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     Anglers are starving for surf fishing reports, be they good or bad. Please share your results (not looking for exact spots) by sending reports
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October 25, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

4:00 PM

Chauncey Beekler weighed in a 27.85-lb striper this afternoon. He caught it off of the mid-island surf on bunker. Please note that Chauncey is not in the Surf Tournament.

11:00 AM

Some anglers found fish but for me early to mid-October was very slow. Despite putting in two to three nights a week with some long hours I struck out on the surf. Some of my bayside haunts were the only place I could find a bite. Finally last night I had a pair of linesider on a black metal lip. It felt good to get the line tight with a fish that actually wanted to pull some drag.

It's feeling more seasonable around here. The surf temperature finally dropped from the summer time warmth, currently 60-61 degrees. A nice body of fish moved in after the recent storm and anglers fishing LBI are catching on the surf and bayside on bait and lures. It's the best push of bass since the mullet run. So far this weekend we have had a couple weigh ins and a number of reports. See the reports below for more details.

Store staffer Blake released a quality fish the other morning on a SP minnow. He said it slammed him right at the lip of the beach and put up a great fight. Store staffer Rob Vallone reported a couple small bass the other night and then last night he got a better fish which he weighed in for the Derby. Store staffer Steve-o caught three bass last night.

Christian Martin of Beach Haven Crest weighed in a 19-lb 15-oz bass this morning. He caught it plugging early this morning on the south end.

Rob Vallone weighed in a 21-lb 04-oz bass this morning. He caught it late last night on bunker.


October 24, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

Fresh bunker and live surf clams just arrived. We've got a bunch but both are going fast. Best of luck to all the anglers fishing the Sea Shell Striped Bass Derby this weekend! Thanks for your business.

Jim Cambell weighed in a 38" 18.35-lb bass this afternoon. He caught it off of the mid-island surf on clam at about 2pm.

12:30 PM

We are currently sold out of fresh bunker. We got word from our bunker boat that they are out and have our bait. We expect to have primos in later today.

12:00 PM

Finally some bass weigh-ins for the 60th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic...

Francis Hettler of Doylestown, PA weighed in a 38" 19-lb 14-oz bass today. He caught the fish at about 6:15am on bunker in Harvey Cedars.

Brian McAllister of Middletown, DE caught a 17-lb 10-oz bass last night at about 11:30pm. He caught it on bunker in Love Ladies.

October 23, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

7:00 PM

The second fish of the Fall Surf Derby was caught today by Gary Bargiel of Stockholm, NJ. Gary landed a 37.5" 20-lb bass on bunker in Harvey Cedars this evening.

October 22, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

5:30 PM

Blake Scholey posted a beautiful photo of a 42" striped bass on our Facebook page today. He reported, "Geared up last night at Fisherman's Headquarters and hopped on the boat. Landed with cow!" Blake told us that he caught it in the bay on live bait.

1:30 PM

Fished overnight Monday into Tuesday and saw solid action. The ride out was beautiful and then the wind switched. It blew harder than forecasts predicted. Luckily it blew itself out for the ride in. Presenting baits effectively took a lot of work throughout the night but we managed to work hard and catch fish.

We had mahi around the boat the entire night. After catching 16 between 8-15-lbs, we had enough. Had two shots at 80-lb yellowfin and capitalized on both. In between icing the yellowbirds we caught a 52" swordfish. We also released a second swordfish later in the night. Every once and a while blue sharks would swim through. It kept us on our toes. We released a few of them and broke off a bunch more.

Looks like we have a weather window at the beginning of next week! If you are interested in fishing offshore get in touch.

~ Capt. Stew Hitchner, Pez Machine Sportfishing 56' Core Sound, 609.287.5136

Received: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 11:22 AM   Subject: BHCFA Fishing Report

Despite some brisk winds and ocean swells, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association were very pleased to see the season for black sea bass re-open. Trips to the local artificial reefs and inshore wrecks were very productive ones with large numbers of sea bass and porgies in evidence along with several other varieties of fish.

Captain Gary Dugan of Irish Jig Sportfishing began a trip recently in the Mullica River drifting live baits for striped bass. There had been reports of bass being taken in the river both by trolling Stretch lures and drifting live eels. Captain Gary came up empty handed and decided to head out into the ocean despite some rough conditions. That turned out to be the right move as his party ended up with some very nice porgies between 12 and 18 inches in length. They also caught a decent amount of sea bass and kept two of them for dinner.

