"Can't Get My Rest"
Plaehn & Hino's latest release on Nontrivial Records

Blues Notes Jan. 2002 vol 17, No.1, Portland OR
Monthly Publication of the Cascades Blues Association, Portland, Oregon

By Greg Johnson, President
Cascade Blues Association

"Can't Get My Rest” is an album that just makes you feel good. Acoustic music with a flair. Dave Plaehn and Jeff Hino have an enchanting and unique approach that not only reminisces renowned musicians of the past, but labels what they do as distinctively original and up-to-date. Crisp guitar lines, well balanced with harmonica and vocals. Blues standards such as Bukka White's "Aberdeen" and Sleepy John Estes ""Drop Down mama" are right at home alongside a number such as "She Took Off My Romeos" with its Reggae beat most often associated with David Lindley. Original pieces such as "Want a Woman To Love" or "Don' Say You Don't Love Me" have a lively, jumping quality, while Dave Plaehn's tenor phrasings on "would You Do the Same For Me' is moving and heartbreaking. their songwriting has a sense of urgent complexity, possessing a pleasant passion that speaks of unfettered euphoria, as well as life's miseries, which makes for the required ingredients of any true Blues music.

Recorded in Corvallis, Oregon, it's a nice reminder that not all the talented musicians in this State are based in the city at the terminus of the Willamette River. This is roots music at its finest played by craftsmen in the deepest sense. Jeff Hino works a variety of stringed instruments from banjo to steel guitar on the CD and masters them all (even the chair squeaks as mentioned in the liner notes). Dave Plaehn's harp work shows a lot of range and emotion; the perfect union to his exceptional vocals. Together these two musicians compliment one another with a blend of music that can take well-worn familiar songs like, "Who Do You Love" or "Room To Move" and bring them new vitality worth listening to all over again. This is a duo that has a lot to say and the skills to back those voices, too. Check this one out!

What the DJs are saying about "Can't Get My Rest"...

"Good old Blues!"
-- Mark Laiosa, WBAI, New York City

"My listeners were quite impressed!"
--B. Foster,Blues Programmer, KPBX, Spokane

"Great CD! "
-- Blair Larsen, Fresh Folk, KUSU, Utah Public Radio

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