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Summer Flounder (aka Fluke): Open season 05/23/14 - 09/27/14 with 18" Minimum Length and 5 fish Maximum daily limit.
Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2" Minimum Length, Open Season Dates and Daily Limits: 05/19/14 - 06/30/14 15 Fish, 07/01/14 -08/31/14 3 Fish, 09/01/14 - 09/06/14 15 Fish, 10/18/14 - 12/31/14, 15 Fish

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Fluke Tournament entry forms and more detailed information, please visit us at 
Captain’s Meeting Day & Time: Friday July 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Captain’s Meeting Where: Dutchman's Brauhau, 2500 E Bay Ave., Manahawkin, NJ 08050 (Cedar Bonnet Island) Phn: 609.494.6910
Fishing Day & Time: Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Weigh-In Day & Time: Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Two Locations - Use either one)
Weigh-In Location #1: Causeway Boat Rentals Manahawkin, NJ 08050 (on Route 72 outbound causeway) Phn: 609.494.1371
Weigh-In Location #2: Toni G's Marina, 491 East Bay Ave., Barnegat, NJ 08005 Phn: 609.698.8581

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BBQ Day & Time: Saturday July 26th, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
BBQ Where: Stafford Township Vol. Firehouse Station 47, 133 Stafford Ave., Manahawkin, NJ 08050
BBQ Tickets & Information: Contact Dave at 609.335.7609 or Email


After reading reports, if you contact any captain for a charter, please mention that you read their report on the Fisherman's Headquarters Fishing Report. Thank you

April 23, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Reminder : Tell your fellow anglers...

This evening, NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife biologist Russ Allen will be the speaker at a public forum In Manahawkin on striped bass management on Wednesday, April 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. Hosted by the Recreational Fishing Alliance's New Jersey Chapter, this free event will feature an overview of the latest Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's (ASMFC) striped bass assessment results, current coastwide stock status, New Jersey's survey results and potential ASMFC management actions. The forum will be held at the Holiday Inn of Manahawkin on the south side of Route 72, approximately 1 mile east of the Garden State Parkway, Exit 63. Admission is free.
Address: Holiday Inn, 151 Route 72 East, Manahawkin, NJ 08050.
Phone: (609) 481-6100

The event is designed as an open forum for those with a direct interest in the future of striped bass management along the coast, including individual saltwater anglers, for-hire captains and members of the recreational tackle community. It will offer attendees a unique glimpse at what fisheries managers discussed at the ASMFC Striped Bass Board's February meeting.

ASMFC will take up the striped bass discussion again at their spring meetings in Alexandria, VA, which begin on May 12. In response, the public will be asked to comment on a series of management options this summer which are designed to meet conservation goals and targets for Atlantic Coast striped bass stocks; any changes to the recreational or commercial sector are expected to be implemented for the 2015 calendar year.

The bay is full of good fishing opportunities and the surf is progressing.

Between working, lots of yard work and prepping boats for the season I've been fishing very little. I really don't need to explain. I'm sure many are in the same "boat". But, finally I found the time to dip a boat in the drink and fish. With very light wind I decided to use the Hewes Redfisher Skiff. With my dad heading to Florida for is annually fishing trip in a couple weeks, I though it was a perfect time to get it running and iron out any wrinkles.

Monday, April 21, 2014 - Blake (store staff) and I geared up and headed out late in the day (about 5pm-ish). We started off hitting the flats where fair clarity 55 degree water greeted us. The water had a slight tint (~3' of visibility) and was loaded with big jellyfish. No grass so we worked the area for about a half hour. We knew there had to be fish roaming the area. With no sign of life we didn't want to waste anytime as it was getting late in the day.

Next, we made a move to the west side of the bay where we found some scattered birds that were picking in 62 degree water. Within the first couple of casts I had a beautiful striped bass tail slap my Stillwater Smack-It Popper right in my face. It was game on into dark! Lots of swirls, boils and hook ups on poppers, swimmers and soft baits. Mostly small striped bass in the mix but there were some quality linesiders that showed bigger blow-ups but none came tight.

It turns out we stumbled upon a large patch of worms; possibly cinder worms. They were mostly thin 4-6" long, some went to 8"+ with a pinkish hue. They all swarmed with a corkscrew wiggle releasing a trail of sperm. It was an amazing sight to see and it was only us on the Hewes, the birds and bass. There were a couple other boats in the area but they didn't realize what was going down around us.

Thanks to the Minn Kota Riptide I-Pilot Trolling Motor and the Talon Shallow Water Anchor, we worked the area up, down, back and forth. The whole time right where we wanted to be all super easy and stealthy. It was great. Can't wait to do some shallow water fluking in the back bay fishing machine.

More Fish... In the shop we've got word from many different customers.

Ray Sullivan had a pair of bass off of the surf on Monday fishing clam and worm.

Tom Jackson was inquiring about a new cooler rack for his Jeep. While in the shop he shared info that he has been catching a lot of small striped bass. He said that since most of the bass are very small he switch over to using kingfish rigs. His bite to hookup ratio significantly improved.

Chris Bender has been on the striped bass for weeks and still is. He is worming hard.

~ Fish Head Greg

April 21, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

We received word that some small blues have showed up in the bay. One report came from an angler who was plugging the bayside on the North-end. Another came from an angler fishing Great Bay. With striped bass, drum, blues and weakfish present our spring fishery is shaping up.


April 20, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Happy Easter!

Tom V. was in getting bait yesterday afternoon. He reported hooking lots of small striped bass on bloods and not many guys fishing today. Tom mentioned that you got to get the bait out as far as possible and hold your rod. Lots of small, soft, quick hits.

~ Fish Head Greg

April 19, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Apr 19, 2014 6:56 PM   Subject: LBI Charters

Kev and I headed out for some fun this AM but we had to turn around due to a huge swell. We worried what the inlet would be like on the outgoing tide at time of return. Headed back out for boat ride around 4 PM, had 10 clams aboard and the inlet was fine. Anchored up close to home telling Kev he wouldn't get a bite. Well he put 3 keeper blackfish and 1 throwback in the boat in about 45 minutes of fishing when we ran out of bait. So its time give a call or send an email and let's get going by April 30th while season is open.

~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413

April 18, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

Pete from Beach Haven West stopped in the shop earlier today and shared a report. Pete fished in the bay yesterday with clam and nailed a 50-lb class black drum. Pete said the belly was stacked with bay scallops. We have also heard of a couple caught down in the Mystic Islands area. Expect this fishery to be very productive for a moon phase or two, possibly longer but don't count on it.

If your boats is ready to rock, find a nice channel edge and anchor up. Chum some clam and lay a tongue back and wait.

~ Fish Head Greg

April 16, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Apr 16, 2014 11:11 AM   Subject: Striped Bass Management Forum April 23

NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife biologist Russ Allen will be the speaker at a public forum In Manahawkin on striped bass management on Wednesday, April 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. Hosted by the Recreational Fishing Alliance's New Jersey Chapter, this free event will feature an overview of the latest Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's (ASMFC) striped bass assessment results, current coastwide stock status, New Jersey's survey results and potential ASMFC management actions.

The event is designed as an open forum for those with a direct interest in the future of striped bass management along the coast, including individual saltwater anglers, for-hire captains and members of the recreational tackle community. It will offer attendees a unique glimpse at what fisheries managers discussed at the ASMFC Striped Bass Board's February meeting.

ASMFC will take up the striped bass discussion again at their spring meetings in Alexandria, VA, which begin on May 12. In response, the public will be asked to comment on a series of management options this summer which are designed to meet conservation goals and targets for Atlantic Coast striped bass stocks; any changes to the recreational or commercial sector are expected to be implemented for the 2015 calendar year.

The forum will be held at the Holiday Inn of Manahawkin on the south side of Route 72, approximately 1 mile east of the Garden State Parkway, Exit 63. Admission is free.

April 15, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

7:00 PM

Bob Pianetti fished aboard the Doris Mae IV this past weekend. He stopped by the shop once back on land and weighed in a 11.1 pound blackfish. Want to head out and target blackfish, cod, ling, porgies, pollock? Check with the Doris Mae for their fishing schedule. (Photo to Follow)

A rainy day is here after a stretch of great weather. The warm temperatures and lots of sun helped to pick things up. The water temps are creeping up and fishing in progressing. Just yesterday we heard of a couple bass on the islands bayside at night as well as a couple small bluefish in the bay. Finally we are getting word of fish at locations other than the early season hot spots even though those spots are still top producers. Those looking to creep the rocks have blackfish to target. Green crabs will get a quick bite from feisty tog hanging in the rocks.

We have had a lot of customer in gearing up and getting bait; unfortunately not many direct reports to share. A couple of the anglers in the shop talking about catching specifically requested to keep their catches off the report. One thing is for sure there are fish to catch. One angler who said he was happy to share was Tom Bentlif. Tom report yesterday, "On Sunday I fished (Mystic Islands area for) a couple hours during the incoming tide. Three short bass, one perch and two eels all on worms.

For those looking for reports other than the LBI area... There is plenty of bass and shad in the Delaware. The bass bite really turned on about 10 days ago and was very strong right up until last night. We'll have to wait and see what the rain does. Jeff Warford headed out on a Turkey Hunt in Virginia this weekend but before leaving he smoked the shad in the river. He said it was non stop action.

Any readers looking to share a report whether good or bad please send us an email or give us a call.

Received: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 5:12 PM   Subject: LBI Charters Update

To say this has been a long, cold winter is an understatement, but finally, the Kev n' Ash will be launched this week. I am hoping to do a reconnaissance mission this weekend, well that is if the winds lay down enough to let me get offshore. Going to see if we can get any cod/blackfish bites within reasonable range of home. Either way, blackfish season with 4 fish per person ends April 30th, so if you're itching to get out like I am, give us a call or send us an email and get out before blackfish season closes. Also, sea bass season opens May 19th, so book a prime date now to get first crack at these bottom dwellers. Capt Greg 631-300-6413

~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413

April 5, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

4:00 PM


The NJMFC met on Thursday April 3rd and unanimously voted in favor of the following new 2014 regulations for Sea Bass and Summer Flounder (aka Fluke).

Black Sea Bass:
Size Limit:
  12-1/2" Minimum Length
Open Season Dates and Maximum Daily Limits:
  05/19/14 - 06/30/14, 15 Fish
  07/01/14 -08/31/14, 3 Fish
  09/01/14 - 09/06/14, 15 Fish
  10/18/14 - 12/31/14, 15 Fish

Summer Flounder (aka Fluke):
Open season 05/23/14 - 09/27/14 with 18" Minimum Length and 5 fish Maximum daily limit.
We received word about a special pilot program that would allow 2 fluke at 16" to be kept by shore based anglers at Island Beach State Park ONLY. This program is an experiment and could possibly expand further next year. JCAA, NJBBA and NJSFSC all supported the concept but also requested that it be expanded to include a couple other areas particularly in southern New Jersey this year as well. Time will tell.

Thanks to Paul Haertel President of the JCAA for all of the above info!


The recent warm days have got everything moving! Anglers are gearing up and more boats are going in the water. For those who want to shake the dust off, there are fish to catch both from land and the boat. Target the early season hot spots with bait like live bloodworm and clam. These baits spark an appetite because they are easy to acquire and digest. The local striped bass are small schoolies so scale down hooks to match the bait and fish. There is no need for 8/0 hooks and bunker chunks, YET!!! Those days are right around the corner. Some anglers opt to go with slow moving artificial lures. In that case fish using small jigs (bucktails), little swimmers and soft plastics.

Before the bass blow up on the bunker there is a ton of fun bass fishing the shallow back water sod banks and flats as well as rivers and creeks. We've received lots of calls asking about the tog bite as well as the winter flounder. Sorry we don't have any first hand reports yet. They are both prime target species right now. Traditionally Black Drum and Bluefish should be here soon (a couple weeks) as they follow Boston Mackerel moving into our area around Easter time. Striped Bass will be chewing off the surf at any time now. Even though we've had lots of sun, my recent surf sessions proved the surf temperatures were still very cold. It warmed up a few weeks back but dropped back down. My best "feel" tells me about 40 degrees. If I can, I will make a couple casts with a thermometer and report back soon. There might be a couple in the suds if you want to try the sand.

~ Fish Head Greg

April 2, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Apr 2, 2014 9:53 AM   Subject: Sedge Island Fishing Experience Deadline Extended

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has a few remaining openings for the Sedge Island Fishing Experience and has extended the application deadline to April 21. The program will be June 26-29 for students going into grades 8 and 9 this fall. The Sedge Island Fishing Experience will engage students in different fishing techniques from the back bay to the surf.

Students will stay at the Sedge Island Natural Resource Education Center, just off Island Beach State Park in Barnegat Bay. Living a conservation lifestyle, students will learn about the importance of New Jersey's estuaries as well as the role each student has in conserving our natural resources.

No fishing experience is required; those who have grown up fishing are also welcome to attend and will benefit from and enjoy this unique experience.

The cost is $475 and includes all meals, lodging, bait, tackle and equipment. Scholarships are available to help offset the cost of students needing financial help. More information, including the application form, can be found at or by contacting Karen Byrne at or 609-748-4347.

March 30, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 30, 2014 5:42 PM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Last weeks catches consisted of 5 bass for 2 trips. This week 2 trips scored over 20 schoolie bass in half the time!

We're still not catching anything close to being a keeper but the rods did bend with much more frequency and the sonar displayed more bait and hence more bass!

This springs calendar is filling up quickly for those interested in jumping aboard the Reel Fantasea for either private or open boat charters, joining and meeting new friends and enthusiastic anglers.

I have 1spot open for next Friday's Open Boat April 4th 10am-3pm. All bait, tackle and rods are included.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas.

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Mar 29, 2014 9:28 PM Subject: Reel Reaction Charters Update

Well, winter is officially past us and it is the time to start thinking about getting back to my second home - the water. It has been a very busy winter - I have completed close to a dozen fishing articles for The Fisherman and On The Water magazines for this upcoming year, and will present the last of my scheduled seminars before fishing charters start up. This upcoming Saturday (April 5, 2014), I will be a featured as a guest on "The Rack and Fin Radio" on ESPN radio 97.3 FM from 8am-9am, which can also be heard online at: My segment will be on early season striped bass fishing and will focus on techniques used in Barnegat Bay - so hopefully you can listen in.

I have to finish up some last minute maintenance checks and bottom painting, but I'm planning to have the boat splashed by the 2nd or 3rd week of April and will start running trips. Lastly, a big thanks to Akzo Nobel, maker of Interlux Paints out of Union, NJ on their gracious sponsorship for us this season and future seasons.

Looking forward to seeing all of my clients for another successful year on the water.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

Received: Mar 29, 2014 9:22 PM Subject: 2013 Fishing Highlights Video

With all the fisheries issues going on it was hard for me to find time to do this but I finally got it done. My 2013 Fishing Highlights Video -

Paul Haertel, President, JCAA

March 28, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 28, 2014 5:05 PM    Subject: Fluke and Sea bass Update 3-27-14

Fluke and Sea bass Regulation Update 3/27/14

There will be a special meeting of the NJMFC that will be held at 4 PM on Thursday, April 3rd at the Stafford Township Municipal building located at 260 East Bay Av., Manahawkin. Regulations for both fluke and sea bass will be decided at that meeting following public comment. All concerned fishermen are encouraged to voice their opinions at this meeting.

Option 1 - 18” size limit, 5 fish bag limit, season May 17th – September 21st

Option 2 – 18” size limit, 5 fish bag limit, season May 23rd – September 27th

There was another advisors meeting on 3/27/14. Regarding fluke there were no changes in the options being considered. The majority of advisors favored option 2 but I sensed that there was also considerable support for option 1. I believe that either option has a good chance of being adopted. I think whichever one has the most public support at the upcoming NJMFC meeting will be the one that is chosen.

There is also the possibility of a special 16” size limit for shore based fishermen at Island Beach State Park. This is a proposed pilot program that could be expanded to other areas next year. This possible option is being developed further and may be explained at the meeting on 4/3. However, if it moves forward, it will not be voted on until the council’s May meeting

Regarding sea bass there were a couple new options developed pertaining to the split bag season. One in particular garnered unanimous support. This new option is as follows:

12 ½” size limit, 15 fish bag limit from 5/19 – 6/30, 3 fish bag limit from 7/1 – 8/31, 15 fish bag limit from 9/1 – 9/6 and a 15 fish bag limit from 10/18 – 12/31. There were 7 other options that were considered and at least a couple of them will be presented at the meeting on 4/3. I don’t want to speculate on which ones they might be but I will let you know once they are finalized by the council.

~ Paul Haertel, President JCAA

Received: Mar 28, 2014 3:51 PM    Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

There seems to be the possibility that some fish have moved into our area even though the water is still cold. The fishing last week saw little if any visible signs of fish. Even with the most recent snow fall early this week there is a definitive uptick in both action and signs of fish!

The scouting trip today found nice pockets of bass in the 14-22" range schooled up and on the feed with each drift providing lots of hits and hook ups on the light tackle! I will be running an open boat trip this Sunday for these feisty early season schoolies for anyone looking to enjoy some time out of the house and on the water!

If interested please pass along email addresses to receive weekly fishing reports and photos to and "like us" on Facebook

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

March 27, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 27, 2014 3:20 PM    Subject: Fishing Flea Markets

The Hi Flier is not fishing yet but we are hosting three fishing flea markets over the next two weekends, if you get a chance, check them out:

PATCHOGUE FISHING FLEA MARKET - Saturday, March 29, 9 AM to 3 PM
St. Josephs College, 155 W. Roe Blvd, Patchogue, NY 11772
Admission $5, Kids 12 & Under FREE
Spend a Day with Crazy Alberto Knie. New, used, and antique. Rods, reels, lures, tackle, nautical, boating. Door prizes, refreshments.
Vendors $40 for 8' space. 732-330-5674 .

Pinelands Regional Junior High School, 590 Nugentown Rd., Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087
$4 admission. Kids 12 and under FREE
Vendors $35 for 8' space. 732-330-5674

Cape May Elementary School, 921 Lafayette Street, Cape May, NJ 08204
$4 admission. Kids 12 and under FREE.
Vendors $30 for 8' space. 732-330-5674

If you have excess tackle or fishing gear to sell off, call your fishing buddy, share a table, and sell some stuff!

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

March 23, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 23, 2014 8:27 PM    Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - First trips

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters 2014 fishing season is officially under way and even though the action is slow we still managed to score a few bass on every trip so far. Just being out on the water and catching a few fish still helps alleviate the severe case of cabin fever.

First trip of the year had none other than the dynamic duo of Jay Simmons and Ernie Rosenberg out looking for some early season action. Our first drift had encouraging signs with the first double header of stripers scored by Jay and I. Unfortunately that was as good as it got as we moved from spot to spot with only a few missed hits the rest of the day. Still better than a goose egg any day!

Next trip saw Steve Amato and Keith McCarthy with similar but slightly better results as our first drift saw all three of us getting bit but only one of us [me] coming tight with a release. The next drift produced more of the same with a few more hits but with Steve coming tight with a bass for a quick release. The next drift was similar with another release before the meager bite grinded to a complete halt.

(Photo to Follow)

I wish the report was better but catching a few fish after this long winter felt great just to be back out on the brine!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

March 18, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 18, 2014 10:49 AM    Subject: BHCFA Report

The calendar says that Spring is near even if the weather does not. The continuing wintry weather has not kept the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association from getting ready for the 2014 fishing season. Some of these captains have passed along accounts of their winter activities.

Captain John Lewis will be berthing the “Insatiable” at Morrison’s Marina this summer. He has been busy over the past several weeks spending time at various boating and fishing shows spreading the word about Beach Haven fishing opportunities. For information on the 38' Ocean Yacht Insatiable contact Capt. John Lewis, Phone: 609.670.5980

Captain Lindsay Fuller has outfitted the “June Bug” with a new suite of electronics and is still upgrading some items left over from Hurricane Sandy. That includes a new enclosure and a rebuilt fighting chair. For information on the 41'
"June Bug" contact Capt. Lindsay Fuller, 609.685.2839

Captain Carl Sheppard has been spending the past several weeks getting the “Star Fish” tiptop. Items such as zincs, paining, zincs, polishing, and paining have been done in anticipation of its annual Coast Guard inspection in March. The “Star Fish” is licensed for 19 anglers and Captain Carl hopes to be fishing by mid-April. For information on the 40' Custom "Star Fish" for 2-20 anglers contact Capt. Carl Sheppard, 609.492.2591

Captain George Finck reports he is well along with the maintenance on “Sparetime Charters”. He has been communicating with some of his customers and is looking forward to an outstanding 2014 fishing season. For information on the 38' Henriques “Spare Time” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. George Finck, 609.618.3877

Captain John Koegler of “Pop’s Pride” has been working on the curriculum for the highly popular Junior Mate’s Program which is administered every summer. This program is for teenagers who have thoughts of learning more about fishing and perhaps becoming mates on fishing boats. For information on the 38' Sport Fisherman “Pop's Pride” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. John Koegler 609.290.3349

Complete information on the Junior Mate’s Program along with complete information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at 

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

March 17, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has cancelled tonight's meeting of the Atlantic Coast Shellfish Council due to inclement weather. The next meeting is scheduled for April 21.

March 14, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 14, 2014 9:00 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Update

Hope everyone is healthy and ready to fish! If you have not heard from me in a while it is with good reason. My hard drive crashed and burned, taking with it all information which has since been recovered. I started working on the "Debbie M" getting her ready for the spring run, that is if spring ever arrives. Planning on splashing in around mid-April. Spent the winter with my family, teaching, chasing birds and helping my mother-in-law move to Barnegat. Let you know how that works out ;)

Today I saw my first osprey of the year successfully pull dinner out of a local lake. A sure sign of spring. With the upcoming full moon we my see the first waves of river herring move up local creeks to spawn. Even with the fishery shut down I still plan on chasing them to get some underwater video of their migration. Their spawning run is a true natural history event to witness.

I also looked back at my pictures from last season and put together a video montage which I think truly captures what I do with a lot of kids I take out, enjoying Barnegat Bay and having fun. It can be viewed here...

Truly looking forward to having families out again this season for some screaming drags and smiling faces.

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Mar 14, 2014 12:55 PM    Subject: Fluke and Sea Bass Regulation Update 3-13-14

Fluke and Sea Bass Regulation Update - 3/13/14

On 03/13/2014, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Council (ASMFC) held a special conference call pertaining to fluke and sea bass. The purpose of this call was to discuss and approve management options for the various regions as well as proposed regulatory options for each state. Regarding fluke, New Jersey came out of this as well as could be hoped for considering that we are now in a region with New York and Connecticut. Specifically, New Jersey's representatives, Tom Fote (ASMFC) and Tom Baum (NJ Bureau of Marine Fisheries - NJBMF) argued successfully that we should have a 128 day season and a 5 fish bag limit. There were those who favored a shorter season and/or a 4 fish bag limit. The 18" size limit had previously been approved by all three states in our region. The motion that passed also included two additional provisions. One is that of the 128 day season, no more than 45 days may be during the wave 3 period (May-June). That means that New Jersey's season will begin no sooner than 5/17. We also could begin the season later than that date so that it could be extended further into September, but no later than 9/30. The majority of those in attendance at New Jersey's advisory meeting on 02/27/2014 favored a later start so that the season could be extended further into September. In part that is due to the fact that the season for sea bass will be closed then and with the limit of only one blackfish during that same time, there will be little else for the inshore fishermen to fish for.

The second provision that was approved by the ASMFC is one that would allow a 16" size limit for fluke caught by shore-based anglers in specific areas. However, these areas would have to be properly monitored. Connecticut already has this special regulation in effect and it is now up to New Jersey and New York to develop similar regulations if they wish to do so.

In regard to sea bass, the ASMFC approved options for each region along with various regulatory options for each state. Not much has changed since my last report except that the ASMFC based their decision on the mandated 7% cut set by National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). However, the ASMFC also will be writing a letter to NMFS requesting that the reduction be less than 7%. The 7% cut was in part due to projected wave 6 data (November - December). However, the wave 6 data that recently came out showed that we harvested less fish than had been projected. Therefore, we might be able to cut back by as little as 3.2%. That would mean that our season could be lengthened by a couple of days.

At the advisors meeting on 02/27/2014, a number of options regarding sea bass were considered and a couple new ones were suggested that the NJBMF developed and were since approved by the ASMFC. It is certain that we will have a season that begins on 05/19/2014 with a 12 ½” size limit. We also know that the season will be closed from 09/18/2014 or sooner through 10/17/2014 or later. There is a strong possibility that the season could be closed by early to mid–August if the bag limit remains high. The options that were on the table at the meeting included those with 12, 15 or 20 fish bag limits. I suggested that the bag limit be reduced to 3-5 fish in July so that the season could be further extended into August or even September. One of the additional options that was approved for consideration is a 15 fish bag limit from 05/19/2014 - 06/30/2014, a 5 fish bag limit from 07/01/2014 - 08/27/2014 and a 15 fish bag limit from 10/18/2014 - 12/31/2014. The season will be closed in federal waters from 09/18/204 - 10/17/2014 so it makes little sense to develop any options that would allow us to fish in state waters only during that time.

The list of various options pertaining to both fluke and sea bass will be coming out soon. Those interested in commenting are encouraged to do so at a special NJMFC council meeting where regulations for both species are expected to be adopted. This meeting will held at the Stafford Township Municipal Building, 260 Bay Ave, Manahawkin NJ 08050 on 04/03/2014 at 4 PM.

~ Paul Haertel, President JCAA

March 10, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 AM

A limited quantity of Bloodworms and Whole Bay Clams are in stock.

Stan Britton stopped in the shop a couple of weeks back and geared up in preparation for his trip down to Louisiana targeting Redfish. Here is his report... "To our friends at Fisherman Headquarters, Rick Verblaauw and I went to Louisiana to fly fish for some Louisiana Redfish. In spite of the weather charter Captain Jason Davis was able to put us on tailing Reds in 6-12" of water. If you like a small personal guide service who is also a great Cajun cook contact Jason at 801-819-4711. His website is . See you guys at the store next weekend." (photos)

~ Fish Head Greg

March 7, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 6, 2014 11:32 PM   Subject: Fluke & Sea Bass Update 3-6-14

At the NJ Bureau of Marine Fisheries (NJBMF) meeting on 3/6/14 the council voted in favor of a winter flounder season that will extend from 3/1 to 12/31. However, the regulation has to be written, reviewed and then signed by the DEP Commissioner before it becomes law. The winter flounder season is currently scheduled to open on 3/23 and it is doubtful that the Commissioner will sign it before that date. However, if he does so, the NJBMF will promptly announce the earlier opening. The bag and size limits will remain the same, 2 fish at 12”.

Regarding fluke not much has changed since I last gave an update on 2/28. Various options that I previously mentioned are being considered. However, there is a conference call scheduled for 3/14 between representatives from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and each of the three states in our region. After that call, the final options expected to become available for public comment.

Regarding sea bass, the option I suggested to have a split season bag limit was developed by the NJBMF and approved by the ASMFC. Other options are being considered as well. However, the NJMFC has scheduled a special council meeting to finalize both our fluke and sea bass regulations for this year. The public is invited to attend and give input. The meeting will be held at the Stafford Township Municipal Building, 260 Bay Ave, Manahawkin NJ 08050 on 04/03/2014 at 4 PM .

~ Paul Haertel, President, Jersey Coast Angler Association (JCAA)

March 6, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Mar 6, 2014 10:05 AM   Subject: Winter Flounder

Currently the 2013 regulations for winter flounder are still in effect. However, the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Commission is expected to approve a year round season at their meeting today, March 6th. Once they do so, it will not become law until it is signed off on by the DEP commissioner. Sometimes that takes a while. It is possible that he could sign it sooner than 3/23 but this is unknown. If he does not sign it right away, the season will open on 3/23 and will then remain open the rest of the year. The size limit will remain at 12" with a 2 fish bag limit.

~ Paul Haertel, President, Jersey Coast Angler Association (JCAA)

Received: Mar 6, 2014 at 9:46 AM   Subject: HOT REPORT! BLUEFINS ARE HERE!

Hot report! Bluefins are here!!

I took this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get the boat back up to Wanchese, NC. So the boat is sitting where it will spend the month of March. Like last year, we'll be calling Broad Creek marina home and hope to see a repeat of the last couple of springs.

These fish are probably where the term "tackle buster" originated so please discuss your tackle ahead of time with me.

Looking to tangle with giants? We have the following dates available in March for Bluefin Tuna in North Carolina: 3/14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 30, 31. Please contact me by phone at (609) 287-5136 or for more information about a trip down south.

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

March 2, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

19th Annual Berkeley Striper Club Fisherman's Flea Market


March 2, 2014  - 9am to 2pm
Admission: $4.00 (Children under 10 admitted free)


Toms River Intermediate School North
150 Intermediate North Way
Toms River, NJ 08753

A portion of the proceeds go to several area charities
Over 60 Tables of new, used, antique & custom fishing tackle
Freshwater & Saltwater Tackle
Door Prizes
Food & Refreshments

...See you there!

