Ric Werme's Guide to
Watts Up With That

Anthony Watts' Watts Up With That? blog is hosted by Wordpress, a blog host that works best for bloggers who post a few articles each week. Anthony and his crew post several articles per day, and trying to hunt down old articles is a bit frustrating. There is a search mechanism, but that seems limited to keywords in the original article. You can also look at a day's posts, but that's an inefficient way to browse through old articles.

People making comments have no hints as to how to format them. There used to be the barest of hints below the comment box, but it was a poor list, even wrong in places, and no longer displays. See the bottom of this document for better guidance.

WUWT Navigation Bars

Every so often, please take a break from reading the recent posts and comments to check the two navigation bars.

The top bar (with labels from "Home" to "WUWT stuff" goes to permanent posts that are updated frequently, sometimes automatically, sometimes manually. The most important label is "Resource Pages". When you hover the cursor over it, a submenu appears listing the the various domains WUWT covers. The most popular of these is the Sea Ice Reference Page. Many readers like to follow the progression of Arctic sea ice extent each summer because of the frequent handwringing from Al Gore and the NSIDC about how soon we'll have an ice free Arctic. Given that we've only had good data for this since polar satellites started returning images of ice cover, no one can make authoritative predictions for the current season, let alone the next.

The right side nav bar is a potpourri of information and links to internal and external sites. The search box searches the content WUWT posts but not the comments. It's a good way to hunt down some post on a subject you remember reading about. Some links go to Anthony's business, Weather Shop (please buy stuff there!), some have current images of a subject and a link to more information. Anthony's lists of other blogs is unique in that he links to blogs that are major detractors of WUWT, most of which disparage WUWT but don't link to it.

Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. It changes frequently enough so a periodic check is worthwhile to see what's new and what you've forgotten about.

WUWT Tables of Contents

Two series of ToCs are available:

Monthly - This is good to check if you know approximately when something happened and want to look for relevant posts. Even better, this is a good way to see what else was happening then.

Categories - This is good to check if you are interested in particular topics. Even better, if you are looking for topics to be interested in, check out the list.

You can also use the right side nav bar to find the same information displayed as WordPress see fit. This includes some text at the beginning of each post. My pages only have the title, and everything is in a single web page. They both have their merits.

WUWT Classics

Here are some posts that deserve to used as reference works, not just as comment-du-jour. The real reference is usually elsewhere, but a lot of us heard it first here.

Guest poster Willis Eschenbach always comes up with fascinating posts. Even his autobiographical posts are remarkable. He's collected An Index to Willis's Writings up to May 2011 and deserves this special entry here.

Titles and Links for the Last Two Weeks

Information here (and in the monthly and category pages) is collected soon after midnight Pacific time (which is WUWT time, at least as far as dates go). The "Recent" column is the number of comments made yesterday and may be most useful for finding older posts that are still active for some reason. Sometimes those reasons are an interesting exchange of information and collaboration. Sometimes it's just two pig-headed bores who don't know when to stop. Sometimes you can't tell the difference!

