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Family Albums

This includes both recent pictures of my immediate family (more coming soon, hopefully) and a few century-old photo albums that have played a role in my genealogical research.

About the picture of me on the home page

The photo of me feeding my infant son was the first image I put on a web page, in 1996. My wife took it at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons Island, Maryland, in the spring of that year, when Noah was just three months old. Sue was standing about 12 feet above me on a walkway that overlooks the ground floor.

I've received more feedback about this image than about anything else on the site. At SIGGRAPH in Orlando in 1998, I met a number of people whom I'd previously known only through e-mail, and many of them recognized me from this image. Noah's obviously grown a lot since then, but it's hard for me to imagine my home page without it.