February 28, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Feb 28, 2014 3:11 PM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

My time has been split between boat shows, fishing seminars and browsing local tackle shops. I keep looking at the extended forecast and the pages of the calendar and waiting for a break in this endless scenarios of "Polar vortex's" and snow storm after snow storm. Is there light at the end of this frozen tunnel?

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters will back at it sometime around mid-March for those looking to relieve the affects of cabin fever. Last year we open our season with fantastic light tackle catch and release striper action with over 90 stripers caught in 5-hrs for 4 anglers. That doesn't mean I expect a repeat of the same action but for those who need to just get out of the house and get a rod back in your hand while allowing the clean salt air to fill your head instead of the "same old same moldy air" than come on... let's get to it! Presently I am targeting March 16th as the first day back in the water if the weather allows.

IMPORTANT! - I have recently changed cable/internet providers and have lost all my email contacts! If you had enjoyed receiving weekly fishing reports and photos or would like to join our weekly fishing reports please email me at . Please advise fishing friends and family of this as well. Wishing for warmer temps and NO MORE SNOW!

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Feb 28, 2014 2:34 PM    Subject: Fluke and Sea Bass Update 02-28-14

Fluke and Sea Bass Update 02-28-14

The fluke and sea bass regulations are still up in the air but here is what we know at this point.

The NJ Bureau of Marine Fisheries (NJBMF) is working feverishly while trying to develop regulations that will best serve our fishermen. However, their hands are tied by the regionalization plan that was forced upon us by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). The NJBMF is working with the ASMFC and the other states in our region to resolve this matter. Regarding fluke, we know that Connecticut, New Jersey and New York are all in the same region and therefore must have the same size, bag limit and season length.

However, each state is allowed to select the exact dates for their seasons. We also know that it is virtually certain that the size limit will be 18” but there is now a possibility that there could be either a 4 or 5 fish bag limit. Research has shown that the harvest for our region would not be too much different with either a 4 or 5 fish limit. Therefore, it seems possible that even with a 5 fish limit, our region would be projected to stay under the quota. Season length is another issue that is being discussed. Addendum XXV approved a 128 day season but there are other factors in play and a 119 day season is being considered as well.

However, at the advisors meeting on 02/27/14, we received some clues of what our fluke season might look like. A number of proposals were discussed and there was a consensus that we wanted to extend the season as far into September as possible. In part, that is due to the fact that sea bass season will be closed by 09/18/14 or sooner. At that time of year we are only allowed to keep one blackfish so if the fluke season is also closed, there will be little for inshore fishermen to fish for. Options that were favored by the advisors would have the season open on 05/17/14 or 05/23/14 and extend through either 09/21/14 or 09/27/14. Another option in play would have the season beginning on 05/23/14 and ending on 09/18/14. Traditionally, our fluke regulations are set at the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council meeting in March but we do not know if this will be resolved by then. There may have to be a special council meeting in April if the proposed regulations are not ready to be voted on by their March 6th meeting.

Regarding sea bass the news is not good. We are in a region with Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. The region over fished its quota last year and depending on which data is used, the entire region will have to cut back by either 3% or 7%. Each region is given a quota and each state within the region is given a target quota to assist in developing their regulations. In 2013 New York harvested 125% of their target, Connecticut harvested 150% of their target but New Jersey harvested only 61% of its target. New Jersey did its job in setting stringent regulations so that we did not exceed our quota but we still have to cut back by either 3 or 7%. It is unfair and hard to believe but that is the way it is under this regional plan, the states that exceed their targets are rewarded while the states that under fish their target are penalized. I can only imagine how the regional fluke plan is going to work out.

At the advisors meeting a number of options regarding sea bass were considered and a couple new ones were suggested that the NJBMF will try to develop and receive approval for from the ASMFC. It seems certain that we will have a season that begins on 05/19/14 with a 12-½” size limit. We also know that the season will be closed from 09/18/14 or sooner through 10/17/14 or later. There is a strong possibility that the season could be closed by early to mid-August if the bag limit remains high. The options that were on the table at the meeting included those with 12, 15 or 20 fish bag limits. I suggested that the bag limit be reduced to 3-5 fish in July so that the season could be further extended into August or even September. The majority of advisors agreed with me on this as it would enable fluke fishermen to spice their catch with sea bass during the late season. The NJMFB agreed to develop this proposal but it is uncertain if the ASMFC will approve it.

The next meeting of the NJMFC will be held at 4 PM on March 6th 2014 at the Galloway Twp. Branch of the Atlantic County Library, 306 Jimmie Leeds Rd., Galloway, NJ. 08205. It is uncertain if the fluke and sea bass regulations will be voted on at this meeting. However, a proposal to open the winter flounder season year round is expected to be considered. The size limit and bag limit will remain the same, 2 fish at 12”.

~ Paul Haertel, President JCAA

February 24, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

This weekend Spring was in the air. It felt great to thaw in the mild temps. Unfortunately it was only a little shot. The cold is back but winter is almost over! The Spring season (March 20th) is less than a month away. Next weekend (Saturday March 1st) Striped Bass fishing in the rivers and bays opens. There are plenty of stripers in our local backwaters to get your line tight. Stop in the shop and ask for details if you want to get in on the fun action.

Anticipation was high for Surf Day this year and Jersey Shore Surfcasters (JSS) definitely exceeded all expectations! Surf Day 2014 was phenomenal. The perfectly organized event had a record crowd. Thanks to the club and club members for the help getting all of our inventory and displays in and out of the show. We pulled in early with a U-Haul stacked with surf gear from A to Z. We got set up and by 8:30am when the show doors opened the surf crowd crashed our table like striped bass on bunker! They purchased everything from surf tops, plugs bags, books and pliers to treble hooks, plugs and reels. I spoke to lots of surfcasters from around all around the northeast. The majority of the crowd was from NJ and NY but I talked to many from DE, PA, CT, RI, MA and one angler was from New Hampshire! One of the early birds told me he was in line to get in the door at 4am and get this... he wasn't the first in line. Lots of guys wanted first dibs on the limited hard to find plugs. Dmag, GRS and Super Strike were on the top of most lists.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to leave the booth to walk around and check out the entire show. Every year I am bummed that I can't attend the seminar presentations. However I know they were great this year just like years past because lots of guys came to our booth afterwards raving about the info and wanted to gear-up with new items they just learned about.

Thanks to all that stopped and shopped at our booth! I know lots of surfcasters were stoked with our selection. It is a full year away, but I am already looking forward to next years. Until then there's lots of fish to get into. We wish everyone a great 2014 Spring Run!

Best of Luck, FishHead.Greg

February 22, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Hope to see you at  Brookdale Community College for Surf Day 2014...

SURF DAY 2014 - "A day dedicated to the surfcaster."

Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Admission: $10.00 (Children under 10 admitted free)

Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Road,
Lincroft, New Jersey 07738

Surf Day is at the Warner Student Life Center so once at Brookdale CC find Warner Student Life Center - Lots 6 and 7

Surf Day is sponsored by the Jersey Shore Surfcasters (JSS), it is a day strictly for those with surfcasting interests. If you want to get a full dose of surfcasting to help you through the winter doldrums, here it is! Surf Day offers high quality seminars and workshops throughout the day. Plug builders, factory representatives, tackle shops and much more will be there. A cafeteria available as well. Every child under 10 is free and all kids get something from the JSS.
More info can be found at

February 18, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Feb 17, 2014 8:00 PM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Charters

We through half of February - so the countdown is on and so is the cabin-fever. I plan on having the vessel in the water prior to April 1st. I know it's a long way off with all of the snow we have received, but I have started booking for the 2014 fishing season and already received reservations for prime fluke dates in July and August. We offer two locations for pickups/dropoffs for clients - Waretown or Barnegat Light.

I will be performing a 1-hour seminar along with a Q&A session at the Jersey Boat and Expo show at the Edison Convention Center on Friday, Feb 21, 2014 at 5:30pm. The seminar will be feature a powerpoint presentation on fluke tactics from the backbay to inshore ocean - tackle, tides, techniques will be discussed. Pure Fishing "Berkley Gulp" has graciously provided bags of Gulp for the first 75 in the seminar, in addition S&S bucktails have also provided a door prize given to one lucky individual. The boat show runs from Thursday through Sunday ( ).

If interested in booking a charter for the upcoming 2014 season, you can either call 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( ). Let's get through winter and hope to see you on the water soon.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

February 8, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to the NJBBA (New Jersey Beach Buggy Association) for holding another great fishing flea market. It was a great time. I know a lot of customers were stoked to see us there and get some great deals on fishing tackle. Just a reminder next weekend is the Southern Regional Fishing Flea Market. It is always a great show too. Don't miss out.

So I got back to the shop and was shocked at how busy we were. Lots of customers that were passing by on the Parkway (going to or from the AC Boat Show) decided to stop in. We outfitted a number of guys with new rod and reel combos for this upcoming striped bass, wreck fishing, shark and tuna season. There is still some time left so take advantage of our rod and reel sale. It will be the best pricing of 2014 guaranteed!

Mike D. stopped in the shop and asked for a package of frozen clam. I was interested to hear where he was heading. He said, "To the surf!" He went on saying, "Last week my buddy was so board that he soaked some clam off of the surf. He caught a nice keeper bass. When he gave me the report I decided to go and also give it a try. Before the storm on Tuesday I caught a short bass on clam in the same spot, mid-island.

It's crazy to hear there are still bass with these cold water temps. Seems like we always have a couple stragglers roaming around. It would be nice to know what was in their bellies. Maybe sandeels are keeping them here for the winter.

~ Fish Head Greg

February 4, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Feb 4, 2014 7:02 PM    Subject: Re: 2014 Fluke Regulations - Today's ASMFC meeting

It is interesting to note that on page 8 of the addendum, it implied that the season would be from 5/1-9/30. I never bothered to count the days until today but that season would come to a total of 153 days. Yet under the two regional options on page 12 we would have either a 128 or 135 day season. Now we know that the option with the 128 season was chosen. Therefore, I anticipate that since the NJMFC does its best to have the season open on weekends that we will end up with a season from 5/10-9/14 or from 5/17-9/21.

Not good news today but Tom Fote and a couple others did their best in presenting New Jersey's case.
Below is an article I wrote on what occurred.

2014 Fluke Regulations

At today’s meeting, the ASMFC voted in favor of regionalized management for fluke in effect reallocating some of New Jersey’s fluke quota and giving it to New York. Further, of the two regionalization plans being considered, they chose the worse one for New Jersey. Under the adopted plan, New Jersey will be in a region with New York and Connecticut. Under this plan we will have a 4 fish bag limit at 18” with a 128 day season. The NJMFC will now only be able to decide when the season will begin and when it will end. Under this plan New Jersey is only projected to harvest 906,348 fluke. If the other regional option had been chosen New Jersey would have had a 135 day season with a projected harvest of 947,337 fluke.

Further the ASMFC disregarded the will of the public. Hearings were held in various states and there was a public comment period where the vast majority of the public opposed the regionalized plans. Additionally, the ASMFC claimed they wanted to have similar sized regulations between bordering states but all they did was shift the problem. Last year New York had a 19” size limit and New Jersey had a 17-½” size limit despite the fact that they were fishing similar waters. This year both New York and New Jersey will have an 18” size limit. However, Delaware will have a 16” size limit. How is that fair for our boats out of Cape May that fish similar waters?

The little bit of good news today was that the ASMFC voted not to have a closed season on winter flounder. Now we just have to wait for the NJMFC to adopt that measure.

The ASMFC also voted in favor of ad hoc regional measures for sea bass as we had last year.

I am hopeful that since New Jersey under fished its target quota that we might be able to have a somewhat longer season this year but that remains to be seen.

~ Paul Haertel, President JCAA

January 15, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: January 15, 2014 From: Pez Machine Sportfishing

Pez Machine Sportfishing

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their holiday season with family and friends! As you may know, the boat is currently in Stuart, Florida and will be through February. From there, the boat will spend March fishing for bluefins in North Carolina.

After our 6 day trip to Florida we got situated in the slip and then we popped out the inlet to fish a half day for sailfish. In 4.5 hours of fishing we went 5 for 7 on sails and boated 4 gaffer dolphin. Not bad for being less than 10 miles from the inlet!! We have plenty of dates available for world class swordfishing, sailfishing or bottom fishing. To my surprise, we have the following dates open in February in Florida:

2/3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25.

I'd like to take a moment to look not too far beyond that to what March has to offer in North Carolina on the Bluefin tuna front. Like last year, we'll be calling Broad Creek marina home in March and hope to see a repeat of the last couple of springs. If March bluefinning is like it was in New Jersey the first week of December I can guarantee some sore arms, legs and backs. These fish are probably where the term "tackle buster" originated so please discuss your tackle ahead of time with me. In my opinion, you need a minimum of 500 yards of 100 pound test and at least 25 pounds of drag for jigging/popping. We have the following dates available in March for Bluefin Tuna in North Carolina:

3/7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31.

Please contact me by phone at (609) 287-5136 or for more information about a trip down south. Thank you.

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

8:00 PM

Rob Vallone stopped in the shop today just as we were closing. He needed to buy some lead, hooks and a new pair of fleece Glacier Gloves. While here he reported having a good day fishing aboard the Ocean Explorer out of Belmar. Robbie weighed in a 12-lb 3-oz tog. Robbie said, "I fished today in the Pea Soup fog aboard the Ocean Exploer. caught the pool winning tog as well as another two keepers. One was about three pounds and the other one was about five pounds. All on white leggers. I tried fishing clam for some ling but no luck. I'm going again tomorrow."

Sounds like the bite has been good. We saw on Facebook that Capt. Jeff Crilley caught a 27" 17.6-lb togzilla today among a bunch of other quality blackfish.

Give the party boats a call!!!

PS: Any one who want to see a picture of Robbie's tog check it out on our Facebook Page:

~ Fish Head Greg

January 9, 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jan 11, 2014 8:40 PM  Subject: JCAA Alert - fluke Hearing  


Please support Options 1 and 2

The public is encouraged to submit comments regarding addendum XXV at any time during the public comment period. The final date comments will be accepted is January 24, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. You may submit public comment in one or more of the following ways:

1. Attend public hearings in your state or jurisdiction.
2. Refer comments to your state’s members on the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Management Board or Advisory Panel, if applicable.
3. Mail, fax or email written comment to the following:
   Kirby Rootes-Murdy
   Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
   1050 North Highland Street, Suite 200A-N
   Arlington, VA 22201

Fax: (703) 842-0741
Phone: (703) 842-0740

A public hearing will be held on the addendum as listed below:

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
January 13, 2014 at 7 PM
Ocean County Administration Building
Public Hearing Room 119
101 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, New Jersey
Contact: Tom Baum at 609.748.2020

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association represents approximately 75 clubs throughout our state. We appreciate this opportunity to comment on Draft Addendum XXV to the summer flounder, scup and black sea bass fishery management plan.

Regarding summer flounder in section 3.1 we support option 1: Status Quo: Coastwide or Conservation Equivalency. We believe that the state-by-state measures under the conservation equivalency are the fairest way to divide the quota. While quotas are, in fact, based on harvest estimates for a single year (1998), there was sound reasoning for this. When the Management Board first considered how to equitably allocate the quota, and, thus, the conservation burden among its member states, it spent considerable time in analyzing various time periods. After much discussion it was agreed by the states that the single year of 1998 was the most representative and fairest.

Additionally, state-by-state measures allow our state to be flexible in setting regulations. Our state is often divided between back bays and southern New Jersey fishermen preferring an earlier shorter season with a smaller size limit and central and northern New Jersey fishermen preferring a later and longer season with a higher size limit. State-by-state measures allow the public to have input and the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council considers all of this before voting on the compromise they feel meets the needs of the majority of our fishermen. We would lose this flexibility under any regional plan.

We also support Option 2: Utilization of Additional RHL. This option would allow New Jersey and other states facing a reduction to not to have as severe a cut. This worked out well last year in that it allowed New Jersey to extend its season and allowed New York to lower their size limit. Though New Jersey was granted an extra 88,000 fish which should have been more than ample to extend our season by 11 days, the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council chose to only extend the season by 8 days. That was because the Council justifiably does not trust the numbers generated by the Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistical Survey (MRFSS) or Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP). The Council's concerns were confirmed again in 2013 by the distorted MRIP numbers that were changed several times.

We are strongly opposed to any mandatory regionalization plan as described in option 3. The existing FMP allows for states to voluntarily combine their quotas with neighboring states, i.e., regionalize, yet none have done so. While we sympathize with the tougher regulations that our fellow fishermen in New York have, we are concerned that regionalization may result in some of New Jersey's target quota being reallocated to New York. Most likely, any regionalized plan would result in New York's regulations being liberalized at the expense of New Jersey's regulations being made more stringent. Further, under the adaptive regional approach outlined in option 3, if a region was to over fish, that region would be penalized the following year. If we opted to go back to conservation equivalency the following year “the technical committee will use the harvest from 2014 to predict the harvest in 2015 and compare that to the 2015 state harvest target (derived from the state’s 1998 based portion of the 2015 RHL). If a state’s predicted harvest is higher than the target, the state must adjust their regulations to constrain harvest to the 2015 target.” It is almost a certainty that with relaxed regulations, New York would harvest far more fish in 2014 than in 2013. Then New York would be forced to make draconian cuts in 2015.

We also suggest that New York or anyone else develop a plan that shows how each state would benefit from a regional plan and then it could be considered. More specifically, pertaining to the stated problem in section 2.1., we would like to see studies showing how the distribution, abundance, and size composition of fluke as well as the abundance and distribution of fluke anglers along the coast have changed over the years.

Addendum XXV suggests that under a regional approach we might have an 18" size limit with a 4 fish bag limit and a season from May 1st - September 30th. However, that is based on the current MRIP numbers that might change yet again. We also believe that these potential regulations would cause New York to significantly overfish their target quota which would negatively impact the entire region the following year. Consider the fact that in 2013, New York overfished its quota with a 19" size limit. For a regionalized plan to work, any region with New York in it would have to receive a substantially higher quota than the sum of what each state in that region would receive under state-by-state measures. Again, any regionalization plan should be voluntary and it should be mutually beneficial to all the states within a particular region.

We also question why you would consider making a small state like Massachusetts its own region. They should be in a region with other states. If any state should be its own region, it should be New Jersey because we account for the most fluke. There are also vast differences in the times and sizes of fluke that are available in different parts of our state.

NJ has the most fluke and the most fluke fishermen. A higher percentage of our fishing trips target fluke than any other state. Still we are forced to have a shorter season than almost all the other states. In many of the more recent years our traditional early spring and late fall fishing has been taken away from us while other states are open year round. How is that fair?

We would also like to point out that the commercial quota is divided up on a state-by-state basis. It is simply the fairest way to do things whether it applies to commercial or recreational fishermen.

Regarding sea bass, we believe that they should be managed on a state-by-state basis through conservation equivalency as well. Since that is not an option, regarding section 3.2, we reluctantly support option 1: Status Quo We are aware that over fishing has occurred in many years but believe this is due to an unrealistically low RHL. We also do not agree with the fact that the overall coastal quota is being reduced due to over fishing that occurred in Massachusetts state waters.

~ Paul Haertel : Jersey Coast Anglers Association

January 9, 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTICE: Bluefin Tuna Bulletin from the RFA and KeepAmericaFishing : Only 24-hours for you to reply...

From: RFA...

The RFA has a bulletin encouraging comment to NMFS to stop a plan from moving forward that would hand over recreational bluefin quota to the longline sector to accommodate for their bycatch mortality.

Jim Donofrio and John Depersenaire have also worked up a petition together with the American Bluefin Tuna Association (ABTA) which can be found at RFA grassroots response has worked in the past - and hopefully it works again with bluefin.

From: KeepAmericaFishing...

Help Stop Unnecessary Bluefin Tuna Mortality. Management changes could significantly reduce waste of this iconic sport fish.

For almost a century, bluefin tuna have been one of the most important big-game species sought by recreational fishermen. However, the development of a lucrative commercial industry, largely catering to the demand for sushi in Japan, has contributed to significant declines of this now-threatened species.

Bluefin tuna are often inadvertently caught on longlines – an indiscriminate commercial fishing practice that employs thousands of baited hooks on fishing lines that stretch for many miles. Pelagic longlines regularly exceed their Atlantic bluefin tuna quota. In 2012, the fishery threw back dead 239.5 metric tons of bluefin tuna, representing nearly 25 percent of the overall U.S. quota. New regulations currently under consideration by federal fishery managers by and large make significant strides to boost bluefin conservation in the U.S. and would benefit other pelagic species hit hard by longlining including marlin, sailfish and swordfish. However, it’s critical that managers don’t take action to unnecessarily punish recreational anglers for the offenses of longliners. To help insure that positive steps are made with bluefin tuna while avoiding punitive measures for anglers, America’s saltwater anglers need to speak up on these important proposed management changes.

To make your voice heard, simply visit the official comment page on Atlantic HMS Amendment 7 (!submitComment;D=NOAA-NMFS-2013-0101-0791 ). Provided below is a sample comment letter you can copy and paste into the comment form....

As one of America’s 60 million anglers, I am submitting comments regarding changes currently under consideration for Atlantic HMS Amendment 7. The options that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is considering have the potential to significantly improve not only bluefin tuna stocks but also many other highly prized sportfish including marlin, sailfish and swordfish in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Catch-and-release fishing for tunas, billfish and swordfish has proven to be hugely popular when stocks of these fish are healthy and allocated in a manner that makes economic sense and conservation sense.

Offshore recreational fishing for species like bluefin tuna has a significant economic impact on many coastal communities throughout the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, but these opportunities are dependent on healthy and abundant fisheries. You have the opportunity to improve the sustainability of many important large pelagic fish stocks and I urge you to seize the opportunity by strengthening and in some cases modifying the actions you are considering.

Allocating fish from the angling sector to the longlining sector does not make sense and is not supported by any socio-economic analysis. It is completely unfair and nonsensical to punish recreational anglers for the bycatch offenses committed by longliners.
I support the creation of the new seasonal longlining restricted areas in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic off the North Carolina coast, but these areas should be substantially larger than what is proposed. To meet the bycatch reduction targets needed to protect bluefin tuna when they are spawning, the closure should include the entire Gulf of Mexico and the length of time for these closures must be increased to include March through May. Do not reopen areas in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico currently closed to longlining. The benefits of these conservation zones are well documented. An annual bluefin catch cap should absolutely be instituted and the improved at-sea monitoring under consideration should be implemented. NOAA has a major opportunity before it to change management of bluefin and by extension other highly prized sportfish. Please consider my perspective in your final decisions.

...Every comment counts and has an impact. Thank you for doing your part to help improve the management and health of the iconic bluefin tuna.

January 3, 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jan 2, 2014 7:06 PM    Subject: NJ Saltwater Registry

Just a reminder, you need to renew your NJ saltwater registry for 2014.

To do so go to:

Then scroll down and click on "Access current year"

Enter requested info.

Click on your ID number

Click on renew

In case you were not previously registered you may also complete your initial registration at this same link.
The registry is free and there is an explanation as to who needs to register in the web site.

~ Paul Haertel : Jersey Coast Anglers Association, Berkley Striper Club

December 25, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Management and Staff of Fisherman's Headquarters wishes everyone time to enjoy the blessings of a Very Merry Christmas with your families.

We sincerely thank everyone for their support this year and wish you... All the Best in the New Year!

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

~ Team Fish Head

December 24, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The store will be open today Christmas Eve until 4 PM and Closed on Christmas Day.

Received: Dec 24, 2013 12:40 PM    Subject: Happy Holidays from Reel Reaction Sportfishing

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of my clients for a terrific 2013 season and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year. I hope to see all of you back on the water next season, including some of my regulars that weren't able to get out due to scheduling, weather, etc.

Speaking of next season, I have been asked to present at the Jersey Boat Expo which is held at the NJ Convention and Expo center in Edison, New Jersey. The one-hour seminar will focus on Fluking tactics for the Bay and Ocean and will be on Friday, February 21, 2014 @ 5:30 PM - for details check out: So hopefully some of you can make it up there to get away from the winter cabin fever.

After the new year, I will begin to service rods & reels that need attention, start tying fluke rigs and teasers for 2014 season, and rigging up for the spring striped bass run. The anticipated date for the vessel to be back in the water is April 1st, 2014.

Here is a video highlight of 2013 charters that I worked up:

Wishing everyone a very Healthy New Year,

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

December 23, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Dec 23, 2013 9:28 AM   Subject: Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Hearings

The following is a news release from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission:

States Schedule Public Hearings on Draft Addendum XXV
Addendum Seeks Input on Management Options for 2014 Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Recreational Fisheries

Arlington, VA – The Atlantic coast states of Massachusetts through Virginia have scheduled their hearings to gather public comment on Draft Addendum XXV to the Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Plans. The dates, times, and locations of the scheduled hearings follow.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
January 13, 2014 at 7 PM
Ocean County Administration Building
Public Hearing Room 119
101 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, New Jersey
Contact: Tom Baum at 609.748.2020

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
January 16, 2014 at 5 PM
Bourne Fire Station #3, Meeting Room
53 Meetinghouse Lane
Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts
Contact: Nichola Meserve at 617.626.1531

Rhode Island Division of Fish & Wildlife
January 15, 2014 at 6 PM
University of Rhode Island, Corless Auditorium
South Ferry Road
Narragansett, Rhode Island
Contact: Jason McNamee at 401.423.1943

Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection
January 14, 2014 at 7 PM
Marine Headquarters
Boating Education Center, Building 3
333 Ferry Road
Old Lyme, Connecticut
Contact: David Simpson at 860.434.6043

New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation
January 14, 2014 at 6 PM
Bureau of Marine Resources
205 North Belle Mead Road, Suite 1
East Setauket, New York
Contact: Steve Heins at 631.444.0435

Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
January 10, 2014 at 6 PM
DNREC Auditorium
89 Kings Highway
Dover, Delaware
Contact: John Clark at 302.739.9108

Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources
January 9, 2014 at 5 PM
Ocean Pines Library
11107 Cathell Road
Berlin, Maryland
Contact: Steve Doctor at 410.213.1431

Virginia Marine Resources Commission
January 8, 2014 at 6 PM
2600 Washington Avenue
4th Floor Conference Room
Newport News, Virginia
Contact: Rob O’Reilly at 757.247.2247

Draft Addendum XXV proposes management approaches for the 2014 summer flounder and black sea bass recreational fisheries. For summer flounder, the Draft Addendum includes options that allow for management measures by region and the sharing of unused quota – both with the intent of providing more equity in recreational harvest opportunities along the coast. The specific regions being considered are (1) Massachusetts; Rhode Island through New Jersey; Delaware through Virginia; and North Carolina and (2) Massachusetts and Rhode Island; Connecticut through New Jersey; Delaware through Virginia; and North Carolina.

The Draft Addendum was initiated to address a growing concern that current summer flounder management measures (as established under the Fishery Management Plan) are not providing recreational fishermen along the coast with equitable harvest opportunities to the resource. Those measures, involving state-specific recreational management measures under conservation equivalency are increasingly being viewed as problematic due to several factors. These factors include: reliance upon recreational harvest estimates for a single year (1998) as the basis for individual state targets; a change in the abundance of the resource; and changes in the socio-economic characteristics of the fishery. The impact of the management program seemed to affect New York the most, with a 21” size limit (by 2009) and a short season including mid-season closure. In 2013, with a fully recovered stock, New York’s minimum size (19”) was at least one inch higher than any other state, one and a half inches higher than its bordering states.

The Draft Addendum proposes a more flexible and equitable conservation approach that allows the management program to adjust to past, current, and future changes to the resource and the fishery. The biological characteristics of the summer flounder have changed with the restoration of this stock. In particular, there has been a substantial expansion in the size and age composition, with greater overall abundance and increased numbers of larger fish.

The Draft Addendum also proposes two options for the 2014 black sea bass recreational fishery (1) coastwide measures (currently proposed at 13” TL minimum size, a 5 fish possession limit, and a season from June 1 to September 30) or (2) the continued use of management measures by northern (MA – NJ) and southern regions (DE – NC). The regional management approach has been used since 2011 and offers some advantages over coastwide regulations, which can disproportionately impact states within the management unit. Specifically, regional measures can address geographic differences in the stock (size, abundance and seasonality) while maintaining the consistent application of management measures by neighboring states.

Fishermen and other interested groups are encouraged to provide input on Draft Addendum XXV, either by attending state public hearings or providing written comment. The Draft Addendum is available on the Commission website on the Public Input page at It can also be accessed directly at Public comment will be accepted until 5:00 PM (EST) on January 24, 2014 and should be forwarded to...
   Kirby Rootes-Murdy
   Fishery Management Plan Coordinator
   1050 N. Highland St.
   Suite 200 A-N
   Arlington, VA 22201

703.842.0741 (fax) or via e-mail at (Subject line: Draft Addendum XXV).
The above information was provided by...
Tina Berger
Director of Communications
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
1050 N. Highland Street, Suite 200A-N
Arlington, VA 22201

December 22, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Dec 22, 2013 10:46 AM Subject: Barnegat Bay Fishing

I just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe New Year. As I sit back and reflect upon this past year, I again realize just how fortunate I am to have been given the opportunity to spend so much quality time on the water with my fishing friends both new and old. Thank you all for giving me that opportunity.

