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Summer Flounder (aka Fluke): Open season 05/23/14 - 09/27/14 with 18" Minimum Length and 5 fish Maximum daily limit.
Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2" Minimum Length, Open Season Dates and Daily Limits: 05/19/14 - 06/30/14 15 Fish, 07/01/14 -08/31/14 3 Fish, 09/01/14 - 09/06/14 15 Fish, 10/18/14 - 12/31/14, 15 Fish

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Awards Ceremony Location - Wednesday 8/6/14 at the Holiday Inn, 151 Route 72, Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Phone: (609) 481-6100
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We know it's tournament time, but anglers are starving for surf fishing reports, be they good or bad. Please share your results (not looking for exact spots) by sending reports to our email address it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

July 29, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 29, 2014 3:59 PM   Subject: Open Boat Bonita/Tuna

We are heading out Thurs and Fri afternoons, July 31 and Aug 1, Noon to 6PM Open Boat Trips for bonita at Barnegat Ridge. I usually don't run offshore in the afternoon but the weather looks great. No storm activity and light winds should make for a flat ocean. The bonita are there, I've been catching them as well as a few other captains I spoke with. We have to fish through the small bluefish that have also taken up residence there. The Ridge has beautiful blueish/green water right now and is loaded with small sandeels. Every fish we catch is gut loaded with them. With that kind of food available there is no telling what species could move in next. $160 per person, 3 people max, all fish are shared.

We will also be running Open Boat on Sat, Aug 2. 5AM to 2PM (or later) I am looking to push offshore a little farther on this one. Tuna and mahi are the quest. 30 to 40 mile range if the weather is mint, if not we will stick with the Ridge. So far, the long range forecast looks like we can run off on Sat. We will be armed with a trolling arsenal, as well as bait and jigs. I troll 20 class to keep it sporty with the school fish. If the bigger fish are around we have three 50 class outfits as well. $225 per person, 3 people max. All fish are shared.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

11:00 AM

Gregg Grieve and Jon Velez both reported (sperately) that Barnegat Inlet is loaded with small blues.

Chucking the surf has been very good recently. Both sharks and rays are cruising the sand bars offering anglers lots of pulling fun. Any one who wants to see a quick video of a local spear fisherman with a brief yet startling sand tiger encounter should click over to our Facebook page.

Tyler Contento posted a reel deal photo of a monster butterfly ray that he caught last night. Also Hardy Wiedemann caught a good size sand tiger and a small brown shark. The night before last Ryan Dellane released one brown shark and one sand tiger. AJ Rotondella released a huge rough tail sting ray over the weekend. All of these reported above were successfully released once the hooks was removed.

This land based sharking (and ray fishing) isn't a new thing by any means; however, it exploded with popularity in recent years. One must know the state regulations and fish responsibly. It's lots of fun, but both sandbar (brown) sharks and sand tiger sharks are protected species that one can not possession.

~ FishHead.Greg

July 28, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Summer flounder fishing is very good. Fluke are plentiful in the bay, inlet and along the surf. Positive reports from the inshore wrecks are trickling in. Tim Fiordaliso of Mount Holley weighed in a 33" 14.55-lb doormat this afternoon. He caught the monster fluke up on the north end of the island. Tim Brindley (commercial fisherman out of Barnegat Light) reported a monster fluke early this weekend. He said, "No official weight but well over 10-lbs." Tim mentioned, "Our cold winter has moved the fluke biomass farther south this year." He expects we'll have a great August and September fluke fishery. Tim also reported that the Kathy Ann (commercial scallop trawler out of Barnegat Light) caught a very old giant anchor on their last trip.

With fluke fishing in its prime and still plenty more open season to go (closes September 27th) everyone is looking forward to New Jersey's best fluke tournament. JCAA's 20th Annual Fluke Tournament is this upcoming Saturday, August 2nd. We are happy to support the JCAA every year and honored to the "Long Beach Island" Port Weigh Station. Good luck to all of the anglers!

Speaking of tournaments... This past weekend was the 45th Annual Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational Tournament, the oldest marlin tournament in the country. Congratulations to the Grand Champions Viking 62, Captain Brian Komer and Angler Bob Shomo! They hung a pair of quality White Marlin and also released a number of White Marlin. Also a BIG Congratulations to the Pez Machine who won the tuna division! The Pez Machine caught their 228.5-lb big eye tuna on day one and it held the lead to the end. They also released one White one Blue Marlin. Congrats to the Jassste with their winning Mahi-Mahi (30-lb).

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 28, 2014 1:23 PM   Subject: LBI Charters Update

Fished for fun Saturday with my fiance Jen. Had our sea bass limit in about 25 minutes with many shorts. Had Ed, Brock and Connor out Sunday. First plan was stay close due to rough seas and target blackfish and triggerfish. Boiling northerly tide into wind put a quick end to that. Finished trip in the bay where we caught 25 or 30 fluke but no keepers. Oh well we report the good with the bad. Open this weekend for wreck/fluke fishing or combo of the two.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters Phone: 631.300.6413

Received: Jul 28, 2014 9:33 AM Subject: Laura Sportfishing

We are plugging stripers! Last week we caught 46 in four trips and an uncountable number of bluefish. Not a ton of keeper bass but they are mixed in. For the rest of the summer I will be running magic hour trips 5 to 830 pm on the weekdays $325 for up to 4 people.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli Laura Sportfishing  856-341-6562

July 27, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 27, 2014 5:27 PM Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

This week was filled with fishing both on the water and in the classroom. In the classroom? Yes, you probably thought I was on summer vacation. I just finished instructing up my final class of "Hooked on Fishing – Not on Drugs" through the Barnegat Recreation Center. After two mornings in the classroom my students spent a morning fishing. Shaking off the salt, I was able to help all of my students land fish from the sweetwater of Ocean Acre’s Lake in Manahawkin. In addition, I was on the bay almost every day putting a beating on the fluke, albeit mostly shorts. 10 to 15 fish per hour seemed the norm when the tide was moving. The west side of the bay has settled into the upper 70's to lower 80’s which will trigger a shift in the fluke population. The main body of fish should start shifting into the main channels and eastward behind the inlet looking for cooler water. With the calendar coming up towards the end of July it is time for me to start looking for weakfish in their summertime haunts. I will let you know how that works out.

Mother nature does not need a calendar to tell her July is wrapping up. Many adult shorebirds from the tundra region have been migrating through our area for a few weeks now. Some are staying around to fatten up before continuing their journey to the southern hemisphere in some cases. Local nesting terns (Least, Common, and Forester’s) are extremely busy bringing food back to their young. It has been fun watching them picking up shaken off minnows during fluke landings. Some seem conditioned to swoop by when they see you landing a fish knowing a free meal may soon be served.

Screaming drags...

~ Capt. Alex, Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Jul 27, 2014 11:17 AM   Subject: Reel Chaos fishing report...7/25/14

Today we had a great group of guys for a 6-hour inshore fishing trip; Dan, Arnal and Chris. Dan came up from VA to celebrate his brother Chris tying the knot. We left a little late, breaking Barnegat Inlet around 8:45. The Weather Service was calling for seas to be around 2 to 3ft. Looked to me they were more like 4 footers with a north wind which makes for a choppy sea. We headed out to some local reefs picking away at some small Fluke and Black Sea Bass. When I decided to make a move off the wrecks and find warmer water. Water temp was 71-degrees and fishing in about 55-ft of water, we were using killie & squid combos and spearing when we found the fish. From then on non stop action and mostly keeper fish. Big fish were being caught just on spearing alone. So stock up on spearing because they don't last long on the hook. With 12 really nice fish in the box, largest topping scales at a little over 5-pounds the guys decided to go to catch and release. That's when you know you have good people aboard. Thanks again guys.

We will be heading out again tomorrow, give us a call while the fishing is hot...

~ Capt. Tom Cormann, Reel Chaos Charters  Forked River 201.788.3223

July 26, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

12:45 PM

Dan DiPasquale gave us heads up... he found some kingfish, "I'm catching kingfish off of the surf on Gulp! while fishing for fluke."

Another report from John Del Sordo, "I saw some blowfish caught on the south end bay-side."

Joe from Shamong reported, "A buddy of mine installed underwater lighting on his dock. BINGO! There are spot, weakfish and crabs now calling it home."

Doug Toback sent us a thank you this morning. He said, "Thanks for setting me up! The Avet reels you sold me are great. They are getting used... lots of sharks, tuna and tilefish. They are perfect for my wife and kids! The rods and reels are perfectly matched."

~ FishHead.Greg

July 25, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

Received this report from angler fishing about 5-miles out of Barnegat Inlet, "Bunker, Blues, and Bonita! The water was 71 degrees and clean. There was a good body of bonita around the range buoy."

We've had a lot of inshore/offshore anglers in the shop the past couple of days. Some fun fishing, others gearing up and participating in the Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Invitational Tournament. We got word about a solid bluefin frenzy on the thirty line in the vicinity of the Triple Wrecks and the Chicken Canyon. As far as the edge... Captain Stew Hitchner hung a good bigeye tuna yesterday in the tournament 228-lb. Great work Stew and crew!

We had a customer in the shop today who reported catching blues and sharks off of the surf yesterday. Fresh bunker was his bait of choice. With the warm surf temperatures summer flounder and sharking has been consistent. There are blues occasionally and we are still hearing talk about striped bass.

Just today we had a customer say he and a buddy both caught spot off a bayside dock. Hopefully they move in thick soon.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 25, 2014 3:00 PM    Subject: Surf report

Fished the incoming tide this morning in Loveladies using White 4'' swimming mullet. Caught 6 shorts and 1 keeper @ 18''.

~ DvH

July 23, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 23, 2014 7:49 AM   Subject: BHCFA Weekly Report

This is a good time of the year for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association to be fishing at the Jersey shore. There are fish both inshore and offshore-it all depends on what the anglers want to catch.

Captain Bob Gerkens of the “Hot Tuna” continues to work the tuna at the 30 Fathom line. He had a “split” charter last weekend that picked up several yellowfin tuna topping out at 55-pounds as well as a “gaffer” mahi-mahi and some skipjack. His anglers included Joe Damato, Steve Smutnik, Matt Christensen, Jeff VanLiew, Alan Schulwite, and Rob N.

Captain Carl Sheppard took his boat, the “Star Fish” out looking for inshore tuna. After a two hour run to the fishing grounds they trolled a broad spread of lures and started getting strikes almost immediately. First a white marlin slapped the bait around but did not hook up. After difficulty hooking up with fish, they moved to another spot and were soon rewarded with a 47-pound yellowfin and then a 65-pound bluefin tuna.

The “Star Fish” fished inshore earlier last week with Captain Vic Bertotti and caught fluke and black sea bass along with some shark. The party boated one, and the other, about 9-foot long, broke off as it neared the boat.

Captain Gary Dugan of “Irish Jig Sportfishing” had a couple of parties over last weekend that ended up with fish in the cooler. One trip had numerous throwbacks with four nice fluke to 23-inches for dinner. Another charter had even more throwbacks, and four sea bass, one ling, and a 24-inch fluke in the box.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

July 22, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 22, 2014 7:36 PM   Subject: Light Tackle Stripers and Blackfish

I am running an Open Boat trip Thursday afternoon, July 24, from 12:30PM to 6:30PM. We will start with a few hours of fluke and/or bluefish in the bay and inlet. By 4 PM the tide will be perfect for throwing shrimp at the inlet jetty for short stripers and all size blackfish with the 10 pound spinning rods. If you have never done this, it is something to see. Catching stripers and tog in the middle of the summer with just a hook baited with shrimp, no sinkers or terminal tackle. Every once in a while we catch a bass that measures 28" or better but most are 20 to 26 inches, big enough to scream line off of the light spinning outfits. We do catch quite a few houndfish throughout the season too, when we use this technique. Houndfish are 36 to 40 inch needlefish that jump and greyhound like billfish when you set the hook.

$450 for the trip divided by however many people sign up. Three people max.

I also have an Open Boat to Barnegat Ridge for Bonita on Monday, July 28. 6AM to Noon. $160 per person. Three people max. All fish are shared.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

Received: Jul 22, 2014 3:58 PM   Subject: 7/22 LBI Charters Update

Celebrated my birthday spending the day w/ repeat customers Chris, J.J., Keenan and Jeff. The boys fished hard and boated 137 fish (yes they counted) with J.J edging out 11 year Keenan with high hook honors. The group put their boat limit of 18 keeper sea bass and 11 ling on a beautiful day off LBI.

Still have an openings for this weekend.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

July 21, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 21, 2014 9:45 AM   Subject: Reel Chaos Crabbing Report July 20th

Reel Chaos had a family from PA that wanted to do some back bay crabbing. So we loaded up with our usual crabbing supplies drop lines, bunker, chicken backs, mackerel and we never leave home without some fishing poles and headed out to Barnegat Bay around 9am. With the bay being a little rough I headed towards Stouts Creek and anchored up in a sheltered cove. With 4 drop lines out and two poles tipped with spearing I knew with three children aboard ages 3 thru 10 we needed action fast. With lines in the water about 10 minutes the action started. It never seems to amaze me how excited children get over a crab. With over a dozen really nice blueclaws, a bunch of cocktail blues and even two nice sized weakfish. (That were released) Overall a fun day by all...Thanks Guys.

~ Capt. Tom Cormann, Reel Chaos Charters  Forked River 201.788.3223

Received: Jul 21, 2014 7:26 AM  Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing LLC

The fluke bite in the bay remains hot with lots of shorts and some keepers in the right places. I have not heard much on the blowfish front - even though I have had a-lot of client inquiries regarding this fishery. With the past NE/E winds, the ocean fluking should start to heat up and I will target some of my choice spots.

