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     In much the same was as Zermatt is the resort people go to in order to view the world famous Matterhorn, Charmonix is the resort jet setters go to at the foot of Mount Blanc, the highest peek in France. Therefore like Zermatt, everything in Charmonix is dedicated to Mount Blanc. Charmonix is a nice resort town. There are numerous squares with outdoor cafes (note, it has rained both times I have visited Charmonix). Of course all the squares are situated to give you a view of Mount Blanc. The buildings are both grand and elegant, again catering for the Jet Set. I found Charmonix to be quite a pleasant town to stroll through.

     Of course, the reason to go to Charmonix is to see Mount Blanc. It is quite an impressive mountain. From atop Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland, Mount Blanc stands out among the alpine peeks. On a clear day Mount Blanc stands out and towers over all that is around it. It is defiantly worth a trek, in good weather.

     Alas, both times I have been to Charmonix, it has been overcast. Fortunately, the person whom I was staying with (Thank you Jery) knew of an overcast day option. That is to take a rack-n-pinion train up to Montenvers-Mer de Glace. Montenvers-Mer de glace is a glacier that you can hike down to and tour an ice grotto dug into the glacier. The train ride offers nice views of the valley and the glacier itself it impressive and beautiful. The old hotel offers a great meal for a decent price so you can have an elegant lunch after hiking around the glacier.

     I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .

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Mount Blanc PhotosCharmonix Photographs

Matterhorn and Mt. Blanc

Train Station


Closeup of Mt. Blanc from the Matterhorn

English Church

Restaurant (look at the shutters)

Wide Angle View


River through town

Mt. Blanc behind clouds

First to climb


Another overcast view

Another early explorer

Mill on Rue de Mill

Mt. Blanc from Switzerland

Mill bridge

Main Church

Clouds over Mt. Blanc

Train to Montenvers-Mer de Glace

Montenvers-Mer de Glace

Mt. Blanc above the Alps

Montenvers-Mer Glacier

Another Glacier Shot

Mt Blanc...I think

Trail down to Glacier

le Glace

Another shot from the plane



Closeup of Mt. Blanc
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Copyright September 19th, 2005