As many of you are aware, our fall fishing this year was somewhat limited due to a medical issue that needed immediate attention. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers directed our way, they meant a lot to us during a difficult time. I'm pleased to report that those issues seem to be behind us and we're already anxiously looking forward to getting the boat back in the water.

Have a great holiday, and we'll see you in the Spring!

~ Capt. Jack Shea, "Rambunctious", 26' Jones Brothers Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters 609.698.3632

December 21, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

A few days ago, Mike Greene of the Luckey Stripes purchased the last of our live eels for the year in preparation for heading south to fish the Chesapeake Bay. He just sent us a message, "Your eels worked! 58.05 pounder for J-Bird (Jason Marty) on tournament day!"

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Dec 20, 2013 10:47 PM Subject: Latest on Fluke

More Stringent Fluke Regulations Loom on the Horizon By Paul Haertel

Just when it seemed that New Jersey had dodged a bullet aimed at significantly reducing our recreational fluke catch, things have changed once again. The preliminary MRIP figures had shown that we over fished our quota by approximately 47% and that did not even include the wave 5 data (September-October). Under the state conservation equivalency format that we have been utilizing since 2001, each state is given a quota. Each state is then allowed to develop regulations pertaining to size, possession and season limits. After years when the quota is exceeded, regulations must be made more stringent the following year. Therefore, had the preliminary MRIP numbers been allowed to stand, draconian measures would have had to be taken in 2014.

The good news was that the wave 4 data (July-August) was recently revised. More specifically, the wave 4 data was changed from 1,159,303 to 730,086 fish, which resulted in a reduction of 429,217 fish. That was welcome news but even more recently, the MRIP numbers were also revised for wave 3 (May-June). Unfortunately they showed an increase from 279,658 fish to 337,983 fish which is an increase of 58,325 fish. Further, the preliminary wave 5 data (September-October) was just released on 12/16 and it shows that an additional 129,388 fluke were harvested. That makes our total harvest for the year 1,197,457 fish. Our original quota was for 977,998 fish but ASMF later approved an extra 88,000 fish so our total quota for the year ended up being 1,065,998 fish. That makes us 131,459 fish over our quota which equates to having over fished our quota by approximately 12.3%. That would not be too bad except for the fact that the overall coast wide quota is being reduced by about 8%. That means that if we continue to use conservation equivalency and the MRIP numbers do not change yet again, we are looking at a cut of close to 21%. Under this scenario I anticipate that the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council would develop various options for the public to consider. Most likely there will once again be a battle between those who prefer a shorter season so the size limit can remain at 17.5” and those who favor a longer season with an 18” size limit.

Under this scenario there is also a possibility that the ASMFC could approve some extra fish for us in 2014 once all the states have set their regulations as they did in 2013.

It is also possible that the NJMFC could use data from our own state’s recreational saltwater angler survey to develop more favorable regulations.

Of course all of the above assumes that fluke will be managed the same way as they have been in the past and we are not changed to a regional approach. New York’s Senator Charles Schumer has introduced the “Fluke Fairness Act” which would result in New Jersey being placed in a region with New York and other states. Further the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Council has now developed addendum XXV to the Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Plan. The addendum also includes options for regionalization and again New Jersey would be placed in a region with New York and other states. The end result would most likely be that New York’s regulations would become more lenient and New Jersey’s more stringent. Still all options should be considered. Those interested in reviewing the addendum which also addresses managerial options for sea bass may do so by going to:
There is plenty of time to review the addendum though it contains various options that may be somewhat difficult to understand. However, no decision on any of these options will be made until the ASMFC meets in early February.

Public Comment Process and Proposed Timeline

At the December 2013 Commission meeting, the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Management Board approved a motion to initiate the development of an addendum to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass. The addendum will address the recreational management of the Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass FMP. The Board is developing recreational management options for Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass. This draft addendum presents background on the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) management of summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass; the addendum process and
timeline; and a statement of the problem. This document also provides options of management for public consideration and comment. The public is encouraged to submit comments regarding this document at any time during the public comment period. The final date comments will be accepted is January 24, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. You may submit public comment in one or more of the following ways:

1. Attend public hearings in your state or jurisdiction.

2. Refer comments to your state’s members on the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Management Board or Advisory Panel, if applicable.

3. Mail, fax or email written comment to the following address:

Mail: Kirby Rootes-Murdy Email:

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Phone: (703) 842-0740
1050 North Highland Street, Suite 200A-N Fax: (703) 842-0741
Arlington, VA 22201

Draft - A public hearing will be held on the addendum as listed below:

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
January 13, 2014 at 7 PM
Ocean County Administration Building
Public Hearing Room 119
101 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, New Jersey
Contact: Tom Baum at 609.748.2020

It is with deepest sorrow but with fond memories that we make the following post…


SHEPANSKI, DAVID J. SR. 60 - of Tuckerton, died on Thursday December 19, 2013 at his home. Dave was born in Chester, PA and formerly of Ship Bottom and West Creek before moving to Tuckerton in 2007. He had been employed by Marine-Max of Brant Beach for 25 years. Dave had attended St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Brant Beach; he was an avid fisherman who enjoyed woodworking, music and surfing. Dave was predeceased by his parents, Stanley in 1989 and Mary in 2002. Surviving are his children, Amanda DeMartino of Manahawkin and David Jr. of West Creek; his grandchildren, Dante DeMartino, Katelyn Shepanski and Amber Shepanski; his sister, Terry Ficoturo of West Chester, PA; and his brother, Sonny of Concordville, PA. Cremation was private and under the direction of Bugbee-Riggs Funeral Home, Ship Bottom. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to either the Recreational Fishing Alliance PO Box 3080 New Gretna, NJ 08224 or Southern Ocean Medical Center 1140 Route 72 Manahawkin, NJ 08050 in Dave's memory.

A Memorial Gathering will be held on...
Saturday January 4, 2014
from 10am until the time of the Memorial Mass at 11am at
   St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church
   4700 Long Beach Blvd.
   Brant Beach, NJ 08008

Published in The Press of Atlantic City on Dec. 24, 2013

...Dave, your cheerful personality brightened many a day here at the store. You were loved and will be missed and remembered by us all at Fisherman's Headquarters.
~ Stan & Greg

December 19, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The five day forecast is looking nice! Temperature wise the weather man is calling for above average, possibly record high temperatures this weekend. Take advantage and wet a line. There's a good chance you'll find a schoolie or two. There has been "hear say" of some small bass on the beach. Plugging is the best bet, e.g. sp minnow, small needlefish, metal with a teaser.

Here is some positive intel... Yesterday Matt Cook posted on Facebook a picture of a nice bass with a caption, "Got 10 at the beach". He didn't mention what beach but from the picture the sun was up and a blurple Bomber was in the bass's mouth.

Check out Dave Henn's 23.3-lb tog!!!

Anyone looking to target big bluefin tuna jigging, casting popper and trolling (last resort) off of North Carolina's Outter Banks this March???  I just got word from Captain Stew Hitchner of the Pez Machine that he is almost booked solid. BUT... he saved a block of premium dates (late March) for me. Out of the block, half of the days are full leaving a few with open spots for 1-4 anglers a day. It is $450 per angler per day to fish. That includes a 20% tip for the captain and the mate. There are NO OTHER "hidden" FEES like some boats that tell you once back at the dock, "there's a fuel surcharge and oh ya it's $X per pound for the fish cleaning station boyz, no way around it." You do not need to bring any fishing tackle. There will be top of the line jigging, popping and trolling gear for everyone to use

It is going to be a great time! If you are interested send an email to the shop asking for more info with the subject "OBX Bluefin Tuna". Please provide your name, email address and phone number.

To get you in the mood... Here is a link to a short YouTube video from one of the days last year. Store staffer Joni going to work on a 130 in the gunnel. Unfortunately the jig bite was dead that day but we still hammer them on the troll.


December 14, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

   Barnegat High School 5th Annual Fisherman's Flea Market
   Saturday December 14, 2013  -  from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

   Barnegat High School, 180 Bengal Boulevard, Barnegat, NJ 08005

   "Reel in some Holiday Deals!"

   Door Prizes - Every half hour (lures, tackle, rods/reels, passes for headboat, etc)
   $4.00 Admission, Kids 12 and under FREE

   Last year there were close to 500 in attendance and $500 in scholarships were generated for graduating seniors.

   Please come out and help support our fishing club by attending the flea market. All proceeds go towards the students involved in the fishing club.

   Vendors wanted, limited space. For information call: Capt. Brett Taylor (609) 290-7709 or email:

   Fisherman's Headquarters was there.

December 12, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Dec 12, 2013 5:13 PM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - Wrap w/ recap

That's a wrap! As per usual this time of year is bitter sweat as I am always a bit somber about pulling the Reel Fantasea for the season but on the other hand I always look forward to enjoying and spending the holidays with family and friends.

2013 Season Recap

Anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea started 2013 back in early March with some of the best light tackle schoolie striped bass action we have ever had with the opening day seeing 90+ catch and release bass for a 4 man crew! As we progressed into Late March and April anglers added bluefish, redfish, blackfish and weakfish to the cast of characters.

As the season continued to mature into late April and May we started seeing bigger keeper bass taking up residence in our backbay and inlet with the best action being scored on live bait with a few of my sharpies doing quit well with the artificials.

Mid to late May we started to see our first wave of trophy striped bass, scored most reliably on Tony Maja Custom Bunker Spoons as bunker schools were hard to locate and even harder to obtain via snag and drop. Unfortunately as soon as our trophy spring striper run started so did a hard and relentless Southwest wind that took our optimum ocean temps of mid fifties and sent them into a steep dive with temps plummeting into the forties in short order. Bluefish continued their ravenous rampage through out the bay and inlet keeping the rods bending, drags singing and anglers smiling while employing the light spinning tackle.

Thankfully some of the best wreck fishing for Sea Bass was ready to fill the void with limits of both fantastic quality and quantity. The wrecks that we fished had sea bass 20-40ft thick off the bottom! It was just a matter of baiting up and sending the offerings down and reel your dinner back up to the surface! Freezer filling was on order for most folks that could keep up the with the fast pace.

As the season wore into July and August we started seeing our summer vacationing families introduce their own lil' guppies to the fun and excitement of fishing. The back bay variety saw fantastic light action with trips seeing a mix of bluefish, stripers, fluke, weakfish, blowfish, kingfish, croakers, spot, shark, blackfish... and more. While the inshore reefs and wrecks had some of the best quality fluke that we have seen in long long time.

September and October had us still targeting resident stripers ,bluefish , blackfish and a surprising amount of nice black drum... while waiting for the first wave of migrating stripers and bluefish. Vast schools of spike weakfish took up residence just off the inlet to add to the variety well into late October and early November.

The calendar no sooner turned it's page to November and as if on cue we were into the thick of the "Fall Run". Although this fall run things were somehow different than years past as we witnessed countless free jumping schools of stripers that seemingly were reluctant to respond to any of our traditional methods . Sight casting directly into the "anticipated fray" with a variety of offerings seemed to be our best and most productive way for our anglers limits. As the run picked up it's tempo the only thing that slowed us down was some of the tenacious weather that got between us and the stripers. When we could run the beaches unabated we scored very consistently with stripers and big bluefish. This isn't to say that limits were as sure as the 2011 fall run but anglers did score quality and quantity on most outings. By late November signs were pointing to an early end to the run as if overnight we went from all keepers to a mix of shorts and keepers than finally all shorts.

December the fishing and the weather continued it's downward spiral as snow, wind and freezing temps conspired against us leading to the earliest haul out in years ending our 2013 season promptly. Certainly the catching isn't over as there is still plenty of shorts and even a few keepers around when conditions cooperate for the committed few but for now I will be enjoying the holiday season before prepping for the 2014 season.

Once again I am honored to have been invited back to be part of TV host and chief editor of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine George Poveromo's Saltwater Sportsman National Seminars Series as a faculty member. The series will be locally held at Long Branch Middle School on Saturday January 25th. This is a great way to rid your self of cabin fever and have a great chance of winning great prizes as well.

I would like to extend a sincere Thank YOU to all who have fished aboard the Reel Fantasea this year. I find myself truly blessed and grateful to not only meet and fish with so many new friends but also many returning old friends as well!

Wishing everyone a Blessed, Happy, & Healthy Holiday Season,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

December 8, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bill Effing from Bensalem PA stopped in over the weekend and picked up a new Shimano Trinidad and some tackle. He fished aboard the Doris Mae IV on their deep water sea bass and cod trip. Bill reported catching thirteen juicy seabass, a couple ling and pollock, plus one cod and a gator bluefish He said he'll be back out next weekend.

~ Fish Head Greg

December 5, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Store staffer Blake has been plugging the surf for a few nights and catching short Striped Bass. However last night he did a little better by catching and releasing a 30" Striped Bass on a Daiwa SP Minnow. A fellow angler with him who was also using the SP's hooked up with three (3) short Striped Bass.

Received: Dec 5, 2013 11:37 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

It is starting to look like the 2013 fishing season in Beach Haven waters for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association is coming to an end. After waiting for many weeks for the striped bass to arrive, a sudden drop in air and water temperatures put the brakes on what was a nice 2-week run on stripers. As a result most of the area captains are putting their boats away for the winter and thinking about the 2014 fishing season already.

Captain John Lewis returned to chartering fulltime on the “Insatiable” this year after several years of splitting his time between chartering and running a boat for a private individual. Captain John declared this year as a decent one after Hurricane Sandy and a poor spring got things off to a slow start.

Captain Lindsay Fuller is keeping the “June Bug” in Forked River for the first time this year after many years in North Carolina.

Captain John Koegler has run the “Pop’s Pride" up the Delaware River to a spot above Philadelphia close to his winter home where he can keep a close eye on the craft.

Captain Fran Verdi had the “Francesca Marie” out fishing for stripers right to the point that they stopped biting completely. He says that he intends to have the “Francesca Marie” ready for the start of striper season in March, 2014.

At this time the captains and crews of all of the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Association wish to wish everyone a healthy and enjoyable holiday season and great start to the New Year.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

December 3, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Joe Hartman called in a great report late in the day. He said, "smashed the bass at sunset!" As the sun dropped and right into dark the bite was on. He caught a number of bass on bunker up to 42 inches. Quality bass!

Store staffer Blake G. has been putting a lot of time in off the beach and has been catching. This morning he had three on but only successfully released one. The others shook the hooks on his needlefish.

~ Fish Head Greg

December 2, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Dec 2, 2013 6:51 AM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Last week started with an all star cast and fishing celebrity "A" list which stared Tony Maja aka Mr. Bunker Spoon & EZ outrodder and Gary Caputi of Salt Water Magazine's and the man who wrote the book on "Striped Bass Fishing" for a quick but frigid start of the day while employing our light tackle tactics. The first stop had both veterans doubled up with quality striped bass on the light stuff with both fish providing drag burning fun and excitement. Both Tony and Gary continued to exhibit their veteran fishing skills landing their limit + catch and release until trips end.

The Village Harbor Fishing Club was back out this week to find much improved weather conditions but only to find the bass more scattered and reluctant than the prior week. A slow start didn't keep us from locating a significant body of fish that seemingly had already indulged earlier in the morning. As we continued to work over the school of striped bass the guys did manage a couple of quality striped bass and a few short bass before the school scattered and could no longer be located.

A mid week storm system with high winds kept us tied to the dock for a couple of days.

Next up was the Bill Cohen party out on "Black Friday" to find a cold but much improved weather conditions. All aboard worked hard but could only manage a 1/2 dozen short stripers before the bell.

The Tony Maffie Party was up next in brisk and frigid Northeast winds that seemed to scatter the schools of striped bass and seemingly putting the fish off the bite. The guys worked hard to no avail and with the sea conditions less than desirable we mutually called it a day early.

The Pete Westervelt crew ended the week in much better weather and sea conditions enjoying solid light tackle action with 20+ short striped bass. No keepers were scored but the guys enjoyed their day catching their first stripers ever.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

December 1, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

LBI Fall Tournaments...

      - October 7th to December 1st, 2013
        - Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic (LBISFC)
             Website is located at
             Weigh-in Log is located at

      Fisherman's Headquarters Fall Classic Calcutta Side-Bet
         - The Fall Classic  & Fisherman's Headquarters Calcutta run concurrently

The 6th Annual Freehold Fishing Flea Market is today, Sunday, December 1st from 9am to 3pm.
It's at the Park Avenue Elementary School located at 280 Park Avenue in Freehold, NJ 07728.
Admission is $4, kids 12 and under are free. It will be a great place to find all sort of fishing tackle.
We will have a couple tables there with some great deals. Come check it out! Hope to see you there.

November 29, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bill Ambrose fished Friday morning in the boat off of LBI. Bill landed this 30-lber and a 20-lb class striped bass also. He caught both bass on the troll off of the north end of the Island.

Scott Simpson reported catching one bass in the morning off of the surf while plugging.

~ Fish Head Greg

November 28, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Happy Thanksgiving Day! On Thanksgiving Day Fisherman's Headquarters will only be open for the 1st shift, which is from 5:30 AM to 1PM. There will be no second shift.

Yesterday was a great day for surfing but not so nice to be fishing. There was a solid ground swell pumping. Add in the rain and you can understand why most anglers stayed at home or work. Although there were far less than perfect conditions John P. put some time in and was rewarded. John reported having a great day off of the surf on the north end of the Island. "I fished first light but it was dead. No birds or signs of life. I took a pounding from the heavy shore break and surge from the swell. I was beat up but kept at it. After a couple hours the wind stopped and then switched westerly. Like someone flipped the switch. It was ON! The birds and bait stacked up on the beach. The sand eels were washing up at my feet. I was also snagging them on the retrieve. From 7:30 to 9am I caught 10 bass. Then the birds moved on and it slowed down to random bites. By noon I caught 15 bass all together, with two keepers." John said the only thing he could effectively use in the rough water was a 3oz metal which he fished with a teaser. He described working the edge of a deep bowl which had a great white water on the side of it. Best of all John said, "There was no one else around! I had it all to myself"

Store staffer Joe C. hit the mid-island surf yesterday morning before work. Joe said he didn't have a touch, "The water looked great. I was holding with 8 oz but no takers

Received: Nov 28, 2013 12:45 AM Subject: Open Boat Stripers

Excellent striper fishing along Island Beach State Park. Catching them in 25 to 35 feet of water and then out in 60 feet of water. Sometimes just a few hours separates which zone is offering the better fishing so you have to monitor both.

Casting soft plastics like Fin-S which are working well especially when the bird play heats up and you see the bass surfacing Traditional diamond jigs and Avas are catching some fish when the deep readings are good. Trolling is always working. Sandeel umbrella rigs are doing the best for us.

There are a few "just short" fish in the mix but for the most part, it's an excellent average size this Fall. A lot of 12 to 18 pound fish.

We will be running Open Boat Trips this Saturday, Nov. 30 and Monday, Dec. 2. Departing at 6:30 AM and returning at 12:30 PM. $150 per person. 3 people max. All fish are shared. It's best to call me on the cell to reserve a spot 732.330.5674.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

November 27, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 27, 2013 9:13 AM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Last week started with Village Harbor Fishing Club alumni staring Bill Dapney, Joe Filice, Dave Spendeiss and Jim Blendine greeted with a brisk North wind rather than the more favorable predicted Northwest wind. Flocks of diving hungry gannets and assorted other gulls were encountered as we made our way up the beach finding just a few scattered fish marks on the sonar amongst vast schools of bait. As we continued to work our way North we stopped on our first promising location to have Joe Filice to be the first VHFC member to come tight and ice a nice upper teen/lower twenty pound class striped bass. From there the rest of the guys joined in mixing it up between quality stripers and a couple of big blues till trips end. New comer to fall striped bass action found Jim scoring not only his striped bass ever but also scoring the days largest striped bass! Way to go Jim!

Next up was the Bill Sauer party facing another unpredicted even stiffer NNE wind with rough and building 4-6ft+ sea condition making the deck difficult and a bit unsafe for conditions at best. Taking the safer route we worked our way back to the inlet to find not much going on and mutually agreeing on a early return.

Still Breezy but much calmer conditions found brothers Frank and Joe Hettler scoring their limit of quality stripers and than playing catch and release till trips end.

Next up was regulars Jay Simmons, Karl Steffan, Ernie Rosenberg and Shawn Hawthorne joining forces for a quick start icing 3-4 stripers till the bite ground to an even faster halt. The crew remained patient as we methodically worked our way around schools of bait and diving gulls through the rest of the late morning and early afternoon until we found a large body of stripers that were laying on the bottom being reveled by the help of diving gulls. From there the guys closed out the day topping off the cooler and than played catch and release until heavy boat traffic put the striped bass off the bite at the bell.

The Jeff Hayes party ended the week with the crew working hard to put 4 quality striped bass into the cooler while employing live bait.

Sundays frigid NW Gale lead to a cancelation due to wicked weather conditions.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Nov 27, 2013 2:42 PM   Subject: Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Report

The 2013 fishing season for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association is slowly starting to wind down with a sizeable presence of striped bass just off the beaches. As some captains are proceeding with plans to put their boats away for the winter, other captains are squeezing out some last fishing days out of the year.

Captain John Koegler on “Pop’s Pride” had his final trip and boated 3 nice striped bass from 38 to 44-inches. He found the bass were on top and tough to catch. He used some old rubber eel plastics he had that were green and brown and they worked. He was plagued by spiny dogfish when fishing on the bottom. He is taking his boat to the Philadelphia area up the Delaware River by water until spring which is near his winter home.

Captains Carl Sheppard and Jimmy Zavasky fished for stripers last weekend on the “Star Fish” out of Morrison’s Marina. They found the fishing was best on a slow troll. They passed over many large schools of bait, some stretching from top to bottom of the sounder's screen. Some of the schools had Gannets working them. Captain Carl did find scattered large stripers and occasional big blues from the red tower off Beach Haven north to the twin water towers in Surf City. His fishing was best with umbrella rigs trolled at depths between 30-50 feet. For information on the 40' Custom "Star Fish" for 2-20 anglers contact Capt. Carl Sheppard, 609.492.2591

Captain Fran Verdi of the “Francesca Marie” reports that after the impending northeast storm passes, he will be making some “open boat” trips over the Thanksgiving weekend. The bass are still here and he anticipates some good action. He will be either trolling or jigging. He predicts that once the ocean water hits 44-degrees the fish will be on the move south. For information on the 27' May-Craft “Francesca Marie” contact Capt. Fran Verdi, 609.868.8970

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

November 26, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

1:15 PM

We opened up with just a little bit of fresh bunker left. It went fast. Fortunate we got a call from our bunker boat letting us know they are on the bunker. We expect the delivery before dark today.

Right now the wind is dead and the ocean is flat. It has been a beautiful morning but it will not stay that way. We have an area of low pressure tracking this way which is forecasted to roll in and intensify tonight. The storm is full of heavy rain and gusty winds. There's a gale warning in effect this evening through Wednesday night. The storm is forecasted to rapidly exit so it should be out of here by Thanksgiving Day. Turkey Day looks to offer westerly winds and mostly sunny skies with an easing S/SSE swell. Now onto the fishing report...

Josh Goldman stopped in the shop this morning after an all nighter fishing the beach. He reported catching this morning on the south end, "Half dozen schoolie bass plugging with an SP Minnow."

Team Hobie's Bob Neuweiler of New Gretna stopped in shortly after we opened this morning. He asked, "Right (south) or left (north)?" With yesterday's weigh-in from Rich as well as some other shop chatter all coming out of Harvey Cedars I replied, "Left or let a coil (flip) decided." Bob took my advise and hit the Harvey Cedars surf right at first light. He said, "I walked over the dunes and checked it out first. I did not see birds but there were some interesting slicks that caught my eye. I did not feel like driving around to chase birds (original game plan) so I geared, launched my Hobie kayak and went on the HUNT!!! I found a pile of bass right on the back side of the sandbar very close to the beach near the slicks." Bob went on to tell me he hammer the bass on swimming plugs as the tide pushed in. Bob kept his two and said he was going to brine and smoke both of them today in preparation for Thanksgiving Day. Bob said the water temperature was 43-45 degrees.

Check out Bob's YouTube Channel SpinFisherBob


November 25, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

8:30 PM

We had one weigh in off of the surf today. Rich Ehala checked in a 32" 12-lb 12-oz striped bass that he caught off of the mid-island surf on clam. Through out the day we heard from other anglers too. One reported catching two bass about 28" this morning on a Hopkins metal with a teaser.

We've had a number of calls and a couple emails asking about out hours on Thanksgiving Day.  We will open like a usual weekday morning at 5:30am; however, we will be closing early at 1pm so all staff can enjoy the afternoon and evening with their families. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 PM

Cold conditions today but surprisingly there were a lot of anglers fishing and catching.

John Parzak reported an icy early morning session. Line guides were iced up but stripers were caught.

Mike Pomykacz of Williamstown, NJ landed a 19.6-lb 36.25" striped bass.

1:30 PM

Jason Vogel of Norristown, PA weighed-in an 18-lb 8-oz (36"x19") Striped Bass for the LBISFC that was caught on a lure while fishing Harvey Cedars last night.

November 23, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

5:15 PM

A load of fresh bunker has been delivered. Typical primo baits. Bundle up and get ready for action. The bite was on today. We had a number of weigh-ins and lots of anglers in the shop with positive chatter. When the bunker was delivered we got word that the bait and fish are still stacked up. The bunker man said there were lots of stripers, big blues and massive piles of bait today.

Thirteen year old Cameron Conard was the stand out today with his 36.3-lb striped bass. Cameron caught the 46" bass last night around mid-night on bunker. Note Cameron is not registered in the Derby.

Mark and Todd Dayter of Philly weighed in a pair of bass (15.85-lb and a 16.55-lb) today. They caught them off of the mid-island surf on clam just before high tide.

Get your tuna popping gear out! The bluefin have been blowing up. For the past 2-3 weeks there has been lots of sightings not far from shore. There has been some anglers getting in on the action and hooking up.  We received a firm report of one that was boated by Andy Worst. Your best bet is to troll Joe Shutes Lures baited with ballyhoo way back or if you find them put a popper, stick bait or soft bait in front of their face.

1:00 PM

Dan Garby of Warwick, NY weighed-in a 20-lb 14.4-oz (37-1/2"x21-1/2") Striped Bass that was caught on metal while fishing Barnegat Light this morning.

Bill Lipman of Marlton, NJ weighed-in an 18-lb 2.4-oz (36"x21") Striped Bass that was caught on a plug while fishing Barnegat Light this morning.

12:45 PM

Finally I shook the skunk! I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've put in time but just have not got a bite. Wrong places at the wrong times? Right places wrong time/tide? This morning I started off missing a good smack in the dark. It was within my first dozen cast on a wooden needlefish. Unfortunately I could not get another for awhile. As the light crept out, the birds got active and eventually there was a big flock playing with bait right in tight. Bass were visually feeding but they didn't want my offerings. I cycled through a couple different lures (not easy to do so with gloved hands that are numb) and finally found what one bass wanted, a small sandeel imitation softbait. I only managed the one before the activity slid off. The sun was at the eye burn level so I called it at about 8AM.

There were a number of other anglers fishing the area. I'd estimate that I saw about a half dozen bass. There were also a couple small cocktail blues that were going for some angler's teaser. Speaking of a teaser... Yesterday morning Jim McMinamin caught a beauty on his teaser plugging. It was a fat 22-lb bass. There's still some quality fish around. I also heard in the shop yesterday some talk about a couple 30-lb class fish in the boats.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Nov 23, 2013 8:51 AM Subject: Fishing Report Reel Reaction Sportfishing

I had Mike Sicilia and his son James out for a morning bass charter - it was game on early. We chased schools of bass for half the morning jigging with AVA's and Flutter-jigs, but soft plastics took the keepers. As we approached the 3-mile line range, we had to regrettably turn away from a nice school of bass working the surface. So it was back to searching, jigging, and trolling for more bass. We trolled bucktails "Montauk style" and pulled umbrella rigs but could only muster 12-18lb monster bluefish. The father and son team ended the day with 2 nice stripers and a bunch of bluefish, only keeping a few for the table. We "christened" another angler with James getting his first-ever Striped Bass.

I had regular Mark Miller (Elkton, Md), his son Adam, and nephew Andrew out an afternoon striped bass charter - we worked hard fishing the beach to the 3-mile line, but could only muster bluefish and sundial flounder by both trolling umbrella rigs (tubes & sand-eels) and jigging, as the stripers had lock-jaw. We did have a run-off on live spot off IBSP - fish didn't take the spot - most likely a short bass. There was a morning bite, but the afternoon was a super-slow pick. We did see the US Coast Guard in Barnegat Light with stripers laid on the CG dock - evidently they nailed recreational boats fishing over the 3-mile line - this carries a federal fine of $100 per fish and state fine of $250 per fish. Make sure you are within the 3-mile limit.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

November 22, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 PM

Fresh bunker delivery just came in. The bunker man reported that there were some scattered bird plays with bass and blues under them.

So far, yesterday was the most active weigh in day of the Derby. Hopefully it is a sign of good days ahead. Customers in the shop reported nothing today but others reported a fish or two.