This past week I had the Joanne Sandler charter out on some bay fluking and most of these anglers had never fished before so it was fun seeing them catch their first Jersey fluke. Harvey Sher of Israel, Sam Salerfield, Howard Eisenberg, and Jeff Weinstein of Philadelphia, PA caught well over 55 fluke for the day. They had a great time catching with 2 to 4 anglers catching fluke at the same time - made for a hectic cockpit.

After the charter, I had the rare opportunity to fish with my wife Jennifer Taylor as we still had a good part of the tide. We fished for about 1hr and had a bunch of fluke with Jen boxing the biggest at over 6-lbs caught on a 3/8oz S&S BigEye bucktail. I had a bigger fish on but dropped it as I had to maneuver the vessel in a extremely narrow channel - that's fishing.

We run 7-days a week and will start running inshore ocean fluke trips this upcoming week as the water is warming. We will continue to run bay fluke trips focusing our fishing around certain tides - we use quality light tackle gear on all of our trips. All gear, tackle, bait, ice, and fish-cleaning, etc. is included on all charter trips. I do have some rare Saturday and Sunday dates available, so please give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( ).

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction  609.290.7709

6:00 AM

Jimbo & Scotty have been on the fluke this weekend but they reported keepers are hard to come by. They caught 'em good both Saturday and Sunday off of the surf but no keepers. They said other anglers fishing near by pulled a few keeper sized fish.

Greg O' reported a similar theme. He said, "I got the boys out on our first bayside fluke trip of the season on Saturday. They put the steel to 28 fluke but we couldn't squeeze out a legal size fish. Bay water was chilly for this time of year." They were bucktailing the bayside sod banks.

The surf water temp this weekend was great, mid-to-high 60's. The onshore easterly flow has really helped. The low has moved off of the coast and will continue to gradually slide further away. We will start the week with an easterly windswell that will linger Monday and fade into Tuesday. It looks like Tuesday will have a nice weather window in the morning for inshore anglers looking to get out in the ocean. There should be some boats heading out to the 30 line for some bluefin and sharks. We heard over the weekend that a boat recently had a good mako bite. Seems kinda late but they are still around. It is prime time for the inshore bluefin fishing season. Get on it!

~ FishHead.Greg

July 20, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 20, 2014 9:10 PM    Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

The weather has been unusually cool but the fluke fishing has been red hot! When wind and current are in sync the light tackle action is non-stop. At times two nets and two hands were not enough with three hook ups at once occurring several times this past week. The only downside is the number of keepers has been low some days. I have found fluke cooperating from the west side of the bay through the channels heading out Barnegat Inlet when conditions are right. For the kids on board I have been keeping smiles on their faces with the “old school” three-way rig and a minnow (aka the killie per North Jersey folks). Smiling kid Tyler Switaj landed a keeper. Some small bluefish have shown their yellow-eyes from tide to tide during the week and the crabbing remains very good.

I have been seeing lots of diamond back terrapins, our resident turtle of the tidal wetlands, during my outings on Barnegat Bay. Please remember to use turtle excluding devices when using commercial style crab pots in waterways less than 150’ wide at mean low water or in lagoons. It is sad to see a terrapin that drowned in a crab pot floating in a lagoon.

Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex, Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Jul 20, 2014 7:27 PM   Subject: 7/19 LBI Charters

Fished the bay for fluke for fun on Saturday for few hours on Saturday w/ crews from Bobbies and Vans boat rentals and my kids. I caught one 7 lbs 2 oz, Ash had one 4 lbs and Jack from Bobbies had one 3.5 lbs. Tried again in rain on Sunday and only couple throwbacks and bluefish. Open for wreck or fluke fishing both days next weekend.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

Received: Jul 20, 2014 5:40 PM   Subject: Fishing report

Fished with captain Kevin of Old Barney charters Thursday morning and had a good day with fluke and sea bass as well as catching a ling, fluke was 22.5-inches and sea bass were 12.5-inches and up. Earlier in the week I caught a 24-inch fluke to win the pool on the Miss Beach Haven. All fish caught on Gulp!

~ Matt

9:00 AM

Finally we heard about some action from the reefs! Ben Smith posted two picture on Facebook. One of two beautiful fluke and the other of four nice sea bass with a caption, "Killie/squid combo was the most productive bait for us yesterday on the reefs."

Steve from Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters reported yesterday evening, "Friday was so-so with stripers, blues, fluke and blackfish. Saturday was better with a bit more of all, including a limit + of blackfish up to 6-lbs. All anglers scored a "Barnegat Bay Slam" [striper, fluke, bluefish] today. If we substituted a blackfish for a weakfish then all anglers would have scored a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam!" Light Tackle Fun!!!

We got word about an abundance of croakers in the bay. Wilbur K. reported fishing down by the "Stink House" aka the Old Fish Factory before the weekend. He reported, "Croakers everywhere! Some up to 15-inches. I kept three for the table." This is a great sign. The spot, kingfish and blowfish should be with them or right behind 'em! With plenty of fluke and weakfish in the backwaters there are a variety of species to target.

The tog and triggerfish bite has been very good at the Barnegat Inlet. Our weekend delivery of live green crabs went super fast. Our next chance might not be until Tuesday for more green crabs.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 20, 2014 10:24 AM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

It felt good to back on the water this week after what seemed like an eternity in dry dock for mid season maintenance and freshening up.

Albeit water temps are on the rise from last weeks "polar zone" semi-cooler water temps are still in place making for some fun and cooperative blackfishing and schoolie striper action. Encounters with fluke, bluefish, houndfish and even triggerfish have also added to the mix as well.

The Frank Hetler Party started the week mixing it up with light tackle schoolie stripers, bluefish, blackfish and fluke action. We had to stay on the move to keep the rods bending but managed to keep the guys are their toes and engaged till trips end.

Regulars Jay Simmons and Karl Steffan were joined by returning angler Ken Greenwald for a bit more robust light tackle action with all aboard scoring a Barnegat Bay Slam on striper, bluefish, and fluke. If we could substitute blackfish for weakfish than all would have scored a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam!! The guys managed a limit+ of quality blackfish to 6-lbs, about 10 stripers, and few bluefish from 2-9lbs before ending the day catching and releasing fluke till trips end.

On vacation and don't want to miss time with the family on the beach during the day but still want to find a small window to fish? I will be running "happy hour" 5pm-8pm trips through out the week for private or open boat. The evening action is very productive, fun and usually a bit more quite on the water. All bait, tackle, top quality rods, lures and fish cleaning is included! I also have this coming Saturday and Sunday, July 26th and 27th available for private or open charters.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

July 18, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 PM

The Barnegat Ridge is full of life today... bluefish, bonita and mackerel. Water was 70 degrees and super clean.

Jeff Warford just got in from offshore. He fished with Hudson and went 3 for 6 on small yellowfin. He also caught a nice 50-lb class longfin tuna.

There was some chatter in the shop today about bluefin tuna on the 30 line out of Barnegat Inlet.

Store staffer Steve O hit the inlet today. He caught one 17" tog and a bunch of triggerfish (more than a dozen). All on green crab. Steve reported seeing another angler catch a keeper fluke close by.

There are plenty of sandbar (aka brown sharks) around. The bay sharking has been good. Expect great fishing for the rest of the summer. Rob Rozek of Manahawkin was sharking the bay yesterday. He caught a nice sand tiger.

The surf temperature was 67 degrees this morning/afternoon up the street from the shop. Expect it to stay warm for some time.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 18, 2014 4:13 AM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Reel Fantasea has 2 spots left for this Saturday bay/inlet light tackle trip. We will be targeting Fluke, bluefish, schoolie stripers, blackfish and possibly more. All bait, tackle and fish cleaning included Please phone only to reserve as I will be on the water and not at the computer.

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

July 17, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 17, 2014 11:40 AM   Subject: Open Boat Trips

We have been catching a lot of fluke in the bay. Oyster Creek and Double Creek. Jigging leadheads and Gulp! Mostly under the 18" minimum but there are enough 18 to 23 inch fish in the mix to make it interesting. The blues make an appearance on almost every trip. Two to three pounders, big enough to rip drag off of the 10 pound spinning gear. Some days they are in the inlet and more recently right in Oyster Creek Channel. A lot of bird play has been giving up their whereabouts. We have been throwing surface lures like poppers so every attack is visual.

I've tried three separate shrimping efforts in the last two weeks and I have not been able to hook a weakfish. That won't deter us from trying again this weekend. No blowfish or kingfish yet for us either but it should be any minute

I am going to start running open boat trips to Barnegat Ridge starting with this Monday, July 21, 6AM to Noon. Sounds like good color and 72 degree water moved in there so it is time to pursue bonita and albacore. Not impossible that we could find bluefin tuna there, as well. $150 per person, 3 people max. All fish are shared. If the weather is mint and we decide to push off further offshore in search of tuna, it would be $200 per man. This will cover the additional fuel expense and we will also return a few hours later. So, flexible people only please.

I also have this Saturday afternoon, July 19 available for the bay 1PM to 6PM, either open boat or charter for fluke and bluefish.

I slid down to Key West a few weeks ago to fish the Marquesas as part of my ongoing 50th birthday celebration and connected with my first permit, a 20 pounder:

On the same trip here is my friend Steve Ondrof doing battle with a 150 pound Goliath Grouper:

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

July 16, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 16, 2014 1:22 PM   Subject: BHCFA Report

The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are finding some very decent action in the ocean, both inshore and offshore. The artificial reefs and wrecks are producing nice catches of fluke, black sea bass, and ling. The boats heading offshore are getting into a good supply of tuna and other action.

Captain Bob Gerkens of the boat “Hot Tuna” had Bill Boseki of Manahawkin out for a tuna trip on Bill’s 70th birthday. The trip was a gift from his family, and was his first ever tuna trip. Bill started the day off when a fish hit while he was sitting in the fighting chair. After a 30-minute fight, he brought a 60-inch bluefin tuna to the boat. The fish was gaffed and weighed in at 114 pounds after being bled. John Howell later boated a 60-pound bluefin, and the rest of the crew took turns in fighting a feisty 53-inch bluefin which was released. Although the Hot Tuna's Sunday bite was limited to bluefin tuna and some skipjack, Captain Bob said some of the other boats in the area also had yellowfin tuna.

After some bad weather forced the cancellation of several bluefin tuna trips last week for Captain John Lewis and the “Insatiable,” he found himself running the boat “Big Dog” for a friend as he took some Paramus fire fighters out canyon fishing. The ended the trip with 3 nice yellowfin tuna to 50-pounds along with 5 mahi-mahi. Captain John said the canyons seem to be coming alive with pods of bait, and the inshore grounds continue to have bluefin tuna roaming around.

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime” Charters did several trips recently despite some poor weather. He fished the inlet and bay due to the incidents of fog and rain. Each trip his anglers managed to catch fish. Then when the weather finally cleared, he had the Patel and Mullarkey families out to the reef where they caught many fluke, black sea bass, and ling.

Captain Jimmy Zavacky had a group from Triangle Copy Center out on the “Reel Determined” to do some fluke fishing. The anglers caught over 40 fluke which included 6 keepers along with a few nice black sea bass. Mate Kyle Chudzinski did a great job on his first trip on the “Reel Determined.”

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

July 15, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

7:00 PM

So the weather man scared everyone away for most of the day. The storms never came, YET. Right now it looks like we will see some boomers and rain around sunset and going into the late evening.

Scott Simpson stopped in the shop this afternnon to load up on Gulp!. He said that he smoke the fluke off the surf this morning with Jimbo! The water was a little chilly but they were on the chew. "We caught 40 fluke between the two of us. Only two were keepers. If it wasn't for the beach bag checkers we would have stayed on longer. We started off early with chartreuse and then the bite switched over to white."

Also received word that more striped bass are in the Inlet and hitting both plugs and live bait.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 15, 2014 7:07 PM   Subject: June 14th and 15th Fishing reports... Reel Chaos Charters

We were out the last two days with a really nice family staying on the island visiting us from VA. With two small children aboard we elected to stay inside the bay and target Fluke and some Bluefish. Water temp was around 58 both days. We started our drift between BB and BI picking up some small fluke. We were using a killie and squid combo and also spearing and squid combo. I think the spearing combo out fished the killie 2 to 1. Most of our keeper fluke were caught on the out going tide. We fished the Barnegat Inlet one day using gulp pink fin-s and had 3 fluke over 3.5 pounds. We saw some birds working Oyster Creek and had a blast with some small blues. Overall we had a great time with alot of action. Thanks Guys... We still have dates available for private charters or open boats. Give us a call...

~ Capt. Tom Cormann, Reel Chaos Charters  Forked River 201.788.3223

Received: Jul 15, 2014 6:15 PM   Subject: Fishing report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing LLC

On Sunday, I had my son Luke out for a quick 2hr bay blast - we got on some fish early and worked small S&S BigEye bucktails with primo spearing to put two quality keepers (19, 20) in the boat. The highlight was Luke catching a 20-inch bluefish on the teaser with no help from Dad, which under Luke's direction the fish went right to the grill on Sunday night. With the winds and forecasted storms, I moved my Monday and Tuesday trips this week. The bay fluke are biting when the water temps are cooler as expected during this time of year. With the ocean temps idling in the 60's and expected East winds this week - we will start running ocean fluke trips the following week unless the bay bite is on fire - always give you the option. Unfortunately, the rest of this week (7/16,7/17,7/18) we're booked, but have some dates available the upcoming weeks.

I will continuing running charter fishing trips 7 days a week (weather permitting) until September. We will start running our ocean fluke trips next week and will focus on catching doormats. In the bay, our trips will focus on fishing around the tide - we use light tackle gear and quality tackle on all of our backbay trips. My blowfish clients will have to wait until I start hearing/seeing some better action. All gear, tackle, bait, ice, fish-cleaning, etc. is included on all chartered trips. If interested in booking, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

Received: Jul 15, 2014 1:53 PM   Subject: Laura Sportfishing

This morning I had Scott, Horatio and Carter out for am early morning trip. We had 12 stripers on plugs 1 keeper and kept a dozen bluefish. All on SP minnows and bombers By nine am we were back at the dock. Friday morning I am open for a trip.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli "Laura", 23' Parker SE 856-341-6562

6:00 AM

The mid-island surf temp was 55 degrees yesterday morning.

