Date: October 7th., 2005
Sent to but not published in the New York Times

It really is time for this Administration to go. Not because it makes mistakes, all Administrations do that; but because it fails to learn from its mistakes.

I read in today's "Bush addresses GOP Unease over Nominee" (October 8th, pages 1, 16) that "the White House was working to assemble a dossier that would back up its case about Ms. Miers' record of accomplishment, her legal qualifications, and her conservative credentials."

Why are they only now working on dossier? What information went into the initial decision?

Like with the Iraq war, planning in how to deal with resistance must have been minimal. This Administration just doesn't understand Murphy's law: that if something can go wrong it will. As a result the Administration does not prepare to deal with the worst case scenario: something that all MBA's learn early in their program.

It really is time to get rid of the cronies and replace them with competent professionals in the White House, in the Defense Department and throughout the government.