History of Foster City Chinese Club

In 1971, a small group of friends noticed the rapid growth of Chinese in the Foster City community. With this awareness the group formed the Foster City Chinese Club. The Club's goal is to develop a Chinese language school for their children to ensure their heritage. This goal is slowly fading due to the second and third generations of families in the Club who does not speak the language. However, the chinese language school still exist and are open to the community for those who wish to preserve this heritage. Cultural field trips are also being conducted by the Chinese language school. Classes are held at Bowditch Middle School -Wednesday afternoons.

A need for social and civic activities were also recognized. Thus the Foster City Chinese Club was formed in January 1973 with the Club's primary objective to promote a better understanding in language, culture and traditions of our Chinese heritage.

Today, the Club has expanded its social activities to include a Junior Youth Group for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. A Youth Group for grades nine through twelve. An Adult Group with monthly activities. Also available are the Tots & Toddlers Group for ages 1 -4 and a Kids Group for ages 5 -10.

The Foster City Chinese Club has achieved its incorporated status in August 1994.

Founding Members:

Mary Gee

Randy & Vi Roby

Bob & Mee Yoke Hong

Eleanor Lee

Bob & May Ho

King & Lily Fong

Dede Chang

Past Presidents:

1973 Robert Hong

1974 Roger Chinn

1975 Mary Gee

1976 Randy Roby & Sherman Cheu

1977 Ed Chin

1978 Carol Jue

1979 King Fong

1980 Norman Chang

1981 Norman chang

1982 Lola Fung

1983 David Chan

1984 Clovis Shem

1985 Clovis Shem

1986 Charlanie Toy

1987 Ed Chin & Mel Yee

1988 Nathan Pang

1989 Dana Louie

1990 Jimmy Kang

1991 Eriko Yeung

1992 Nathan Pang

1993 Aggie Quan & Helen Leong

1994 Linda Censoprano & Carol Jue

1995 Nathan Pang & Joyce Chan