Yesterday, we had some reports from customers...

One was a spear fisherman who was purchasing a new band for his gun as well as a new spear tip. He said that on Sunday morning there were bluefish and birds on top. Once he jumped in it was triggerfish everywhere.

Another customer in the shop was gearing up for another inshore bluefin trip. He picked up some trolling lures and jigs. While here he reported a good bite at the Claw a few days ago. Hopefully the bite will still be on the next weather window.

Good news for hardcore surf anglers! Van Staal is releasing the X-Series this fall (eta September). It will be the same reels that Van Staal is know for but with two major improvements. One, a new upgraded drag. Two, a new and improved oscillation system for excellent line lay. For the most part everything else will be the same. The X-Series will be $40 more than the standard VS Series. Keep an eye out for more new. Anyone looking to pre-order one please call the shop and ask for the VS Reel Tech.

~ FishHead.Greg

July 14, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 14, 2014 9:38 PM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - light tackle action, maintenance and new shirts!

Schoolie stripers, bluefish and a mix of keeper and short fluke have made up the bulk of light tackle action over the last couple weeks with few angler's scoring a Barnegat Bay Slam! This past week was spent on much needed mid season maintenance that had us off the water.

This week we will be back in the action looking to add a bit more variety as the blackfish season reopens. Presently I have July 19 and 20 available for either open or private charters, Backbay , ocean, inlet all the above.

The new edition Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters tee shirts are a great success and are going fast for those who would like to purchase or view the new logo , reach us on face book and email, personal message or just do it the old fashion way and call - 609-290-1217 to buy for yourself or friends or family [ never to early to think about the holidays]

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Jul 14, 2014 9:22 AM   Subject: Kingfish in the Surf

Slow start to the early morning with a current that was ripping pretty good off the Surf City surf. Incoming started and it settled down...wound up with 7 kingfish once the changeover started . FishBites were the preferred bait.

~ Matt Bailey

Received: Jul 14, 2014 8:29 AM   Subject: White Marlin Open, Open Boat Overnighters and Available Days

The White Marlin Open is right around the corner and we still have room for one person!

White Marlin Open -- Don't miss out!
The White Marlin Open is one of the finest tournaments in the world and we have room for one person.

The tournament is a "fish 3 out of 5 day" format; you get entry in the tournament and calcuttas and 3 days of fishing between August 4-8 for $4000.

Open Boat Trips:
We also have two groups on the schedule that are looking for more people on their overnighters: 7/18-19 & 8/23-24
We have room for 4 next Friday-Saturday (7/18-19), leaving at 10am and returning mid-day Saturday. It's $700 per person with 6 people.
We have for 3 on a Saturday-Sunday trip August 23-24.
July & August -- Available Days For Overnighters (as of 7/11):
7/21, 22, 29, 30, 31
8/12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28

Shoot me an email or give me a call to reserve your trip!

Hope the summer is treating you well!

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

July 13, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 13, 2014 8:40 PM   Subject: Fluke report from week past

On Tuesday had the Jerry Cronin charter and Wednesday had the Pat St. George charter. The cold water slowed the bite but just bringing fluke, even though shorts, over the rail kept the kids happy on both trips. Inlet on incoming was 58. West side of the bay was 77. Fish were caught on 3/4oz. S&S Big eyes with gulp.

Thursday had John Galliano out for a wreck trip. We needed to move a couple times but got seabass and a couple ling.

Saturday’s Losey trip got us 2 keeper fluke and a couple seabass on BL reef. The warmer temps helped. The fluke measured 23.5” and 24” with the largest 4.5lb. Again both were caught on S&S rattles fished with minnows. I promised to report that 9 year old Ben caught 14 fish and 6 year old Jack caught 13 fish.

Booked Thursday and Friday with availability Saturday and Sunday.

~ Capt. Kevin Schmidt,  Old Barney Charters  267-918-1746

3:30 PM

This weekend we had strong reports of quality fluke fishing, sharking and some monster rays caught off of the surf. Today we had a customer in the shop with a report of kingfish. He said the action was good yesterday afternoon off of the mid-island surf.

We had a break with warmer water but the "cold" may be coming right back again! This morning the Ship Bottom surf temp was 65 degrees. Unfortunately the south wind is blowing. It will continue with stronger flow in the afternoons both today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Expect a developing wind swell along with another dreaded upwelling event. When the cold water pushes up on the beach look towards the bay for better fishing. Until then there are fishing opportunities along the entire stretch of Long Beach Island's sand beaches. One good thing about this pattern we've had is there are still a surprising body of striped bass around.

~ FishHead.Greg

July 12, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

There was a Coast Gaurd Rescue this morning in the Barnegat Inlet. Here is what we learned. US Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light station received a call this morning. A 40' vessel, the Shar-Kon out of Norfolk Virginia, was hung up on the submerged section of the Inlet's North Jetty. There were six people on board. From the photos posted by the USCG Station Barnegat Light it looks like the group was out fishing. It is unclear if they were actively fishing or if they were in transit when the accident occurred. Not sure who was on the scene first but with the teamwork and co-operation of the USCG, NJ State Police and Sea Tow the vessel and crew were saved. There are 6 photos posted on the USCG Station Barnegat Light Facebook page.

Talking about boat accidents... Heard through the grapevine today that there was a boat accident on the parkway not far from Exit 63. We also got a call from someone who said they were looking to buy one outrigger. After talking to them, we learned that they lost one trailering over the causeway bridge. WOW!!! That could of been serious. Not sure if it came off and landed on the road or if it went over the rail.

On the fishing front...

Joseph Mitchell reported his fluke trip turned into a Barnegat Ridge trip. The Ridge trip turned into an inshore tuna trip. He said, "Flat Seas!! Two mackerel, a bonito and a bluefish. No tuna but fun on light tackle!" He reported a fun day yesterday too... "Nice 19-inch fluke and then went clamming. 52 clams and 6 bay scallops in a couple hours."

Jeff Warford went out wreck fishing today and caught 15 sea bass and a few ling.

Kristi Reillo Cooper posted on our facebook page a photo of a big surf caught ray with a caption, "My biggest fight so far. It's span was probably 4.5' I'm 5'3"!" Sound like it gave you a run for your money!

~ FishHead.Greg

5:00 PM

Rob Vallone fished the surf this morning. He caught a pair of bluefish and two keeper fluke.

Today, the water temp is back up. It was 66 degrees and the sharks are back again!  Big threshers and brown sharks were on the bait pods all morning. There were small bluefish all over the Barnegat Inlet area.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 12, 2014 2:33 PM Subject: 7/12 LBI Charters Update

Had repeat customers George 13 year old Gavin and 11 year old Matt out today for some bottom fishing. Lots of action with shorts and ended with our boat limit of 12 keepers. Switched it up after that took a shot that paid off and topped of the box with 26 ling.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

2:00 PM

Finally a break from the Southerly flow! The light onshore breeze the past couple of days has been great for a change. The surf water temps have started to climb. Yesterday the surf water temperature in Ship Bottom went from 60 degrees in the morning to 67 in the late afternoon. Today at 9 AM it was 65 degrees. These current water temps are much better for fluke fishing and sharking. Unfortunately we have a forecast with more southerly flow. Hopefully the temps don't crash too hard again. We'll have to wait and see what happens. It all depending on how hard it blows.
Fluke fishing in the bay is a great fishery to take advantage of right now. Recent chatter is lots of fluke in the bay hammering bucktails. The majority of the fish are shorts but there are quality fish in the mix. Check out Brett Taylors weigh-in from a couple days ago. The back bay waters have been productive both on the north end and south end of the island.

Jeff Warford just came back from a two day trip to the the edge. He reported decent fishing at the Hudson with very few boats around. Jeff said that a two hour heavy down pour at night was the only bad part of the trip. On the troll they had a big mahi and a yellowfin as well as one dropped white marlin. At night they had 8 sharks. Three of which were makos. Jeff raved about the quality tilefish bite, "Smallest was 15-lbs! Had 'em up to 40+lbs!" Jeff mentioned that some boats got into a good yellowfin bite on the troll from 11 AM to 1 PM yesterday. At the time they were full of tilefish, low on ice and headed towards home.

Local Notice to Mariners: The US Army Corp Dredge Currituck will be dredging the Barnegat Inlet from July 19-29.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jul 12, 2014 12:20 PM Subject: Mid-Island Surf Report 7-11

Hi - I fished around mid-island in the AM using minnows and bunker on my two rods and caught a few sand sharks and a skate (was trying to remember the junk fish slam - thinking something other than sea robin in the surf 'cause I never caught one in the surf). Another guy near me was trying for kingfish but no luck.

~ Frank H.

July 11, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 11, 2014 8:38 PM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

South, South, South - it's been the wind lately and has definitely affected the fluke bite. You have to fish very hard to put keepers in the boat - meaning working the lure and checking it often. Lots of grass and weed to foul your baits - fluke are not vegetarians so you need to keep the baits clean. On the incoming I'm still reading low 50's - which surely puts the kabosh on the fluke bite.

Early in the week, I had Nick Gennari and his son Michael on a 4-hr bay fluke trip - the two did a pretty good job jigging them up - unfortunately all of the fish were short. Again, same story a few in the 17.5 inch range, but still not legal to keep so back they go. We fished some of the usual spots but the key was to finding cleaner water - the bay water was pretty dirty. We tried for some blues in the inlet area, but the tide/swell made it too dangerous for safe fishing.

I had a chance to make a few drifts solo later that evening - I ended up with over a dozen short fluke and a nice 25.5-inch fish weighing 6.3-lbs. There are some keepers there, but you really have to work for them.

Later in the week, I had Eric Johnson of Yardley, PA and his son in-law Cesar Olmos of Yardley, PA fishing our backwaters. From the week of southwinds - the incoming water temps were a chilly 53-55F at the inlet - which made for some very thick fog. The duo threw soft plastics hoping for weakfish or striped bass, but could only muster a hit. So we headed to the fluke areas and the team jigged S&S BigEyes nailing close to 30 fluke with two fat keepers (18, 18) to show for their efforts. Again there are a lot of fish in the 17-1/2 to 17-3/4 range, but unfortunately all have to go back. Towards the end of the trip we were going to try to score with some cocktail blues, but unfortunately were chased in by thunderstorms.

I will be available to run charter fishing trips up to 7 days a week (weather permitting) until September. We will start running our ocean fluke trips as the temps warm up. In the bay, our trips will focus on fishing around the tide - we use light tackle gear and quality tackle on all of our backbay trips. All gear, tackle, bait, ice, fish-cleaning, etc. is included on all chartered trips. If interested in booking, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website( ).

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

Received: Jul 11, 2014 9:00 AM   Subject: White Marlin Open, Open Boat Overnighters and Available Days

White Marlin Open -- Don't miss out! The tournament is a "fish 3 out of 5 day" format; you get entry in the tournament and calcuttas and 3 days of fishing between August 4-8 for $4000. The White Marlin Open is one of the finest tournaments in the world and the Pez Machine Sportfishing has room for one more person!

Open Boat Trips:
We also have two groups on the schedule that are looking for more people on their overnighters: 7/18-19 & 8/23-24
We have room for 4 next Friday-Saturday (7/18-19), leaving at 10am and returning mid-day Saturday. It's $700 per person with 6 people.
We have room for 3 on a Saturday-Sunday trip August 23-24.
July & August -- Available Days For Overnighters (as of 7/11):
7/21, 22, 29, 30, 31
8/12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28

Send me an email or give me a call to reserve your trip! Hope the summer is treating you well!

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

July 10, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 10, 2014 6:12 PM   Subject: surf report

More short fluke on the north end. Me and my boy caught 13 on bucktails and white gulp.

~ David vanH

Received: Jul 10, 2014 5:49 PM   Subject: Laura Sportfishing 7/10

Had Pete, Dave, Craig, and Joe out this morning. Pete iced an 19 pound striper on a live spot. Afterwards we tried to wreck fish and got chased in by the rain we still ended the day with a couple keeper sea bass and a porgy in addition to the nice striper.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli Laura Sportfishing  856-341-6562

Received: Jul 10, 2014 10:42 AM   Subject: surf report

Fished the north end this morning. 3 short fluke on white gulp.

~ David vanH

6:00 AM

Yesterday, the mid island surf was frigid today! 53 degrees to be exact.

Brett Taylor weighed in this 6.3 pound fluke late in the day yesterday. He reported heading out fun fishing in the bay solo after a charter was over. He said there were lots of shorts earlier in the day. He kept at it and eventually hooked but lost a really good one. Finally he caught one. Bait of choice... Live spot.

Steve George posted a report on Facebook, "Had a blast last night light tackle back bay fishing. The fish were crushing the "forgotten lure" the BOMBER!" Steve posted a couple photos, one nice weakfish and one nice bass.

~ FishHead.Greg

July 9, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 9, 2014 2:37 PM     Subject: BHCFA Report

Hurricane Arthur slowed the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association down a little, but once the winds and waves calmed down, their boats were out finding fish once again. Right now there is a very decent bite going on for fluke and black sea bass.

Captain Carl Sheppard had the “Star Fish” out for wonderful Fourth of July. They fished Saturday afternoon and found good action for the young sons of the Gallagher family. The Little Egg Reef yielded only shorts, so they moved up to the Garden State South Reef where they found lots of black sea bass some good sized blue backed keepers. That night Captain Carl had a group out for an evening cruise to watch the various fireworks displays.

On Sunday morning Captain Carl found some large numbers of large black sea bass on the offshore wrecks. Many times as they reeled the sea bass to the surface they were followed by 3-4 pound bluefish. Captain Carl used this trip to break in three of the junior mates from the Association’s training program.