Captain Carl Sheppard had the “Star Fish” booked last weekend for Eric Burr and a bachelor party of 11 members. Despite the rough seas, the group wanted to brave the conditions and was glad they did. Their first stop was a wreck about 7-miles out which showed fish on the fish finder but with little interest in biting. A couple more wrecks were pretty much the same although they used 6 different baits which did catch a couple of porgies and some small sea bass. Captain Carl decided to try the Little Egg Reef, and that proved to be the right choice. They drifted until they had hits on all the rods and then anchored up tide of that spot. Within 5-minutes they had continuous action. The sea bass averaged one keeper for every three caught and reeled in a large number of porgies, which also had many throwbacks. In addition they boated some skates, dogfish, and then bluefish ranging from 6-ounces to 2-pounds. In addition, they noticed a large striped bass rolling on the top of the water. By the end of the trip they had a cooler filled with fish.

Captain Fran Verdi decided to take the “Francesca Marie” north looking for stripers. He trolled all the way from Long Beach Island to Seaside Heights. They ended the day with no bass but did manage to pick up some bluefish. Captain Fran said the water was still a warm 63-degrees. He anticipates this weekend as the turn-on time for the bass bite to start.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr

October 21, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

6:30 PM

A little while back we received a delivery of fresh fat backs aka bunker. We'll have some jewels for the evening and tomorrow.

Paul Galasso of the Village Harbour Fishing Club just weighed in 12.9-lb bluefish. He caught it today trolling out at the Mud Hole.

12:00 PM

LBI Surf Fishing Classic Tournament News:

The First Segment of the 60th Annual closed on Sunday October 19th at 6pm with out a fish. We are now currently in the Second Segment, October 19th 6:01pm to November 2nd at 6pm. Finally this morning the first fish of the 2014 Derby was weighed in. Congrats to John Campbell of the LBI Fishing Club. He caught a 42" 23-lb 13-oz bass chunking bunker this morning on the north end of the Island.

Here is a list of the upcoming special prizes which are in addition to the prizes listed in the ones listed in the Tournament Rules/Prizes Brochure...

10/22 - John Lewis (friend of the tournament) has donated a 1/2 day charter on his boat Insatiable. The person that catches the largest bass today wins this charter.

10/24 - $25 gift certificate to Barrys Do Me A Flavor goes to an angler that catches a fish today.

The largest fish caught this week ending on Oct 24th wins a $20 gift certificate to Buckalews and the largest fish by a caught by a angler under 18 wins a pizza from Buckalews.

10/25 - $500 cash award for the largest striper weighed in today.

$25 Tom Geneva Memorial Award: Winner to be selected at random from the names of all anglers entering stripped bass today.

10/26 - 2 head lamps from Princeton Tec will be given away. One for a bass and one for a blue that is caught today.

10/28 - TFO Tuesday 10.5 foot Temple Forks Outfitters (TFO)-Gary Loomis Surf Rods rated @ 3-8 ounces. Retail value is $200 will be given to the largest blue fish caught today. If prize is not won it will go to the next day till we have a winner. Toughest rod in the surf for one of the toughest fish in the surf. ****Only one TFO rod per angler

10/31 - $25 Iggy Geneva Memorial Award: Winner to be selected from the names of all catching bluefish today.
$100 "Trick or Treat" Bass Prize for a bass entered today weighing closest to 18 lbs. 13 oz. Presented by Carl Gallagher in Memory of Bob Turanski, DMD

11/01 - Tsunami Air Wave Elite Series 11’ 2 piece rod donated by the Folsom corporation (random pick from those that caught a fish today.

11-02 - 2 head lamps from Princeton Tec will be given away. One for a bass and one for a blue that is caught today.

October 20, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

This afternoon we got word that some of the party boats did good on the water today. Sea bass fishing was good on the inshore wrecks. They were also some triggerfish caught in the mix.

Received: Monday, October 20, 2014 12:54 PM   Subject: Open 6th Annual BHS Fisherman's Flea Market

Barnegat High School's 6th Annual Fisherman's Flea Market will be on Saturday December 13, 2014 from 9am to 1pm at the Barnegat High School. The school is located at 180 Bengal Boulevard, Barnegat, NJ 08005. Last year there was close to 500 in attendance. The club gave out $750 in scholarships to graduating seniors. Please come out and help support our fishing club by attending the Fleamarket. All proceeds go towards the students involved in the fishing club.

