John McDonough (Globe, December 27th, 2005. page A 15) does not really offer any alternatives to the current system except to say that people favor a "shared solution involving government, individuals and employers."
Why should employers be involved? Why shouldn't decent health care be an entitlement for every person in Massachusetts (and even America)?

The solution should lie with government and with individuals through the tax system. The income tax should be increased from 5.3% of income to 20.3% of income with the extra 15% being used to buy health insurance for every resident of Massachusetts, employed and unemployed, income tax payer and those too poor to pay income tax. That should be revenue neutral because current insurance fees, as Mr McDonough correctly pointed out, cover the costs of providing health care for the uninsured  as well as for the insured.

The burden of health insurance will be taken away from the responsible employers and they will enjoy a level playing field with their less responsible competitors. And that has to be good for the Massachusetts economy