Scott S. reported that for him this morning was slow in the boat. He said there were a lot of boats. Most everyone was spread out and the jigging just wasn't happening. Scott said that trolling was the best bet to pick away at the fish. "Yesterday was a different story. We were hammering the bass right up on the beach in 10' of water."

10:00 AM

Greg O'Connell posted on facebook last night... "Good to see LBI coming to life and getting a little night bite going. Even if only small fish... 28-33" bass."

9:30 AM

John H. just weighed in a 16-lb 37" bass. He caught it mid-island surf on a deadly dick this morning.

~ Fish Head Greg

November 21, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

3:30 PM

Fresh Bunker is in stock.

3:00 PM

There's some fish on the beach. Early morning wasn't much but the bite turned on late morning and early afternoon on bait. One customer by the name of Don called and shared a report of two fish. We also had two weigh-ins. Stan Steinberg weighed in a 14-lb 8-oz bass at 1pm today. He caught it off of the Brant Beach Surf on bunker. Shortly after Stan left Nick Sabatino stopped by with a weigh-in. He caught a 18-lb 9-oz bass on bunker in Beach Haven.

Al Waldron reported on our Facebook page yesterday.... "Although we are lazy old fisherman... we caught as many stripers and blues as we could in 35-50 feet of water about 2miles off of Beach Haven and north today Up to 23 pounds. Some big blues mixed in. Live spot and anything that looks like a sand eel worked the best. The big fish had 40+ sandeels in its belly and still tried to eat a live spot. The sky was full of thousands of birds. The sandeels were so thick that some birds were just sitting in the water scooping them into their beaks (never saw that before). A huge 25'+ whale decided to pop up next to the boat to make the day even more interesting. Life is good."

~ Fish Head Greg

1:30 PM

Nick Sabatino of Shamong, NJ weighed in an 18-lb 9-oz (37-1/4"x19-1/2") Striped Bass for the LBISFC and FHQ Side-Bet that he caught in Beach Haven using bunker.

1:00 PM

Just got a call from a customer Don. He called to give us heads up that there he found a pair of bass on the beach. He just landed two bass on bait on the south end. One 31" and one over 34". He said he might stop in to weigh in one later.

Stan Steinberg of Warrington, PA weighed in a 14-lb 8-oz (34-1/2"x18") Striped Bass for the LBISFC that he caught in Brant Beach using bunker.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:44 PM   Subject: Open Boat Stripers

The wind is going hard northwest for the next three or four days! Finally. It's going to be a nice ocean and it should be excellent fishing. Only one way to find out.

The bass are in full swing. When the ocean lets us get out, the fish are there for the taking. We have been catching them casting soft plastics, jigging metal, and trolling. Anything from 27 inch fish to 18 pounders are in the mix. We are using 10 pound spinning outfits when casting and these fish smoke some drag on these light outfits. If the birds aren't working and casting or jigging isn't working then we have a meeting about trolling. That works every day, but I always let you guys decide and majority rules.

Running Open Boat tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 22, 11 AM to 5 PM and Sunday, Nov. 24, 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM. $150 per person. 3 person max. All fish are shared. Please call, don't email to reserve a spot or inquire about anything. We have everything. Just bring whatever you want to eat and drink, we have the rest. If you have a favorite rod, bring it.

Here's Herman Diaz with his striper from Sunday.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

November 20, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Nick English weighed in a 16-lb 4oz bass this morning. He caught it off of the Harvey Cedars surf on a AVA jig. We also got word of other bass on the north end surf.

Todd L was in the shop this morning purchasing a Van Staal reel. He reported catching as well as his father in-law and a couple other anglers in the area.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Nov 20, 2013 10:15 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

The striped bass have finally arrived in Beach Haven, and the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are in the midst of the action.

After many weeks of hearing of hot fishing to the north, the striper bite arrived off Long Beach Island with a vengeance over the past couple of weeks. These fish are now a short ride from the inlet and are being caught by trolling, jigging, and live lining spot.

Captain Jimmy Zavasky and mate Pat took the “Star Fish” out and found the stripers abundant. The bass were up on top and chasing bait as Chris Bertuccini of Woolwich Township and his friends hit pay dirt. According to Captain Carl Sheppard “If you jigged on the bottom you caught nothing but doggies, while up on top the fish ate anything that looked like an eel.” The party on the “Star Fish” boated 13 bass with 10 keepers in the box. For information on the 40' Custom "Star Fish" for 2-20 anglers contact Capt. Carl Sheppard, 609.492.2591

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime Charters” had a couple of successful striper trips. Linda Swartz and her 10 year old son Michael and her work partner had good luck in the rain. Michael showed himself up to the task as he caught his first striper. The party returned with two nice bass. The next trip was with Ross Alber and friends. Despite a heavy fog, fish were caught. One 16 year old caught his first striper to go with another fish of about 20-pounds. Two more stripers spit the hook at the boat which were also about 20-pounders. For information on the 38' Henriques “Spare Time” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. George Finck, 609.618.3877

Captain Fran Verdi on the “Francesca Marie” has had several trips where he managed to find limit catches for his anglers along with enough throwbacks to tire them out. Most of his good catches were with live spot in close to the beach. His anglers brought bonus tags so they could take an extra fish home for the freezer. For information on the 27' May-Craft “Francesca Marie” contact Capt. Fran Verdi, 609.868.8970

Since there is so much bait in the water off Long Beach Island, there is no reason why this hot bite will not last for a few weeks.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

November 19, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

There's a bluefish on the board! Bill Montrey caught a 12 pounder on bunker in Harvey Cedars this morning.

There were also other fish caught. Tom Valerio had a good morning today. He weighed in a 17-lb 12-oz bass that he caught on bunker. While here Tom said he lost a good fighting bluefish and he also tagged and released a 30" bass.

We got a fresh bait delivery today. There's some primo bunkers here. The bunker boys said, "There is a big mass of fish still parked right off the beach. Tomorrow's Easterly (North-East predicted) winds could put them on the beach."

Howard and Brandon stopped in the shop today. He reported great tog fishing in the Inlet on Sunday... 20 tog with 9 keepers including a 6 and a 7 pound white chinner.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Nov 19, 2013 7:27 PM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - Bass Slamboree

Quality striped bass from mid teens to the low twenty pound range continue to fill limits for anglers aboard the "Reel Fantasea". Weather has been somewhat of an obstacle of late but when the elements aren't against us we are into the thick of quality bass!

Last week a last minute cancellation filled quickly with Paul DeJohn, Dan Pileggi and Steve Seckinger for an open boat charter with all aboard scoring their limits of stripers to 20+lbs with plenty of catch and release of more bass and blues until trips end.

Fridays regulars with Jay Simmons , Ernie Rosenberg, Shawn Hawthorne, and Bill Weller had more of the same solid bass and bluefish action with all scoring their limits of striped bass and playing catch and release until trips end.

Saturday we got an early jump with regulars Jay Simmons, Ernie Rosenberg , Kevin Rust and new comer Walt Maier scoring our limit of striped bass quickly before heavy weekend/tournament boat traffic slowed the bite to a pick.

Sunday's Trip had the Dave Cammarata Party finding themselves 1 striper short of a full boat limit + some shorts before dense fog made it difficult to stay with and relocate the fish before our limit could be scored before time ran out and safe navigating took precedence.

Monday had us pinned inside the bay due to hazardous inlet conditions for the Ryan Coleman Party. We were greeted with big ominous swells on the incoming tide which foretold the reality of a dangerous outgoing tide return. Remaining safely inside the bay the guys worked hard to no avail. Returning to the inlet to recheck the outgoing tide revealed the reality of the dangerous condition with standing 6-10ft breakers at the mouth of the inlet.

Please visit us on Face Book and view photos and hopefully "like us". Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Nov 19, 2013 1:36 PM   Subject: Red Drum

I caught a 25” Red Drum at low tide on Saturday the 16th, off the beach in Loveladies from out on a sand bar on bunker.

~ Crowe, John

November 18, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 18, 2013 10:22 PM    Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

The fall run has finally taken off with lightning speed and with that the question out of the inlet is: Do I run North? Do I run South? Or do I go straight out? No matter which way I have turned, or not turned, my plan has been working well within a few miles of the lighthouse. After the midweek influx of bass eager to take plastics and live bait, I saw hungry, mean, hard fighting bluefish enter the scene Sunday. Most of them were in the 6-10 pound range while the bass hitting the deck of the Debbie M have been mostly keepers to 20 pounds. Right now the bass do not seem to be tightly schooled so my best plan of attack has been to use the birds to guide me to the general location of actively feeding fish and then drift the area while fishing and looking at the fish finder. If I read fish from time to time I stay. While drifting I have been throwing soft plastics and dropping down live spot with equal success. Ocean temps are still in the low 50s so there is a lot more to this run before the fat lady sings!

Here is yet some more fishing video from this weekend to enjoy...

Screaming drags

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Date: Nov 18, 2013 7:54 PM   Subject: Fishing Report


In response to the inquiry regarding the difference between Island Beach and LBI I can agree with you on the angle of projection into the ocean of each differing shore line. I can also give the following report .

Friday morning 4.30 am to 6.30 AM fished beach on Island Beach @ Seaside Park south of amusement pier. Had two stripers swim by me but did not get a bite of any kind.

Drove down to LBI and hit Harvey Cedars and Beach Haven. Again nothing.

Saturday in the light rain, ran boated out to the Harvey Cedars Lump along with all the other boats and picked up a nice 34 " striper and two blues that where in the 15-16 pound range. All fish were filled with SAND EELS. Picked them up on the troll with red and white stretch 25s.

~ MM

Received: Monday, November 18, 2013 11:07 AM    Subject: Fishing Reports

Can anyone answer why the fishing in Island Beach State Park (IBSP) is so great and at Long Beach Island (LBI) it is so terrible. Betty and Nicks show fish after fish being caught at IBSP and on LBI almost nothing. the tournament is 40 days old and hundreds of people fishing and there are only 18 fish caught. boo hoo. So much time and effort for so little reward. Just wondering. Thanks

~ Art Manion


I can’t provide an exact reason but I can speculate on facts. Island Beach State Park is an easterly facing beach, much like all of the Northern Jersey coast. Long Beach Island is the northern most beach in New Jersey that has a more southerly facing angle. It is the beginning of the transitions where the coast begins to cut back in. For example Atlantic City faces much more south the LBI. The reason why I detail this is because of a number of things. Mainly bathymetry and water temperature. Sometimes the water temps off of IBSP and LBI differ, often significantly. The bathymetry would be my guess to the main answer to your question “why is the fishing in ibsp so great and at lbi it is terrible”. Both IBSP and LBI have drastically different bottom contours. Also the more lines in the water the more fish that are likely to be caught. There’s a lot more anglers fishing IBSP than LBI right now.

Another thing that should be noted is sand eels are a unique forage. Most bait migrate in and out of the bays/estuaries and then up and down the coast. Sand eels are different. They are bottom dwelling sand burrowers. Sand eels move deep to shallow, shallow to deep. Sure they move north to south up or down the coast to some extent but from what I have read bodies of sandeels do not migrate the coast like mullet, bunker, mackerel, etc. This is one reason that the middle of Long Island’s South Shore striper sandeel bite was on fire for over a month this fall. I drove up four separate times and had phenomenal 4-6 hours sessions of non-stop fish. The fish seemed to move on and New Jersey has seen a major influx of these fish. The commercial boats just reported to us that a major mass of bass moved into our area this weekend. They are on the water everyday actively fishing with high end electronics. They know more about what’s in the area than anyone.

My personal feeling is this… There are and there has been bait and fish here. I know that because I’ve caught well when I’ve had the time to fish. Our biggest bass of the year showed up on time at the end of October unfortunately not nearly the quantity that we all would have likes. That stock is WAY down. Then the “run” begun to show behind the first wave; however, so did a huge mass of ferocious dogfish that stacked up on our beaches. I believe that local bass and new bass moving into our area at this time chose to hang further off where there was plenty of bait and not the same heated feeding competition. These dogfish I speak of were caught in large numbers by the local gill netters that usually catch these further offshore. Boat fishing has been great both north and south of Barnegat Inlet. When will the bass hit our beaches in full force? It’s anyone’s guess.

My outlook for the rest of November is good. We have plenty of fishing ahead of us so I feel the fat lady isn’t even thinking about singing yet. Our epic 2011 bite didn’t get rolling until about this time of year and it went strong through mid-December.

~ Fish Head Greg

11:45 AM

With to tog limit increase green crabs and white leggers were in high demand. We ordered a bunch but it wasn't enough. Unfortunately we will not get more greenies until Tuesday mid-day.

Yesterday was a great day with light winds a very mild temperatures. For boat anglers, the fog made navigation difficult at times. We heard from one customer who said he caught five bass on the troll.

Now today we have a beautiful day with lots of sun. The southwesterly wind just started blowing within the hour. There was one bass weighed in on the south end today for the LBI Surf Fishing Tournament buy Dave Kendall of Reading, PA. Dave caught a 19-lb 5-oz bass on a bunker chunk about 8 am down in Holgate.

November 17, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 17, 2013 5:37 PM   Subject: Laura sport fishing 11/17

Big Jon and company had their five man striper limit today on umbrella rigs and sand eel imitation soft plastics. Action started slow but between 8:30 and 10:30 AM it was game on with 7 shorts and plenty on blues.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli "Laura", 23' Parker SE 856-341-6562

November 16, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 16, 2013 8:19 PM    Subject: 11/16 LBI Charters Report

Headed out with Cullen, Brian, Brian and Greg for opening day of blackfish. We put in a long day had bites from 30 foot to 80 foot. Couple spots started to come alive with keepers and shorts and then would just stop. Ended day with 17 keeper blackfish along with 14 keeper sea bass.

~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413

Received: Nov 16, 2013 2:14 PM   Subject: 11/16/13 report

Today, a buddy of mine brought me trolling outside Barnegat Inlet. 11 stripers with most being keeper size and one hookup was a double header. It was a solid day of fishing.

~ William Newnam Jr

Received: Nov 16, 2013 11:06 AM   Subject: First Bass

This morning, Sarah Filice of Surf City, NJ and Southern Regional High School weighed in her first striper at 16-lbs even. It was caught on a bucktail off the bathing beach at IBSP.

Brian Roddy

November 15, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Tautog (Blackfish) limit goes up from 1 fish to 6 fish tomorrow.

9:00 PM

Shamong Joe n Boyz hammered the striped bass today. Joe fished aboard a private boat and trolled up the striped bass.He reported, "The bite is on bro! 26 bass by 11:00 AM. The Black Umbrellas killed it!"

6:00 PM

Jack Wolfberg of Fort Washington brought a 10-lb 7-oz tog today. He caught it aboard his private boat fishing off of Beach Haven. This tog was weighed-in for the Fisherman Magazine Dream Boat Fishing Challenge.

Fresh bunker just arrived. The bunker man said a large mass of bass moved into the area. He said, "The fish made a big push south today. There is lots of bass and blues here. We caught all of the bunker off of the north end of the Island, not far from the Inlet. There were bass and blues on the bait."

~Fish Head Greg

1:00 PM

Yesterday Bill Figley of the Village Harbour Fishing Club weighed in a 12-lb 8-oz bluefish. He caught it aboard the "UNO" off of Seaside.

Mr. Vallone called up the shop today and shared a report, "Out on the boat this morning we found fish (striped bass and bluefish) right outside the Barnegat Inlet. As the morning went on, the fish slid south. There were a lot of boats on them and everyone was catching. This is day four of a great boat bite. Things are looking good for this weekend's PBA Striper Tournament!"

Now if only an epic surf bite would materialize. We've had customers in the shop buying needlefish plugs, metals and teasers. Some report catching but others speak of trouble finding bass. We've received a lot of calls asking, "Is the fall over?" There are fish in the suds to be had but not the quantity the boats are into. That could change any day! Keep in mind the 2011 fall bonkers sandeel bite blew up in mid-November and was strong through mid-December. It was cold but the fishing was smoking. We've got a lot of fishing ahead of us.

~Fish Head Greg

Date: Nov 15, 2013 7:05 PM   Subject: Reel Reaction Sportfishing

I had Paul Covine and Greg Oravets of Manahawkin, NJ on a bang-em up bass trip - the team had their seven fish limit (bonus tag used) with 2 hours to spare in the trip - we continued to play catch-n-release. Jigging AVA's and the deadly S&S Sandeel Flutter-jig, along with live-lining spot accounted for most of the striped ones. Greg's 20-lb bass was caught on an AVA retrieved on the surface, while Paul got top honors with a beautiful 22-lb bass that fell for the S&S Smiling Bill with pork worked "Montauk style". Paul had never caught a keeper Striped Bass before - well he was officially "christened" with a bass in the teens and a twenty pounder. Great job by all! The bass are HERE and the bite is ON.

I'm booked solid this weekend and also next Saturday (11/23), but I do have next Sunday open (11/24). If interested, please give me a ring (609-290-7709) or book through the website ( ). All bait, tackle, gear, ice, etc are provided on every trip.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

Received: Nov 15, 2013 12:52 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing

RED HOT striper bite. The bass bite is amazing. It finally broke wide open for us during the last two days for light tackle jigging action. Most fish are keepers in the low 30” range. I have the next two days open for private or open boat. Gota go, fish on!

Capt. Alex Barnegat, NJ 609-548-2511

November 13, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

6:45 PM

Sounds like today was a great day in the boats. Read the "Pez Machine" Report below.

~ Fish Head Greg

1:30 PM

We got word again this morning of piles of sand eels but only a couple striped bass being caught. Those anglers reaching out to the backside of the bar are getting it done. Needlefish and softbaits are the ticket. One of these days it's going to break open. This weekend might be the time!

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 6:25 PM    Subject: Pez Machine Sportfishing Event

After weeks of watching fish roll on the surface the jig bite broke wide open today!

Today was to be a maintenance day for the "Pez Machine"... engine oil, gear oil, filters, belts, impellers, etc. It was exciting stuff. We were in a mechanical groove until the "Doris Mae IV" backed into the slip at 10:15. They limited out. And work became a little tougher...

Then, dockmate "The Hunter" backed into the slip at 11:45. They also limited out and let a bunch more go.

Fortunately for us, the engines, gears and generator all had fresh oil and filters. So three of us jumped into the center console and headed out the inlet. It didn't take long to locate the fish and shortly afterwards we were fighting triple headers. In 50 minutes of fishing we caught and released 22 stripers.. Not a bad lunch hour! The best part is that there are still plenty of fish way to the north.

We still have the following dates available in November: 17, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 (AM only)

Give me a shout to get out fishing.


~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

Received: Nov 13, 2013 7:43 PM   Subject: Open Boat Stripers

Fished four days in a row this past Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. Had six nice bass on Friday, 12 to 22 pounds on jigs and trolling umbrella rigs and Maja #4 white bunker spoons. Only one fish on Sat. Four nice fish on the troll Sunday including my son Nick's new personal best, a 30-pounder (Ok, 29.4 really) but we're calling him 30, here's the video clip:

Back on Monday for two more fish, one just short and one 14-pounder, both on the troll. All caught up off of Lavallette in 65 to 70 feet of water, mostly trolling sandeel umbrella rigs. Water temp is still 54 degrees, so we should still have plenty of time left. Monday was a pretty good day for the fleet, just not us. My custom umbrella rigs have been kicking it this Fall, but not Monday. We got schooled by the guys dragging red or black Niners.

Heard some good reports from the party boats north of our inlet jigging fish, so looking forward to some casting and jigging this weekend. Maybe some live spot fishing in the inlet and bay, too.

The "Hi-Flier" is running an Open Boat this Sat and Sun, Nov. 16 and 17, 6:30 AM departure. Targeting Stripers along the coast, in the inlet, or in the bay. Casting, jigging, trolling, livelining, whatever it takes. We'll have it all. We can do a 6 hour trip or an 8 hour trip. I'll leave it up to you guys. $150 per man for the 6 hour, $200 for the 8 hour. 3 person max. All fish are shared.

Call to reserve a spot.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Nov 12, 2013 11:23 PM   Subject: No 2014 Jan/Feb Sea Bass Season

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but NOAA has decided that recreational fishing for sea bass in federal waters for January and February of 2014 will be prohibited.

~ Paul Haertel : Jersey Coast Anglers Association, Berkley Striper Club

Received: Nov 13, 2013 8:47 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

The striped bass fishing in the Beach Haven area continues to be frustrating for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The water temperatures are finally down where they should be and there is plenty of bait around, but very few bass. There is currently the largest run of sand eels in memory so the bass will hang around when they do arrive.

Captain Fran Verdi of the “Francesca Marie” has been running a few trips a week with anglers chasing the stripers. He has found that he must run to the north to find any trace of bass despite the enormous amounts of bait in our area of the ocean. He has been finding most of his fish on the troll with his top fish being a nice 30-pounder caught on an umbrella lure. For information on the 27' May-Craft “Francesca Marie” contact Capt. Fran Verdi, 609.868.8970

Captain John Lewis who runs “Insatiable” Sportfishing has also been finding the fishing to be hit and miss. He has been making trips both to the north of Long Beach Island and even south off Brigantine trying to find bass. Last Saturday he took the Dougherty party north of Barnegat Inlet looking for the fish after hearing some good reports of stripers and jumbo bluefish being caught during the week. Captain John said it looked like every boat in New Jersey was also fishing in that area. He trolled up to Ortley beach without a touch, and only heard of a few bass and blues being caught. As the “Insatiable” trolled south for home one of the bunker spoon rods went down. 14 year old Fitz was the only angler with the patience to stay in the cockpit and he was rewarded with a nice 20-pound striper. For information on the 38' Ocean Yacht Insatiable contact Capt. John Lewis, Phone: 609.670.5980

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

November 12, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 12, 2013 7:23 PM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Last minute cancellation!

We have been scoring quality bass up to 34lbs and bluefish around 20lbs all on Penn Battle 4000 light spinning tackle combos for the last couple of weeks and it just keeps getting better! I have 2 spots available for this Thursday, Nov. 14th and I have this Saturday, Nov. 16th available for private or open boat charter. The action has been sight casting to breaking and swirling stripers and blues which is a flat out BLAST! We only troll when all else fails. Come join in on the fun! Call only to reserve 609-290-1217

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

November 10, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Mike Sorrentino of Browns Mills, NJ stopped by the shop today, late in the afternoon. He pulled our scale with a 20-lb striped bass. Mike reported fishing today aboard the Doris Mae IV. He said that most anglers were jigging and without luck he switched over to a plug. He found out that the Bomber Long A is what they wanted!

Ben and Kristy stopped in the shop. While here they reported catching a bunch of herring off of the surf. Ben also said that there were piles of sandeels along the mid-island surf, "There were big black clouds of them in the water. They were washing up on the beach at our feet."

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Nov 10, 2013 8:08 PM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

This past week anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea scored both Quality Striped bass to 30+lbs and huge bluefish to 20lbs while employing well suited light spinning tackle to maximize both sport and fun! Although limits of striped bass have been scored regularly amongst anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea it wasn't always easy by any means. Patients and persistence was the key .

To keep anglers engaged and maximize entertainment... jigging and sight casting to swirling and breaking fish has been our means to connecting with both bass and blues. Trolling is always a possibility when all else fails or if the fish are found to be spread out but fortunately we have not needed to fall back to plan "B".

The week started with the Intuitive Surgical Group headed up by Mike Hodgkiss, Garth Little, Rob Richardson and Keith Schmid started fast out of the gate under a bird play just North of the inlet scoring loads of huge bluefish till arm weary. As the guys continued to catch those big slammers they were able to add 3 nice quality bass to 20+lbs in the cooler before the fish went off the bite.

Regulars Jay Simmons, Justine Simmons [ PA State Representative], Karl Steffan, and Ernie Rosenberg started the day picking away at huge bluefish on the light spinning tackle. Working under the biggest bird play so far this Fall the guys scored a Full Boat limit of bass and loads of bruiser bluefish!

The Tony Maffie Party ended the week with a solid early bite with more fantastic Fall action with both quality striped bass to 30+lbs and teen size bluefish before trips end.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Nov 10, 2013 9:48 AM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

After a good run of big bluefish with some striped bass mixed in earlier in the week it was tough fishing Thursday thru Saturday. I logged a lot of hours and nautical miles on both the bay and ocean those three days, that’s right the Debbie M was in the ocean ;), and only had one keeper striped bass to show for it. To say the least it was very frustrating. With the calendar creeping into the second week of November finding bass and bluefish should not be difficult to non-existent. As always this time of year I run and gun fish in the ocean and go to plans B and C (fishing the inlet and back bay) as needed or for a change of pace. All of these plans have not consistently paid off this year as they should be doing. The ocean water temperature still remains in the upper 50’s and the water looks gorgeous. The bay is in the lower 50’s and is very clear. There is a myriad of bait stacked off our beaches which includes: sandeels; squid; peanut bunker; adult bunker; hickory shad; butterfish; and rainfish. The birds have been having a feast on all of this bait and some days the flocks stretch for miles. With the best fishing yet to come, bait pens are full of live spots, and new line on every fall reel I will be back at it this week refusing to go the plan D, the local fish market!

Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

November 9, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 9, 2013 9:22 PM    Subject: Reel Reaction Sportfishing

I had Dave Colwell, Scott Dean, and Shaun Webster of Cherry Hill, NJ out on an early Saturday charter. We fished a variety spots and had to turn and burn to catch the bite. The trio was game for all tactics - jigging, live-lining, and trolling. I had them jigging AVA's, bucktails, Bkd's, and S&S Flutterjigs in which we boated every bait species in the atlantic: adult bunker, herring, mackerel, snapper bluefish, sundial flounder, and squid. But the S&S flutter jig (sandeel color) proved it's weight with Scott hooking up on two beautiful Striped Bass (35", 32"), and the trio landed a third (36") on the troll (umbrella rig). The key to jigging the bass is to keep it very close to the bottom - all of the bass had bellies full on sand-eels and we're caught in 60+ feet of water.

Currently, I have one opening for charter on Sunday 11/17/13 and a few spots open the rest of the month. If interested, please call 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( ). All bait, tackle, rods/reel, ice are provided on every charter.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

November 8, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

There were some fish on the beach this morning. Let's hope it continues throughout the weekend. Cortland Foos caught a 22-lb bass on bunker on the mid-island surf. Also, there were bass caught on needlefish lures. John P caught a schoolie on a yellow super strike needlefish. We received a report from an angler who fished bait last night and was covered up in dogfish.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Nov 8, 2013 6:20 PM    Subject: Stripers

Awesome fishing today. Had my two boys, their Uncle Hubie and Mark Machonis of Manahawkin. We jigged and trolled 10 to 20 pound stripers under birds off of Island Beach and Seaside Pier for three hours. The hottest lure was just a plain Ava 37 with no tail. Either vertical jigging or dropping it to the bottom and then reeling it back fast halfway up and then dropping it back to the bottom.

Back out tomorrow (Sat) with a full boat. Still have room Sun and Mon on our Open Boat trips. West wind forecast for both days. It's going to be good.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Nov 8, 2013 8:01 AM   Subject: Fishing report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

I had Tom Duralek out on a late, midweek trip to scout for striped bass and try out a new "old" trolling technique. The bass were either finicky or just couldn't compete with the ravaging bluefish. We ended up landing too many blues to count and some sore arms - jigging, trolling, bucktailing, soft-plastics - you name - they ate it. We had one decent runoff on live-spot that was probably a bass - all of the scales were stripped aka bass bite - otherwise it was bluefish, bluefish, bluefish. Sizes ranged from 12lb to 20lb, with the biggest close to 40". Note - all fish were released and most spit up sand-eels.

I have a few dates open, please call 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( All bait, tackle, etc is provided on every trip.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

November 7, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 PM

A customer stopped in after getting off the boat today. He reported fishing aboard the Doris Mae this morning and catching. He said there was a good fun bite. Both bass and blues as well as some weakfish.

Shop friend Don stopped in today and said that he has been picking some bass. "No keepers for me yet but there are bass if you work for them." He reported, "The Super Strike yellow needle has been good to me. The other night it was the purple bullet."

Received: Nov 7, 2013 8:16 AM   Subject: Beach Haven Charter Fishing Assoc Report

After several weeks of anticipation it seems that striped bass are finally in reach of the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. Anglers in the Long Beach Island area had begun to tire of hearing noteworthy catches from the north while their fishing was just a pick.

Fish are showing up south of Barnegat Inlet in some sizeable numbers, and these fish are big fish. The bulk of the striped bass are ranging from 15-30 pounds and there are big numbers of 15-pound bluefish in the mix.

These fish have been trolled up in deeper water just inside the 3-mile line, but in the past couple of days some hot action has been reported closer to shore on some of the lumps off Harvey Cedars, Ship Bottom, and Brant Beach.

Captain Fran Verdi on the boat “Francesca Marie” had a group out recently, and they headed North of Barnegat Inlet to see what they could troll up. They managed to boat one very nice 28-pound striped bass along with some sizeable bluefish. Captain Fran plans some more of these trips but hopes to find the fish a little closer to home. For information on the 27' May-Craft “Francesca Marie” contact Capt. Fran Verdi, 609.868.8970

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

November 6, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Late in the day yesterday we had a couple weigh-ins...

