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Line Tests Abrasion & Casting                                          

Braided lines listed in order of best to worst.

  1. 24   cycles Power Pro 20lb
  2. 18   cycles Cortland Master Braid 20lb
  3. 16   cycles Sufix Performance Braid 20lb
  4. 13   cycles Sufix 832 20lb
  5. 10   cycles Spiderwire Invisi-braid 20lb
  6. 10   cycles Fins Windtamer 20lb
  7. 10   cycles Fins Original PRT 20lb
  8. 10  cycles  Momoi Diamond braid 20lb
  9. 10   cycles Stren Sonic Braid 20lb
  10. 60  cycles  Stren Super Braid (50lb)
  11. 59   cycles Berkley Fireline Original 20lb
  12. 2.5  cycles Fins XS 20lb

 Monofilament and leaders.

  1. 80 cycles   15lb Ande Back Country mono
  2. 88 cycles   12lb Silver Thread AN40 mono
  3. 133 cycles  20lb Seguar Fluorocarbon leader
  4. 128 cycles  20lb Stren Fluorocarbon leader
 Mono lines are more abrasion resistant then the braided lines. Even the 12lb test Silver Thread out did the 50lb test Stren Super Braid. The Fireline Original is really not a braid but a thermally fused line. It is close to a monofilament. It is also the stiffest line. I was surprised to see the Power Prow do so well. The Cortland Master Braid and Sufix Performance Braid did very well also. Next was the Sufix 832. All the rest were pretty equal except for the FINS XS. The FINS XS was the worst line I tested for abrasion. It really grabbed on the sandpaper like it had claws. The line shredded fast. I could not understand why until I examined it closer. The line is made up of 8 ends of Spectra yarn. The 8 ends are made up of many strands of the Spectra. What makes the line come apart so fast seems to be the fact that it is not as tightly woven. It looked like the end of yarn that is used for knitting. See the picture below. There is more about the lines on other pages.

 finsxs closup2(3)


  1. Sufix 832
  2. Spiderwire Invisi-Braid, Cortland Master Braid, Fins Windtamer
  3. Stren Sonic Braid, Momoi Diamond Braid, Fins Original PRT
  4. Power Pro. Sufix Performance Braid
  5. Fins XS
  6. Berkley Fireline Original

 There wasn’t that much difference in the casting first 4 but the Sufix 832 was smoother and cast a bit further. It did seem that the smoother lines were a little better in distance. The Fins XS casted good if there was no breeze or wind at all. We all know that is rare. I would really like to see this line with a tighter “pick” or more weaves per inch. I think this would make it more abrasion resistant and not flatten out. What do I know I just use the line? The colors of the Fins XS are great looking and seemed to hold color very well.


The items that I used for the abrasion test are a 2 inch diameter PVC pipe covered with 120 grit aluminum oxide emery cloth. Attached to the lines being tested is a 2oz weight. Each length of line was 18 inches long as Pictured below.The lines were pulled evenly at a slow speed up and down between the tape marked area on the line until the line broke. Each line was tested several times to get the average number of pulls before the line broke. I pulled the line slow so heat would not be a factor.

equipment3 weightaa


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