Daily summary Total WUWT
views to date
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 17213,730,811
Arctic Albedo Variations 1313
From #AGU14 – satellites detect albedo change in the Arctic, resulting in more absorbed solar radiation 3434
Hump Day Hilarity – model the bouncing ball 5252
#Santabomb winter storm predicted for Northeastern U.S. at Christmas 7878
Good news from #AGU14 ‘Arctic sea ice is holding up to global warming better than expected’ 9999
Day two at #AGU14 – no photos allowed, but lots of beer and ‘big oil’ funding flowed 125125
Researchers Find Northeast Pacific Surface Warming (1900-2012) Caused By Changes in Atmospheric Circulation, NOT Manmade Forcings 5757
DECC Forced To Release Data Showing Impact Of Climate Policies On Energy Prices 4949
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 16213,596,579
Vanishing Ice Most Likely All Natural 2422
Some first impressions from #AGU14 7111
New Paper Tackles Ethical Disputes Of Climate Policy 319
From #AGU14 Surprising findings in Greenland’s melt dynamics – glaciers retreated rapidly between 1900 and 1930 10113
The 2-Deg Global-Warming Limit 12945
November 2014 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly & Model-Data Difference Update 7418
No Records Highs Possible In The Satellite Temperature Datasets in 2014 (Now Includes November Data Except For HADCRUT4) 6919
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 15213,473,863
NOAA Is Updating Their Sea Surface Temperature Dataset 753
Paleo study: Past global warming similar to today’s 24211
UKMO Hadley Centre Datasets Appear Split on Whether 2014 Will Have Record-Warm Global Sea Surfaces 400
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 14213,351,964
Hilarious irony – Michael Mann to give lecture on ‘Professional Ethics for Climate Scientists’ 2680
Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #160 110
GWPF Welcomes Non-Binding And Toothless UN Climate Deal 2831
The Nonsensical “Just What AGW predicts” and Other Claims By Alarmists about “Record-High” Global Sea Surface Temperatures in 2014 1260
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 13213,248,595
Time for the UN to get out of climate change 1670
Another attempt to link climate and extreme weather, to be presented at the AGU Fall Meeting 1630
California Niño/Niña 380
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 12213,148,333
Gruber Thinking in Climate Science: Disconnect Between Academia And The Real World. 1711
Moving the goalposts – has Professor Wadhams Explained His Now Changed ‘ice-free’ Arctic Prediction? 2810
The Josh-WUWT 2015 Climate Skeptics Calendar is now available 320
Friday Funny – Best Grauniad typo ever 1400
Meteorological Annual Mean (Dec-Nov) Global Sea Surface Temperatures Set a Record High in 2014 By a Whopping... 1660
Quote of the Week, an oldie but goodie 300
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 11213,009,631
The eyeroller you knew was going to happen – California winter storm caused by “changing climate” 2932
Almost Friday Funny – Sheep Mountain in outline 170
US Spending Bill Blocks Obama’s UN Climate Fund $Billions 780
Mixed Signals from the NOAA ENSO Blog about Climate Models 930
Comparing sea ice today to Shackleton’s Ill Fated Voyage – 100 years ago this month 990
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 10212,867,739
Big Numbers, Small Numbers 2071
Record Global Temperature—Conflicting Reports, Contrasting Implications 1660
Absolutely Amazing! A Climate Scientist Writes a Blog Post about... 2200
Unconventional Oil Revolution Rocks Green Agenda 1810
The unsinkable German anti-CO2-Titanic just found its iceberg 2800
The Legend of the ‘Kamikaze Typhoons’ 610
RSS and UAH “Meteorological Annual Mean” (December to November) Global Temperatures Fall Far Short of Record Highs in 2014... 640
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 9212,725,245
UN Chief: Give me more money 1320
New study translated: public servants are more likely to become eco-activists 1601
Claim from Phil Jones and company: ‘extreme temperature anomalies are warming faster than Earth’s average’ 1540
Arguments For and Against Human-Induced Ocean Warming 41633
Climate threat reduced to extreme: If everyone keeps their promises 800
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 8212,606,498
NOAA: Researchers offer new insights into predicting future droughts in California 820
Clearing the ‘cloud hanging over climate science’ 2340
Climate alarmism secures a set of warning signals 1120
Surprise, Surprise: China Rejects Emissions Pledge Review 560
An odd email from The White House 1640
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 7212,456,891
Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #159 90
Changepoint analysis as applied to the surface temperature record 791
Imagine the Earth Entering an Ice Age 1400
Back to the future in El Niño forecasting 1130
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 6212,348,542
Mann’s tree ring proxy train wreck 3400
Wake Up Australia, we are becoming Green and Defenceless 2050
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 5212,224,489
Climate Change … Who Cares? 1990
Some assistance requested from WUWT readers 1890
Friday Funny: Over a Century’s Worth of Failed Eco-Climate Quotes and Disinformation 4060
Obama’s Climate Deal with China Backfires 1470
Did ENSO and the “Monster” Kelvin Wave Contribute to the Record High Global Sea Surface Temperatures in 2014? 780
WUWT index page for 2014 Dec 4212,065,971
Argo And Ocean Heat Content 2750
Claim: Greenhouse gases linked to past African rainfall 490
Whither The Weather? 2040
‘Weepy’ Bill McKibben steps down as Chairman of 350.org 1340
The Perfect Storm: California’s Record Breaking December Super-Soaker 890
Global Warming Goofiness Around the Globe 650

Formatting in comments

Neither WUWT nor WordPress provide much documentation for the HTML formatting permitted in comments. There are only a few commands that are useful, and a few more that are pretty much useless.

A typical HTML formatting command has start and end pieces and has general form of <name>text to be formatted</name>. A common mistake is to forget the ending. Until WordPress gets a preview function, we have to live with it.