Come reel in some holiday deals! NEW, USED, CUSTOM, ANTIQUE, RODS, REELS, LURES, COLLECTIBLES AND MUCH MORE!! There are always door prizes every half hour (lures, tackle, rods/reels, passes for headboat, etc)

$4.00 Admission, Kids 12 and under FREE

11:30 AM

Ryan Dellane stopped in the shop yesterday and picked up some bait on his way to the surf. He reported, "Blowfish all night off of the beach on BUNKER chunks. Got a baker's dozen for the dinner table. Never got them on chunks before. Apparently they are still around."

Tog fishing is still very good at Barnegat Inlet. It has been on fire for well over a month.

We got word from our bunker boat yesterday that there are some big gorilla blues stacked out at the Mudhole. It would be nice to see them pile up on the beach. With this blow coming anything can happen. Now that we had this cold snap last night maybe some bass will show up.

NJ's Sea Bass season re-opened this past weekend on Saturday, October 18th. It's currently 15 fish with a minimum size of 12.5 inches until December 31st. Sorry no reports yet. Gonzalo and the wind kept most boats at the dock this weekend.


October 19, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

10:00 AM

We just got our live surf clams and live bloods delivery.

October 18, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

We had a lots of customers in the shop over the early part of this weekend...

One gentleman reported great tog fishing at Barnegat Inlet. He said, "I went through a couple dozen green crabs weeding through a bunch of shorts. I managed two keeper sized tog. I took home one for the table. It's a good thing I played by the rules. While packing up the truck I was stopped and checked by Fish and Game. It was a quick friendly thing for me but not the next guy he checked. Turns out as I was pulling away Fish and Game had guy with a few too many. He had them spread out on his tailgate measuring everyone. Fortunately they are enforcing! It is good to see they are cracking down."

Another customer reported a slow day in the boat fishing off of IBSP, "We got the skunk. Trolled all over, not a touch."

So far Friday and Saturday have not offered anglers too much off of the surf. We heard lots of anglers talk about poor fishing, lots of garbage fish. The best we heard was a couple kingfish and some blues. Hopefully the weather coming changes things for the better.

On the weather front, we currently have a westerly wind which groomed the swell from Hurricane Gonzalo. Sunday the swell will linger and slowly fade as it is blown out by the stiff westerlies. Sunday night looks like a cold one, forecast low of 38 degrees. The couple days of westerly winds (Sunday-Monday) will be nice for a change. It seems like we have had every other wind direction for quite some time. Unfortunately it will not settle in for long. We've got a possible Nor'easter setting up. Right now models are showing an area of low pressure which gets sandwiched between a big dip in the northern jet stream and the northward moving subtropical jet. A high looks to be set up over Canada which will squeeze the pressure gradient producing lots of wind. The sub tropical jet stream will put lots of rain into the mix. Basically Wednesday and Thursday will be a bit sporty. I've got my fingers crossed that this will be the start of some fall fishing. Gonna have to wait and see what happens.


October 17, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Friday, October 17, 2014 1:39 PM   Subject: Open Boat Striper

Heavy west wind is finally going to allow us to get out this Sat, Sun, and Mon. I never thought I would get to say that again. We've had most of the last four weeks blown out. There are 30 pound class stripers being taken. Trolling bunker spoons is the most productive, so that is the plan. If we encounter any birds or castable fish, be it school bass or gator blues, we will switch over to spinning rods and jig rods in a heartbeat. The only bunker snagging fishing that was working was out near the three mile line and although the hard west wind is going to give us a nice flat ocean on the trolling grounds, the ocean is going to get rough a few miles offshore. I'm only putting this out there so you don't wind up on a boat trolling all day when you really want to jig or cast. I love using light tackle as much as anyone but not if it's not producing yet. Very soon it's going to be the thing to do, but right now there's a good chance at boating a few of these bigger bass.

We are sailing out of Manasquan Inlet for the month of October. Running Open Boat trips this Sat, Sun, and Mon, Oct 18, 19, and 20. 7AM to 3PM. $175 person. 3 people max, all fish are shared. Same dates are also available to charter.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

11:30 AM

Live Surf Clams Just Arrived. We expect fresh bunker later today.