Captain George Finck of Sparetime Charters had the Steve Rulis party out fishing for fluke. They fished the inlet and bay waters and faced a 10-degree water temperature drop that slowed the bite down. The group did have constant action with a nice catch of fluke, mostly shorts, and a great many skates and sharks which were released.

Once Arthur passed by, Captain Bob Gerkens took the “Hot Tuna” to the 30 Fathom Line looking for bluefin tuna. The fish were not schooled tightly, but they had a steady pick of bluefin with only one double hookup. They ended the day with 10 bluefin boats and plenty of tuna steaks to go around. Captain Bob was assisted by mate Dante Soriente.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

July 8, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 8, 2014 4:30 PM Subject: Pez Machine Sportfishing - Open Boat Overnighters This Weekend!

Not only is this weekend's weather forecast beautiful, we're running two open boat overnighters and have space on both.

Don't be left at the dock! We're leaving the dock at 8am Friday morning and should return Saturday between 10-11am. We're also running 2pm Saturday and returning 4-5pm Sunday.

The plan is to troll until dark, run our first chunking trips at night and put the boat back on the troll in the morning. Shoot me an email or give me a call to reserve your spot! Thanks for reading! Hope to see you Friday!

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

Sunday, Steve George reported, "Pretty good morning fluking the surf. Consistent bite for about two hours after sunrise with hits or fish on just about every cast as the tide was dropping out." There are still some bass around. Steve posted a photo of a linesider he caught on Friday morning (July 4th) before Arthur's weather arrived.

Quality shark fishing going down! AJ Rotondella reported, "2014, The year of monster sand tigers! I conquered the rough surf and put another beast on the beach Friday night. 9' on the nose with a 47.5" girth estimated about 250-lbs. Unhooked, Tagged, Measured and Released."

There's fish in the inlet. We recently reported bluefish cruising the rock. They are still there and there's other species present too. Dave Werner speared a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam recently. Two striped bass (14 & 18lbs), two fluke, one 25" weakfish and one triggerfish in just 2-hours of diving.

~ FishHead.Greg

July 6, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jul 6, 2014 9:34 PM Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

Had a real exciting week on the water. Hooked up with nice mangrove snappers, a cuda, a bunch a jacks, and lost a decent snook. Oops, I forgot to say I was fishing the Dominican Republic. Right now DR is coming off the peak white marlin season and going into peak blue marlin season. As most of you know my heart lies in the shallows, not the deep. The number of charters available to fish the DR deep seemed endless but finding one to fish inside and along the reefs was hard to find. After searching I found a man by the name of Anders Bogebjerg of Palmera Fishing Charters who had what my wife and I were looking for. He manages offshore boats and a 24 Pathfinder and 24 Mako in his fleet. He hooked us up with one of his captains, Peco, and Anders personally came out as our guide. The fishing was decent but the guiding and conversations were excellent. It is this type of top notch service I always strive for with my clients both on and off the Debbie M. If you ever down DR and are interested in an inshore of offshore trip look him up. He was very honest with his reports and I highly recommend him. He can be found at  And by the way Anders runs a travel agency and is very knowledgeable on DR, along with many other destinations.

Locally, crabbing is solid with some nice an full jimmies. Peanut bunker have already started showing up in the lagoons and creeks. The ones I saw netted were 3” or so and perfect size for fluke. This is one of the earliest showing of peanuts this size I have been witness to.

I will be chartering full time for the rest of the summer were not only do I specialize in back bay and inshore trips but specialize in kids. Speaking of kids, I will be instructing Hooked of Fishing-Not on Drugs at Barnegat’s Summer Camp. Session 1 is July 15-17 for Grades K-5 and Session 2 is July 22-24 for Grades 6-8. Each day runs from 9 AM till noon with the last day going to Ocean Acres Lake to catch some fish. Cost is $35. For more information you can contact Jean Broadbent @609-698-0800 x122. Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex, Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Date: Jul 6, 2014 8:31 PM   Subject: Laura Sportfishing

Today, Greg, Vince and Dylan were out for a morning sea bass trip. By 9:15 We had our limit plus seven ling.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli Laura Sportfishing  856-341-6562

July 4, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Enjoy Independence Day!

Received: Jul 4, 2014 5:40 PM   Subject: Barnegat Bay Fishing

Happy 4th of July! While we're off to a bit of a wet and windy start, the rest of the holiday weekend looks fabulous and I hope everyone enjoys it.

I've had a surprising number of inquiries over the past several months about where my weekly fishing reports have been. Here's the scoop. After eleven years of chartering full time, I made the decision this past winter to start cutting things back a little bit this year. So instead of the four or five charters a week that I've done in the past, this year I've been trying to limit it to just a couple of days a week. Add in a couple of personal fishing days most weeks and I've probably been on the water as much as always, just with a little different focus. But one of the casualties of cutting back has been the weekly fishing report email that I sent out every Sunday morning for the past ten years. Based on the requests for updates I've received, I'm going to try to bring that back, probably not weekly but at least a couple times a month.

OK, so how has fishing been so far this year and what are we looking forward to? I would call our spring striper season somewhat disappointing. We had a few good days, but not what we were expecting. Livelining around the bunker schools was inconsistent, and most days we had to resort to trolling wire line and Maja bunker spoons to put one or two fish on the boat. Seems like the main body of migrating fish passed our area well offshore for the second year in a row, hopefully not a trend. Back bay fluke fishing has been pretty decent this year. It hasn't been crazy fishing, but most days have seen steady action with four or five keepers in the box. And some quality fish have been landed, including one that taped out to 28" and quite a few fish in the 23-24" range. As usual we've been fishing light and ultralight tackle for fluke, and this year has also seen the return of 40-50" houndfish that are an absolute blast on light gear.

We're going to continue bay fluke fishing as long as it holds up. For anyone that's interested, I'm also planning to get in a couple trips next month out to Barnegat Ridge once the bonito start showing up. Add in some back bay bottom fishing (blowfish, kingfish, burrfish, snappers, weakfish, etc.) and we should have a full plate for the rest of the summer. Hope to see you all soon.

Until next time,

~ Capt. Jack Shea Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters   609.698.3632

Received: Jul 4, 2014 12:38 PM    Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

Early in the week I had a chance to fish with my wife Jennifer and son Luke. Although we got a late start in the morning, and we picked up 3 keepers to 22 inches fishing some of the smaller channels. The choice bait was 1/2oz Big Eye bucktail tipped with Berkley Gulp.

I had Julie Burstein and Mark Maben of Maplewood, NJ and their two boys (Ezekiel and Micah) out on a backbay fluke charter. We searched for keeper flatties in a couple of prime spots but could only muster fish to close to keeper length. This was the first time the family ever fished a bucktail and they quickly learned how to feel the bite. All in all the first-time flukers did a great job landing and releasing close to 45 flatties - if it was last years regulations we would have had 5 keepers in the box, but a slightly different story this year.

In between charters, I had a chance to fish solo for a few hours and ended with 2 keepers to 20 inches - it seems the fish are in small pockets spread out. You have to work really hard for them right now and change up your tactics to match want they want. And more importantly, you have to constantly monitor your lure from being fouled by eel grass/cabbage.

A pre-4th trip, I had a Mike Sella and his 15yr old son Mike Jr. from Montrose, Colorado out for a quick afternoon bay trip. The father and son team picked away at fluke and 4-6lb bluefish blitzing on spearing, but couldn't boat any sizeable fluke. After about an hour into the trip, the south winds kicked up and increased to 20 knots with gusts to 25 based on USGS Barnegat Light weather station - making it next to impossible to keep the bait on the bottom. The pair still had a great time spending quality father and son time together.

With the tropical system that has gone past and a week of strong south winds that dropped the surf temps to the upper 50's - the ocean fluking will take a little while to regain it's already slow momentum - let's hope for some NE winds in the next week or so to warm things up. The bay has lots of shorts with keepers mixed in - but have to contend with some of nature's variables - water temps, winds, and tide.

I will be available to run charter fishing trips up to 7 days a week (weather permitting) until September. We will start running our ocean fluke trips as the temps warm up. In the bay, our trips will focus on fishing around the tide - we use light tackle gear and quality tackle on all of our backbay trips. All gear, tackle, bait, ice, fish-cleaning, etc. is included on all chartered trips. If interested in booking, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( ).

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

July 3, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Jeff Warford stopped in the shop this afternoon. He fished this morning and found a couple fluke in the bay but nothing spectacular. He said the inlet was full of bluefish feeding on small bait. Sounds like a fun time light tackle plugging!

The current upwell has depressed the bite. What was phenomenal shark and fluke action off of the surf is now slow at best. The introduction of cooler water from the deep has sent fish searching for the warmer temps that are in the bay as well as a couple miles offshore. With the current south blow and small craft advisory in effect the bay is the only shot. Reports of some quality fluke fishing in the bay are keeping anglers optimistic. Yesterday, Dave Sikorski posted a photo of a 5-pound fluke. They are here!

Expect the surf temperatures to continue the drop. There's no telling how low it will go. It will take some time before the surf rebounds.

~ FishHead.Greg

July 2, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Subject: Help Stop Barnegat Bay Ocean Blasting - Posted Since: Jun 27, 2014 9:00 AM  


Help Stop Barnegat Bay Ocean Blasting - Attend the Emergency Town Hall Meeting

Your help and input is needed to stop the ocean seismic testing occurring off of the coast of New Jersey in July and August that will have devastating effects on fisheries resources. A Rutgers University study will shock waters with sound waves every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day for 30 days. These sound waves will not only affect the study area’s 230 square miles but hundreds of surrounding miles.

An emergency town hall meeting is being held next week, which is an opportunity for anglers like you to stop this harmful study from moving forward. KeepAmericaFishing™ encourages you to attend this meeting and speak out in opposition to this plan.

Wednesday July 2nd, 5 pm
   Barnegat Light Fire Company
   907 Central Avenue (corner of West 10th St.)
   Barnegat Light, NJ 08006

   (609) 494-1280

The study will disturb thirty five species of fish that are vital to both the recreational and commercial industries, interrupt the peak sportfishing time of year and be located on top of prime recreational fishing areas. This Rutgers study will have negative direct and indirect effects to fish distribution, movement, migration and spawning.

Fish respond to high energy sound waves, like the ones that will be used in this study, altering catch rates and catch patterns.

Let your voice be heard. Attend this meeting and speak up!

~ KeepAmericaFishing -

...MORE INFORMATION (pass on all this information to fellow anglers)...

This summer, Rutgers University scientists (backed with funding from the National Science Foundation) are planning to blast the ocean with sound pulses louder than the noise made when a jet engine takes off.

There's no question that these sounds will have a terrible impact on all marine life from dolphins to whales to sea turtles. Plus, tourism at the Jersey Shore and the fishing industry will certainly be adversely affected.

Fisherman's Headquarters staffers are signing the "Care2 Petition" telling New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Rutgers University President Robert Barchi and President Obama to stop seismic testing off the New Jersey coast. Will you sign too? Here's a link to the petition:

Thank you, Management and Staff at Fisherman's Headquarters

Date: Jul 2, 2014 7:57 AM    Subject: BHCFA Report

Warm weather, nice crowds, and good fishing are all arriving for the summer on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. The captains and boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are enjoying the three aspects of summer.

Captain Tim Knorr of the charter boat "William Knorr" took Kevin Hollahan and his family of Minnesota out wreck fishing on Sunday, landing enough nice sized black sea bass to feed the entire family. The ladies out-caught the men even though the seas were a bit choppy for the first few hours. As the tide dropped the fishing was fierce, but as the tide slacked off, so did the action. There were a lot of shorts caught, but very few junk fish. For information on the William Knorr contact Capt. Tim Knorr, Phone: 609.848.4094

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime” Charters went wreck fishing with Jonathan Shafer, his father, and 4 friends. The winds were from the northeast at 20-knots so they returned to the inlet and bay to fish. They managed a good catch of fluke up to 23 inches, a bull-nose ray which was released, and numerous skates and sharks. For information on the 38' Henriques “Spare Time” Beach Haven, NJ contact Capt. George Finck, 609.618.3877

Captain Gary Dugan of “Irish Jig" Sportfishing reports his Saturday charter had a slow pick of fluke all day although they managed a couple of decent fish. On another trip he moved outside to the ocean where he found “drop and reel” wreck fishing. He anchored off three different wrecks and put a great catch of sea bass and blackfish together. He took about a dozen big sea bass home for the table and released the rest. For information on the 330 Wellcraft Coastal or 21' Hydra-Sport CC contact Irish Jig Sportfishing by calling Capt Gary Dugan at 609.760.3717

Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Star Fish” reports that Captain Vic Bertotti ran the boat during the past week and had a good catch of black sea bass on the wrecks and lots of small fluke in the inlet mixed in with some keepers. Captain Carl ran the boat on Saturday for a good pick of keeper sea bass and one ling cod on the wrecks. On the way in he tried some fluke fishing and discovered lots of short fish. That night Captain Carl hosted a sunset cruise for a bachelorette party of a beautiful young lady, and he said it was the perfect way to end the day on the water. For information on the 40' Custom "Star Fish" for 2-20 anglers contact Capt. Carl Sheppard, 609.492.2591

Captain John Lewis ran the “Insatiable” to the 30-fathom line on Sunday and had a fun time with small bluefin tuna. They would hit 3-4 at a time. Most were shorts, and they lost quite a few in addition to releasing a half dozen. They did manage one keeper bluefin, a bull mahi-mahi, and a nice yellowfin tuna to round out the catch. On the way home they watched a humpback whale breach several times about 10 miles off the beach. For information on the 38' Ocean Yacht Insatiable contact Capt. John Lewis, Phone: 609.670.5980

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

July 1, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: Jul 1, 2014 7:01 AM    Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters fishing report and new logo and shirts

Anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea mixed it up between both quality and short fluke, bluefish, schoolie stripers, keeper and short seabass, ling and throw back blackfish.