N.B. WordPress handles some formatting very differently than web browsers do. A post of mine shows these and less useful commands in action at WUWT.

b (bold) This is <b>bold</b> text This is bold text Command strong does the same
i (italics) This is <i>italicized</i> text This is italicized text Command em (emphasize) does the same
a (anchor) See <a href=http://wermenh.com>My home page</a> See My home page A URL by itself (with a space on either side) is often adequate in WordPress, e.g. See http://wermenh.com
blockquote (indent text) My text
<blockquote>quoted text</blockquote>
More of my text
My text
quoted text
More of my text
Quoted text can be many paragraphs long. WordPress italicizes quoted text (and the <i> command enters normal text).
strike This is <strike>text with strike</strike> This is text with strike  
pre ("preformatted" - use for monospace display) <pre>These lines are bracketed<br>with &lt;pre> and &lt;/pre>
These lines are bracketed
with <pre> and </pre>
Preformatted text, generally done right. Use it when you have a table or something else that will look best in monospace. Each space is displayed, something that <code> (next) doesn't do.
code (use for monospace display) <code>Wordpress handles this very differently</code> Wordpress handles this very differently See http://wattsupwiththat.com/resources/#comment-65319 to see what this really does.
iframe <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/yaBNjTtCxd4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Useful for including Youtube videos, see below.
h1 <h1>Header size 1</h1>

Header size 1

These are used for section headers in long web pages, so may not be all that useful or welcome on WUWT. And last I saw, I don't think they work.
h2 <h2>Header size 2</h2>

Header size 2

h3 <h3>Header size 3</h3>

Header size 3

h4 <h4>Header size 4</h4>

Header size 4

h5 <h5>Header size 5</h5>
Header size 5
h6 <h6>Header size 6</h6>
Header size 6

Youtube videos

Using the URL for a YouTube video creates a link like any other URL. However, YouTube accepts the HTML for "embedded" videos. From the YouTube page after the video finishes, click on the "embed" button and it will suggest HTML like:
<iframe width="560" height="315"
        frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

You can change the size of the frame to display by selecting one in the "Video size" menu below, I suggest not copying the width and height attributes, WordPress should choose a large size.

Copy and paste the HTML into your comment and it WordPress will generate something like:

Special characters in comments

Those of us who remember acceptance of ASCII-68 (a specification released in 1968) are often not clever enough to figure out all the nuances of today's international character sets. Besides, most keyboards lack the keys for those characters, and that's the real problem. Even if you use a non-ASCII but useful character like ° (as in 23°C) some optical character recognition software or cut and paste operation is likely to change it to 23oC or worse, 230C.

Nevertheless, there are very useful characters that are most reliably entered as HTML character entities:

Type thisTo getNotes
&lt;<Less than sign
Left angle bracket
&deg;°Degree (Use with C and F, but not K (kelvins))

Superscripts (use 8304, 185, 178-179, 8308-8313 for digits 0-9)

Subscripts (use 8320-8329 for digits 0-9)
&pound;£British pound
&ntilde;ñFor La Niña & El Niño
&micro;µMu, micro
&plusmn;±Plus or minus
&ne;Not equals
&nbsp; Like a space, with no special processing (i.e. word wrapping or multiple space discarding)
&gt;>Greater than sign
Right angle bracket
Generally not needed

Linking to past comments

Each comment has a URL that links to the start of that comment. This is usually the best way to refer to comment a different post. The URL is "hidden" under the timestamp for that comment. While details vary with operating system and browser, the best way to copy it is to right click on the time stamp near the start of the comment, choose "Copy link location" from the pop-up menu, and paste it into the comment you're writing. You should see something like http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/07/15/central-park-in-ushcnv2-5-october-2012-magically-becomes-cooler-in-july-in-the-dust-bowl-years/#comment-1364445.

The "#<label>" at the end of the URL tells a browser where to start the page view. It reads the page from the Web, searches for the label and starts the page view there. As noted above, Wordpress will create a link for you, you don't need to add an <a> command around it.

Climate Audit Assistant

Another approach to dealing with this is a Firefox add-on that replaces the edit window with a better one that has buttons for formatting text. It's a two piece install, see the web page for details. It coexists okay with the "It's all Text" extension that lets you send the text in a text edit window to your regular editor.

Contact Ric Werme or return to his home page.

Written 2009 Dec 5, last updated 2014 April 24.