and sometimes gag a bit.  They can choke on these.  It should be okay if you watch them closely but you should determine to give them these or not, based on how comfortable you feel with it.  It’s a matter of preference and ultimately, your choice.  They come in a variety of flavors, chicken, beef, etc. from various manufacturers.

·         Chickles Chicken Breast Strips (8 oz) -  

Dental Bones:


My dogs and puppies loves these and we try to always have some on hand.  I have only found them available online at entirelypets.  Many places sell some "greenies" at the stores but my dogs don't like those.  The Bonies come in different sizes and come in a variety of Dental Bones, Joint Formula and Calming Formula.  I choose to get either the Dental or Joint Formula in the Mini or Small size.  You should probably get the mini size initially since the puppy is so small.  I either buy the mini or small size for my adult dogs.  The bonies help to prevent teeth decay and give them something to chew on.  You can do a search on Entirely for the Bonies and see the different package sizes, bone size and Formula.  They also come in a large quantity if you want to buy a large box and keep some stashed away.  They are individually wrapped and stay good for a long time so you can give the dog one a day.


·         BONIES Natural Dental Bones Multi-Pack MINI 6-PACK (120 Bones)

·         BONIES Natural Dental Bones Multi-Pack MINI 3-PACK (60 Bones)


Dental Balls:

·         They like chewing on balls and stuff and I've even bought my older dogs some of these Dental Balls.  They are made for chewing on and help promote healthy teeth/gums.

·         Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (3 Pack) at



Flea medicine that kills fleas instantly. If you go out into the woods and the puppy or dog gets some fleas, regardless of the flea medicine you are using, you can give him the Capstar to kill them instantly.  This does not prevent them but only kills them so you will still need to apply a regular medicine for prevention like Advantage.  The link for Advantage is also below.   You will not often need Capstar but may need to have it on hand just in case.


    Capstar -


Flea Medicine:

    6 MONTH Advantage Flea Control Green: For Dogs under 10 lbs at


Dog Crate:


I don't crate my dog.  If you don’t either, you may still need a crate to transport the puppy from our place to your home.  You can borrow one from a friend, if you know someone to borrow it from.  If you are not going to need it for the future, like if you are flying out of town or something then borrowing it might be the best choice.  If you do need it again in the future, then I would suggest you go ahead and buy it up front.  If you do borrow it, then please make sure you clean it very thoroughly.  Use clorine bleach and wash inside and outside.  I do believe that diseases can be passed to your dog if the crate was used by a sick puppy like with Parvo or something.  I’m not certain but I wouldn’t take a chance. I think it’s probably okay if you wash it thoroughly with soap and water and then Clorox bleach and rinse with hot water again.  I suggest you search online if you are considering it.  Crates are great to bring along on longer trips or for flying.  Airline approved. When traveling, I would recommend a size larger than necessary, like a medium, if you your car is large enough to accommodate.


    Petmate Kennel Cab Fashion Series at


Dog Toothbrush:


    Petosan Double-Headed Dental Brush for Small Dogs (Haven't used this brand) at


Dog Toothpaste:


    Nutri-Vet Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs (2.5 oz) at


Dog Tearing:


Remove the tear stains on the dog's fur.


     Nutri-Vet Eye Cleanse for Dogs (4 oz) or


Dog Shampoo and Conditioner:


Some Animals are sensitive and there is a variety of different shampoos/conditioners on the market for those with Allergies or Sensitive Skin.  This link is for a regular Dog Shampoo and Conditioner.  You can use Dawn and this will also help to repel fleas.  People Shampoos are not recommended because it strips the natural oils / changes PH balance of the dogs skin.  (Used the Gold Medal Brand but not these fragrances)


    PawGanics Puppy Shampoo (16 oz) at or

    Gold Medal Citrus Clean Dog Shampoo with Cardoplex (17 oz) at

    Conditioner - Gold Medal Conditioner for Dogs with Cardoplex (17 oz) at


Doggie Brush:


    Millers Forge Curved Slicker Brush - MINI at

    Millers Forge Vista Combo Brush at


Dog Nail Clippers:

I have a pair just in case although I normally get the nails trimmed at the Groomers or the Vets office.  Many Vets office will do nail trimming and grinding.  Sometimes, they do this complimentary with any exam and other times, they will give the option for a charge.  Ask to see if the service is offered that way you won't have to bring him in for a separate visit to the groomers.)

    Millers Forge Pet Nail Clipper at


GI Medicine:

This is handy to have available for when the puppy or dog has a gastro problem or diarrhea.  No matter how careful you are, they are likely to get a bout sooner or later.  This medicine is pretty effective.  It is available without a prescription and belly ache and comes in a paste like consistency.  They don't like the taste so you have to force feed them this but it does really work well and fast.

    Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc) 


Puppy Pads:

    Link Ebay -


****Disclosure - I have included Recipes and Recommendations based on my own personal preference.  I'm not an expert but only provide this information as a courtesy to you.  Please verify things that can be harmful to your puppy.  Verify Commerical Dog food & Dog Treats prior to purchase due to the Recalls. 

  • Dog Food Recalls Site:


*** DISCLAIMER - I've provided information regarding what items work best for our dogs.  We have researched many items and base our preferences on our dogs likes, dislikes and our personal preferences.  Please keep in mind, that I'm not an expert on dog foods or toys.  I  have no affliation with any food manufacturer or website listed here. Please research all the information provided to ensure it is safe for your dog. I take no responsibility for any recommendation, lose or damage as a result of these recommendations.