Received: Friday, October 17, 2014 9:26 AM   Subject: ASFMC Striped Bass Advisory Panel

Al Ristori and Lou Bassano represented New Jersey sympathies at the Striped Bass Advisory Panel meeting this week in Baltimore…Al provides his take below:

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's Striped Bass Advisory Panel met Wednesday in Baltimore to provide advice to the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board that will be deciding on recreational and commercial restrictions later this month incorporated in Draft Addendum IV to Amendment 6 of the Striped Bass Management Plan in order to deal with falling catches and the decrease in spawning stock biomass (SSB). Ex-state Senator Lou Bassano (R-Union),sponsor of the Striped Bass Gamefish Law, and I are the N.J. recreational advisers. As usual, the commercial advisers insisted everything was just fine and there was no need for any decreases in harvest. On the other hand, most recreational representatives were cautious about the numbers presented and favored a one-year reduction to bring the SSB up -- rather than the three-year alternatives. A single bass at 28 or 32 inches found the greatest support, but Bassano noted the importance of a second bass to the party and charter boat fleets. A slot option that provides a 28-to-34-inch bass plus a "trophy" of 36 inches or more would probably be better for them. Check my daily blog at for more information about that meeting.

~ Jim Hutchinson, Jr., Managing Director, Recreational Fishing Alliance

October 15, 2014 --------------------------------------------------------------------

4:00 PM

Captain Joe of Deep Blue Sportfishing just gave us a ring. He was on the water this morning with a charter. They found some quality bass again on the troll, one at 25-lbs and one at 35-lbs!!! He mentioned the turns were working had on small bait.

Received: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 9:47 AM   Subject: BHCFA Weekly Report

The seasons of the year wait for no man, and that is true for the fall of 2014 and its effect on the summer fishing action. The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are putting away the gear needed for the summer species and turning their attentions toward what is hoped to be an exciting fall on the water.

Captain Bob Gerkens and First Mate Dante Soriente of the “Hot Tuna” just made their final trip of the year to the Hudson Canyon hoping to get in on more of the excellent tuna action they had experienced before terrible weather conditions had cancelled 14 straight trips
. This final trip produced little action, and conversations with other captains out there revealed more of the same. Both the night fishing and daytime trolls were slow with only a couple of fish being caught. The “Hot Tuna” had a wahoo break-off along with a few mahi-mahi in the boat. There are hopes that there might be a bite later closer inshore on mako sharks and bluefin tuna.

The first keeper striped bass are starting to show up with a few fish in the 30-pound class being picked up trolling bunker spoons and Stretch lures. Captain Fran Verdi of the “Francesca Marie” says he has gotten a large order of spot in, and they are sitting in his pens waiting to be fed to some hungry striped bass. Captain Fran also plans to get in on some black sea bass action on the inshore wrecks and artificial reefs when the season re-opens on October 18.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr

October 14, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

Paul Lindsey stopped by this afternoon. He reported catching lots of small kingfish off of the mid-island surf on Fishbites. He did manage a couple nice ones with his biggest about a pound and a half.

Here is a list of the upcoming LBI Surf Fishing Classic Special Prizes from now thru October 22nd:

$500 for the largest striper caught today. If there is no bass caught prize will go to the next day till it is won.
A head lamp donated from Princeton Tec will go to the first fish caught.

Tuesday Oct 14th - $200 to the bass closest to 17 pounds in Memory of A.D. Fillman. This is given by The Long Beach Township Retired and Former Officers lunch group that Don was a part of. If there is no bass caught on this date the prize will go to next year. October 14th is the date that Don caught a 17 pound bass.

TFO Tuesday - 10’6” Temple Forks Outfitters (TFO) Gary Loomis Surf Rods rated 3-8 ounces, retail value $200. Is awarded to the largest bluefish caught today. If prize is not won it will go to the next day till we have a winner. “Toughest rod in the surf for one of the toughest fish in the surf. **”Only one TFO rod per angler***

Friday Oct 17th - $100 cash to the women with a bass closest to 14 pounds. This prize is given in Memory of Jean Fillman by her family. $25 gift certificate to Barrys Do Me A Flavor goes to an angler that catches a fish today.

The largest fish caught this week ending on Oct 17th wins a $20 gift certificate to Buckalews and the largest fish by a caught by a angler under 18 wins a pizza from Buckalews.

Standard Weekend Prizes for bass and blues as describe in the tournament Rules/Prizes Brochure

Sunday Oct 19th - $500 cash to the largest bass caught today donated by Jim D. President and CEO of U.S. Facilities Inc and a friend of the Classic. $500 cash to the largest blue caught today donated by Jim D. President and CEO of U.S. Facilities Inc and a friend of the Classic. Two head lamps from Princeton Tec will be given away. One for a bass and one for a blue that is caught today.