Scott Simpson of Hainesport weighed in a 16-lb 8-oz 36" bass for the Derby. He caught the bass off of the Beach Haven surf on bunker at about 5pm.

George Gilbert stopped by with a pair of bass. He reported, " I fished for about an hour before sunset outside of Barnegat Inlet. Caught three bass and lost several others on swimming plugs." George said the bass were up on top and wanted Red Fins!

Fishermen visiting the shop today said the bite was good early this morning. The word has been... "soft baits!" The Tsunami Sand Eels have been a very popular choice. Don't forget the Red Gills "Originals" and Red Gill "EVO" which are excellent Sand Eel imitators.

Received: Nov 6, 2013 5:49 PM   Subject: Open Boat Stripers

Our last day of fishing was this past Saturday and we struck out. The only comfort in that was the common report of "zero"s on the radio. They caught them on Wed and Thurs before out trip and then again on Sun after our trip. We were there for the day they didn't bite. It happens.

It sounds like the boats who have been making it out these last few days in the sloppy south have been rewarded with some good size fish.

The wind is going to take a west angle starting Thurs afternoon and then staying west, southwest, mostly northwest. This is it. Flat seas and the migration is on. You don't want to miss this stretch.

We will be running Open Boat Saturday, Nov. 9, Sunday, Nov. 10, and Monday, Nov. 11, 6AM to Noon. 3 people max. $150 person. All fish are shared. Also available to charter those afternoons on the same dates.

We will be armed to the teeth to put fish in the boat. Jigging, trolling, whatever it takes. Make sure you're there when we avenge our "zero"!

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Nov 6, 2013 5:01 PM   Subject: 11/6 Report

Headed out for fun with Kev and nephews Alex and Austin today. Started jigging and caught handful of big blues and a 15 lb striper for Kev. Fish were on top and tough to catch. From there headed wreck fishing. Plenty of life and lots of throwbacks. Had our 4 man limit of blackfish, 35 keeper sea bass, and a porgy. Felt good to fish again after a long spell stuck on land. Few dates left this fall so give a call.

~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413

November 4, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Yes, Fresh Bunker and Whole Surf Clams are in stock.

November 3, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Rudy Egbert weighed in a 34-lb 13-oz Striped Bass today for the Beach and Boat Tournament. He caught it trolling off of Island Beach State Park on a Maja Spoon. Rudy said he caught two bass and two bluefish.

November 2, 2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Nov 2, 2013 8:02 AM   Subject: Reel Reaction Sportfishing

I had my AVET reels spooled and ready to go for my fall striper trips. The nice thing about AVET is that their products are MADE IN THE USA!

Midweek, I had the pleasure of being invited by Stan Gola, owner of S&S bucktails, along with Capt. Joe Ryan to do some Striped Bass fishing. Stan wanted to try out some new lures and also show us a different technique for bass. Well, it was fish on!! We ended up catching our limit of 6 Striped Bass on Stan's technique using the S&S bucktail - all of the bass were in the 25-35lb range, with the biggest taping out to 46 inches. I will be trying out Stan's technique in our waters, and it should yield similar results.

I'm booked on Thursday 11/7, but have some openings the following weekend (Friday 11/8, Saturday 11/9, and Sunday 11/10); Open boat will be $125 per person including spot, need 2 to run (max 3). All tackle is provided.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

November 1, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarah Collins weighed in her first keeper striped bass yesterday, 8-lbs 8-oz. She caught it off of the surf on a AVA jig.

October 31, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

Bill Figley of the Village Harbour Fishing Club weighed in a 20-lb 2-oz bass that he caught off of Seaside Heights.

1:45 PM

A Blue Cabelas Fisherman Series gear bag was found in Barnegat Light close to Viking Village. It looked like it fell off a vehicle exiting Viking Village. Email the shop at to claim possession and we will notify finder with loser info.

1:15 PM

Wayne from Mill Creek reported catching on the boat this AM. He trolled up two 42" and two 36" Striped Bass on Maja Spoons and Sandeel Umbrella rigs.

12:00 Noon

My plan was to replay the my all night shuffle of yesterday; however the first alarm didn't raise me. Fortunately the second alarm did. I got a late start but better late then never. It took me about an hour to get tuned in. Once I did, it was a consistent bite that turned sporadic until a pair of blaring headlights put a damper on it. About 1/2 hour later I released my last bass of the night/morning and then only had one bump after that. All schoolie bass on the same wooden needle.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Thursday, October 31, 2013 4:30 PM Subject: Back in Barnegat....and so are the Stripers!

I just moved the Hi Flier back to Bob's Bay Marina in Barnegat this afternoon. I spent the last few weeks fishing out of Manasquan Inlet chasing bass and big blues. It worked out well and I will probably do it again next season.

Locally my phone and email has been lighting up with reports of stripers up and down Island Beach.

Open Boat trips this Sunday, Nov. 3 and Monday, Nov. 4. 6AM to Noon. $150 per man. 3 person max. All fish are shared. Call, don't email to reserve a spot.

Here we go! It's going to be an interesting two months. Can't wait. We are ready to troll bunker spoons, umbrella rigs, and single tube lures. Cast soft plastics. Jig metal. Liveline spots. It's a great time of year.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674 

Received: Oct 31, 2013 8:38 AM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - 1 Striper short of a 4 man limit!

After a couple of weeks mixing it up between mostly short, a few keeper stripers and pretty solid blackfishing we finally got our first crack at some quality migrating stripers to 25lbs!

Flocks of birds have been ever present all along the coast/inlet revealing only the vast amounts of small bay anchovy, sand eels and other assorted bait fish being assaulted by small weakfish and bluefish not much larger than their prey.

We started the day trolling Tony Maja #4 white and green spoon which scored our first stripers but with visible swirling and free jumping stripers we decided to break out the lighter spinning gear for a bit more "hands on" experience. A precise cast was the ticket to connecting with these finicky bass with any kind of regularity but proved both visually exciting , entertaining and at times a bit challenging.

Remember to join us on face book to view photos and hopefully "like us" and "share"

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Oct 31, 2013 6:51 AM   Subject: Red Men Striper Tournament this weekend

Steve from Tuckerton Bait and Tackle is reminding everyone that the Red Men Striped Bass (and bluefish) tournament is this weekend. Captain's meeting is tonight, 7 PM, at the Red Men Lodge, 145 W Main St, Tuckerton 08087. Entry fee is $60 per boat and one member of the boat must be present tonight. Tuckerton Bait and Tackle the official weigh station is located at 338 S Green St., Tuckerton NJ Phone: 609-294-8365

~ Steve, TBT

October 30, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6:00 PM

Rich Belli just stopped in the shop to get a wire line rod tip repair. He reported fishing up off of IBSP today outside the fleet in 60' of water. He caught three bass, two 20 class linesiders. He was trolling white spoons and also a shad rig. Both caught. Rich said there was lots of bait and scattered birds. He mentioned that there were bass on top for a while. Rich also reported trolling up 5 bass on Monday.

We had a customer in the shop who said he was on the fish. He picked up a pack of Slug-Gos and some lead heads and ran out the door.

We heard more chatter today about redfish. The puppy drum have been and still are around it numbers.

Boat anglers reported large pods of squid off of Island Beach.

12:00 Noon

I headed out last night for an all nighter. I started out at the first location without a touch. After 3-4 hours I made a move to the bayside where I have had light tackle fun with small game (hickory shad, spike weakfish, schoolie bass). It was good to get my line tight. About a half hour I changed it up and cruised the beach. Eventually the five and drive, stop and go, search was successful but it took awhile to get tuned in. Every plug I fished was raking sand fleas until the 24-7 needle. The 24-7 Lures wooden needle fish was the ticket! Three bass released with the opportunity for about seven or eight until it died out. The bites were there but I dropped them or just didn't connect.

I was happy and didn't expect more but since light was only another couple hours I decided to fish first light. Not a touch. Frisky birds and a couple whales gorging on bait but no bumps for me. It looked super fishy so maybe other anglers picked up something. Hopefully the day bite will turn on soon. Until then I'll be lurking late.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Oct 30, 2013 5:27 PM Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

Yesterday afternoon had a after school / magic hour trip. Started in some real nice white water around the inlet where we quickly scored two quality short bass on plugs. Also several hits and dropped fish. This fish were very white ocean fish which probably just arrived. Thinking it was going to be epic we then beat the water with artificals and live bait to no avail. Ocean water 58 bay is 52. Fish are better responding right now around the top of tide than cooler bay water on during the heart of the ebb.

Almost forgot I have open (off due to NJEA convention) next Thursday and Friday Nov 6 & 7. Also have some other prime dates. Contact me if interested in running and gunning outside and fishing the inlet and back. Don’t miss some of the best action the north east has to offer.

Of course I have some new video to show ;) This is from a trip last week which we got into a decent bite of both keepers and shorts on live spot.

Screaming drags

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Oct 30, 2013 8:12 AM   Subject: Report

Fly fishing picking up back in the bay. Three shorts last night, two this morning. Nothing with any size has showed up yet.

~ JJ

Received: Oct 30, 2013 7:10 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

Beach Haven is starting to see the arrival of the big striped bass from the north, and the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are ready to get in on some of the action.

After a warm fall, the water temperatures have finally gotten into the 50’s and with each degree drop, the bass action gets closer. The Sea Shell Motel in Beach Haven held its annual Striped Bass Tournament last weekend, and quite a few big bass were entered topped by a 40-pounder. Right now the bulk of the fish are being caught on the troll, but the fish should be coming closer to shore in a matter of days.

The tuna bite is still strong in the offshore canyons, and when boats are able to make the trip out, they have been doing very well. The Hudson Canyon is especially hot right now.

Although fluke and black sea bass are not in season, the inshore wrecks and reefs are still giving up some good numbers of porgies, blackfish, ling, and even some tinker mackerel. The 2013 fishing season is far from being over.
Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

October 29, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

With the fall being a time of transition everyday offers an opportunity. Every day is different and changing. The water temperatures are slowly dropping and currently is the prime time for quality striped bass. The Halloween doggies (dogfish) are here! They moved in yesterday and were ferocious. Might want to bring extra bait if going for a chunking session. Word from our bunker boat is some big blues slid into our area. We expect to see the first bluefish of the Fall Derby!

Yesterday bunker were in tight to the surf on the north end of the island. There were some quality bass caught on them. Word was it was a snagged bunker and big pencil poppers bite. But with all the sand eels that have been around don't forget to try a needle fish lure.

This morning we had a pair of quality striped bass weighed in by Brian Schmidt of Manahawkin. He hung a 31-lb 2-oz and a 22-lb 2-oz striped bass, both caught in Harvey Cedars on bunker. Brain took the lead in both the LBISFC Derby and FHQ Calcutta.

Zach Howes posted a picture of a puppy drum on our Facebook page today. He caught off of the surf. There's been a few others caught.

~ Fish Head Greg

October 28, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2:30 PM

We got word that the beach was dead this morning. The ocean is like a lake. The forecast is calling for the wind to shift NE tonight and tomorrow. Maybe it'll turn on! The bass are here and there are some very good quality ones too. Last night Rob Vallone caught this 30-lb 1-oz 42.25" bass off of the North End surf on a plug. He weighed it in this morning for the LBI Surf Fishing Tournament and our Shop Side-Bet Calcutta. Rob said it went for a Tom White metal lip swimmer.

The Sea Shell Striped Bass Derby this weekend was won by the Outcast with anglers Sean Kelly's 42.9-lb bass. Angler Paul Riker aboard Rebait got second place with a 39.75-lber and Jim Anderson aboard the Haakon took third with a 36.85-lber. Click here to see the Sea Shell's 2013 Striped Bass Derby's Final Weigh-In Report. Most fish were caught trolling off of Island Beach State Park.

Over the weekend, we had a nice black fish weighed in from one of the mates on the Carloyn Ann. It was 3-lbs 4-oz. A very nice size for a land caught tog! The tog fishing up at the Barnegat Light Inlet is still very good.

Yesterday morning store staffer Blake found a couple bass. He teased them up at first light with a white pencil popper. Also yesterday, John P. caught this puppy drum on a bunker chunk. We've heard chatter about red drum. There have been a couple caught around town.

Louis Fudali of Toms River posted on our Facebook yesterday... "As of 10/27/13 I would say the fall run of Bass will not happen just like last year/1 here 1 there that's it /Do not look at the reports/they want you to believe it's happening/ They should be on the beach 10 hr's a day"

Our reply, " Louis, We finally just got our first serious cold snap. We are going to have a late season. The water just dropped below 60 (some spots are still at 60) for the first time of the fall season. There's lots of fish here, unfortunately most are schoolies. We have had customers with 20 and 30 fish nights some back to back and tripled up nights. I'd say that's consistent. There's fish to catch. The meat of our season is Halloween to Thanksgiving. Don't give up and write it off just yet. Soaking baits off the surf... You might be waiting there awhile for a bite. But there are fish at night and low light. Look around especially around back. You'll be rewarded. - FishHead.Greg

12:30 PM

This morning Rob Vallone weighed in a 30-lb 1-oz (42-1/4" L x 24" G) Striped Bass for the LBI Surf Classic and Fisherman's Headquarters Striper Side-Bet. He caught the bass last night on a plug in Loveladies.

Received: Oct 28, 2013 4:14 PM   Subject: dogdaymonday

If you could sell Spiny Dogfish, I could have made a small fortune today. Nothing but these doggies from Holgate to LE reef to Harvey lump and tight to the beach. Nice day for a cruise. I could not even find a skate.

Nothing on the troll with stretch 25's.

~ MM

October 26, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kevin Wong weighed in this 41.05-lb striped bass earlier today for the Forked River Tuna Club's Striped Bass Tournament. His 49.25" long bass struck a Blue/White Mann's Stretch deep diving trolling plug off of Island Beach State Park. The only other fish of his day was a DOGFISH!

Rudy Egberts weighed in this 31-lb 9-oz bass today. He caught it trolling off of Lavallette in 60' of water on a bunker spoon.

The surf was slow. Only report we received was from Stu P. He reported a fluke on a SP Minnow. Stu added that it may have been a slow day on the beach but it was a nice day to enjoy.

~ Fish Head Greg

October 25, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

This morning Jake weighed in this 35-lb 13-oz bass. He caught it off of the north end surf on a plug early this morning. For those who know Jake he is a long time surfcaster who strictly fishes plugs. Unfortunately he is not registered in the Tournament.

For some time now the mass run of fish have been feeding in the Bight. Many local anglers have made the trek north and scored. Areas off of northern Jersey beaches and western Long Island beaches have had phenomenal fishing. Today there was a big change. We got word that the mass (made up of of bass, blues, bird and bait) has made its first slide south of Manasquan Inlet today. There is no telling when they'll be here, hopefully soon! Make sure your here and on it when it turns on.

This word came from our bunker boat captain who is on the water just about everyday. He told us that the local waters are loaded with bait. He said there are piles of sand eels, lots of jumbo spot, still some croakers, large schools of baby spike weakfish, small blues and massive amounts of silver butterfish mixed in with the bunker schools. He said the mass run is still north of us but he expects it to rage our way at any time!

~ Fish Head Greg

October 24, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 PM

The Barnegat Inlet is offering the island's best fishing. The tog bite has been great from well over a month and it is still going strong.

Sorry there's not much on the striped bass surf fishing to report on today. The beach is quiet and has been for some time now. We spoke to a couple anglers who fished today and also in the bad weather yesterday. The reports were all dismal. A couple fish have been caught, however, the bass are few and far between. With the recent cold snap we are finally seeing the temperature drop that should flip the switch. Every year we get the biggest bass of the fall around the end of October. Got to have your line wet to catch 'em!

FYI: Beach Buggy Access at Coast Ave was closed off today. Thanks to Matt G. for the info. Not sure why or when it will be open. It was very soft and torn up.

Good Luck to all of the anglers fishing the Sea Shell Striped Bass Derby this weekend! We are loaded with all baits; however, it is a great idea to call ahead and reserve your needs.

October 23, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Oct 23, 2013 9:25 PM   Subject: Stripers and Big Blues

I moved the Hi Flier north to this inlet to get closer to the fish and it has paid off. Our first two trips sailed from our current location in Manasquan Inlet this Sunday and Monday. On Sunday we trolled four keeper bass of 28", 18 pounds, 24 pounds, and 26 pounds for Phil Falato, Mike Blasetti, and my son Nick. Here's Nick finishing off his new personal best 26 pound striper: All the fish were taken on my own custom umbrella rigs trolled on wire line at the Shrewsbury Rocks. On Monday we returned to those grounds and found big flocks of birds and fish busting on the surface. We diamond jigged 16 to 19 pound bluefish for three hours. These are the biggest kind of blues and they are a workout.

We will be sailing out of Manasquan for at least another week and maybe two, depending on when things heat up further south. The boat is chartered for Sunday, so we will be running Open Boat trips this Saturday, Oct. 26 and Monday, Oct. 28. 7 AM to 3 PM. $200 per person. 3 person max. All fish are shared. We will be ready to cast, jig, and troll both stripers and blues.

Last Wednesday night I took my two boys, Nick, 15, and Max, 12, on the Gambler out of Pt. Pleasant for an overnight canyon tuna trip. After a slow night of fishing, we had a wide open bite on 35 to 40 pound longfin tuna that lasted for hours. We had seven between us and the boys each added a mahi mahi. Awesome boat, awesome crew. Here's Max doing battle with a 37 pound longfin that ate a bait he pitched on a spinning rod for a mahi mahi. It was a pretty big spinner, my Cabo 80, and he handled it like a champ.

Pics: (Photos Coming)

Stripers: Phil Falato (red hat) of Green Lane, PA, Mike Blasseti of Lansdale, PA, and first mate Nicholas DeGennaro (NY Yankee hat) of Barnegat, NJ.
Tuna: Max DeGennaro (blue sweatshirt) with his 37 pound longfin tuna.
Tuna: Nick DeGennaro (green sweatshirt) with his 37 pound longfin tuna.
Striper: Nick DeGennaro holding his 26 pound striper

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Oct 23, 2013 4:15 PM   Subject: BHCFA Report

While the striped bass and big bluefish have yet to make their appearances as far south as Beach Haven, some of the local captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have managed to keep busy catching a variety of fish.

Captain John Koegler of the “Pop’s Pride” tried a trip looking to troll up some bonito and some false albacore. He managed to boat a half dozen nice sized bonito, but saw no sign of false albacore. Since the bonito taste much better than the albacore, he had a happy crew. On the way back in he stopped and tried some bottom fishing. He said that he was very surprised to hook up with a goodly number of tinker mackerel. Although the fish were too small to keep, Captain John said he found the mackerel presence to be a positive sign. For information on the 38' Sport Fisherman “Pop's Pride” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. John Koegler 609.290.3349

Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Starfish” took out a party put together by Mark Giunta of Somerdale, NJ. They left Morrison’s Marina and headed out to the 15 fathom line looking for bonito. They trolled with little luck until south of Atlantic City when they started running into bait balls, some of which stretched from the bottom almost to the top of the water column. As they went over one bait ball, a rod which was running about 30-feet down had a light hit. As the fisherman started to pull the fish in, the rod went double and the line started screaming out. All other lines were pulled in and Captain Carl backed the boat back to the fish. With the light tackle it took some 40-minutes to get the fish to the boat. It took two gaffs and three strong men to bring a 61-inch thresher shark up high enough to attach a tail rope. The shark weighed close to 150 pounds and had a tail length of 58-inches. The group then caught some bonito on other bait balls before trying some bottom fishing on some nearby wrecks. There large black sea bass were caught which unfortunately were out of season along with some porgies and tinker mackerel. For information on the 40' Custom "Star Fish" for 2-20 anglers contact Capt. Carl Sheppard, 609.492.2591

For additional information the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association, go to the Association’s website at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

October 22, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Oct 22, 2013 8:11 PM Subject: Report

Still slow going but I caught my first 2 bass of the fall... and on a plug.

Fished last night mid island from 9-11:30 PM. Fished plugs and dead sticked bunker heads. Nothing.

Same spot this morning (10/22) from 5-10:30 AM. Plugs and bunker. Nothing until 7 AM. Saw a splash 3-feet from the shoreline. Walked over and threw a BM spin. Fish on! 26" striped bass. Released and scanned the water. Saw another splash and threw the plug. Another fish on. This one was about a 29" striped bass. I didn't see, but assume they were chasing sandeels (saw a dead one washed up on the beach a little earlier). Other than that, it was dead. Not many guys out there.

Hopefully back out next week after a cold spell. Tight lines!

~ Jim C.

October 20, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The surf was unseasonably slow leading up to the recent full moon. However, now on the downside our fall run is about to tee off! Over the weekend, two anglers spoke about a great full moon weakfish night bite off of the surf.

The Surf Derby weigh-ins are picking up and the catch reports are much more frequent. We have received word from customers over the weekend catching bass not only on bait like clams, bunker, mullet but also on lures. The amount of sandeels present locally is a key ingredient for a phenomenal bite. Slender good casting lures are the ticket. Opt for Rapala Max Rap lures, Daiwa SP Minnow Lures, AVA, AOK and Deadly Dick metals or Super Strike Needlefish!

Out front, the boat fishing should blow up any day! The fishing up north has been great but close to home hasn't been nearly as productive. We heard that some of the boats trolling are picking fish. With all of the sandeels, it's best to troll umbrella rigs. But stretch plugs and spoons are also catching. We had a pair of classy bass weighed in from guys trolling spoons.

~ Fish Head Greg

Date: Oct 20, 2013 9:44 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

With the consistent action I have had with bluefish around the inlet the last few months, never could I have imagined that a live bait with a circle hook piercing would stand a chance of keeping its tail for more than a minute when dropped to the bottom. Well that is what has been happening. Short bass with a keeper here and there has been the norm since things finally settled down from the recent nor’easter. The blues have taken a temporary leave of absence allowing bass more than enough eating room at the table. And yes the table is set! The ocean temperature refuses to drop below 63 while the bay has been the same. All of this is about to change with the weather pattern predicted this week. Look for cooler temperatures and more consistent northwesterly winds to bring the first waves of migrating striped bass and more bluefish to our area. The concentration of bait off our beaches right now is amazing and once mother nature aligns all of the before mentioned variables she will ring the dinner bell for our fall run the begin. On a recent trip with Andy Bedlingmaier we released a few bass with Berkley Striper Club tags in them. Here is a link to a video of one of the tag and releases:

Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

October 19, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Today, Bob Haines of Delran and Brian Martin of Brownsville were out fishing off of Seaside Heights. They caught some nice striped bass trolling chartreuse Tony Maja spoons in 60 foot of water. One was 28-lbs and the other was 23-lbs.

Received: Oct 19, 2013 9:59 AM Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Charters

I have been busy planning/prepping for the Barnegat High School's 5th Annual Fisherman's fleamarket (December 14, 2013) - it's always the second Saturday in December. Tables are booking up quickly. Again all proceeds go towards the fishing club, and this has no affiliation with Reel Reaction Sportfishing. I just like to pump it up for bigger attendance each year - last year we topped 500. So mark it on your calendars, and try to get there. If interested, contact me at my school email:

Fall is finally around the corner - cooler nights started to heat up our local fishing action. The blackfish bite has been steady around the inlet area with some bigger fish to 6-lbs in the mix. The key is to find them on the right tide. Green crabs, asian crabs, and fiddlers have been the ticket. I was able to fish on Columbus Day, and we could only muster fish to 14.5", but the action was steady - better on the incoming. I tried out the S&S bucktail's (red wine color) at a couple bay locations in the dark and bailed striped ones to 22-inches. The fish fell for the bucktail tipped with pork rind. Out front is still in the holding pattern with water temps in the mid 60's, we are awaiting cooler water and the ARRIVAL. There are some striped bass being caught along the inlet rocks on artificials, live spot, or eel.

I have two slots open next weekend (Saturday or Sunday), and will run open-boat at $135 per person - this does include live spot. Open boat trips - need at least 2 to run (max 3). If interested call (609-290-7709) or book via

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

October 17, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1:15 PM

October 17th Holgate Update... Still Bad news, the Federal Shut is over but Holgate remains closed due to erosion. Because of previous Fed closure maintenance was not possible. We hope to hear of improvements soon.

11:45 AM

Yes, Fresh Bunker and Fresh Surf Clams are in stock.

10:00 AM

There were lots of dolphin playing in the surf this morning mid-island. There has been bait present up there and it's good to see someone found it. We'd all much rather it be Striped Bass but hey it's a show to watch.

Yesterday was a big disappointment. With all of the anglers fishing only very few Striped Bass are being weighed in! Someone forgot to tell the Striped Bass that we all were coming.

Yesterday evening John Stravalle weighed in a 7-lb 9-oz black drum. He caught it off of the north end surf on clam at about 6 PM. Sorry the picture that was taken did not come out.

~ Fish Head Greg

October 16, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4:45 PM

Yes, Fresh Bunker is in stock.
However, Whole Surf Clams and Chowder Clams are currently Sold Out.

2:30 PM

I headed out late night last night and put some time in plugging the surf. I drove on mid-island and worked north. After about two hours I got my first hit on a SP Minnow. Realizing the bass were out on the backside of the bar I switch over to a black Super Strike Needle and was in. The bite lasted 20 minutes, three small schoolie bass. Unfortunately the fish moved and I couldn't follow/find. I ended up fishing another couple hours. Eventually I met up with South Philly Fred and head up to the Inlet. The conditions were perfect but not much was happening. Fred released two small bass; one went for his popper and the other couldn't resist his bucktail. I got the skunk that session!

Another report from the surf... Store staffer Joni bait fished last night off of the surf. He reported two small bass in the wee-hours of the morning on bunker.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Oct 16, 2013 4:11 PM   Subject: BHCFA Weekly Report

After a full week of strong, gusty northeast winds accompanied by extremely high tides, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel as far as the weather.

Now it is up to the fish to cooperate. Both summer flounder and black sea bass seasons are now closed. The attention of most anglers in the Long Beach Island area is now getting focused on the arrival of striped bass and big bluefish.

Right now the water temperatures are a bit warm for the onslaught of the stripers with most areas measuring around 62-degrees. The weather forecast for the next several days is calling for evening temperatures in the 40’s which should drop the water temperature into more favorable ranges. By the middle of next week, the nighttime lows are expected to be in the 30’s.

Captain John Koegler of the boat “Pop’s Pride” mentioned that on some of his trips prior to the northeaster he had seen quite a few large sand eels in the stomachs of the fish he was catching. This should be good news for anglers who like to jig for stripers on the inshore lumps.

There are several striped bass tournaments coming up in the near future in the southern Ocean County area, and some of the BHCFA captains will be participating in most of them.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be obtained at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

October 15, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rick Zane shared a report with us. He was casting lures earlier today off of the surf and caught two shorts on a Deadly Dick on the incoming tide. Nothing on the popper that he was using. Word is the striped bass are on the sand eels. Last couple fillet jobs have shown bass bellies stacked full of fresh sand eels. As Rick did... break out the metal and needle fish! Also consider Red Gills.

This afternoon Courtland Foos weighed-in a 22-lb 12-oz Striped Bass that he caught on bunker while fishing in Beach Haven.

As of 3 PM this afternoon all designated Long Beach Township 4-wheel drive entrances should be open. Holgate Wildlife is still closed as per Government shutdown.

This morning George Green weighed in a 19-lb 10-oz Striped Bass for the LBI Surf Fishing Classic that he caught in Barnegat Light using a bucktail.

Received: Oct 15, 2013 8:53 PM   Subject: Fwd: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Last weeks Nor'easter kept us tied [more like chained] to the dock except for Friday's short and uneventful scouting session in 30kt+ wind driven rain that had me back at the dock in less than 2-1/2 hours. The bay and inlet waters were whipped up into a turbid frenzy making it difficult to get a handle on the progression of our season but things are looking up!

Latest "intel" has things [striper activity] starting to happen! All the elements are aligned, waxing lunar cycle, tide, weather and wind direction! The 2013 fall season is upon us and it is "go for launch"! I will be running Thursday, Friday and Sunday trips to intercept and engage any and all striper activity. Live bait and artificials will be employed on light spinning and conventional tackle. Thursday and Friday are available , Sunday I have 1 spot still available .

The last few years has had solid striper activity by mid October and this year looks like it history could be repeating itself. Need a minimum of 3 anglers $125.00pp. Don't wait for the "fishing reports" be the "fishing reports"!!!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

October 14, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 PM

Jason Marty weighed in the 42-lb Striper Bass before we closed tonight. He caught two schoolie striped bass on a small Yo-Zuri swimming plug and then this bucket mouth. He said it took him about 20 minutes to get it in on his ultra light outfit.

10:00 AM

The wind some what died out. Just a light breeze right now.

Don Roberts took advantage of the great fishing conditions this morning and capitalized. Don weighted-in a 36.5" Striped Bass for the LBI Surf Fishing Classic (aka Derby) that pulled to 16-lbs 7-oz. He caught it off of the Barnegat Light surf on a plug.

Reminder: Black Sea Bass closes after today (10/14/13) until it reopening again 11/01/13 to 12/31/13.