With last week's strong Southwest winds predictably dropping the ocean temps overnight due to upwelling along the beach our local stripers responded favorably.

Bob Fillon wife Lisa and son Gregg from PA started there day scoring 7 stripers while working plastics around the inlet on light spinning tackle. Moving into the backbay they mixed it up between both short and keeper fluke till trips end.

The Wes party was up next facing strong North East winds that turned the inlet into a bit mess that sent us retreating to the back bay for mostly short fluke with only one 4-lbs fluke hitting the ice before the tide and bite died.

Regular Joe Franke was up next looking for some seabass action. The first few wrecks came up empty but as we continued to move around we started to find a few seabass and ling that hit the ice plus the guys caught and released a few nice back blackfish. Making our way back we ended the day with some scrappy bluefish action on the light spinning tackle.

I have July 5th and 6th available for private or open boat fishing .

This year I updated the old logo with a bit of a fun pirate flare hope you enjoy the new art work and emblem. The new shirts will be available in Black hoodie, Navy and White Long Sleeve, and short sleeve grey for anyone interested.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

June 30, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: Jun 30, 2014 7:57 PM   Subject: 6/30 LBI Charters Update

Had Vince and his son Lou out today for some bottom fishing. Headed out around 7 and after a few small blues in inlet headed offshore. 1st spoke had decent shot of shorts and keepers and ended with 48 sea bass and 4 ling and home by 1:00 when the wind started blowing.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

June 29, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 29, 2014 9:35 PM Subject: LBI Charters Weekend Update

On Saturday, Kevin and 10 year old Sophie were out. Picked away with Sophie leading the way. This short half-day trip landed 20 sea bass and a ling.

On Sunday, had family friends Glen and Bill along with Jamie and Angie. We picked away at some nice sea bass, a couple ling and some LARGE blackfish including 1 bill caught around 6-lbs and one I caught over 10-lbs. All released of course. Final tally 21 sea bass 2 ling and a porgy. 

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

4:00 PM

Brian Leary took the kids out on the barnegat bay today fluke fishing. They caught seven keepers with some of them going...3.25-lbs, 3.75-lbs, & 4-lbs. Caught using live minnows.

We got word in the shop today about sheepshead and triggerfish in the inlet. Some anglers and spear fisherman have found them in the rocks. One angler reported hammering them on green crabs.

~ FishHead.Greg

5:00 AM

Captain Stew on the Pez Machine reported having a good day sharking inshore on Saturday with the Azzato family. He said the birthday celebration was great and there were toothy critters to boot. Fishing five miles off of Long Beach Island, they released a pair of brown sharks and a great white shark. The white shark population might have boomed. In the past couple of weeks we have heard about a dozen+ separate catch and release reports. A number of them had photos to prove.

Speaking of sharking... Lots of reports of phenomenal brown sharks flowing into the shop. Anglers fishing off of the surf are getting into them every day. As long as the surf temperature stays warm the bite will be on. Look out for an upwell which will shut off the bite like a switch. Then look towards the bayside. The bay has already offered good sharking. Look for this fishery to progress as we get further into summer.

The bay fishing is very good! The fluke fishing is solid on both the north end and south end. The ICW and secondary thoroughfares are stacked up. There's lots of shorts but also some quality fat flatties. There are also weakfish. Chet Bojarski posted two nice photos of beautiful tide runner he recently caught at in the dark.

Matt Brown and Basil Trujillo fished the bay Saturday. Afterwards they stopped by the shop and reported catching blowfish and some triggerfish.

The bay isn't the only fluke fishery on LBI. The surf is still red hot. Scotty Simpson stopped in the shop to re-spool one of his reels. While here he talked about hammering the flatties off the surf. Scott said he caught 7 shorts on Gulp! in the morning. Another surf fluke report came from Ryan Warford and Lukas Robinson. They hit the mid island surf in the evening and smoked a dozen flatties with one nice size keeper.

~ FishHead.Greg

June 28, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 28, 2014 9:08 AM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

This week we were blessed with steady 10-15knot south winds followed by the movement of a front through our area - it put the fluke bite off a little bit. Early in the week I had a chance to boat some flatties with my 6yr son Luke and he fished bucktail without any help from Dad managing to catch 8 fluke - unfortunately the biggest was 17-3/4" and all were promptly released. There are lots of shorts around right now - which make it great for kids - but you have to work really hard for keepers. My advice when fishing with kids is patience, patience, and patience - and make it fun for them.

Later in the week I had regular Bryan Ingraham, wife Rachel, and friend Rebecca Resnick along with their Colorado crew of four youngsters out on two back-to-back bay fluke trips. All of the kids (Emerson Ingraham 8-yr, Talia Kane 6-yr, Aviva Kane 8-yr, and Rowan Ingraham 6-yr) did a fantastic job at fishing and keeping the minnows happy. We fished both sides of the tide and had outgoing temps in the low 80's while our incoming temps hit 59.2F. We played with bluefish early and boated some nice 3 to 6-lb bluefish blitzing on spearing. Although the conditions were tough (wind against tide) the crew managed to pick at the fluke with Rowan Ingraham (Age 6) picking up his first-ever keeper fluke. Rowan literally caught the fluke with out any help from his father - great job Rowan.

I am available to run charter fishing trips up to 7-days a week (weather permitting) until September. We will start running our ocean fluke trips as the temps warm up. In the bay, our trips will focus on fishing around the tide - we use light tackle gear and quality tackle on all of our backbay trips. All gear, tackle, bait, ice, fish-cleaning, etc. is included on all chartered trips. If interested in booking, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website (

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

June 27, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 27, 2014 10:09 AM   Subject: Surf Report

Fished the north end early Thursday morning. Incoming tide. 16 short fluke on white gulp. Biggest one was 17 1/2.

~ Davidt vanHorn

June 25, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 25, 2014 3:49 PM   Subject: Open Boat Trips

Like to fish but your friends or family don't and you don't want to charter an entire boat by yourself. Well this might help... Beginning this July through September (the end of fluke season), I will be running open-boat trips out to the ocean reefs .

There has been enough interest to start open boat trips. These trips will give singles and small groups the opportunity to go fishing on a private charter at a fraction of the cost. The trip will last 6 hours (7am-1pm) and will be $135/angler. I will need a minimum of three anglers to run the trip. All bait and tackle will be provided. If interested, give us a call...

~ Capt. Tom Cormann, "Reel Chaos Charters",  Forked River 201.788.3223

Received: Jun 25, 2014 1:32 PM   Subject: Seismic Blasting to hurt LBI Fishery

I thought these links may be of interest... This could certainly affect the fishing off of Long Beach Island if it isn't stopped.

~ Andrew S.

Received: Jun 25, 2014 8:12 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have recently been showing that there is excellent fishing in the bay waters around Beach Haven, on the inshore wrecks and reef sites, and offshore.

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime” Charters took Joe Delago and his three sons out for a day on the bay. The weather cooperated as the anglers had a nice catch of fluke and bluefish with the largest fluke stretching out to a full 22-inches in length.

Captain Carl Sheppard reports that Captain Vic Bertotti ran the “Star Fish” and had some nice catches of black sea bass on the wrecks in addition to some nice fluke in the inlet. Captain Carl had a group on the “Star Fish” and found unlimited 3-pound bluefish in the inlet. Once the anglers tired of reeling in the feisty blues, they started drifting for fluke. There were quite a few short fluke with some big ones which produced fillet almost 2-inches thick. On Sunday the McIlvaine family from Philadelphia fished on the “Star Fish” and bailed the fluke. The youngest angler, only 5 months old, caught her first fluke on the trip.

Captain Bob Gerkens on the “Hot Tuna” had George Penna, Bob Lebevre, Pete Nork, Nick DiPano, and Dante Soriente out on a sharking trip with him. While chumming for sharks, this experienced crew caught two brown sharks and heard on the radio about a bluefin tuna bite about 20 miles away. Captain Bob decided to pick up and head that way. Almost immediately upon starting the troll, they were greeted with 7 rods going down. This turned out to be some big bluefish. In the same general location were schools of bluefin tuna, and in the 2.5 hours they worked that area they caught 11 bluefin and at least 30 large bluefish to 15-pounds.

Additional information on the association and its captains and boats can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

June 24, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 24, 2014 10:15 AM   Subject: Reel Chaos Charter Fishing Report-6/23/14

Today we were out with a great family from Colorado, they were staying for a week on Long Beach Island. Breaking through Barnegat Inlet at around 7am we headed north towards the bathing beach. We were in search of some diving birds, to try our luck for some striped bass. Ran into some bunker which were snagged and dropped for a while, with no bass around a decision was made to hit some wrecks. Moving to the south, we were hitting the tires and some other popular places. The fish were located with no other boats around. Caught black sea bass and fluke for the rest of the trip.

"Reel Chaos" charters traveled over 75 miles throughout the day doing our best to put our customers on the fish. We thank Ron, Gagie and Jack for another great day.

~ Capt. Tom Cormann, "Reel Chaos Charters", Forked River 201.788.3223

June 23, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

7:00 PM

Today, while fishing the rocks of the Barnegat Lighthouse during outgoing tide at about 3 PM, Isaiah Pollitt landed a 3.3-lb 22-in Fluke using chunks of bunker.

Received: Jun 23, 2014 5:16 PM   Subject: 6/23 LBI Charters

Doug, Rich, Jay and Brian fished with us today. Flat calm and hot to start before breeze picked up. We picked and plucked out 58 keepers comprised of 42 sea bass, 11 ling, 3 triggerfish and 2 porgies.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

11:30 AM

Summertime is here and the fishing on LBI is on point!

There are still striped bass here. Over the weekend Kyle and Joe Meckley of Marlton caught a pair of stripers with the bigger of the two stretching out to 40" pulling the scale down at 21.5-lbs. Also Tom Gordan reported with a post on our Facebook page, "Great night with the striped ones. We had 30+ and lost count". The majority of the quality spring run fish have slid north however there are still good fish here amongst the plentiful schoolies.

Right now the surf fishing for fluke is outstanding. The flatties are stacked in tight to the beach and chewing. There are not a of keepers but those that are fishing are finding a couple for the table. Bucktailing with a teaser is one of the most effective methods. Baits of choice: GULP! As well as spearing, live minnow, squid strip and mackerel fillet.

Also off the surf the brown sharking has been consistent. This year our water warmed much earlier than other years. Set up with a "ghetto shark rig" and a chunk of bunker. You'll be hooked up in no time. These brownies have also made an appearance in the bay. Look for this catch and release only fishery to be strong right though the summer.

Offshore fishing is in it's prime. Buckets of chum, flats of bait and cases of ballyhoo are flying out the door. Sharking as well as tuna fishing is good. We heard reports from local boat fishing down at the Wilmington and other boats fishing up at the Hudson. Both Captain Stew Hitchner on the Pez Machine and Captain Jeff Warford on the Tightlines just returned back from another productive trip to the edge. Both boats were fishing different areas and got into the fish. Gear up and go, it's game time. Those looking for the hard to find white squids for bars, chains and dredges... we got 'em. We also just received a monster box from Joe Shute. So our Shute selection is second to none. We expect to have the Joe's new Glow Shutes in soon.

~ FishHead.Greg

June 22, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 22, 2014 8:56 PM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Well looks like the bulk of bigger bass have continued their Northerly sojourn as this week we were not able to connect with those quality stripers as in weeks past. With that being said this week was a bit of a struggle on just about all fronts but we were still able to bend the rods with mostly blues and fluke.

For now blues, fluke, smaller striper and wreckfishing for sea bass, ling... will entertain anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea until the first waves of weakfish start to show up in our bays to add to the variety.

The Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters Angler of the Week was awarded to new comer Matt McDonald who landed quality fluke and blues.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas.

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Jun 22, 2014 5:27 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

I did not get on the water during the week due to obligations. My youngest graduated. I did get out both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Saturday my wife and I fished for fluke. There was a strong north wind and fishing was slow. Sunday I ran solo and boxed a couple fluke to 21” and threw back about a dozen shorts. Not bad for two hours of fishing. With school out I am now chartering full time, so give me a call to hold a date for a fun day on the water!

Blue claws just went through a mating cycle so the big males are going to be hungry. Mating happens when the female shedder sheds her shell and becomes soft at which time the female flips over to mate. The male then holds onto to her until her shell hardens. Most people think shedding only happens around the full and new moons. While it does seem like shedding / mating activity increases around the moons, this is not the only time it occurs.

Screaming drags,

~ Capt. Alex, Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Jun 22, 2014 2:47 PM   Subject: LBI Charters Update

Ash and I headed out Saturday for fun as couldn't resist 5 to 10 kts and seas 2 ft or less. Mustve been somewhere else as by 10 AM it was blowing and getting nasty out so we headed in with 20 sea bass and 2 ling. On Sunday had Sandy, Dan, Corey and Judy out. The group weeded through shorts and ended the day with 32 sea bass and 7 ling. Give a call or shoot an email. Capt Greg

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

12:00 Noon

Al A. reported fishing the bay around Tuckerton yesterday in the boat, "I fought wind against tide drop shotting. I got bites keeping vertical." Al caught about 25 fluke, "There was a lot of shorts but I managed 2 very nice fish for dinner on spearing and Gulp!. Great day on water."

Joe from Shamong gave us heads up that he fished the surf on Friday afternoon. He reported patches of weed in the water. He battled through it and caught two shorts.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jun 22, 2014 9:10 AM Subject: Laura Sportfishing

Had Jerry T and company out yesterday. Although the stripers had cooperated all week we couldn't come tight with any in the morning. So we moved on to wreck fishing and had a mix of 21 keeper seabass ling and porgy's and back at the dock by lunchtime.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli "Laura", 23' Parker SE 856-341-6562

Received: Jun 22, 2014 6:02 AM Subject: Fwd: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

The bay fluking continues to heat up - but the key is to fish the right tide and to thoroughly work the right areas. There are a variety of bait species around and the fluke are gorging on pretty much everything.

