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Wicca 101 - Energy Raising

Energy is a real force that permeates the universe, it is essential for any type of magickal work to be successful and it is yours to experience and control.

Before we go to far it is probably a good idea to show you what we mean by energy and energy raising. Please read through the following exercise and then give it a try.

Sit in a comfortable place free of distractions and in an upright posture with your back away from the back of your seat (no slouching). Hold your hands at about shoulder height and width in front of you with your palms facing each other.

You may feel free to close your eyes for this next part if it aids in your visualization. Visualize a ball of energy between your hands, imagine it just floating in the air. After holding it in your mind for a few seconds have it float toward one hand and then back to the other one. Have the energy ball move back and forth faster and faster like a ping-pong ball.

Next we want the ball to start moving in a circle clockwise between your hands. Do this for awhile varying the speed and the size of the circle to get a feel for it. After a few minutes have the ball of energy enter your right hand and travel through your body and out your left hand, continuing back into the circle.

When you are ready bring the ball to a rest between your hands and feel free to open your eyes. Now I want you to move your hands slowly together, you should feel some resistance as they move closer. This feeling is the energy that we speak of.

This exercise is one form of energy known as Qi Gong. There are many flavors of energy such as Rieki or your own personal energy. In order to strengthen your energy you need to develop your skills of concentration, visualization and your overall health.


Work on the above exercise twice a day for a week, once in the morning and again at night. Note your feelings as you do the exercise, do you feel stronger in the morning or night? how does your mood affect your ability to raise energy?