October 13, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This wind just keeps on howling. It slightly subsided today but it doesn't look to be dying until mid week. There is plenty of bait around, the bass are here and the conditions are right. Last night after work store staffer Oakley went plugging and picked off a schoolie Striped Bass.

Reminder: Black Sea Bass closes after tomorrow (10/14/13) until it reopening again 11/01/13 to 12/31/13.

I just returned home from my annual October 5-day trip to Montauk with friends. We fished every and all night. Slept most of the days, grilling and chilling and had a great time. All week the wind was cranking, the white water was rolling and the striped bass were super charged. There was a ton of bait. On just about every session a variety of bait was present. Big corn cob mullet, finger mullet, sandeels, spearing, and bunker. One of the gut hooked striped bass had three just eaten spot in it's belly so they are there too. The parking lot was empty all week and very few anglers were fishing. But once Friday came along, the trucks started trickling in and by midday the lot was packed. At that point I decided it was my time to go home. All in all, most every fishing session that I undertook was loaded with fish. Long story short... The fishing was phenomenal and that's an understatement.

~ Fish Head Greg

October 12, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Oct 12, 2013 11:29 AM   Subject: Old School Stripers, Blues, and Tuna

I'm moving the Hi Flier north to Manasquan Inlet for the last two weeks of October. I will be running Open Boat trips Sat, Sun, and Mon's Oct. 19, 20, 21 and 26, 27, 28.

We will be targeting bluefin tuna in the Mud Hole and stripers and bluefish at Shrewsbury Rocks. The weather and sea condition will dictate where we fish and what we target. These will be all day trips, 6AM to 2 PM (at least). It will only be 20 miles to the deepest part of the Mud Hole from this inlet. If the forecast looks good and the ocean is flat, we will run offshore to pursue bluefin tuna. Trolling, jigging, chunking, live bait fishing... we will try it all. These could be anywhere from 20 to 50 pound fish and I will bring every class tackle for any size fish we might encounter. I also have a pair of 130 class rods rigged and ready in case we mark a Giant Bluefin. We have everything it takes to bring one back. All the fish we catch on our trips belong to you guys except a Giant. On the outside chance that we were to hook one, you guys get to do battle and get a full refund of your fare, but the fish belongs to the boat.

If the wind is from the west or even better, northwest, blowing hard enough to keep us from going offshore, it will be a flat ocean along the beach, so we will make a left and run the 18 miles north to Shrewsbury Rocks. The stripers and big gator blues have already started cooperating there. I plan on doing some wireline trolling as well as jigging. The kind of wireline fishing I'm talking about is fun, though. WHAT?? You read that right, fun, wireline, and trolling all in the same sentence! Everyone in my family owns a pair of these "jigsticks". They are short and stocky 5-1/2' fiberglass rods. We use Daiwa Sealine 50 H reels spooled with Dacron backing, 150 feet of #30 pound Monel wireline, 25 feet of #50 pound monofilament tied to a 2 ounce white bucktail tipped with a red or yellow strip of Uncle Josh pork rind. You let it all out while trolling at slow speed until the swivel connecting the wire to the Dacron hits the water. Then you sweep the rod with long sharp strokes. This is why the rods are not long and flexible, the stiff rod makes the lure jump. Start with the rod tip at the transom and sweep the rod until it is even with your shoulder. It has to be sharp enough to make the lure "hop", not "slide" through the water. They eat it when your rod is at the transom causing the lure to fall and you feel the hookup as you sweep forward. It is a train wreck of a hit. Stripers and big bluefish are both suckers for this presentation. Further North, in the New England states, this is very popular with parachute jigs and a similar technique, but I grew up doing this bucktailing through the 1970's. Sometimes two trips a day to Monmouth Beach and the Shrewsbury Rocks just to do this on my dad's 23-ft. Sea Ray. He would have me jig a handheld line up the middle, an even scarier hit! He wouldn't stop the boat unless all three guys were hooked up. Mostly 10 to 15 pound bass and 10 to 18 pound gator bluefish doing this. Much more fun than cranking 300 feet of wire and an umbrella rig, though I'm not against doing that if we need some fish in the box. I always have everything on board, just in case.

It's going to be an interesting six days of fishing. Sat, Sun, and Mon's Oct. 19, 20, 21 and 26, 27, 28. $200 per person, 6AM to 2 PM. Three people max. All fish are shared. The same dates are also available for your private charter.

Give me a call if you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot. The boat will be back in Barnegat for November 1 to chase stripers along the beach and in the bay.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

October 9, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Oct 9, 2013 4:57 PM   Subject: Weekly BHCFA Report

True fall fishing has not arrived in Beach Haven, despite the anticipation of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. Although there is quite a bit of bait in the nearby waters, the temperatures remain too high for the striped bass and big bluefish that make fall exciting. A large northeast storm is poised to hit the New Jersey coast, and that might spark some movement of the fish.

Meanwhile, a couple of boats had some very good wreck fishing days recently.

Captain Tim Knorr had the “F/V William Knorr” out to two inshore wrecks in 75-feet of water and filled the box with porgies, sea bass, blowfish, and trigger fish. They also set up on several of the larger wrecks on the Barnegat Reef and did well there also. Captain Tim said the action was red hot for a 2-1/2 hour stretch during the incoming tide when it was almost impossible to get the baits to the bottom without getting bit almost immediately. The action later in the day as the tide turned and headed back out was also better than normal. After the morning run, they actually headed back in for more bait because the bait that usually lasts an entire day was gone in 3 hours. The anglers included the captain, his son and his first mate.

Captain John Lewis had the Newbern party out on the “Insatiable” to the reefs for a spectacular day of fishing. They brought home keeper sea bass, porgies, and large blowfish while also catching over 60 short sea bass in non-stop action.

Captain John Koegler had a group on the “Pop’s Pride” fishing about 9 miles outside Little Egg Inlet for a day of trolling. They managed to catch 30 false albacore and 23 bonito. Captain John said it was good, steady action, and he was surprised at the large number of bonito they caught. He termed it one of his best days on these fish.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at .

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

October 8, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 AM

The cold front pushed through yesterday and brought the area nice cool temperatures. The weekly forecast calls for northeast winds. All of the pieces of the fall puzzle are coming together. We just need the surf temperature to drop some more. Last time I surfed I was in trunks still. It was in the high 60's. I got word yesterday that it was 66 degrees.

October 7, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2:30 PM

Last night was a great time at the Shell! The sold out concert started with the Billy Walton Band who opened up with a bang. They rocked and had some horns that set off their sound. Everyone in the band was phenomenal. Chris Harford and the Band Of Changes were up next and they were also great. Then it was Mickey and Friends. Fans came from all around and they weren't disappointed. Thanks to all of the bands that played, all of the anglers and music lovers that came out to have a good time and especially Tom Hughes at the Shell.

Congrats to the 2013 Chowderfest Kings.

It's finally here.... October 7th....  The
2013 59th Annual LONG BEACH ISLAND SURF FISHING CLASSIC is underway. The lights along Long Beach Blvd and Central Ave are beginning to be set to flash. Now it really feels like fall.

This past weekend was the Governors Surf Tournament on Island Beach State Park. Jason D. gave us a report. He said, "It was a slow day for this year's tournament. Foggy, overcast skies seemed to keep the masses away, but those in attendance were greeted by a calm surf. Not many catches overall, but there were some bluefish, kingfish, and a few blackfish caught. Just enough to get some prizes handed out. An 18-19" bluefish took the cup as the winner of the 2013 Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament. Better days are coming."

Received: Oct 6, 2013 11:41 PM Subject: Fishing Report

Saturday produced a late morning departure from the marina on top of the tide. Heading out through Little Egg Inlet in the thick soup produced some adventure. Thank goodness for radar. I always marvel at the idiots running along in fog with no lights and no radar. Just that trusty GPS plotter that gives them enough confidence to be dangerous. Sure enough, just as we passed #2 heading east, here comes a fool on plane in a 24 foot walk around headed west (in bound) with a Cabo Flybridge heading north cutting across our bow at the same time. And we have less than 1/4 mile visibility! Nowhere to go, so we had to come to an abrupt stop in the channel to avoid a collision. Obviously neither skipper gave a thought to who might be out there or the fact that they were not where they should be. Back under way, we next encountered a tug with barge in tow mid way between LE and the wreck buoy. Odd place for a tug and barge, since they usually stay farther off. Again, good radar plot and lookouts to stay safe, and we gave him plenty of room. Reminder to those encountering a tug and barge - NEVER - NEVER - attempt to cross behind the tug and ahead of the barge. You are likely to snag the tow cable. If you see a tug in fog, assume he has a tow behind him if you lack radar to prove otherwise.

Water temps out to the wreck buoy were a solid 66 degrees, so we stuck to the plan and headed east to a spot north of AC Ridge that I call the Bonito Box (because that's where we always find them). As we continued east, the water gradually warmed up to 69 degrees and the fog evaporated. Plenty of sunshine and blue water, but most of the bait was hanging down deep, balled up tight. Just the same, we set up for the troll and within seconds of having the fourth line set, we had a double run off. Two nice Bonitos. As I reset the second line, and we bumped up the throttles, WAHM! The port side bird rig disappeared, throttled back down to fight that fish, and two more lines took off screaming. This time it was two more Bonitos and a feisty Little Tuny that went about 15 pounds. And that's how the next hour went, one Bonito after another. Radio chatter indicated similar Bonito action on the AC Ridge.

The weapon of choice continues to be the deadly Williamson 4" feather. Just can't beat that lure, since it does such a great job of replicating a mullet or sardine, especially when you run it behind a trolling sinker, which makes it appear as one mullet following another. Keep them in tight, right in the wash as the Bonito will come right to the transom.

Tight Lines!

Capt Bernie Hyland, Mad Ludwig

Received: Oct 6, 2013 7:50 PM Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

It was a foggy and unseasonably warm weekend on Barnegat Bay. Over the years there are two things I have learned about fishing in the fog: safety first; and fish often turn on. The later was again proven both days when schoolie bass took advantage of the continued low light conditions and put the feed bags on! It was double digit bass to 25” on poppers, swimmers and live bait as they gorge on rainfish often in only inches of water in the back bay. Surface strikes were spectacular with some of the bass slamming the poppers with the tails. On Saturday I found one location that also included brown pelicans feeding. How many times in NJ do you get to fish a bass blitz in shorts while pelican feed in the mayham? Here is some footage from that morning:  I also found 4-5 pound blues cooperating around the inlet. A quick run along the beach had my fish finder lighting up with spike weakfish literally paving the bottom (picture attached). I marked them for over ½ mile. There are still snappers to BIG snappers in the tidal creeks along with young of the year weakfish (juveniles that hatched recently). These creeks are also holding a nice supply of peanut bunker and I found it easy to make bait before every trip.

Oh, to answer last week’s question: do blue crabs like natural (bluefish) or un-natural (chicken)? The answer is bluefish with a ratio of 2.5:1.

Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Oct 6, 2013 7:18 PM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - 5 Barnegat Bay Slams!!!

Much of the last week was spent getting the Reel Fantasea ready for the rigors of her Fall season marathon of fishing. Rods and reels are ready and the live bait pens are fully stocked with choice striper baits as well. By late Thursday Oct 3rd the Reel Fantasea was back in the water and ready for some fun for the following day.

Friday mornings trip had the returning Josh Forsythe party finding a modest mix of stripers, blues , weakfish, croakers and blackfish to play with. The guys started the day picking away at stripers and blues on light tackle. After the bite slowed we moved off the beach to find a vast bird play with schools of spike weakfish that responded well to teasers above our jigs, It wasn't the hottest action but the guys did manage to work hard with Steve Littleson scoring his 1st Barnegat Bay Slam before trips end!

Friday afternoon had regulars Jay Simmons and Karl Steffan who were joined by friend Kurt. The first few stops found little action until we moved off the beach again looking for the vast schools of weakfish that we had earlier in the day to find non stop action with spike weakfish and croakers. After spending just enough time for the tide change we were back in the inlet area to find the stripers and bluefish much more cooperative with all aboard scoring 4 Barnegat Bay Slams [ including me] before trips end.

The extended weather forecast is for a cooler weather trend by mid week and this should certainly get the fishing ramped up as night time temps will be in the 40's. I have this Thursday available for open boat or private charter. We be targeting all of the above with both live bait and artificials while employing light tackle tactics.

Please remember to join us on face book to view latest fishing reports and photos and hopefully "like us".

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

October 6, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:30 PM

Store staffer Steve-o came in today to work and reported catching a nice weakfish.  We also got word from Ryan Purul that the tog fishing up at the rocks is great.

9:30 AM

So far this morning we have been slammed . Lotta anglers heading up to the rocks for tog and also hitting the beach looking for bass/blues/kingfish.  Store staffer Matt S. hit the surf yesterday after work. He reported this morning he had one blowup on a popper but it didn't come tight.

Fished the northern end of the Island the other evening. The ocean was fairly calm but there were patches of "nervous" water real close in. Wasn't sure what the bait fish were. Had an AVA tied on with a teaser. Soon found out what the fish were feeding on. First cast into the nervous water and bango. Nice fat 12 pound bass on the beach on the AVA. Also had couple of emaciated bluefish on the teaser. Saw couple of sandeels on the beach so blues and bass are on them. Also saw lot of bunker real close flipping in the wash. So it looks like eels and bunker from here on. ~ Paul Bandini

Received: Oct 6, 2013 6:48 AM Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Charters

As some may know, I'm a teacher and advisor for the Barnegat High School fishing club. On Friday, I had 26 students out on the Carolyn Ann III for an afterschool trip. Gina gave me word that the sea bass has been pretty much non-existent, so instead we ended up fishing for weakfish and croakers. The kids had a blast hooking up with 15 keeper weakfish to 17 inches and tons of croakers. Justin Gulduldick was the "pool" winner with a nice weakfish - he won a rod & reel and BHS fishing club shirt. Thanks again to the crew of the Carolynn Ann III for a great time.

I was able to get out with my father for a nearshore trip to an area between the Mud hole and Glory hole - NOAA definitely botched the forecast that morning, but we still made the 38 mile run out in choppy seas. We ended the day with a nice 35" mahi-mahi that went for a live-spot. We also had a tuna on for 15 minutes, but lost him when the hook popped. A 8-9ft blue shark came into our slick and proceeded to try to taste the swim platform and engine.

Closer to home fishing in the inlet area is producing small bluefish and small stripers, but we are still waiting for the fall run to materialize. Bayside is still producing spot at a slower pace and blowfish.

If interested in booking a charter, please call me on the cell 609-290-7709 or book through the website it goes directly to my blackberry.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction  609.290.7709

October 5, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6:00 PM

Ed K was in the shop a little while ago. He reported a couple small bass of the surf this morning. Ed said he heard word of sand eels but no visual signs.  Ed mentioned there were albies busting at first light.

12:00 PM

Yesterday evening Bill Bousant stopped in and reported raising one bass on a popper at sunset off of the mid-island surf. He also reported small blues were present. While here at the shop he picked up and flat of bait in preparation for the edge. He geared up and head for the deep in search of tuna.

Tomorrow is the big day! Chowder Fest and then to the Shell for the Long Beach Island Benefit Concert. It's sold out!!!

October 4, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4:30 PM

Unfortunately no afternoon word from anyone. If we get a report we'll share.

10:45 AM - Live Bloodworms expected in a couple hours

Late in the day yesterday we received a little fresh bunker and also a couple bags of some really big surf clams. At the time of this post both are still in stock. We are expecting more clams as well as bunker later today. When talking with our bunker man he reported there were some weakfish out there mixed in with the catch. Speaking of weakfish... the bayside bite continues. Store staffer Steve-o has been doing very well at night with Gulp! Jerk Shads on a small lead head jig. He reported catching three nice one recently.

Our bunker man also brought in some beautiful butterfish. He said there was a lot out there. The butters that were here went fast. All of the offshore guys gearing up gobbled them up. Our flats of frozen bait is also going fast too. Anyone looking for flats of bait for chunking  (butterfish, sardines and anchovies) please call ahead and reserve as soon as possible. We do not expect another delivery this season.

Received: Oct 3, 2013 8:09 PM Subject: Old Barney Charters Fall Stripers

With school back in session, trips are limited to weekends. Warmer temperatures are bound to subside and give way to cooler ocean temps. Boat and rod maintenance is done. Spot pens are filled and now we are just waiting. The following are the only dates remaining for fall stripers: 10/26, 10/27, 11/10, 11/17. I will post as open boat if not booked as dates approach.

~ Capt. Kevin Schmidt, "Bonnie Anne" , Old Barney Charters, 267.918.1746

October 3, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4:30 PM

We just got word from a local angler. He told us that he plugged the mid-island surf Tuesday evening... three bass between 26-28" on a yellow Bomber. Not too shabby!

Received: Oct 2, 2013 2:34 PM Subject: BHCFA Report

Right now is a bit of a holding pattern for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association as they await the arrival of the striped bass and the big bluefish that mark the beginning of the traditional New Jersey fall fishing season. There is still some top-notch offshore big game fishing to be had for tuna, mahi-mahi, and even some swordfish, but poor weather recently has made trips to the offshore canyons a bit dicey. The inshore fishery for summer flounder ended a week ago, and black sea bass season re-opened which does fill a bit of a void there. Strong northeast winds last weekend, however, even put the damper on the trips to the inshore artificial reefs. Captain Fran Verdi did manage to make one or two trips with the “Francesca Marie” after sea bass and did put some nice keepers into the fish box. The high seas made fishing a bit uncomfortable as well as hampering efforts to locate the boat exactly over the structure that he wanted to fish. With more favorable weather forecast in the near future, Captain Fran has plans to put his anglers on some good sea bass action. Meanwhile the cool evenings have slowly lowered the area water temperatures and brought a very large amount of baitfish around. There are huge schools of finger mullet and peanut bunker everywhere. When the bluefish and stripers arrive from the north and find this bait, the fall action should break wide open. Additional information on the association can be found at

October 2, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fishing Rod Sale! We have a load of fishing rods on sale throughout the weekend. Ranging from inshore light tackle to offshore big game, there's a rod to fill that spot in anyone's incomplete quiver. Stop by and check out the sale rack in the front of the shop and be sure to ask about the bins full of discounted rods in the back. The discounts range from 20-50% off last year's retail price. There's rods from Shimano, Penn, Star and many other top name brands. Check 'em out!

We expect some fresh bunker later today. Clams, Green Crabs and Live Bloods will be here tomorrow. Sorry this will be the only fishing report post today.

10:00 AM - New Moon This Weekend!

We had a very good consistent striped bass bite a week or two back. The weather first turned chilly and bait was on the move. Lots of anglers had success off of the front beaches and the inlets with lures. Poppers at sunrise was the ticket but also swimmers caught especially after dark. Next thing you know, we hit this lull. A couple fish here and a couple fish there. Finally yesterday late in the day we received word of some bass on plugs. The customer didn't report where but he said it was a good bite that lasted until dark. One thing is for sure the angler was not fishing Holgate. With the government shut down the refuge is locked up tight. Now that we are on the dark side of the moon I have hopes for some better striper action. New Moon is Saturday.

~ FishHead.Greg

Surf Fishing Seminar is next Saturday, October 12, 2013. See yesterday's post below for more details.

October 1, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4:45 PM

Finally all of the front beach are open to beach buddies. It's almost that time... The LBI Surf Fishing Classic starts in less than one week.

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 is the FREE Surfcasting Seminar. Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce on 9th St. in Ship Bottom for door prizes, coffee, and bagels, then join us at the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Co. No.1 Station on 21st St. and Central Ave. where Team Mullet, a local fishing club, will share their knowledge of surf fishing equipment, casting, bait, driving a 4x4 vehicle on the beach, and much more. Weather permitting, we will then go to the 9th St. Ship Bottom beach for hands-on instruction. Bring a folding chair for your comfort on the beach. There's a prize drawing at the end of the Fire House segment of the seminar. You must be present to win. Pre-registration is required for this free seminar. To register call the Chamber of Commerce 609 494-7211x100 or 800 292-6372x100.

Received: Oct 1, 2013 1:25 PM Subject: Pez Machine Sportfishing

There's still time left in this year's canyon season! Not only is there still time, we have 2 available spots on a 36-hour canyon trip this weekend! We're leaving the dock at midnight on Friday night and returning at noon on Sunday(10/6). I know it's last minute but I know someone is hungry for another fight. It's $750 per person for the last two spots -- let's make it happen. Thanks and stay tuned for an email about the upcoming striper season.

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

10:00 AM

Attention any and all surf fishing anglers. The 59th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic this year is going to be the best year ever! There are lots of prizes like every other year. But what makes this year over the top is the two big cash prizes: $1000 to the biggest striped bass on October 16th and $500 to the biggest striped bass on November 16th.

Everyone who purchased tickets early for the Derby Benefit Concert are happy they did because the event is sold out. There might be a couple tickets floating around but not here. It's going to be a great show. See you all there.

The New Jersey Beach Buddy Association's Annual Holgate Beach Clean Up has been canceled due to the government shut down. Amazing... Please Spread the Word. ~ Greg O'Connell

September 30, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1:00 PM

We've recently received numerous reports of the elusive rainbow fanged ones. There are weakfish at night on the north end, mid-island and south end's bayside. Still the same along the surf, bay and inlet.... Tog bite is on fire. Still blowfish and spot in the bay. Blues and occasional bass long the front beach and Inlets.

Received: Sep 29, 2013 8:14 PM Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

This weekend’s “dry” nor’easter did what nor’easters usually do, turn the bite on. I fished several times this week, as well as Saturday and Sunday, and have found both the Barnegat Bay and ocean temps around 65. Some nicer blues started showing up ready to torture my light tackle gear. Check out this picture from Saturday of Dave Werner with one of the better blues hanging around right now. After tiring out on blues, Dave and I worked several back bays spots but drew a blank on the bass. Sunday was a different story. Both blues and bass cooperated for the Ken Higgins and I. Not only did we find fish in the whitewater around the inlet [check out some of this action in my latest video: ]but we found them in some of the more protected spots of the bay. Ken and I found some locations in the bay holding short bass eager to chew on almost every drift on the falling tide. It was lots of fun just and a great way to start the fall bass season. I then managed to go out crabbing with my son Garrett to test his question for a scientific method project: Do blue crabs prefer natural bait (bluefish) over unnatural bait (chicken)? Crabbing was very good and he now has enough data to support his hypothesis for the project. So which do you think crabs prefer???????

Screaming Drags,

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

September 29, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

Tog fishing is still very good. Anglers are loading up on green crabs and having fun catching the bucktoothed blackies. The kingfish and small blues are the primary species off of the front beach. One can see they dominate the surf right now from the ASAC Tournament results listed below. We have had a number of calls about red drum regulations... Red Drum - One fish 18-27". The NJ saltwater Marine Digest states, "18" minimum length with a harvest possession limit at one not greater than 27 inches."

We received some information on the 67th World Series of Surf Fishing Tournament (ASAC) that was held by the Long Beach Island Fishing Club on Saturday September 28th. There were 60 teams made up of 286 anglers who caught 203 fish. There were also 17 individual anglers not fishing on an team. All together there were 210 fish caught in the Tournament made up of 106 kingfish, 96 bluefish, two red drum, one weakfish and a few other species.

Team Results: 1st Team CTS with 14 fish for 175 points, 2nd SURF-n-LAND-A with 12 fish for 148 points, 3rd South Jersey Surfcasters-B with 10 fish for 140.75 points, 4th AngleSea-A with 12 fish for 139 points, 5th Merchantville Fishing Club-B with 9 fish for 132.75 points.

In the Men's Division the largest fish win went to George Anbriel on Team Virginia Beach Anglers-B for a 23.5" red drum followed by Jeff Smith on Barrington Rod and Reel with a 21.5" red drum, then a four way tie in 3rd between John Jones, Dave Hysek, Dom Savasta and Dave McVeigh with 18.5" bluefish. Most fish award was won by Dante Soriente of Team CTS with 8 kingfish totaling 96 inches, followed by John Jones of the South Jersey Surfcasters-B with two kingfish and two bluefish totaling 58.5 points, then John Grome of the South Jersey Surfcasters-A with four bluefish totaling 57.75 points.

In the Woman's Division the largest fish win went to Lynda Graves on the NJ Beach Buggy Ass. for a 20.5" bluefish that was followed by (Women's Surf Fishing Club-A) Arlene Perkowski's 14.25" kingfish and (Women's Surf Fishing Club-A) Susan Boehret's 13.75" kingfish. The most fish awar was won by Susan Boehret with 4 kingfish for 48.5 points, followed by Arlene Perkowski with two kingfish for 27.75 points and then a third place tie between Dawn Hennhaffer (Misfits) and Andrea Tambruino (Women's Surf Fishing Club-A) both with two kingfish totaling 24.5 points.

In the Youth Division Ant Krieg of South Jersey Surfcasters-B won with a 14.25" kingfish. The largest fish award went to Chase Kephart of the Brigantine Sharks with a 17.25" bluefish. Chase also won the most fish award with three bluefish for 48.5 points.

12:00 PM - Some Fresh Mullet and Baby Bunker Just Arrived, Expecting Fresh Bunker Later Today

I caught a really big sheepshead, possible state record but didn't check the record weight until getting home after releasing the fish. NJ State record is only 17lbs and this fish was pretty close if not larger. Hope to be back sometime with a similar one to weigh in.  ~ Joe Slezak

Brian R. stopped in in today to pick up new Penn SSV and a rod we re-built for him. While here he shared his morning fishing report. He said that he was up on the mid-island surf for sunrise. He caught three fluke on mullet and cut bunker as well as a kingfish on clam. He said that 6oz of lead was needed to hold and there were lots of small jellyfish.

Yesterday Barrington Rod and Reel's Jeff Smith from Barington, NJ caught this 21.5" (about 4-lbs) puppy red drum off of the mid-island surf on bloodworms.

So here is the offical report from Jason H, one of the Southern Regional Fishing Club Advisers, "Thirty students from the Southern Regional High School Fishing Club were on board for the first boat trip of the school year, on Friday, Sept. 27. We went out on the Carolyn Ann III, and as always, the captain and crew brought smiles and laughter to the kids who were able take part in this wreck fishing trip. Eddie Oriolt caught the top fish of the day, a 4.5-lb. black sea bass that earned him an SRHS Fishing Club sweatshirt. In total we had about eight keeper sea bass, six or so northern puffers, and four porgy. The kids also caught numerous throwbacks, and the action was steady as we fished within sight of land during a moderate northeast wind. The boat is expecting sea bassing to only improve as the ocean bottom water temperatures decrease. The kids did a great job and we are all looking forward to the next trip.

Received: Sep 29, 2013 9:32 AM Subject: Plan B - Big Weakfish

It looks like the weather forecast has changed to a hard northeast wind for Monday. 10 to 15 knots gusting to 20. That will keep us from running to Barnegat Ridge. The good news is we will still be fishing. I've been fishing a new area trying to catch spots for my bait pen and stumbled on to some 20-26 inch weakfish. I also caught an 8 pound puppy drum there. Monday, Sept. 30th, will now be a 7:00am to Noon open boat trip in the bay. $135.00 per person, 3 person max. I am loaded for bear with shedder crabs and a whole flat of sandworms.

The wind is going west/northwest for the rest of the week which will lay the ocean right out to flat calm. We will run open boat Tues., Oct 1st, Wed., Oct. 2nd and Thurs. Oct. 3rd, noon to 5 or 6pm for either bonita and albies at Barnegat Ridge or weakies in the bay. I'll leave it up to you guys. Fishing inside and outside is hot right now.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Sep 29, 2013 5:29 AM Subject: Fishing Reports - Reels Reaction Sportfishing

Fluke season has officially ended - we ended the season with over 120 keepers. 77 of our keepers were over 20 inches, and the largest fluke of the season was over 9lbs caught by George Miller in Barnegat Inlet. It was a great fluke season and I would like to thank all of my clients and look forward to seeing you during next year's fluke season. Some of you I may see for the Fall run of Striped Bass which is at it's beginning stages. I have been able to do some personal fishing and have scored with small striped bass (resident fish) and weakfish to 23 inches during late night. Most were caught on the Berkley Gulp 5in jerk shads (color: pink shine & punk prawn) with a 3/8oz jighead. During the week, I was on a online talk-radio show on Fall Striped Bass Fishing- Redneck Pride Outdoors with a panel of 4 industry professionals - here is a link to the show. (

I have one weekend left in October, but have some choice dates in November through the first week of December open for Striped Bass. All equipment, tackle, bait (spot/eels), ice, etc is included on all of our charters. If interested, give me a ring on the cell 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( - all internet bookings go directly to my Blackberry.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction  609.290.7709

September 28, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11:00 AM

More Mullet is here!

Joe M. stopped in this morning and said the blowfish numbers are slowing down but he is still chumming them up and catching with clam, mid-island bay.  It sounds like they are making their move out. Get some before they are gone.

Pete U. has been in the shop gearing up. The other day he purchased a couple of Super Strike poppers in white and blue over white to match the mullet. He has been on the front beach for sunset and sunrise the past couple of days. He reports, " Consistent bite at both low light conditions. 2-5lb blues and schoolie to mid teen bass feeding on mullet each session. Lots of top water fun! Fish are very aggressive sometimes taking the popper right at my feet. Hope the bite continues. Can't beat a LBI sunrise in a sweatshirt and shorts combined with some top water action."