In the beginning of the week, I had Ian Habich and his wife Tracey Habich of Little Egg, NJ on a afternoon bay fluke charter. We had to contend with the relentless south wind with some gusts approaching 15-20knots based on the USGS Barnegat Light weather station - but the duo jigged some prime locations and they landed close to 30 fluke with 3 keepers to 5.5-lbs (18, 18.5, 24-inches) and a lone 20-inch bluefish on S&S Big Eye bucktails tipped with Gulp. This was Ian and Tracey's first time sticking to bucktailiing and they were both impressed by the ferocity of the strikes, especially Ian's 5-lb fluke. We ended the trip attempting to find blowfish and fight daylight. It may be a few more weeks until the blowfish become thick enough to target .

Later in the week, I had Joe Cummings of Allentown, PA and his father Jim out on a 4-hr afternoon fluke trip. We hit the tide just right and the father and son team fished hard to put 6 keepers to 5-lbs (18", 18", 18.5", 21", 22", 23.5") in the box. The pair only boated 20 fluke, but their short to keeper ratio was about 3 to 1. Again, the S&S Big Eye bucktail fished with various artificial and natural baits was the trick. Interestingly, the fluke spit up an assortment of forage species (spearing, grass shrimp, baby fluke, crabs, shrimp, and what looked like baby butterfish). Great job by the father and son team!

With school finally out of session until September, I will be available to run charter fishing trips up to 7 days a week (weather permitting). With the spring run bass bite almost finished - the main target will be fluke and there are opportunities to catch a few bluefish with light-tackle. Most trips trips will be in the bay right now - until the ocean fluking gets started. We use light tackle gear and quality tackle on all of our backbay trips. All gear, tackle, bait, ice, fish-cleaning, etc. is included on all chartered trips. If interested in booking, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website (

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

June 21, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

12:00 Noon

Welcome Summer 2014! We all look forward to phenomenal fishing. Thanks and good bye to Spring 2014. You offered great times.

It looks like Ship Bottom was just North of this mornings rains. If current forecast is correct, rains should miss Ship Bottom and skies should clear this afternoon.


The water is warm and there are lots of species here and more are coming. We just got word about a houndfish as well as a kingfish.

John P. was on the fluke this morning. He caught a dozen shorts and one 21" keeper. All on Gulp! John also caught a nice brown shark off of the surf last night.

Yesterday a customer reported releasing a baby thresher shark off of the mid-island surf. He reported breaking off and loosing a couple good fighting fish and then finally landing one. A report from the night before from Phil U, "Caught a brown shark on a green super strike darter." This isn't a common occurrence but when the sharks are thick and on the feed anything can happen!


Brett Taylor stopped in the shop yesterday before a four hour charter. He picked up some Gulp! and some other tackle. Later in the day he reported catching the tide just right, "We had a 3 to 1 keeper ratio, in total 6 keepers up to 5-lbs." Brett said there was smorgasbord of forage spit up and in the bellies of the fluke, "Spearing, Grass Shrimp, Manta Shrimp, Baby Fluke, Crabs, and Baby Butterfish!"

Sonny S. stopped in the shop yesterday to gear up for another day of sharking. He reported releasing a small-medium sized Great White (shark). He said that it fought like a beast all the way to the boat, "I thought I had bubba!"

~ FishHead.Greg

June 19, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 19, 2014 6:32 PM Subject: Barnegat High School Fishing Club

Reporting on the events we ran in June. What a terrific job all of the high school fishing clubs (Southern-1st, Lacey, Barnegat, and MATES) did at this year's surf-fishing tournament. Although Barnegat High School Fishing Club only placed third, the kids had a great time and all of the teams caught fish.

In addition to the surf-fishing competition, Barnegat High School Fishing Club also does the Helping Hands Fishing Day at Ocean Acres Lake in Manahawkin. This is a day of fishing toward the end of the school year incorporating our regular education students of the fishing club and our high school multiple-disabled students. It's a beautiful event that is coordinated by fishing club advisor me (Brett Taylor), physical education teacher Gregory Oravets, and special education teacher Melissa Pomphrey. It gives the opportunity for handicap students to fish and fishing club students to help out, followed by burgers and hot dogs to end the day. We are very proud of the students and staff for helping out and running this annual event.

A huge THANKS to both Fisherman Headquarters (Ship Bottom, NJ) and Creekside Outfitters (Waretown, NJ) for donating bait & tackle to our surf fishing team and also for donating bait for our Helping Hands fishing day. We are very thankful and fortunate to have businesses this these in our community who donate to the kids year after year without any questions - we would like to thank both Greg Cudnik (Fishermans HQ) and Liza Martin (Creekside Outfitters) for their generosity.

~ Brett Taylor - Fishing Club advisor - Barnegat High School

10:00 AM

June is a great month for fishing LBI! There are great fishing opportunities all around the island. There are still plenty of striped bass here in our local waters but fishing can be slow once the sun is high. Bunker pods are also still around so a feeding frenzy couple pop up at anytime. In the warmer temperatures (both air and water) expect fishing to be best in the late afternoon, night and early mornings.

Our two biggest summer time surf fisheries are off to a great start! One being fluke fishing and the other shark fishing. We have had plenty of fluke reports some very good. Look back at our reports to see specifics. As far as sharking the surf it is happening and only going to get better. Ryan Dellane put some time in on the surf Tuesday night. He reported lots of big doggies as well as FIVE brown sharks. He said, "It was a fun night!"

The time is now for a Barnegat Bay Slam and better yet Grand Slam! The fluke, bluefish, striped bass and weakfish in the bay are waiting. As spring transitions into summer even more species will join the party. Look for kingfish, blowfish and spot to make an appearance. Until then the main thorofares, flats and open waters will have phenomenal fishing opportunities. Target the schoolie bass and blues with lures like small poppers and swimming plugs as well as metals. Bounce bucktails to entice the fluke to bite. Store staffer Steve-O fished Tuesday and caught a 22" fluke on the bay side bucktailing with Gulp!.

The inshore and offshore fishing has been great. Check out all of the reports below! It's prime time shark season and also the offshore fishing out at the edge is lighting up! Captain Stew Hitchner on the Pez Machine is on a roll this year. He has been crushing the fish. Here is a short report from his most recent trip... "Our Monday/Tuesday over nighter was a good one! We caught ten yellowfin tuna between 40-55 lbs. We released seven bluefin tuna and we caught all of the grey and golden tile fish you wanted."

~ FishHead.Greg

June 18, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 18, 2014 9:34 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

Both the inshore and offshore waters surrounding Long Beach Island are offering a wealth of fishing opportunities for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The fluke fishing in the waters of Little Egg Harbor Bay and Great Bay are producing not only good numbers of summer flounder, but a much higher percentage of fish are over four pounds than has been seen in recent years. Waters which have been producing big fluke include the Middle Grounds, the ICW, Marshelder Channel, and Great Bay waters from the old fish factory through the clam stakes. Also providing action in the bay waters are some feisty 3-5 pound bluefish that have the knack of showing up practically anywhere. Boats have been finding them near the inlet early in the morning before the heavier boat traffic arrives.

The striped bass action in the ocean has slowed somewhat, but there is a lot of bunker around, and stripers can often be found around these pods of bait fish. Right now the best bet for the BHCFA has been trolling bunker spoons and looking for signs of fish on the machine. At times big bluefish and even thresher sharks will attack the bunker spoons.

The inshore wrecks and artificial reefs are producing some good numbers of black sea bass along with some ling, blackfish, and even some cod. Captains with their own numbers for pieces of structure have found some very nice fish.

The canyons have already come alive and recent trips offshore have resulted in catches of big eye tuna, yellowfin, and some bluefin. This is a good time to fish offshore as the weather is usually better than the fall, and there are not as many boats.

The Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association will begin its Junior Mates Program on Thursday, June 26, at the Beach Haven Maritime Museum. This summer long learning experience is open to any youngsters over the ages 13 and over who would like to have the chance to learn more about fishing. Information on this program and the BHCFA in general can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Received: Jun 18, 2014 6:20 AM    Subject: Surf Fishing Report

Fished LBI surf last night for 3-4 hours caught close too 20 smooth dogs no striped bass.

~ Fred Soper - Buterick Bulkheading

June 16, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

3:30 PM

Bill from Indian Mills, NJ weighed in a 22.5-lb Striped Bass today. He caught it off of the mid-island surf on bunker.

Received: Jun 16, 2014 8:45 AM   Subject: Fathers Day w LBI Charters

Had Corey, JR, John and Steve out bottom fishing today. Started local due to strong NW winds. Caught plenty of out of season blackfish with JR catching a 12lbish fish of a lifetime and another around 8 lbs. Wind finally laid down and we headed offshore to a very slow pick. Guys fished long and hard for 22 keeper sea bass 10 ling 3 big porgies and a triggerfish. If interested in charter, please give a call or email us.

~ Capt Greg Carr, LBI Charters  631.300.6413

June 15, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:30 PM

Happy Father's Day! Hope everyone got loaded up with Fisherman's Headquarters swag. We sold an amazing amount of gift certificates, t-shirt and tackle. It seemed the popular tackle presents were organization themed like Plano and Flambeau boxes and bags. Family members know that anglers have lots of tackle and it looks like they want it all organized, hint, hint.

We got a report from a customer yesterday who witnessed another angler land a 20-lb class cobia off of the surf. It was caught before sunset on a bunker head.

Fluke Fishing Reports: Sean Carey reported, "A quick trip in the bay on Saturday. One short and a nice 4-lb keeper. Caught dinner on a bucktail with a 5-inch grub." Joseph Mitchell reported, "Two blues, three short fluke and two keepers up to 23", 3.8-lbs."

The near shore sharking is on fire! The threshers are still on the pods as well as the inshore reefs/wrecks. Yesterday (Saturday) there were a bunch of threshers boated. Ryan Dellane got a 239-lb thresher on a snagged bunker about 2 miles off the beach. Rob Zuschnitt landed a 247 pounder. Dave Bentley aboard the ReBait reported catching a 217-lb thresher shark. He was fishing the Striper Shootout Striper tournament and hooked the fish on a Maja Bunker Spoon! Dave said, "I thought it was bottom at first. No Striper could pull like that. Then I knew."

Here is the 7th Annual 2014 High Point Vol Fire Co. Striper Shootout Official Results...

$2000 1st Place Captain - Wildcard, Chris Merlch, 51.1-lb
$1000 2nd Place Captain - Angler Management, Angelo Taormina, 31.05-lb
$500 3rd Place Captain - Fluke U 2, John Maxwell, 16.8-lb

Jr. Angler: Jake Kline 3.55-lb Bluefish

There were 48 boats registered, 8 striped bass weighed in and 8 bluefish. First place was won by Chris Merlch with a 51.1-lb bass!

Calcutta Winners:

High Hook: Two Heaviest
$2450 70% - Fluke U 2, 25.95 & 16.8-lbs
$1050 30% - Angler Management, 31.05-lb (one fish)

HPVFC Calcutta: Closest to 19.37-lbs
$1500 Fluke U 2, 16.8-lb bass

"Yellow Eye" Bluefish Calcutta
$1800 Team CTS, Wayne Price, 11.6-lbs

I fished with Captain Jeff Warford aboad the Tightlines out of High Bar Harbor Saturday. We pushed out east early in some lumpy conditions. We set up for sharking just inside the 30-fathom line. The sea surface temp was a little warm 67-68 but the bottom structure looked good. At the end of our first drift we had an acrobat in a blue suit show up. The toothy critter took down the long bait, a whole mackerel. Once he realized I had him hooked, the show began. First with a leaping head shake! Then a flip followed by a grey hounding dash across from one to four o'clock. It wasn't over yet. After a short battle the mako was boat side and Captain Jeff sunk a harpoon dart "hole shot" right through the upper gills and out the middle of the pec' fins. It went crazy! Straight up in the air while Jeff wrangled it from the dart line. We all got to see the show and received a soaking. The whole fight should be on the t-top mounted GoPro. We ended up getting one other mako that was released boat side a couple hours later. It was a great trip. Another boat fishing nearby also found action. They landed a mako and lost a bigger one boat side when it got tangled up in the chum pot. They also released some brown sharks.

It's prime time for sharking. Chum 'em up!

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jun 15, 2014 9:14 PM   Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - Full moon boon or bust?

Again mid week started in brisk Easterly winds that lead to cancellations but as the weather "moderated" we found ourselves working North of the inlet looking to intercept more migrating trophy stripers on live bunker.

Reel Fantasea Fearsome Foursome was out yet again looking to add their season tally of trophy stripers. Regulars Jay Simmons, Ernie Rosenberg, Shawn Hawthorne and Karl Staffan were out to start the week in easterly swells and fog. With plenty of bunker on hand , snagging was not problem but the bass seemed to be suffering from a severe case of "bunker over indulgence" or "full moon hangover" either way the guys worked hard and stayed focused as strikes were few and far between. "Bass Master" a.k.a Jay Simmons was first to come tight with a epic visual surface strike on live bunker that turned into a freight train that produced this years largest striper that pushed the scale down down to 42lbs! Karl Steffan a.k.a. " "The Maestro" was up next with a strike that seemingly ran toward the boat and could not be "brought tight" and ending quickly there after with a much mangled bait. After shifting around from school to school of bunker we ended the day with a brisk bluefish bite before trips end.

I have this Thursday June 19th available for private or open boat for anyone interested in stripers, blues, fluke or seabass fishing or even better a combo of all the above! Please remember to join us on face book to view photos and latest reports and hopefully "like us". Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas.

