April 7th. 2006
Sent to but not published in the Boston Globe

I find it difficult to believe Scooter Libby's claim that President Bush declassified the previously classified information that he passed on to various journalists.

Can you imagine that George Bush, a president of unimpeachable integrity who has been absolutely forthright in all his dealings with the public; can you imagine that George Bush would stand before the public and say that he wanted to get to the bottom of the question and that anyone involved in the leaks of classified information would be fired if he had already declassified that information?

Can you imagine that George Bush, a pillar of fiscal responsibility would stand before the public and allow an expensive investigation unfold if he knew, having declassified the information that no classified information had been passed on.

Can you imagine that George Bush, a man who is loyal to a fault to the people who work for him, would have put his subordinates through the wringer of a criminal investigation?

Actually I can imagine all of these. Bush lacks integrity, he lacks fiscal responsibility, and his loyalty is the kind that keeps people on because he cannot stand face to face conflict.

So, I guess I can believe Scooter Libby after all.