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The lines pictured are the ones used in testing.


fireline2  power pro 2


cortland2  sufix perf 2


sufix 832 2  spider wire 2


mamoi 2  fins prt 2


fins windtamer 2  stren sonic 2


aa-fins xs2  stren 50 2


ande 2  silver thread 2


stren leader 2  seaguar 20 2


Line Test Summary

 Once again this is my own opinion. Your needs in a line may not be the same as someone else’s. All the lines are good lines and will suit a range of anglers. It all depends what you fish for, equipment, and where you fish. If you like the lines that you now use and have confidence in them then continue to use them.

In the mid-1980s, Honeywell (formerly Allied Signal Inc.) introduced Spectra® fiber.  DSM invented Dyneema 20 years ago and it's been in production since 1990.


Power Pro line has been around for quite a while. It is now owned by Shimano. The line has a coating that makes it seem stiffer than some. This may also be why it has a better abrasion rating of 24. The line casts good on both spinning and casting reels. It ranks about the same as many other braided lines in smoothness and ease of casting. Few tangles and wind knots were encountered. It is not the same line as it was several years ago. It has been improved. It is one of least expensive braided lines and has been on sale at many places.


Cortland Master Braid has also been around for a while.  It is not widely available like many other lines and that is a shame. I have used this line for several years and it is one of the better lines I have used. It works great on spinning and casting reels. This line has excellent abrasion resistance and shows this with a rating of 18. It seems to have tightly woven structure.  I have had very few tangles and so called wind knots with it. It is fairly smooth and casts great. The line retains its round shape. This line is not easy to find but several online sites have it as well as eBay. I wish it was available in more local shops.


Sufix Performance Braid is another line with very good abrasion resistance. I have used this line for a long time in 20lb and 50lb sizes. It is also a tighter woven braid then some. It is a little stiffer than other lines but not as stiff as Power Pro. It has an excellent abrasion resistance as indicated by the rating of 16. Very good casting line even if not as smooth as others. I have not had many tangles with this line. The line retains the round shape very well.


Sufix 832 is one of the newer lines that have a thread of Gore woven into the line. It is tightly woven with 7 strands of Dyneema plus 1 Gore. It is woven with 32 weaves per inch. It feels smooth and casts great. It has a decent abrasion rating of 13 and ranks above many lines in that category. It is a quiet line going through guides. I haven’t noticed any line tangles that were the lines fault. The line is a slightly heavier than other braids and has a tendency to sink and not lay on the surface. This can be good because it won’t spook fish with a surface disturbance. It comes in 2 colors it is not supposed to absorb water like other lines. It is a round line that seems to keep its shape.


Spiderwire Invisi-Braid is a different looking braid than most. It is supposed to be translucent but looks white to me. It is also a line made with Dyneema and has a high weave count. It casts very well using any reel. It feels very smooth but not as smooth as the Sufix 832. The line hasn’t frayed very much after being used for several months. Not as stiff as some but holds its round shape very well. It is made in the USA and is a Pure Fishing company product.


Fins Windtamer is a very good line and ranks with many others as far as abrasion resistance. It casts very well and is a good line for casting when windy. I have used it for 2 years and have no problems with it. It has an abrasion resistance of 10 and that seems to be what many 20lb braided lines have. I haven’t had any complaints using this line. It is not as available as other lines for some reason.


Fins Original PRT is another one of the lines from Fins. Fins lines is made with Spectra fiber by BBS Tech Inc. The company is an American company located in Kentucky. The line is another great line from this company that markets several styles of lines. It is a very good casting line and has an abrasion rating of 10. This line also comes in a night glow color. Green by day and fluorescent blue under a UV light at night. Not as stiff as its brother Windtamer.  This is an all-around good line that is not expensive. It is not as available as other lines for some reason.


Momoi Diamond Braid Is a smooth line that ranks with many others for abrasion with a 10. It casts good and only has a minim of tangles after using for some time. It is a round line that seems to be braided tightly. It holds its shape very well. The line comes in several colors. The line is thin. I haven’t used this line as much as others but it seems to be close to the Fins and Stren Sonic Braid. There is nothing special about the line. It also comes in several colors.


Fins XS Braid is another member of the Fins family. This line is very smooth and comes in a variety of great looking colors. I really like the teal. The line came out the worst of all in abrasion tests. It scored only a 2 ½ compared to a 10 with the other Fins lines and a 22 for Power Pro. The line seemed to flatten out when I used it and was prone to being blown in the wind when casting. When held next to other lines in the water it looked much larger because of not retaining the roundness and flattening out.  It did not come untangled very easily on a backlash. The line is smooth but that may because of it not being braided very tightly. In a calm area it cast a long way. For me it was not a good overall line. The line was quiet while going through rod guides.


Stren Sonic Braid Is another line that is thin and ranks about the same as several others in this test. It has an abrasion test of 10 which is the same as many others. I have used it and found it to be about the same as the Diamond Braid and Fins PRT.

 Stren Super Braid was a line that I had in 50lb test for my larger gear. It has performed well. It is a round line that keeps its shape. An abrasion test of 60 makes it a good line if around rough areas and tough skinned fish. I have nothing bad to say about it.


Berkley Original Fireline is very close to a monofilament line because of the way it is made. The original Fireline is a thermally fused line. The new Fireline braid is actually a braided line. Both are made from Dyneema fiber. The old original line had a very high abrasion rating of 59. The line was a little too stiff for me but many liked it.


I would like to have included several  other new lines but braided lines are getting expensive to buy.