~ Capt. Steve Purul  Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Jun 15, 2014 6:48 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

I have been on the bay a lot this past week. Mid-week I had recently married Lauren and Jarred Halverson from Philly for a magic hour trip. The wind was relentless out of the north east but the blues did not care. The honeymooners picked up a bunch of blues to 10-pounds. Friday evening I had a family out from central PA. We picked away at the blues to five pounds until the slime grass became unmanageable. After a couple of moves and a switch of the tide it was hard to keep two rods in at once. We were covered up with blues until sunset. Father’s Day I had the Ron Olson crew out. We worked hard and could not find a blue in the back or inlet. Guess the bluefish were also enjoying the day. Switching over to fluke we managed to box 1 nice keeper which I topped off with a dozen nice Jimmies from my crab pots for a nice Father’s Day diner. Crabbing is definitely picking up.

~ Capt. Alex, Lighthouse Sportfishing  Barnegat, NJ  Cell: 609.548.2511

Received: Jun 15, 2014 10:24 AM Subject: Last Night

Stopped in last night to grab some bunker and hit the surf. Mung wasn't as bas it has been, but still there though. Slow night for striped bass, but I did land a 22-pound Cobia. Thought it was worth a mention.

~ Shawn Taylor

Received: Jun 15, 2014 7:18 AM   Subject: June 14- Reel Chaos fishing report

We were out Saturday hitting the Striped Bass with some great guys from PA. We left out of Barnegat Inlet around 8am, it was a beautiful day although the ocean had 4 footers it was no challenge for our new 28ft Regulator. We started the day by trolling north along Island Beach State Park in about 35 to 40-ft of water. It was slow pickins. We trolled up to about the bathing beach when we decided to move out to deeper water. We were in about 55-ft when things picked up, unfortunately it was not the fish we were looking for, we ran into some nice sized Bluefish. The guys had a blast. We were marking a lot of bunker but could not find the striped bass. So we decided to hit some wrecks. What started out as a slow day, quickly turned into a good productive day. We did real good hitting a few wrecks, coming home with some nice Black Sea Bass, Bluefish and Fluke. We were using clam and the old killie and squid combo never let us down. Thanks guys for a great day. Give us a call, we still have some dates available. Sorry, we are already booked for the Mako Mania.

~ Capt. Tom Cormann, "Bottom Line", Forked River 201.788.3223

June 14, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

Al Asplint reported, "My nephew and I hit the beach this morning, north-end, five fluke that were 19 to 21-inch fish. Used small AVA 005's and small 3/4-oz Crippled Herring with gulp for a tail. Very nice morning caught one on the fly rod also. We really had a great 3-hrs of fishing"

June 13, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

The store has been slamming all day with anglers and shoppers for Father's Day. Anyone looking for that last minute gift, we've got lots to choose from.

Patrick Schuler got a quality bass off the surf last night. He posted a photo on our Facebook page. Check it out! I plan to be out there on Saturday well before daybreak.

Today we got reports that some brown sharks are here. We heard of a couple in the bay and surf. We also heard from an angler who reported good amounts of fluke and blues in the bay at mid-island.



Jason DelPalazzo stopped in the shop yesterday afternoon and had us repair his broke rod tip. Once done, he picked up a bag of fresh bunker and this the surf. Jason has been in the lead by just a couple ounces for the Simply Bassin' Surf Tournament with his 32-lb 13-oz Striped Bass but last night he caught a larger fish and upped his lead. Today, Jason DelPalazzo weighed-in a 39-lb 00-oz Striped Bass that he caught last night while fishing the North-end using bunker. This keeps Jason in the lead for both the Simply Bassin' and FHQ Side-Bet. Congratulations to Jason.

Received: Friday, June 13, 2014 9:11 AM   Subject: Threshers, Makos, Yellowfins, Bluefins, Bigeyes, OH MY!!

What an explosive start to the 2014 Canyon Season for Pez Machine Sportfishing! In our first three canyon overnighters we've boated (and/or released) 3 Makos, 35+ Blue Sharks, 21 Tilefish, 28 Yellowfins, 8 Bluefins to 180 pounds, and 4 Bigeyes to 220 pounds. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

Not surprisingly, with the great fishing offshore we're booking up fast but we do have the following days available in June: 6/15, 16, 26, 27. We also have an opportunity for two anglers to get in on the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, MD. It's a "fish "3 out of 5 days" format with the fishing days being August 4th-8th. This is the super bowl of fishing so contact me directly to discuss.

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

June 12, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 PM

Peter Porporino stopped in the shop this afternoon. He asked about some local information and more specifically fly fishing. Peter dug through our fly box and picked out a handful of gems. He grabbed a tide chart and headed out. A couple hours later Pete swung back into the shop and reported loosing a nice fish on a red and white clouser. Pete said it took him deep into his backing. There are still plenty of bass and blues in the bay to keep your line tight. Pete mentioned on his previous outing he released a nice weakfish on the fly.




Yesterday Rob Vallone stopped in the shop in the afternoon and picked up a fat bag of fresh bunker. He headed up to the surf and gave it his best shot. Unfortunately no striped bass. All blues and doggies. I headed out after finishing up work (~10-11pm) and beat the water hard for hours with plugs. Hooked two striped bass. One on a Super Strike Rattling Swimmer and one on a Daiwa SP Minnow. Both were skinny schoolies that were about 10-pound class fish.


The Pez Machine is off to an great start this year hammering fish offshore. Last night Captain Stew and Crew hit the dock, returning home from an overnighter and he had plenty to report again. "We caught 10 yellowfin (6 released), 6 bluefin (4 released) and 2 bigeyes! The bluefin that were boxed were 45" and an over that weighed in at 180-lbs. The bigeyes were both 120-130 pounds.When asked what the hot lure or bait was Stew said, "Spreader bars and ballyhoo were the ticket!"

Anyone want to get out and fish the deep?
Give Stew a call to book a charter or send Stew an email to be added to his email list for open boat charters: Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, phone: 609.287.5136, email:


June 11, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 11, 2014 10:20 PM   Subject: Open Boat Stripers

We ran outside Monday morning Andy found the big bass 4 miles north of the inlet in 25 feet of water. They were blowing up bunker on the surface. We went 6 for 9, keeping 3 and releasing 3. They ranged from 25 to 38 pounds. On the way home we stopped in Oyster Creek channel to throw poppers at 3 to 5 pound blues and they were crashing our lures. A blast on 10 pound spinning gear.

We will be running open boat trips on Friday, June 13 in the afternoon from 1 pm to 7 pm. Also on Saturday, June 14, 1 pm to 7 pm, and two trips on Monday, June 16, 6 am to noon, and 1 pm to 7 pm. We will be targeting
big bass on bunker as long as the ocean is nice. The long range forecast looks good so far. If the ocean is questionable we will fish the bay for blues and fluke. We sometimes save an hour of our time to do this on the way home even on the nice days. Three people max, $150 per person, all fish are shared.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro  Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

11:30 AM

The local striped bass fishing has very good. I feel we have experienced the prime peak and now will have a waning trend. There is still time left for those how have not got in on the action. The boats are catching quality bass mostly by live lining. Some days spooning has been productive too.

Off of the surf, anglers fishing bait find many different species latching on. A little extra bait would be a good idea. The bass are here but so are the blues, doggies, skates, rays and sharks (sand tigers and browns). Yesterday offered some great fishing weather and fish. We received word on two quality bass among others. Jean Deery Schaum had a nice bass last night at about 8pm Also a number of quality striped bass were recently weighed-in for the Simply Bassing Surf Tournament... a 32-11 by Andrew Lapteff, a 28-05 by Ken Maxwell and a 26-09 by Marty Supsie.

Here is two reports from earlier in the week from anglers who fished offshore...

Captain Jeff Warford aboard the Tightlines pushed offshore early Sunday morning. He reported later that day, "Had an epic day offshore today. Two bigeye tuna (150lb class), 2 yellowfin and 20 tilefish. We arrived at 100 fathooms at 6am and by 8:30am the wolf pack was in the spread and two came tight."

Captain Stew Hitchner on the Pez Machine fished the same day but in a different area (much further north from the area Jeff fished). Stew reported, "Our first make-up trip of the season was a huge success! We ended up with 12 yellowfisn, 2 bluefin, 21 tilefish, 9 blue sharks and 2 bigeyes!"

The canyon fishing is hot and the season has just begun. For those that are gearing up to fish the next weather window we've got what you need. Lots of Joe Shutes in stock, premium Bait Master Ballyhoo, lots of shell squids in the popular colors like green, rainbow, blue/white and black/purple as well as the super hot white and lipstick! We've also have premade bars and daisies. Need to re-spool? We've got enough Momoi line to circle the globe.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jun 11, 2014 7:43 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

Last weekend was finally one with nice weather in Beach Haven, and the fishing responded in a positive way for anglers and the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association.

The back bay summer flounder action has been some of the best in years as it seems like most of not all of the customary hotspots are producing some nice fish. Most of the time the ratio of keepers to throwbacks has been higher than in recent years, and 4-5 pounders are no longer a rarity.

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime Charters” tried trolling in front of Long Beach Island just off the beach with Frank Smith and friend looking for some big striped bass. About 11:00 am the wind and seas picked up so with no sign of any bass. They made a move to try the calmer bay waters to see if there were any fluke or bluefish around. The fluke seemed to have lockjaw, but they found some feisty bluefish to provide some action. Captain George took his grandson Will and friend Nick down to Great Bay drifting for fluke. They had a nice catch of fluke and the boys also enjoyed the action on skates and sand sharks.

The striped bass action off Beach Haven has been up and down. One day there will be pods of bunker with big, hungry bass under them. The next day there seems to be no sign of bass. Most of the captains have been trolling Tony Maja bunker spoons in order to cover more ground as they look for the bass.

The wreck and artificial reef action has been steady with a nice pick of black sea bass along with ling, some cod, and a few blackfish.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at its website at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

June 9, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: Jun 9, 2014 7:33 PM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Quality striped bass from 25 to 40-lbs on the snag and drop, bluefish in the 2 to 6-lb range, Feeding whales and thresher sharks were the cast of characters that entertained most ocean going anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea this week! Dense schools of bunker have made the striped bass selective on when, where and how they will feed but when the "stars align" the size of the and quality of striped bass are hard to beat!

The Bill Sauer party started the week welcomed by brisk NE winds and rain. Upon arriving to the grounds, after snagging a bunker Bill was first to come tight on a freight train that quickly started empting the line from his reel. After a spirited battle Bill slid the first 38lber into the Box. Slowly moving back into position Bill again snag another bunker and again came tight with another quality 35-lb striper! Friend Steve Toal was next to come tight with yet another quality striped bass that pushed the scale down to 40-lbs! Shawn Allison was next up to come tight with yet another quality striped bass that pushed the scale down "only" to 25-lbs. Although the weather was a bit feisty the striper action and breaching whales feeding on the vast bunker schools more than made for a great day out on the water!!

Next up was the Zack Derstine Party for a 3 hour back bay trip that resulted in a quick hook up with a big bluefish that ended at the boat when the big bruiser bit through the leader. As the tide slowed to a crawl the skated moved in. Although we moved around looking for some more action and tide in the short time window we had but we seemed to be in a perpetual slack tide until clock ran out.

The Fearsome Foursome starring regulars Jay Simmons, Shawn Hawthorne, Karl Staffan and Ernie Rosenberg were out looking for more quality striped bass action, Ernie was quick to come tight on a nice mid 30-lb striper that made the box. Again after a quick start we found ourselves moving around from school to school with obvious striper presents that were not in a feeding mood possibly arriving on the tail end of the morning feeding binge.

The week ended in what could only be described as one of the year's most memorable so far with fantastic weather and flat calm seas, solid striped bass action, and whales and a thresher shark putting on a great show visual aerial show. Open boat with Jay Simmons, Chris Simmons, Ken Greenwald and Chris Mendel started out stopping on the first school of bunker that had a thresher shark putting on an awesome display with his serpent like tail . Regular Jay Simmons was first on the board with a nice 32-lb striper that made the box. New comer Ken Greenwald was next up when his live bunker was inhaled by another solid 38-lb striped bass. New comer Chris Mendel was next up next scoring his biggest striper and another sold forty pound fish . After boxing that, the 40-lb bass Chris Mendel was again tight with another drag burning fish that ended early when the lines crossed releasing his catch too early. Ken Greenwald ended the day putting another quality striped bass into the cooler before trips end.

I have a couple date still left in June [19,22,27,29] for anyone that would like a shot at some the biggest stripers of the 2014 season. Join us on face book to view latest fishing reports, photos and videos and hopefully "like us"

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas.

~ Capt. Steve Purul  Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

Received: Jun 9, 2014 1:59 PM   Subject: Laura Sportfishing

On Saturday, I had the Jon B party out on the troll for striped bass they went 1 for 2 on stripers with a 28 pounder. Then using clams, hit a wreck for a mix of 16 keeper seabass and ling.

~ Capt. Mark Finelli  Laura Sportfishing  856-341-6562

June 8, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 8, 2014 9:03 PM   Subject: Old Barney Charters Stripers and Seabass

On Saturday, had returning charter of Joe Villa, Brian and Stephanie Coyle, and Karl Schmidt out for stripers. Could not find an active pod so we went on the troll. Brian boated the first on a white Maja spoon that weighed in at 38-lb. Brian’s daughter Stephanie would not be outdone and bested dad with her first ever striper, a 39-lb. on the same spoon. The fish taped out at 44” and 45”. Before returning to the dock, we managed a nice keeper fluke inside on an S&S bucktail.

Sunday, had out Bob, his son Rob, and his father-in-law Jack for stripers to celebrate Bob’s 60th birthday. Bunker were scattered and the bass were illusive for us. Did hear of one active pod mid-morning off the bathing beach. We decided to hit a wreck before going in and worked our way to a dozen keeper seabass to 18” and a couple ling.

