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This page contains answers to common questions.


bulletHow do I ship the equipment ?
bulletWhy doesn't ESP have items for sale ?
bulletWho is Electronic Service Pros. ?
bulletWhat is the average turnaround time for a repair ?
bulletHow do I pay ?


How do I ship the equipment ?

Any good carrier (UPS, FEDEX) will be fine.  Be sure to get a tracking number and email or call us with that number so that we can BOTH watch for its safe arrival.  We will return the same courtesy when we ship the repaired unit back to you.   For heavy items and tube transmitters, be sure to use a box within a box and plenty of packing material between the two to insure safe passage.  Both Fedex and UPS have excellent instructions on their web sites explaining how to properly package sensitive equipment.

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Why doesn't ESP have items for sale ?

We are in the repair business only.  Inventory is kept to a minimum this way and thus provides you with speedy return on your work. 

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Who is Electronic Service Pros. ?

Greg Weremey - N1JFE is an FCC licensed extra class amateur (HAM) radio operator.  He has been a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers since 1986.  Since age 10, Mr. Weremey has been tinkering with electronic devices and by age 16, got his first job in radio.

Since then, he has worked as Chief Engineer for several 50Kw stations.  Always one to "tune" the audio to the point of perfection, Mr. Weremey has spent much time in pursuit of the "right sound".

Let us make your radio "sound the way it should".

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What is the average turnaround time for a repair ?

Time in the repair shop can vary due to complexity of your project and/or availability of parts.  Many times, the equipment is only on the workbench for a few days.  Most D-104 mods or Kenwood audio mods take one week for completion.  Shipping time is extra and should be factored into the equation.

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How do I pay ? 

We will let you know the final amount by phone or e-mail

The best way to pay by far is with your credit card via PayPal.

Just click on the "BUY NOW" credit card link shown below to go directly to PayPal.


I can then ship your package out the next business day.



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