Electronic Service Pros.

Electronic Service Pros.  13 Kildee Rd.  Harwichport, Ma  

Have you ever said that technology is more trouble than it's worth?  


Hardware and Software Support for Home Computer Users 

If you are tired of fighting with hardware and software or just have some computer "housekeeping" chores that need to be done and would really like some friendly, understandable, "neighborhood" type service for a change - please give us a call.

If you are already having problems with your home computer - do you actually need the additional aggravation of having to disconnect all those cables - load up and 'lug' your computer, along with all your personnel information and files, to some store or shop - only to see it be whisked away into some back room from which you are unsure when it might reappear?


bulletRepairs and Upgrades
bulletVirus Removal
bullet Eliminate spyware problems
bulletSystem Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance
bulletSoftware and Hardware Troubleshooting
bulletInstruction and Training
bullet Install software, software updates, update drivers, and apply defensive upgrade patches
bulletSystem Optimization
bulletUninstalls & Hard Drive Backup
bullet Customize parental controls


Whether you need computer repair, networking, assistance buying a new computer, or help trying to get something to work, you can count on the professionals at Electronic Service Pros.     $65/hr (1 hr min service call)


Cape Cod customers, call now to set up an appointment  508.432-8831.




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