Next Saturday I am fishing the Harvey Cedars Striper Shootout which is always a fun tournament and Sunday I am booked. Two more weeks of school, and then I will be turning my attention to fluke, wreck fishing, and blowfishing for the kids.

~ Capt. Kevin Schmidt  Old Barney Charters  267-918-1746

Received: Jun 8, 2014 3:50 PM   Subject: LBI Charters Weekend Update

Fished for fun with Ash on Saturday. Had our limit of 30 sea bass and 6 ling. One sea bass was 5-lbs and currently leads the Beach n Boat tournament. You should sign up if you are coming out with us as next 4 places are currently held by a customer that fished with us on opening day. On Sunday had Brian and Ray out. They won the trip at a charity event and went to work boxing 22 sea bass and a ling in a half of day with many shorts. Give a call or shoot an email.

~ Capt Greg Carr  LBI Charters  631.300.6413

Received: Jun 8, 2014 1:09 PM   Subject: Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

Made it out several times this week and stayed with what has been keeping the drags screaming... bluefish in the backbay. This is one of the best spring runs I have seen for bigger blues in the bay in several years. The bay temperatures have made it to above 70 degrees and is approaching the mid-70s. With these warmer temps the blues have been fighting hard and doing some great aerial acrobatics in an effort to shake the hook. The slime grass seems to have peaked which makes fishing difficult for the short term but it also means it will be going away soon along with the no see 'ems. With school winding down I will be “full time” on the bay after June 20th. Looking forward to seeing my regulars hop on board the Debbie M and I am always excited to meet new people. And as an educator I always try to do an excellent job with kids.

On the nature side of things, baby birds are hatching all over the place. If you find what you think is an abandoned fledgling just leave it alone. The parents are likely close by but waiting for you to leave so then can tend to their baby.

~ Capt. Alex  Lighthouse Sportfishing  609.548.2511

11:00 AM

Fished dead low bumping Spro Bucktails n Gulp on the mid-island bayside area. Managed to catch 6 fluke in an hour but none for the ice.

~ Shamong Joe

Received: Jun 8, 2014 9:55 AM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Charters

The ocean striped bass are becoming an "on again / off again" bite. Just have to be in the right place at the right time when their ready to eat. The fluke bite in the bay is heating up as the water warms and we had some readings close to 74F - the only problem is the amount of "snot" grass in the bay. The trick to finding biting fluke is finding clean water - the bite drops off dramatically as the water gets fouled up.

Over the weekend, I had Matt Windover of Norristown, PA and buddies Francesco Deno and Charles Jacu on a striped bass charter. We ran as far as Mantaloking looking for feeding bass and fished bunker pod after bunker pod from the beach to the 3 mile line, but unfortunately the bass weren't cooperating. So we headed in and got the guys on some nice bluefish action for the remainder of the trip with rough inlet conditions.

I had the opportunity to be chartered by radio personality Tom P of "Rack and Fin radio" 97.3 FM for the RFA Bass River Fluke Tournament and had Denise Marie Theiler, Stan Gola of S&S Bucktails, along with my wife Jennifer Taylor. We fished very hard for 10 hours for the heaviest two fluke, hitting all of my choice spots, and put 5 fish in the boat. Stan Gola landed both big fish on the S&S Big Eye bucktail putting a 5.04 lb and a 5.50 lb fluke in the box with a total team weight of 10.54. This was good enough for 4th place out of a field of 60 boats, though we missed second by a quarter of a pound. The "snot" grass and relentless wind with tide and against tide made for challenging fishing - but the crew did a fantastic job.

Now is the time for backbay fluking especially using light-tackle - we will be running bay fluke trips until the ocean temps start warming up for ocean fluking. We use light tackle gear and quality tackle on all of our backbay trips. June and July fluke dates are filling up, and after June 20th (when school out) - I will run charters - 7 days a week. All tackle, bait, ice, fish-cleaning, etc is included on all chartered trips. I do have one day available the next two weekends and if interested in booking, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website ( ).

~ Capt. Brett Taylor  Reel Reaction  609.290.7709

June 7, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

2:30 PM

Mike Greene and Laura Breuer had a good morning on the bunker pods. Captain Mike did a great job of putting Laura on the fish. She caught her first ever striped bass which was a 30-lb class fish and then she topped that with a 48-lb cow. Mike said early in the morning the bunker were grey hounding. The bass had the bunker circled up with no where to go but up.

Yesterday Steve Kowalski reported a 38" 20-lb bass off of the south end surf on bait.


Lots of fluke off the beach and and bay. Plus, the quality striped bass are still here both off the beach and on the boat. The bunker pod fishing this morning was very good. I'm sure we'll have some weighins later in the day.

Rob Vallone released a striped bass this morning. He was chunking bunker off the surf.

Nick Quinn weighed in a 3-lb 8-oz fluke. He was bucktailing the mid-island surf with Gulp!. He reported catching a few shorts and one other keeper.

Daniel from Tennessee weighed in a 24" 5-lb 12-oz fluke. He caught it on a live minnow drifting the Middle Grounds.

Also fishing the Middle Grounds this morning was David Sikorski who caught a half dozen fluke with keepers at 22, 21 and 18 inches. Dave caught 'em all on a jighead rigged with a Gulp!

June 6, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

6:00 PM

Today, Ryan Sackowitz landed a 38.5-lb Striped Bass while snagged and dropping bunker off the Island Beach State Park ocean waters at around Noon.

Received: Jun 6, 2014 1:21 PM   Subject: Striped Bass in North Beach Haven

38" 20-pound striper off the beach in North Beach Haven around 7 PM yesterday on a big bunker chunk. Got the fresh bunker from Fisherman's Headquarters.


June 5, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 5, 2014 1:21 PM   Subject: Surf report

I went out this morning from 10AM to Noon and fished the mid island surf on the low incoming tide. I managed to land three keeper fluke while bucktailing for bass. Two of the fluke were 18.5 inches and the last one was 21. There was a lot of nice white water washing over the bars that looked promising but no bass or blues although I talked to one guy who walked off the beach as I was arriving with a 29-inch bass he got on clams.

~ Anthony C Calderaro

June 4, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

Fishing is prime time right now here on LBI. Come out an enjoy this beautiful weekend we have coming up. The bass, blues and fluke have the island surrounded and are on the chew!!! Lots of positive fishing reports from customer! The surf, bay and ocean all have fish.

Mike Greene reported another epic day on the pods. Expect the bite to continue with the westerly winds in the forecast Friday and Saturday mornings.

The bite on the beach was off the hook last night. Chunkers fishing the northend, mid-island and the south-end were all into fish. There were some doggies and bluefish in the mix. Lots of guys ran out of bunker before the bite ended. The bass are also eating clam. Cody and Josh weighed in a 23.9-lb striper that they caught off of the mid-island surf on clam. We also got word from a couple guys that bass are chewing lures too.

There are plenty if blues around still. The yellow eyes are offering lots of leader chewing fun. These racers are cruising the surf, inlet and bay.

Fluke fishing is off to a phenomenal start. Both the surf and bay have offered great fishing. Some areas even deep in the bay have quality fluke. Today Bobby Erickson fished the mid-island bay in his kayak. He bagged two beautiful summer flounder both on Gulp! Swim Mullet. One was 4.3 and 3.35 pounds.

~ FishHead.Greg

Received: Jun 4, 2014 6:59 PM Subject: Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters - Open Boat Stripers !

The weekends forecast looks fantastic! I have 2 spots available for this Sunday [6th] live lining/snag and drop striped bass. All tackle/rods/filleting are included. $150.00pp. Big quality stripers are here ! Come on and enjoy the day aboard the Reel Fantasea!!

~ Capt. Steve Purul  Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters  609.290.1217

10:00 AM - New Simply Bassing & Side-Bat Leader!!!

Jason DelPalazzo just moved into the lead (from 7th, 26-lb 03-oz) with a 44" 32-lb 13-oz bass. He caught it last night at about 8pm bunker chunking.

Steve G. and his buddy gave us heads up that they caught a pair of quality bass off of the surf last night.

Received: Jun 4, 2014 7:54 AM Subject: Weekly BHCFA Report

Variety continues to be the theme of fishing in the Beach Haven area, and the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been on hand to take full advantage.

A sampling of recent trips by some of the captains of the BHCFA reflects this variety. Captain Carl Sheppard sailed recently on the “Star Fish” with a party looking to do some bottom fishing on some of the inshore artificial reefs and wrecks. Despite a strong northeast wind, Captain Carl was able to find a nice pick of larger than usual black sea bass. The surface water temperature measured in at 64-degrees. Captain Carl took advantage of the beautiful weather last Sunday to refinish the deck of the “Star Fish.”

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” fished Great Bay last weekend and found the bite to be very strong. On Saturday, he managed to put seven fluke in the cooler that ranged in size from 18.5 to 26-inches. In addition, his fishermen released many more short fish. On Sunday, his party got a late start and managed about a dozen short fish with several close to the mark and one 20-inch flattie to take home.

Captain John Lewis of the “Insatiable” is currently delivering a boat from the Florida Keys up to the north but expects to be fishing here very shortly. In his absence, Captain John reports his mate Ryan Schramm fished north of Beach Haven over the weekend and picked up a nice 30-pound striped bass.

With the air temperatures currently running below normal, this pattern of species variety should stick around for a while yet.

Complete information on the boats and captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Received: Jun 3, 2014 10:59 PM Subject: Striper & Bay Fishing

We had some good trips and some not-so-good trips over the past few days. Saturday was awful. Wind really blew and I turned the boat around after only a half mile cruise from the inlet. Came back in the bay and struggled to catch a short fluke and a bluefish in some windy conditions. Sunday morning I had Jeff Boyer, Fred Baker, and Brian Jacobson aboard who collectively caught a 34, 38, and 40 pound striper trolling Tony Maja #4 white spoons off of Island Beach State Park. Thanks to Capt. Steve Purul on the Reel Fantasea who called us in on the action as soon as they boated one of the big stripers. Here's the video: I went right back to the same location with my afternoon charter with high hopes and we caught nothing for two and a half hours. I took them back in the bay where twins Jake and Zach Milone did battle with a bunch of small bluefish on the troll between BB and the 40 Buoy, the only place that allowed us to troll due to all of the "slime" everywhere else. Back out Monday morning and could not a buy a fish from the inlet to Lavallette. We did get some "blow ups" from bluefish on our poppers at the top of Oyster Creek Channel on the way home and I did eventually subdue a nice 5 pounder before releasing him.

What should you take away from all of this? Just keep going. The only way to see those big fish days are to get out now. We still have all of June with this fishery and now is when it gets interesting. The snag bite heats up and the troll keeps producing. The bass start crashing the bunker at the surface. You could wait and see how everyone does or you can get out there and let them read about your trip. This is the west/northwest pattern we have been waiting for coming up this weekend. Calm seas make for easier bunker spotting. We will run wherever we have to. I have no north to south limits. My boat can run for two days when she is topped with pack a lunch! Also there has been some interest in mixing things up with an early morning effort for the big stripers and then an hour or more of light tackle blues and/or fluke in the bay. Majority rules, so whatever you guys would like to do, it's always best to discuss it beforehand to make sure we are putting people with similar agendas together on the same trips.

Running Open Boat this Friday, June 6, 1PM to 7PM. Saturday is already double booked morning and afternoon. Sunday, the morning is booked and I have been informed by my family not to book an afternoon/evening trip as alas, is my 50th birthday and I am taking the rest of the day off. I will be running Open Boat again on Monday, June 9, 6AM to Noon and 1PM to 7PM. $150 per man, 3 people max, all fish are shared.

Calling me on my cell is the best way to make a reservation.

See you on board.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro  Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

June 3, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

4:30 PM

Captain Mike Greene of Luckey Stripes Charters just weighed in a 50" 49.1 pound Striped Bass. He caught it in the boat this afternoon fishing live bunker. Mike said he was into the fish good today with very little other boat traffic. He said he released about 30 quality Striped Bass all on live bait.

3:00 PM

This morning we had a pair of nice bass weighed in...
  - Pete Menges of Moorestown weighed in a 39" 20-lb 13-oz bass. He caught it off of the mid-island surf on bunker.
  - Ted Johnson of Beach Haven weighed in a 21-lb bass that he caught last night on a white darter.

There is lots of bluefish still present. They are all along the beaches and are also plentiful in the bay. Today we heard some bluefish on the beach. One angler was in the shopping getting more bait. He said, "I caught three blues."  Also two customers reported a solid bluefish bite last evening/night on bunker chunks. One guy said, "Every cast!" Anglers chunking bunker at night are getting covered up in the toothy yellow eyed monster. Also night chunkers are catching sand tigers. There was one reported to us about a week or two back but now they are much more frequent. Working the night shift,  Ed Bunnell and Brian Schmidt chunked the beach last night. They reported releasing one 44" bass and a sand tiger.

Yesterday Ryan Sherwood of the Berkeley Striper Club weighed in a 41" 29-ln 01-oz bass. Also Greg O'Connell weighed in a 28-lb 07-oz 43" bass putting him in 4th place and Nick Sabatino weighed in a 28-lb 05-oz 42" bass putting him in 5th place in the Simple Bassing Surf Fishing Tournament.

~ FishHead.Greg

June 2, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Jun 2, 2014 8:31 PM Subject: Sunday June 1st fishing report

Today we had two great guys aboard Paul and Brian for a father son trip. Since it was Brian`s first fishing trip they elected to try one of our 4-hour family bay trips. We left the dock around 7am and headed out into Barnegat Bay. As soon as we left Forked River we saw birds working near the BI and immediately started hooking up with some nice Bluefish using the pink Fin-S. When the action slowed down we headed near Double Creek Channel, to about 4 to 5ft of water where we hit some small Fluke using red and white bucktails. Lots of action and good fun on ultra light tackle.

~ Capt. Tom Cormann  Reel Chaos Charters  201.788.3223






       Want to Read More? Take a look at the Report Archive.



















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