6:30 AM

We opened at 3am this and since we've been slammer. Bait has been flying. Sorry we are now sold out of both baby bunker and fresh mullet. Good Luck to all of the anglers fishing today! Yesterday we didn't hear of any bass. With the wind blowing and the surf churning we were expecting more. There are plenty of small blues. You bunker boat dropped of a small fresh batch of bunker late yesterday. They reported that there are lots of big spot and croakers close to the beach.

Ship Bottom Surf City and Beach Haven's town beaches are open to 4x4 beach buggies with permit. On Tuesday October 1st, all of Long Beach Township's beaches will open. until then only the Holgate Wildlife Refuge is open for LBT Buggy Permit Holders.

Yesterday the Southern Regional High School Fishing Club fished opening day of Sea Bass aboard the Carolyn Ann. We heard from one student who said the fishing was good. He reported some keeper sea bass, some porgys and blowfish. When we get an official report we'll post it.

September 27, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5:15 PM

It's game time! Ship Bottom's beach will open to 4x4s tomorrow. Get you beach permits. Surf City opened last Saturday. The rest of the beaches will be October 1st.

Good Luck to all of the surf anglers fishing tomorrow's tournament held by the LBI Fishing Club. We appreciate all of your business. We currently have a strong supply of bloodworms and fresh mullet however, with how busy it has been there's no telling when it might run out. We expect a fresh bunker delivery some time today. Once here act fast it's gonna go quick!

9:00 AM - We will be open at 4am on Saturday morning for the LBI Fishing Club's surf tournament.

Rick Wieland of Ship Bottom was in yesterday and said he was going to look for some weakfish. He stopped in this morning and reported catching on Bubblegun Fin-S. His biggest was a fat 24 incher. He said he was heading back for a another crack at them today.

Received: Sep 26, 2013 6:06 PM Subject: Open Boat Barnegat Ridge

This Sunday, Sept 29 and Monday, Sept 30 look like mild easterly winds and a nice ocean. We will sail Open Boat 6AM to Noon for bonita and albacore at Barnegat Ridge. It,s only 15 miles or 45 minutes from the inlet. I"ll bring the light spinning rods to mix it up once we put some bonita in the cooler. $160 per man. 3 person max. All fish are shared. All bonita go in the cooler. They make awesome sashimi or you can prepare it just like seared ahi. I even have some soy sauce in the cooler if the mood strikes us.

It's best to call as I will be on the water not online.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

September 26, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM - We will be open at 4am on Saturday morning for the LBI Fishing Club's surf tournament.

The 67th Annual "World Series of Surf Fishing Tournament" is this Saturday September 28th. It is both a team and individual competition, held by the Long Beach Island Fishing Club. Registration will be held from 5:30am to 6:30am at the club house in Harvey Cedars (6 East Cape May Ave, Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008). Fishing time is 7-9:30am and 10-12:30pm. Entrance Fee is $60 per team and $15 per individual. Food will be served at the club after fishing, followed by the awards ceremony and numerous door prizes (some donated by us here at Fisherman's Headquarters).

9:00 AM - Expecting more bloods later today

The tog bite is still red hot. We have been selling a ton of live green crabs and everyone we hear back from says good things. We also continue to get more reports of bass. One customer this morning reported catching two shorts last night on the bayside. The blowfish on the bayside as well as blues and kingfish along the front beach rounds out the action offering plenty to target.

Received: Sep 26, 2012 5:03 AM   Subject: the blues 9/26

My son Ryan caught 6 blues yesterday in Surf City between 5 and 7pm on fresh mullet, up to 16 in. By the way, he loves the fresh braid u guys put on his Penn.

~ D.Reardon

Received: Sep 26, 2013 12:21 AM Subject: Last Day Flukeathon Report

I ran a flukeathon on the last day of the season and was joined by 3 of my friends. We left my dock at 6:30 Am and did not get back to my dock until a little after dark. We concentrated on offshore wrecks and between us we managed to catch a bunch of shorts and 11 keepers. However, those included a 6.1 lb one that I caught and a 9.05 lb. one that is pictured below that was caught by Jeff Crilly. We need to thank the ASMFC for granting us the bonus quota that allowed us to extend our season. We also need to than the NJMFC for approving the 8 extra days. Lastly we need to thank the JCAA, NJOA, NJBBA and other groups that urged the council to extend the season. We would never have had this great day if it was not for their combined effort nor would have that 17 lb. fluke have been caught last week at Flynn's Knoll. The fall fluking is definitely better than in the spring and I am hopeful that more people will get involved and support a later season again next year.
~ Paul Haertel, 2nd VP JCAA

Received: Sep 25, 2013 6:03 AM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - Open Boat Sept 27th

Open boat for Friday - Targeting - Stripers, blues, black drum, Blackfish........more. We continue to score well with nice black drum [ some trips seeing double digit numbers!] added to the variety of the usual suspects while employing only light tackle to enhance the sport and flat out fun that anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea have gotten used to enjoying!! The back bay variety spot, croaker, blowfish, kingfish .........and more, is in it's wind down stage but more sportier species have taken up the bite and are more than willing to entertain both novice and veteran anglers. Friday weather looks great with sunny skies and winds forecasted for light from the East ,Northeast and for those who don't know that equates to the "spark to the powder keg"!!!! Open Boat Friday - 6am - 11am and 1pm -6pm. All bait and tackle is included. Limited to 4 anglers per trip $150.00pp. Come join the fun and meet new enthusiastic anglers/friends to fish with!!! Please respond via cell only as I will be fishing and not by the computer the next couple of days. In the event that we fill both trips we will add seabass/ wreck fishing to the target list [weather permitting] as it opens that day as well!!!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

September 25, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 PM

I hit the beach early this morning for a little bit before work. I released one schoolie bass before the sun poked. A little while I later released a bluefish. Bass was on a small metal lip and the blue was on a popper. Store staffer Blake fished the beach elsewhere (we didn't fish together) and had some blues too. ~FishHead.Greg

A customer in the shop buying fresh bunker and mullet reported lots of small blues in the surf. He said yesterday was great fun on light tackle.

A regular local customer stopped in the shop and raved on the blowfish bite today. He said the mid-island bay is stacked thick with them.

Received: Sep 25, 2013 8:35 AM Subject: BHCFA Weekly Report

The attentions of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association will now be focused on other species with the 2013 summer flounder now officially closed in New Jersey. With the weather pretty much cooperating, the final days of the fluke season went well. Captain Fran Verdi on the “Francesca Marie” put his largest fluke of the season in the box when Dave Sikorski of Manahawkin and the Village Harbor Fishing Club boated a 7.95 pound doormat. Verdi already has trips booked for black sea bass trips when the season opens on Friday, September 27. After a couple of months of no fishing pressure, he expects the sea bass to be hungry.

Captain Carl Sheppard took a party of 10 anglers offshore last weekend and stopped first at a depth of 80-feet and found a fine collection of large black bass. Since the season was closed, he moved on out to the 100-foot line and found a mix of false albacore and bonito on the troll. Those sporty fish provide a very fast first run and a good tussle for their size. Later in the day he hooked up with a 4-foot mahi-mahi.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 24, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10:45 AM

So it has finally come, the last day to catch fluke. One could say it was a great fluke season. We all could have used a little bit better beach bite but it was very good at times. Well with fluke almost behind us one must look at what's happening. There are two major points of interest. TOG & BASS!!! Both are red hot. The tog bite up at the Inlet rocks has been consistent and strong for weeks. Get in on it! The bass fishing is on! One can say they aren't here yet but those will miss out on great fishing. We have had a bunch of customers over the past two week buying live eels. Finally last night someone asked them, "So what's the deal? Are you guys catching?" They gave us the nod and a smile. Yesterday evening South Philly Fred stopped in the shop and showed us some lures he's  He headed up to the surf and got into fish right away. He reported, "My first cast, blowup but didn't come tight. Just about every cast after that I was hooked up right into dark. All on poppers! These were quality feeding bass. Biggest was about 20-lbs."  We also got a call this morning from Scott Harrison this morning. He shared a good report, "I caught a 43-lb bass and a 31" and a 28"." He said he was going to email a picture to us. They are here!!! Let's go fish!!!!!

September 23, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5:45 PM

We just received a delivery of fresh mullet.

We got word that there was a red drum caught off of the south end surf this weekend.

1:00 PM

Early this morning we had a customer stop in for some fresh line. He reported just coming off of the north end beach and said that he just broke off a good size fish on a bunker head.

Received: Sep 22, 2013 5:45 PM Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

The start of fall truly signals a big transition in our local fisheries. Fluke season ends on the 24th while sea bass opens back up on the 27th. Speaking of fluke I released a bunch of shorts this week while targeting bass and blues around the inlet. Even managed a keeper. No problem finding practically non-stop light tackle action on blues to four pounds. At times I am getting them on poppers which is always a blast. Managed two short bass before sun up Sunday morning. Reliable intel is saying that big blues have arrived in northern waters along with a wave of migrating bass. Crabbing still remains decent and some just went through a shed on the recent full moon. Most of the crabs are jam packed with meat. It always seems like the interest in blue crabs goes down when September starts. This is not because of a lack of crabs just check out the picture. Still have some fall dates open including after school / magical hour specials.

Screaming Drags,

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Sep 22, 2013 3:14 PM Subject: 3 Bloodworms => 3 Bass

Not sure if you guys care, but I figure I would report back on my last outing. I stopped in last night (Saturday) for some bait to fish the South Jetty and surf around the inlet. The ocean was unfishable due to the wind and rough surf generated by the impending storm, so we moved inland to the Bulkhead next to Barnegat Lighthouse. I picked up 3 Bloodworms "just in case", and slip-floated these on a No. 4 Gamakatsu Baitholder hook right out in front of the Bulkhead at various depths and got 3 short (20+) bass between 10PM and 11PM as the rain started. The recent full moon likely helped as the 5ft High Tide brought them right up to the wall. So in short, those 3 bloodworms saved the night. Thanks! ~ Erik

  Thanks for the report Erik! We greatly appreciate any and all reports. To all anglers/readers... please pass on both positive and negative reports.  Include the some info like Who, What, When, Where. We don't really want exact locations. Just a general report to help others. Thanks

September 22, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1:00 PM

Here is a picture of Will's 16-lb bass that he weighed in on Friday. Mid-Island, Plug

Received: Sep 22, 2013 9:12 AM Subject: Fishing Reports - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

With the annual maintenance completed - we were able to get out and had some family fun (wife-Jennifer and son-Luke) with keeper fluke on some far offshore wrecks, then jumped around pots about 17miles offshore to pick mahi-mahi to 20inches and some small rudderfish with 1/4oz bucktails tipped with spearing. It was Luke's first trip that far out. With the fluke season ending, all of the gear is ready for the fall action - weakfish, bluefish, and striped bass. The inlet rocks have been holding small stripers and 2-4lb bluefish for consistent action, while the jetty jumpers have been banging up the tog. Currently, our spot pens are filled to capacity and we're booking striped bass/bluefish trips for October and November - we're planning on sailing through the 1st week of December. If interested in booking a trip - we will customize a trip to your liking, call my cell (609)-290-7709 or book through the website (

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction  609.290.7709

9:00 AM - FALL is HERE!

Gary from Manahawkin was gearing up at the shop yesterday for the fall. He purchased some new tackle (Quantum Cabo, SP Minnow and our exclusive bull nose pliers) and hit the mid-island surf not far from the shop. He stopped back in to report he caught a schoolie bass on a Sardine SP.

FYI: the new and long awaited Sinking SP models came in on Friday. We sold a bunch of them so far. Any one who doesn't have one in their plug back is missing out on a super effective great casting lure. Stop in and check them out!

September 21, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 21, 2013 9:04 AM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - Drum Role Please!

Add another species to the list of variety that has entertained anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea this week as solid numbers of 8-15lbs black drum have been add to the list of light tackle fun! If not familiar with this species they are powerfully dogged in their battle and pull a significant amount of drag once hooked!

Add rapid direction changes and these bull dogs are challenging, fun and great table fair! Tons of bluefish are also raging through out the bay and although bass are present they seemed to be very selective or the just too slow to in reaction time compared to the faster bluefish.

Open Boat Sunday Sept 22 - 6-11am - Targeting striped bass, bluefish, black drum, weakfish, blackfish,......more. $125.00 pp . Call only as I will not be at my computer 609-290-1217. The fishing continues to be fantastic on all front so come and join the fun!!!!! Here's some pictures.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

8:00 AM

Thanks to Mike Sheppard, WOMD and Long Port Media for calling this morning and putting me on the air. Here are some notes that I typed up last night so I'd be prepared.

Fall is here! (well officially tomorrow, Sunday September 22nd) We are just coming off of the Harvest Moon on Thursday and the mullet run is in full swing! The recent chilly nights have set the mood. I have high hopes for the downside of the moon. I just made my rounds to all of the local police stations to get my 4x4 Beach Buggy Permits. Holgate has been open for a few weeks now and there’s a lot of anglers heading down having fun. Long Beach Township's Front Beaches as well as Harvey Cedars will open October 1st. Surf City opens their beaches on the 3rd Saturday of September, that's today September 21. Ship Bottom opens their beaches on the last Saturday of September, the 28th.

We’ve got a cold front approaching that will move through with a surge of much cooler air early week. From what I saw the forecasted low for here on LBI Monday is 47 degrees [Sunday low of 49, Monday low of 47, Tuesday low of 51 and Wednesday low of 56] The winds early week are forecasted to be northerly. There's a ton of bait around! And they are moving. For weeks now the mullet and baby bunker have been are sliding through the inlets and along the front beaches. Any day it’s gonna break open. My buddies Fred and Darren got into a good bite a few days back. They had bass crushing poppers right into dark. The surf temperature yesterday morning up the street from the shop was 67 degrees. The bass are here. We had a 16-lb bass weighed in yesterday morning. Also a number of customers reporting catching here and there. It’s getting better everyday. Fluke Season is winding down but still very good. Late season can be some of the best fishing of the year. I heard yesterday that some anglers were catching some fluke on the south end, on live or strips of mullet. There is also small blues too. Kingfish has been spotty. Some days we hear good reports, other days nothing.

Inlet: I’ve got three letters word, TOG!!! They are biting like mad dogs. Store staffer Steve-o has been saucing ‘em. He also reports that there lots of other anglers catching good numbers. Steve says, “The bite has been on just about everyday. Yesterday I weeded out a keeper amongst a lot of shorts. There were four keepers caught next me. Today I managed three keepers, released two. Again non stop action but a lot of shorts.

Inshore: Fluke Season’s Last Hurrah! Last day of Fluke Season is Tuesday Sept 24th & Then Sea Bass Season Opens Friday 27th. Yesterday Dave Sikorski of Manahawkin and Village Harbour Fishing Club checked in a 26” fluke that weighed 7.95-lbs. He was out bucktailing one of the reefs with Captain Fran Verdi aboard the Francesca Marie. On Gulp! Al Asplint (FHQ Alumni) fished yesterday and had great day on the water with his friend John Cooper on the Garden State South. They had fluke up to 5 lbs. Al reported, “All very nice healthy fish. Also all the bluefish you could catch. Mullet Strips was by far the best bait of the day. It was a beautiful day on the water. Water was super clear and there was lots of sea life.

Offshore: Lots of boats headed out the past couple of days. We’ve been slammed with guys gearing up. Lotts of ballyhoo, butterfish, sardines and anchovies. The Barnegat Ridges have had life, albies and bonita. Yesterday Dean Paolella of Springfeild weighed in a 55-lb dressed yellowfin tuna. He fished aboard the Doris Mae IV on one of their 30 hour Canyon trips. Dean mentioned that the fishing was good. He caught the yellowbird jigging. He said other anglers were catching too. There were some tuna caught on the chunk, including a 200-lb big eye. Dean also said there was a bunch of Mahi. Captain Stew Hitchner on the Pez Machine has been doing great offshore. All of August and September has been strong. Right now there is good numbers of longfin and quality size yellowfin. A couple trips ago Stew’s crew boated their largest big eye of the season, a 275-lber. Stew’s also catching some swords and expects it to improve on the downside of this moon. Right now there’s the transition from troll to chunk. Usually late September and October offers quality chunking. Captain Jeff Warford on the "TightLines" just got back in from offshore last night. Jeff Warford just returned from a great trip. He said he had caught some big yellowfin and a load of Mahi. They also loaded up on tilefish and put his new Daiwa Dendoh reel to work. Jeff mentioned that he was fishing the Hudson. 100 square Had fish on the troll and chunk.

Bay: Still a lot of spot and blowfish

LBI SURF FISHING CLASSIC: Registration is underway. So far the numbers are strong. This year is the 59th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic... 8 weeks of great surf fishing fun. [October 7th to December 1st ] This year we are kicking off the tournament with a sold out Benefit Concert at the Sea Shell in Beach Haven on October 6th (many should know the location, it’s where the Sea Shell Striped Bass Boat Derby is held every October, this year 17th Annual, Tom Hughes) featuring Mickey former guitarist from Ween. There’s going to be some really nice items there to raise some money. Definitely some fishing tackle and there’s been talk of a Fender Guitar. I also hear about some sports memorabilia! There’s a signed puck and a poster by Mr Hockey himself Gordie Howe. I also heard about a few things signed by a few Eagles players. Rumor has it there is a helmet signed by (QB) Michael Vick, a football signed by (RB) Shady McCoy and a mini helmet signed by (WR) DeSean Jackson.

With the tournament there's lots of things to talk about... one thing that all should know. On October 16th there is a $1000 special prize for the largest striped bass. Then on November 16th there is a $500 special prize for the largest striped bass. Both prizes are in memory of Frank Panzone one of the founding fathers of the tournament who passed last November. Also this year the surf tournament is loaded with great prizes aside from the daily, weekly, segments and grand prizes like some high end surf rods from Lamiglas, CTS, Centruy, and Tsunami.

September 20, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tomorrow September 21st the Forked River Tuna Club is having a flea market at 18 Bay Ave in Forked River, no entry fee.

7:00 PM

Jeff Warford just returned from an offshore overnighter. He reported having a great trip. He said he had caught some big yellowfin and a load of Mahi.  They also loaded up on tilefish and put his new Daiwa Dendoh reel to work. Jeff mentioned that he was fishing the Hudson.

Laura Compton of Holgate stopped in the shop a little while ago. She reported catching a 28" striper on a kingfish rig.

5:00 PM

Today has been a beautiful day and we’ve had some great reports...

This morning a surf angler stopped in and weighed a 16-lb bass. He said he was going to email us a report with his name but it hasn’t come yet. From what he told us at the time he caught it on a plug mid-island.

Steve-o has been saucing the tog. He has been on the bite everyday. Yesterday he managed to catch his one keeper. He said there were four keepers caught next to him. Today he caught three keepers, released two. He said there were lots of shorts that kept the action interesting. “I’m fishing the small green crabs whole and cutting the bigger ones in half. Non Stop action!” Steve-o reported, “I’m heading back!”

Dave Sikorski of Manahawkin and Village Harbour Fishing Club checked in a 26” fluke that weighed 7.95-lbs. He was out fishing one of the reefs with Captain Fran Verdi aboard the Francesca Marie today bucktailing with Gulp!

We have been getting a lot of phone calls asking for the LBI Surf Water Temperature. I measured 67 degree today up the street from the shop.

Dean Paolella of Springfeild was on the most recent 30 hour Canyon trip aboard the Doris Mae IV. Dean stopped by after leaving the boat to weigh and fillet a nice 54.75-lb (dressed) yellowfin tuna. Dean mentioned that the fishing was good. He caught his yellowbird jigging and other anglers were catching too. There were some tuna caught on the chunk, including a 200-lb big eye. Dean also said there was a bunch of Mahi.

September 19, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 19, 2013 2:39 PM Subject: Bonita and Albacore Open Boat Trips

We are still hammering away at big bonita and albacore at Barnegat Ridge. Both the North and South Barnegat Ridges are giving up fish. 70 degree blue-ish water and lots of bait. Mostly sandeels. We are trolling our small 20 class conventionals and then once we find a productive spot, we put some 10 pound spinning rods in the spread with either a jap feather or a spearing hooked through the lips. You hold these rods instead of using the rod holders so you feel the violent hit when it occurs. A lot of times this one doesn't get hit until one of the traditional lures gets whacked first, then as I slow the boat down, the other lures do a slow sink and that's when you wind up with multiple fish on. If you watch the wake right behind the boat you can see the fish crash the lure. Small 5 inch cedar plugs and little squid daisy chains are providing most of the action for us.

Sailing Open Boat to Barnegat Ridge: Saturday Sept 21, 6AM to Noon, and Monday Sept 23, 6AM to Noon. $160 per person. 3 person max. All fish are shared.
Call to reserve a spot. My cell below is the best way to reach me.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

1:30 PM

A customer was just in the shop a little bit ago. He reported his father caught a 12-b bass off the surf this morning. He was a popper fishing mid-island.

11:30 AM

Store staffer Matt was out fishing recently. He gave us heads up last night that he got on a great bite. He reported catching about a dozen tog up to 6-lbs, 16 blowfish, some blues and one trigger fish. All on green crab.

Store staffer Steve-O reports the tog bite is still on! He said that the incoming tide is best with the clean ocean water, "Yesterday was great. Everyone was catching good numbers of quality fish. A couple nice keepers to be had."

September 18, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4:30 PM

We just got a delivery of fresh bunker. Also we received some fresh baby bunker too.

Lotta tog being caught up on the rocks. Yesterday was good and today has been stellar. GREEN CRABS!!!

Received: Sep 18, 2013 10:39 AM Subject: BHCFA Weekly Report

The summer flounder season in New Jersey will be closing on Tuesday, September 23, and the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association look like they will be catching fluke right up to that date.

Captain Fran Verdi of the “Francesca Marie” has been running “open-boat” trips to the inshore artificial reefs recently and returning with filled coolers of fluke on every trip. The fluke are plentiful and fat.

Captain John Lewis took the Swartz family out to the reefs last Sunday for a day of good fluke action. All five anglers on board caught fluke as well as black sea bass which had to be released. Seven year old Mike took top honors with 21and 23 inch fluke. One day when it was too windy to go outside for fluke, he kept so he kept the Osterhage party in the bay and where they enjoyed catching blowfish, kingfish, sea bass and other bay critters in a fun afternoon.

Another day Captain John went canyon fishing for Dan Allen’s birthday present from his wife. They found the whales and squid but the big eye tuna had moved. They did get some medium sized yellow fin tuna while having a great time in the ocean.

Additional information on the association can be found at

9:00 AM

Board Short Blow Out! 30% Shorts from Aftco, Fathom Offshore and Salt Life. Stop in and get a couple pairs of fresh boardies for this year or next.

September 17, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:10 PM

The live bait is here! Any one looking to target tog? The jetty is loaded with them and we have the crabs.

10:00 AM

We are waiting on the live bait delivery still. Live Green Crabs for the jonsing tog anglers and live bloods and sandworms for the kingfish anglers and also those stocking up their spot pens.

The cranking winds last night shifting NE today will surly stir things up. Forecast is calling a light NE wind tomorrow so we've got great fishing weather. Speaking of great fishing weather, we will have amazing white water along the front beaches to charge up the bass and kick them into high gear. Tropical Storm Humberto regenerated yesterday. It's was out in the middle of the Atlantic but it still has generated swell for us of the past few days. Long period swell energy is heading this way; showing today, lingering a couple days and easing over the weekend. Today there's a NE wind chop masking it; however tomorrow and Thursday it will offer a beautiful spaced out white water for surf anglers.

South Philly Fred reported getting into an epic early season Jersey blitz yesterday at sunset with his buddy Darren and a couple others. He said it will be one he'll always remember. "SOOO MUCH MULLET!!!! Couldn't keep count how many bass I caught. Both on small poppers and windchaters." Here is a picture of one of Darren's bass that took a plug deep. Got one for the dinner table.Most of the time we get mullet pushing with some blues and the bass are no where to be found. Other years (like this year) the bass are on the mullet.

Received: Sep 17, 2013 6:47 AM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - It's Starting!

Both keeper and short bass joined in the light tackle action this week as water temps continued their downward trend. Tons of feisty bluefish, weakfish, blowfish, kingfish , spot, croaker .....and more round out the rest of the variety. The crowds have all but given up on our coastal waters with even the weekend traffic being light but the fishing remains excellent for all species. Vast and multiple bird plays have been in easy eyesight of the inlet with mostly ravenous bluefish but weakfish, stripers, bonito and false albies are all possibilities. This week look to encounter all species and more for those wanting either a private charter or to join other's aboard The Reel Fantasea on an open boat for some early fall fun!!! Thursday and Friday are either Open [ $125.00pp] or private charter. Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

September 16, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1:00 PM

We expect live bloodworms, live sandworms and live green crabs tomorrow late morning/afternoon.

Hank Wright weighed in a nice fluke yesterday for the Beach and Boat Tournament. Here's a picture of Hank's 27" 7-lb 15-oz fluke.

11:00 AM

There were footballs flying yesterday morning long before the Sunday games. Yesterday, we received two separate reports late in the day of albies from surf anglers. Unfortunately, neither were able to hook up. They were just out of casting range. Store staffer Blake fished the North End surf in the morning. He said that he had one bass blowup on his Super Strike Little Neck Popper but it never came tight. Blake mentioned that there were "footballs flying" out a ways. A customer was in the shop talking with a staff member. He told about a kingfish bite that was a steady pick and then when on to say, "There were birds in the distance. It also looked like landmines were going off, but it was too far to reach." Must have been the same pod of albies that Blake saw. Now is prime time albie season. When hitting the beach, don't forget a small good casting metal.

Chester B stopped in the shop this morning and sharred a report. "Yesterday I caught 30 tog on live greenies and last night I caught a 3-lb weakfish on a soft plastic."

Received: Sep 16, 2013 4:31 AM Subject: Reel Reaction Charters - Fishing Report

Good morning,
  The fluking remains hot at most of the area reefs and the action in the backbay continues to be steady with blowfish, croakers, spot, weakfish etc. Offshore has action on albacore, bonita, and bluefish while trolling clark spoons. The inlets are holding bluefish and stripers, especially with the lowered temps from the blast of south winds we received. During the week, we have been loaded up the spot pens for the upcoming striper season and was able to get some 15-22inch weakfish on soft plastics. I had to cancel this Sat. inshore fluke trip due to the wind/sea conditions, so will use the time to complete some required maintenance. I have next weekend open for the last weekend for fluke - will plan on fishing heavily structured areas and we will bucktail when the drift permits. Again, all tackle, S&S bucktails/Spro bucktails, bait, gear, ice, etc. provided on all of our charters. Regarding striped bass trips, I have a few open dates in October and some dates in November. Once the weather starts to change, the dates usually start booking up quickly. If interested in booking, book through website ( or call my cell (609-290-7709).

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction  609.290.7709

Received: Sep 15, 2013 5:00 PM   Subject: LBI Charters

No charters this weekend, so with the beautiful weather today I made a solo trip for 4 hours of fluking. I fished a hunch and it paid off. Fished a small wreck in 90 feet of water, made 2 drifts nothing. Took a shot and anchored on the spot. Casting Spros and gulp around the edge I had 2 hours of non-stop fishing catching 30 fluke or so and 4 keepers. Couldn't get the 5th before having to head in. Of concern was the lack of sea bass. I caught 1! Figured there would be loads of them on this spot, so hopefully that changes by the 27th. Give a call or send an email.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters - "Kev n' Ash"  631.300.6413

September 15, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2:30 PM

The brisk morning felt great. Everyday we get closer to prime time. The 59th Annual LBI Fishing Classic is right around the corner. The hats and registrations are here and Sign-ups have begun! Stop in, Sign Up and don't forget to join our Striper Side-Bet. Just a heads up, the LBI Benefit Concert is almost sold out if not sold out already. Anyone looking for a tick should do so ASAP. The tickets we were given to sell are long gone, so don't look here.

Last night South Philly Fred was in town. He stopped in the shop and then headed out. He gave us a call to say he was on the fish. He reported making a detour when he saw birds as he was driving up the boulevard. Fred said he caught two bass on three casts and then the birds, bait and fish moved up the beach and dispersed. He mentioned that the bass were feeding on a large school of mullet and the SP minnow was the ticket. Fred picked up and headed down to his original destination, the Inlet rocks where he caught one good size keeper bass on a windcheater. Fred said, "There's plenty of bass in the local waters. Don't wait till it breaks wide open and miss some of the best fishing. The temperatures are still warm, but the bass are here!"

Store Staffer Max hit the bay this morning before swinging into work. He chummed clam and baited with live worms to raise a variety of species. First and foremost, he collected spot to stock up his bait pen for the fall run. He caught a lot of blowfish and snapper blues as well as a couple small weakfish and big rays.

Tim Parker and his two daughters Charlotte and Ava had a fun day off of the mid-island surf yesterday. They reported catching kingfish and spot (16 fish all together) on live bloodworms and frozen mullet. They picked up more worms today and are gonna give it another go.

