Date: November 9th., 2005
Sent to but not published in the New York Times

Patricia Skalka (Letters, November 9th. 2005) asks what she should do to change the administration's course on the war in Iraq. First, she should be clear that she is not alone in wanting to bring about change. There are millions of us out there but we have to act.

E-mailing and petitioning is not enough (the right can wield the delete key as easily as the rest of us -- as was pointed out in an Op-Ed earlier this week in your sister publication, the Boston Globe; Victoria Bonney, November 7th, 2005).
The peace movement is alive and well. It lives all across this country in church basements and community centers. Perhaps because of the evident injustice of the current war the peace movement flourishes. Find your local peace groups and plan and undertake peaceful protest on the streets of AMerica.

Once this administration sees the swelling stream of protesters in every state, red, blue, and every shade in between, it will change course.

We have nothing to lose by action. Bush and his team have everything to lose by our actions. Bush only wins if we fail to act.