For those angler looking for live green crabs, we apologize. We are currently sold out of green crabs. We had what we expected to be more than enough to get us through the weekend; however, due to un expected demand we sold out this morning. We expect a delivery on Tuesday the 17th. The tog bite has been phenomenal at the Inlet.

FYI: There's 9 days left till Tuesday September 24th when the summer flounder aka fluke season closes (closes at 12:01 AM on September 25th). Make the most out of the 8 day extension which was approved by the ASMFC at their July 11th meeting. The inshore wrecks and reefs are still smoking hot. There is also plenty of fluke still balling out of the inlet and long the front beaches.

Three days after the Fluke Season closes the Black Sea Bass season re-opens on Friday, September 27th and will run through October 14th. It will be closed for a short period of time and then reopen on November 1 and remain open for the rest of the year (December 31st).

~ Fish Head Greg

September 14, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jack Wilson of Barnegat stopped in the shop this afternoon after fishing the mid-island surf. He reported going though a frozen package of mullet in no time. He then switched to metal and kept catching. "Lots of small blues in the surf!" Jack said.

Scott Simpson said he could not find a keeper fluke this morning. He caught some shorts and had fun enjoying the beautiful day.

Steve-O was on the tog again yesterday. He hammered them. This time he caught a 5-lb keeper. Steve reported that other anglers were catching too.

Yesterday, I spent a time in the water surfing. It was some of the best swell I can remember in awhile. Clean and somewhat warm (too bad the upwelling dropped the water temps). The reason I report is because there was a lot of bait present. There were pods of mullet (good size one) and there were bass and blues. At one point there was a big frenzy that blew up; birds, bait and fish.

Weakfish reported on bayside in Beach Haven last night. Also reports of nice sized tog along the sod banks around the area of the Old Coast Guard Station at the end of seven bridges road.

~ Fish Head Greg

September 12, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 12, 2013 9:49 PM Subject: Live Grass Shrimping the Bay - Bonita at Barnegat Ridge

We are catching weakfish and a variety of other fish in the bay on the live grass shrimp. Mostly 14 to 16 inch fish with a few bigger ones in the mix. The usual suspects are there too: hickory shad, snappers, spots, blowfish, fluke and more. Always a variety when throwing the shrimp.

Barnegat Ridge has been lit up with lots of bonita and a few false albacore. Most of the bonita are big, 3 to 6 pounds. There are also some 1 to 2 pounders in the mix, so we are just releasing those. Once in a while the rod doubles over screaming with a false albacore. We troll 20-lb class conventional outfits until we find them, then we reel in a few of those and replace them with 10-pound spinning rods. That's when the fun starts. Bonita are great sport on light tackle and delicious to eat.

The Hi Flier will be running Open Boat trips this Sat, Sun, and Mon, Sept. 14, 15, and 16.

Sat, Sept. 14: Live Grass Shrimp in the Bay 6AM to 11AM $135 per person, 3 people max
Sun, Sept. 15: Barnegat Ridge Bonita and Albacore 6AM to Noon $160 per man, 3 people max
Mon, Sept.16: Barnegat Ridge Bonita and Albacore 6AM to Noon $160 per man, 3 people max

If you would like to reserve a spot, my cell is the best way to reach me.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Sep 12, 2013 9:04 AM   Subject: Weekly BHCFA Report

None of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are complaining about the fishing action around Beach Haven. Take advantage of the red hot bite going on. With fall weather becoming iffy as time goes by and the summer flounder season closing on September 24, this is the time to go fishing.

The tuna action along both the inshore 25-fathom line and offshore continues to be awesome. Captain Bob Gerkens and mate Dante Soriente on the “Hot Tuna” have been raising bluefin tuna along the 25-fathom line consistently. A recent trip resulted in 6 bluefin in the 60-90 pound range caught on the troll along with a couple of mahi and some skipjack tuna. A short period of chunking and jigging produced several hookups, but no fish to the boat. Captain Bob says he will continue the inshore runs into the fall if the fish remain and notes that reports indicate the some yellowfin tuna are starting to move back into the inshore waters as well.

Captain John Lewis on the “Insatiable” had the Helias/Walzak party out last weekend for bluefin along the 20-fathom line. Despite an abundance of other boats, they had a double hook-up right after the lines went out. To their surprise they landed two yellowfin tuna. There was a steady pick of false albacore along with yellowfin and mahi all day. The bluefin did not show until late in the day. Captain John says there is agreed bigeye tuna bite in the canyons but the crowds on the weekend make it difficult. He advises the best results are during the week when the traffic is lighter.

Captain Carl Sheppard took his family out to the Little Egg Reef last weekend on the “Starfish” and put together an impressive catch of keeper fluke. On a 4-hour trip they caught 46 fluke of which 9 were keepers weighing from 4-9 pounds. Hagen Sniffen of Long Valley, NJ, caught the largest fish, a doormat weighing 8-pounds. Also in the mix were some keeper sea bass which is a good indication of what to look forward to when that season opens in a few weeks.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 10, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

Thanks to Gabrielle, a SE groundswell is in the local waters. It will continue to fill in and build throughout today/tonight. The gusty south winds that are honking right now have cooled off the surf water temperature. A cold front will pass this evening and the winds will shift westerly after midnight. With it comes a taste of fall! Much cooler less humid air will be here for the weekend. Friday and Saturday are forecasted to be sunny. With the swell there should be some great white water to fish.

I returned home from Montauk on Tuesday. I fished up there with Blake (Store Staff), Pete U. and Fred (South Philly Fred). There were plenty of fish but not a lot of anglers fishing. When we arrived everyone said the fishing was dead but we got into some great fishing. Pencil popping bluefish on the north side was a blast during the day, especially the bottom of the outgoing tide. And every night we were into bass on the south side. Most of the bass were small schoolies but there were a number of bass released in the teens and a couple in the twenties. Blake caught and released the biggest fish of the trip, a 37-lber (on Boga Grip) which went for his Daiwa SP Minnow. I had a blast fishing the Montauk surf for a week and can’t wait to get back up there. Thanks to the crew (new and old) for your hospitality, great cooking and lots of laughs.

Now back catching up on the home front, I hear good things. Holgate is open! I can’t wait to get down there. The surf fishing has been good for fluke and there’s an occasional bluefish. Unfortunately, no word of bass off of the surf. Laura (store staff) fished yesterday afternoon on the bayside and caught a nice size schoolie bass on a peanut bunker. Steve-O (store staff) tog fished the Barnegat Inlet Rocks yesterday and said it was good. He caught 30 tog but no keepers. Steve-O reported another angler caught two keepers, one that was about 5-lbs. He headed out today after work. We’ll report how he makes out when we hear.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 10, 2013 2:21 PM   Subject: Surf report -mid island

Went down at high tide this morning and things were quiet. Used 6" mullet on a mullet rig. After about an hour, got a huge hit and landed a 25" fluke! That jetty has produced some real doormats this summer. Picked up a 26" fluke two weeks ago in that same spot. No blues or stripers seen yet but the big fluke are still around..

~ Tom from Beach Haven Park

September 9, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: Sep 9, 2013 7:07 AM   Subject: Fwd: Reel Fantasea fishing Charters

What an awesome summer of fishing fun it has been! Unfortunately some of our summer visitors have returned to their daily grind, vacating the best weather and fishing of the remaining summer season! Although more elbow room on both surf and brine isn't necessarily a bad thing right? .

Presently the backbay is choked with tons of bait like; peanut bunker, mullet, spot, spearing, bay anchovy... and more which should present some of the best Fall migration fishing action found anywhere as proven year after year!

The back bay/inlet light tackle action remains fantastic with tons of action within minutes of leaving the dock with an array of species! Tenacious 2-6lbs drag burning bluefish continue to be as easy as a cast away on a multiple of presentations with poppers being the most entertaining and fun with visual surface strikes! The blues have been so ravenous and competitive that two fish on one multi hook popper/plug has been a norm.

The back bay is jammed packed with a myriad of species such as kingfish, spot, croaker, blowfish, weakfish, ... and more. Even the old timers have been impressed!

Inshore wreck/rocks present excellent opportunity for blackfish, porgies, triggerfish, and catch and release sea bass which is closed until Sept 27th.

The offshore ridges and lumps have been set afire with drag scorching species such as false albies, bonitos ...and more on the troll, jig and chumming with spearing! Their inshore migration has historically presented some heart pumping visual excitement to the delight of the sight caster enthusiasts!

Inshore backbay/inlet, wreck//offshore? Combine all the above! I have Thursday 2pm-7pm available for private or open boat and Friday morning 6am -11am for anyone looking for light tackle excitement. Open Boat $125.00pp.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Sep 9, 2013 8:28 PM    Subject: Little Tuny Time

Saturday afternoon provided some reel smoking action southeast of Little Egg Inlet in 75 feet of water. Surface temps hung at 72.3 degrees average and tons of baitfish were balled up midway in the water column. We set up a four line spread, with two lines just beneath the surface with 8 ounce trolling weights followed by Williamson 3" feathers, and two bird rigs. They were set back 50 feet behind the boat. The bird rigs were set on the third wave, and had my favorite deadly Williamson blue/white 3" feather on the port side, and a gold and pink squid daisy chain on starboard.

Hardly got set up when we nailed a Bonito on the starboard flat line. As I was boating that fish, the other three lines took off almost simultaneously in a maddening scream that was hard to believe - like which line should I grab first before we get spooled! So after cranking down the drag on the two heavier tuna sticks, I brought in the first of three Little Tuny. Threw two in the box (my black lab loves eating them) and set back up. Got back to the helm on the bridge, bumped her back up to 7 knots, and looked over my shoulder in time to watch that gold and pink daisy chain come under brutal attack. Four gold squid, with a pink guy on the end. That fish attacked it four times before he nailed it and dragged the whole rig, bird and all, straight down. I was sure I had a bluefin or yellowfin because of the aggressive attack, but... another vicious Little Tuny! And so went the afternoon. Got a Golds Gym workout at sea with standup gear, a couple nice Bonitos, and some dog food. What a blast!

~ Capt. Bernie Hyland "Mad Ludwig" Beach Haven

September 8, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 8, 2013 10:55 AM  Subject: Barnegat Bay Fishing Report

What beautiful weather! I took advantage of it yesterday to run out to Barnegat Ridge with regular weekend guest George Selph to see what kind of marine life we'd find, and were rewarded with a cooler full of tasty Atlantic Bonito. The best part was that they were hitting small jigs that we dropped down on 8 pound test spinning outfits, making each and every one of them feel like a trophy fish. Not much variety for us (other than a lone skipjack tuna that somehow found us) but I did hear radio reports of a few false albacore and blues being caught a little to the north of us so it looks like the Ridges are coming to life for September. The fish we cleaned back at the dock were loaded with sand eels which should keep the fish around for a while.

Plenty of mid week dates open through September. Time to take advantage of the best weather month of the year.

Until next week.

~ Capt. Jack Shea, "Rambunctious", 26' Jones Brothers Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters 609.698.3632

Received: Sep 8, 2013 3:38 PM   Subject: LBI Charters 9/7 and 9/8 Updates

Had Helene and Jim out on a beautiful Saturday. We had plenty of action with Jim boating a nice 21 inch fish, Helene capturing a keeper and numerous shorts, Capt Greg with 2 keepers including a 5-lber and well finally Ash who caught her limit. Headed back out solo in the afternoon and fished locally and I had 4 keepers in a couple hours.

On Sunday had Allie, Megan, Steve, Adam and Don out. Started off locally with 3 keepers in 2 drifts with some pretty bouncy conditions. After dropping off 3 of our 5 guests due to sudden illness, headed back out where we fishes yesterday and put 3 more nice keepers in the box including Don's 21 incher. Open both days next weekend for my last weekend of fluke fishing trip 2013.

~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413

September 7, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 7, 2013 11:41 AM   Subject: Bonita and Albies Offshore - Weakies and more in the Bay.

Clobbered the bonita yesterday at Barnegat Ridge. Good size ones, 3 to 5 pound fish. We trolled up 20 bonita and 2 flase albacore. All on 20-class conventional tackle and 10-pound spinning rods. Cedar plugs, feathers, and daisy chains were all producing in every position, flatlines in tight to the prop wash, as well as way backs. I had my guys hold the light spinning rods with Jap feathers right behind the motors and they were getting crushed. The ratio of bonita is heavily favored to just a few false albacore which makes for some nice Ziplocks of these delicious fish. You can prepare bonita the same way you eat tuna. The false albacore are not good table fare, but are great sport on light tackle. The confusion about which species is which and what one is good to eat comes in from our neighbors to the South. Somewhere around the Carolinas and further south, they call false albacore, bonito.

The bay is still giving up a good amount of all different size weakfish as well as the assorted mixed bag.

I am booked through Sunday but I am offering two trips on Monday. 6AM to Noon we will sail Open Boat to Barnegat Ridge. Then 1 PM to 6PM in the bay with the live grass shrimp for weakfish and more. $150 per for the Ridge, $135 for the Shrimping, 3 people max, all fish are shared. If the ocean is too rough for the Ridge in the morning, we will fish the bay. Conversely, if it is calm all day, we can run the afternoon trip out offshore, as well. It is a flexible float plan and we are always ready to roll with the best option depending on sea conditions. If you want to charter either of these slots or any other day, you can. Phone is best as I am rarely on the computer.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Sep 7, 2013 7:28 PM   Subject: Reel Reaction Charters - Fishing Report

With school starting, I will mostly be running trips on the weekends with a few afternoons mixed in. Afternoon trips will focus on working inlets and some of the backbay areas for bluefish, weakfish, etc.

I have been hitting the bay hard and earlier in the week I had my son out for some backbay action afterschool. We boated a variety of species including: spot, sea bass, croakers, and weakfish. Our pens are filling up in preparation for the striped bass run - I still have some October and November dates available.

Later in the week, I had the Duralek charter (Tom Sr. and Tom Jr.) of Toms River, NJ on a 5-hr Ocean Fluking bonanza with beautiful sea conditions. I had the father and son team working S&S Rattletail jigs tipped with combinations of Gulp and strip baits. The team ended with 10 keepers to 7-lbs, with Tom Jr. topping has father's 25-in 6-lb with a 26-in 7-lb whopper. Some of the choice spots are holding some real quality fish right now, but you have to work for them. Bucktails have consistently been outproducing dragging strip baits. Most fish have been in the 65-ft range close to rocky structure. If interested in booking a trip, call my cell 609-290-7709 or book through the website

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

September 5, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 5, 2013 6:21 AM   Subject: LBI Charters Labor Day Rundown

Had trips each day over the Labor Day weekend. The hard southwest wind dictated where we could fish each day but we still ended up with action all 3 days. First up were repeat customers Ben, Brad, Graham, John, and their grandfather. Fished the inlet for a bit catching throwback fluke and sea bass. Headed to a local snag and despite a sporty ocean had plenty of action with blackfish, porgies, small sea bass, and blowfish. Next up were repeat customers Adam, Joe, and Mike. The group had a repeat of day before. Caught short fluke and a bluefish in the inlet then headed out into a little nicer ocean and caught blackfish including 3 keepers. Finally, had Michele, Theo, Marcus. and Chris out on Lab or day for some ocean fluking. Plenty of action with about 30 fish landed despite cold water and decent swell. Booked this weekend but still open for sea bass opening weekend on 9/28 and 9/29 so give me a call or email.

~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413

September 4, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4:30 PM

Fisherman's Headquarters is sold out of out allotment of Dean Ween LBI Classic Benefit Concert Tickets. There may be a few tickets still available at Jingle’s Bait and Tackle in Beach Haven, Surf City Bait and Tackle, or Panzone’s Pizza in Surf City. Tickets will be gone soon, so don't delay your purchase. To all who purchased tickets, thank you for your support.

Plenty of Inlet Action! Lots of blues and a strong number of bass are present. The quantity and quality should improve weekly. There are also fluke and tog among other species to keep things interesting

Front beach surf fluke fishing is good. Store Staffer Steve-O was on the beach yesterday. He reported slamming the flattys in some cuts. He said that most were short but he did manage a pair of keepers.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 4, 2013 7:05 AM    Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. Excellent light tackle opportunities remain the "norm" as the bay and inlet continue to be jammed packed with variety as well as quantities of fish. I do have a couple of spots open for Friday morning [ 6-11am] and afternoon[ 1-6pm] for anyone looking to join in the light tackle fun! All bait and tackle included. We will be targeting everything that swims for both variety and fun! $125.00pp.

The calendar for the "Fall Run" is filling up faster than ever before and I only have a few dates left in November so reserve your date today for some of the best striped bass, blackfish , slammer bluefish, sea bass... and more found anywhere!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters 609-290-1217

Received: Sep 4, 2013 4:55 PM   Subject: Weekly BHCFA Report

The late summer tuna bite has become red hot as anticipated for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The only obstacle to very good catches right now has been occasional stints of poor weather conditions.

The “Hot Tuna” with Captain Bob Gerkens and mate Dante Soriente continues to work the inshore tuna bite, with the best day being Labor Day with some 19 bluefin tuna caught up to 100-pounds, with all but 4 over 47 inches. The fish were mostly caught on the troll, but there were also hookups on the chunk and jig as well. The tired crew on Labor Day consisted of Albi Jordan, Chris Martin, Chris Johnson, Jim Murray, and Kurt Lustig. A trip two days earlier in sloppy weather for Captain Bob did not produce any tuna, but 4 mahi.

Captain Tim Knorr had the “F/V William Knorr” out in the Carteret Canyon on an overnight trip recently after receiving sea temperature charts that were very promising. The overnight chunking action was slow but they boated a nice 9-foot Thresher around 2am. They trolled and boated mahi on the first day and on the way back in ran into some skipjack and more mahi. The Thresher was grilled with Teriyaki marinade and was worth the trip despite the lack of tuna. One of Captain Tim’s half day trips wanted to do some reef fishing, and on they had to release 4 of the nicest sea bass he has seen in a while. They boated 3 fluke from 21 to 26 inches along with 21 short fluke.

Captain John Lewis on the “Insatiable” had an offshore trip and after several hours of hunting found the bluefin tuna. They caught seven, released five, and kept two. Another day he had the Dewey party out for John’s birthday in the bay and had a relaxing morning catching blowfish, kingfish, spot and a constant procession of small black sea bass. Captain John is telling all fishermen that this time of the year is the best time in the Beach Haven area for fishing. He is advising all anglers that now is the time to catch tuna whether inshore for bluefin or the canyons for bigeye and yellowfin. He adds the September marlin bite is also starting.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 3, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:15 PM


3:00 PM

A mom stopped in the shop just before noon time today to pick up a package of spearing. She reported, "The kids are catching Snapper & Fluke down at the bayside".

Today, Margaret from Jingles Bait & Tackle passed on some good news. At this Friday's Long Beach Township meeting Mayor Mancini is expected to officially open the Holgate (Wildlife Area) starting Saturday, September 7th to 4-wheel drive vehicle access. If this is confirmed, then access passes will go on sale at the Township Police Station. All 4-wheel access to other Long Beach Township front beaches should be opened October 1st, 2013 but access may be limited by conditions in some areas. We await the official confirmation being released on Friday.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 3, 2013 9:13 PM   Subject: Bonita and Albacore!

Finally! Blue water, Bonita, and Albacore have invaded Barnegat Ridge in numbers.

Running Open Boat trips this Thursday, Sept. 5 and Friday, Sept. 6 in the afternoons to Barnegat Ridge. Noon to 6PM. $150 per man. 3 person max.

Saturday, Sept. 7, we will run an Open Boat live grass shrimp trip for weakfish and a bunch of other species on ultralite tackle, 1PM to 6PM. $135 per man. 3 person max.

Monday, Sept. 9, is available for charter or open boat. We will see what the weather looks like as we get closer and decide what kind of fishing would be best.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

September 2, 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

John P stopped in the shop earlier today. He shared this report, "Walked out Holgate, fished cuts and pockets for fluke not every spot had fish but some were loaded hooked 30+ fish Saturday. 20" being my largest and saw a 24" caught. Everybody was catching using a gulp and spearing combo. Caught 20 fish today before the rain started. Nice to be out there. Warn everybody to have their registration card. The Feds were checking but I don't think they were handing out tickets."

Jim Venito of Mount Laurel weighed in this 6.45-lb fluke over the weekend. He caught it fishing the Garden State North Reef.

Fluke fishing has been phenominal on both the Barnegat Light Reel and the Garden State North. Get in on the fun while the season is still open.

More Info/Report for 8/31 1:00 PM post...

Father and son Albert and Lou DiTommaso of Beach Haven West fished the mid-island bayside a few days back. They anchorded up and chummed clam on the edge of a hump. Lou reported, "As you know when chumming holes in the bay, many different species show up. Blues, kingfish, puffers, sea bass, oyster crackers, short stripers and weakies too." There's a lot of species in the bay to catch. "Al caught this drum on a high-low rig with clam on a light tackle setup. It put him through the paces, Haha. Definitely one to remeber!" Here is a link to a picture of Al's drum.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 2, 2013 9:46 PM   Subject: Spot in the Surf

Decided to have some fun with the Spot at high tide on Saturday off 3rd Street in Beach Haven. Headed to the beach with light spinning gear, a sabiki rig, 2 ounce round sinker, and fish bites. The Spots were right in the foam and breakers, which presented a challenge to distinguish the bite from the breakers pounding the line. Lots of fun with several caught and released. I even saved an old female herring gull that was thrashing about in the surf. She was entangled in some mono that I carefully removed before releasing her too.

Back at the boat, the conversation turned to the need for a new catch flag or two. With all the tuna and mahi flags we let go fly out there, we decided it just makes too much sense to also have a Spot flag and maybe a Seagull flag, too!

Tight Lines!

~ Capt Bernie, Mad Ludwig

Received: Sep 1, 2013 7:52 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

Saturday’s hard southerly did what they usually do, drop the water temperature. I read 62 degrees today coming in the inlet at the top of the tide. The bay has been stable in the mid-70s for many days now. Even with that the bait in the marshes and lagoons is getting anxious. It has been easy to fill up my live well with peanut bunker and mullet when needed. You just need to be on them before the sun is up. My recent trips have had great success battling bluefish on light tackle to four pounds and chumming up the myriad of species (blowfish, spot, croakers, juvenile sea bass, porgies, kingfish, snappers, etc.) in Barnegat Bay right now. On one trip in which we targeted fluke we boxed 1 keeper out of the 50 plus landed. Then two days later when not targeting them we caught only 1 fluke, which was a nice keeper, go figure. Smooth dogfish have shown up in good numbers. Attached is a picture of 11 year James Hirschberg holding a doggie. (Photo to Follow) Speaking of sharks below is a link to a video I shot of a shark release during the Robertson charter this week.

Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Aug 31, 2013 3:26 PM   Subject: Barnegat Bay Fishing Report

Hope everyone's enjoying this fine holiday weekend. Looks like we've got some nice weather here for the unofficial last weekend of the summer season.

We've had a busy week now that the boat is back in the water and things have returned to normal. On Monday I had Chip Harter along with son John and son-in-law Mike out on his annual summer fluke excursion. After picking away at a few shorts in tough wind against tide conditions, a quick trip to the inlet put the guys on blitzing 4-5 pound bluefish before we rounded out the day by anchoring up in the back bay for a couple hours of non-stop action on fat blowfish and kingfish. Tuesday brought Jerry Bailey down from Monroe NY with grandson Daniel specifically for blowfish, and the guys proceeded to fill the large cooler with fat puffers and some of the biggest croakers I've seen in a long time. Several of the croakers were almost four pounds! Add in a mixture of kingfish, spot, snappers, sea bass, porgies and burrfish and it was five hours of fishing mayhem. Yesterday I decided to sneak out for a couple hours myself, and came back in with a couple dozen tasty blowfish for the missus and I to enjoy. Today was back to fluke fishing with regular George Selph, but the hard SSW wind and sporty seas all morning left us with nothing but a couple shorts and a few blues to show for it.

As is normal, September is a slow month for us with vacations mostly over and kids back in school. But the weather is generally beautiful and the fishing can be good, so if you've got the itch to get out there before we start getting ready for fall stripers we've got plenty of open dates still available this month.

Until next week.

~ Capt. Jack Shea, "Rambunctious", 26' Jones Brothers Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters 609.698.3632

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Attention Holgate Surf Fishermen --- Attention Holgate Surf Fishermen --- Attention Holgate Surf Fishermen

Every night from 10 PM to 5 AM the Parking Lot at the entrance to Holgate Wildlife Refugee will be a Drive-Thru Only... there will be no parking allowed.

The parking lot is closed to vehicles other than those "on the move" and driving-thru to go on the beach. Do not pause to air down, check hubs, walk your dog, stop to talk on your phone or anything in this parking lot. Try to do all tasks before arriving at another suitable location away from here. If you desperately need to do something, you must do so only on the asphalt road. However, it would be best not to stop at all and keep quietly driving thru.

This is a no noise and no stopping area. Since it is a quiet zone, do not have your radio blasting. It is most important to be as quiet as possible. Anglers are fighting hard to keep this beach open so please help. Be considerate of the local homeowners. If we can inform all angler and gain there cooperation in this matter we may be able to keep the peace in Holgate.

Please let fellow anglers who fish the beach know about this so that we will be able to continue to fish Holgate at night. Thank you.

Holgate Is Open

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  For information on the 25' "Drop Off" contact Capt. Fran Verdi, 609.868.8970, or Email:   ) see below
For information on the 27' May-Craft “Francesca Marie” contact Capt. Fran Verdi, 609.868.8970, or Email:
For information on the 80' Miss Beach Haven contact Capt. Frank Camarda, phone: (609) 978-9951, email: contact Capt. Frank Camarda, 609.978.9951 or Email:
For information on the 29' "Compass Rose" contact Capt. Dave Wittenborn, 609.492.5271
For information on the 35' "Karen Ann II" contact Capt. Adam Nowalsky, 609.618.0366 (day), 609.652.1633 (even), or Email:
For information on the 41'
"June Bug" contact Capt. Lindsay Fuller, 609.685.2839, email:
For information on the 38' Henriques “Spare Time” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. George Finck, 609.618.3877, email:
For information on the 38' Sport Fisherman “Pop's Pride” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. John Koegler 609.290.3349
For information on the 40' Custom "Star Fish" for 2-20 anglers contact Capt. Carl Sheppard, 609.492.2591,
For information on the 36' Runaway "Reel Determined" contact Capt. Jimmy Zavacky, Phone: 609.915.2498,

For information on the 38' Blackfin Sport Fisherman "Hot Tuna" contact Capt. Bob Gerkens, Phone: 609.384.0877, email:
For information on the 38' Ocean Yacht Insatiable contact Capt. John Lewis, Phone: 609.670.5980 Email:
For information on the 35' Duffy "Legal Limit" contact Capt. T.J.Schwarzwalder, Phone: 609.405.4591, Email:
For information on the 29' Luhrs "Sweet Baby" contact Capt. Dave Kreines, Phone: 215.813.8050 (cell), Email:
For information on the William Knorr contact Capt. Tim Knorr, Phone: 609.848.4094

~ Capt. Jack Shea, "Rambunctious", 26' Jones Brothers Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters 609.698.3632
~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217 New email: Old email: 
~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674
~ Capt. Alex,"Debbie M", Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511 email:
~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136
~ Capt. Bill Dubois, Reel Trouble , 40' Custom, Beach Haven, 609.709.0226
~ Capt. Mike Greene, Lucky Stripes Charters  LBI, NJ  718.644.6087
~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709
~ Capt. Kevin Schmidt, "Bonnie Anne" 25' Steiger Craft, up to 5 anglers, Old Barney Charters, Phone 267-918-1746, email
~ Capt. Tom Cormann, "Bottom Line", Forked River 201.788.3223
~ Capt. Tom Cormann, "Reel Chaos Charters",  Forked River 201.788.3223
~ Capt Greg Carr, "Kev n' Ash", 25' Steiger Craft, Phone: 631.300.6413
~ Capt. Mark Finelli "Laura", 23' Parker SE 856-341-6562

~ Bernie Hyland, Captain / Owner "Knot Reel Farmers"

+ Salted Shucked Clams

Fresh Finger Mullet

Fresh Bunker
x Fresh Peanut Bunker
~ Surf Clams in Shell
x Bay Clams in Shell
+ Live Eels
+ Green Crabs
x "White Legger" Crabs $8.00 per dozen - "White Legger" crabs may need to be special pre-ordered and prepaid at $45 per half-bushel. (Not always an in-store storage item) "White Legger" crabs are great bait for Blackfish. This will be a time sensitive availability and pick-up item. Even if you special order the availability will not be guaranteed!
+ Live Bloodworms
x Live Sandworms
+ Freeze Dried Bloodworms
+ Freeze Dried Sandworms

Green Crabs
x "White Legger" Crabs $8.00 per dozen - "White Legger" crabs may need to be special pre-ordered and prepaid at $45 per half-bushel. (Not always an in-store storage item) "White Legger" crabs are great bait for Blackfish. This will be a time sensitive availability and pick-up item. Even if you special order the availability will not be guaranteed!
x Live Small Whelk (aka Conch) a Blackfish Bait. $3/lb (IC#386)

... Plenty of other frozen baits and chums are in stock

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