A lure bag from Sportfishing Products to an angler that has caught a fish in this segment. (random pick)

Wednesday Oct 22nd - John Lewis (friend of the tournament) has donated a 1/2 day charter on his boat Insatiable. The person that catches the largest bass today wins this charter.

October 13, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:20 AM

Might need some extra lead sinkers this week. This morning we've got a small medium size groundswell in the water from Tropical Storm Fay. Currently 2-3-4 foot. The south easterly swell is expected to fill in and peak tonight. The winds look to swing south/southeast for a few days and then late in the week a new groundswell shows from Tropical Storm Gonzalo. There's potential for some bigger surf from Gonzalo next weekend. Time to break out the heaviers!

Yesterday afternoon Fisherman's Headquarters Alumni Ken Austin stopped in on his way off of the Island. He reported lots of small blues off of the surf. A couple other customer reported small blues as well as "lots of garbage." There's skates and doggies.

Captain Joe gave us heads up that he found a bass again yesterday. [See 10/11/14 post below] He trolled up a bite on a spoon, unfortunately the hook pulled. Nothing special but still a noteworthy report for boat anglers.

October 11, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

4:30 PM - More talk of classy striped bass in our local waters!

Justin and Jason Marti started their fall season off right! They both got beautiful trophy bass. Take a look at our Facebook page. It's that time... the bait has been here and the weather is sour. The fish just showed up... Fish On!

12:30 PM

I spoke with Captain Joe of Deep Blue Sportfishing this morning. He reported, "Lots of schoolie bass up to 29" on live mullet. It has been good. Yesterday morning was slow so we took a look around outside. Went out and found some life along the beach. We marked bait and fish. It was very calm and the bunker were schooled up on top, tails out flipping. There were also turns working on small bait with a lot of micro size false albacore moving super fast on them. These albies were the perfect size pitch baits for offshore. We sent a Mann's Stretch Plug down in 45' of water. It didn't take long and we were hooked up with a quality fish, this 38-lb striper! It has been a few months without striper tacos so we greased it. Another boat fishing close by released a bass they raised casting and retrieving lures."

We've heard reports of anglers targeting the false albacore yesterday casting metal and also on the fly. There's weakfish and small blues mixed in with them. I saw a photo of really nice size weakies that was caught in the mix.


October 10, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 PM

Tomorrow morning is the LBIFT kick off seminar. There will be some great door prizes and give away raffle. You must be present to win! Rain or shine: 9am at the Chamber across from the shop. Then shortly the seminar will begin inside at the  Ship Bottom Fire Hall (21st and Central). Weather permitting there will be a hands on beach demo.

The surf fishing along LBI is progressing. Even though it's almost mid-October we are still in the "late summer" phase. The surf is loaded with small blues and fluke. There are kingfish and the occasional striped bass. There's all sorts of bait in our local waters; mullet, spearing, baby bunker, adult bunker, baby blowfish, herring, squid and spot. Just coming down on the backside of the moon, we've got a couple day blow coming. This might be the start of a real run.

We got word today that there was a morning bite in the boat on the troll. Some boats had quality fish. We had one customer in the shop who was purchasing a new cooler to ice down a striped one. He reported fishing north out of Barnegat Inlet about a mile off of the beach. He said the troll was slow however, "We came across a pile of bait and started casting lures. We had bass up to 40 inches." Another report came from customer who showed a photo of a 20+ pound bass. He said it went for a deep diver on the troll.

Store staffer Blake got into a fun sunset session on the surf. He had small blues crushing plugs on top.

Store Staffer Kevin reported getting into more bayside linesiders today on SP Minnows. There's bass in the backwaters moving on bait.

The tog bite was on again today. The Barnegat Inlet is stacked with the white chins.

Returning home from a trip at the edge, Douglas Marshall of South Hampton NJ stopped by the shop with a 25.2-lb Mahi. He caught a bunch of mahi and the boat also had two tuna it out at the Toms.

7:00 AM

The $500 bounty is still out for the first qualifying striped bass in the LBI Surf Fishing Classic. Please understand that if two or more bass are weighed in on that day the largest takes to money.

Here is a list of some other Prizes that are up for grabs...
 - Today, Friday October 10th: $25 Gift Certificate to Barry's Do Me A Flavor, Picked at Random
 - Weekend Striped Bass Prizes: (Every Saturday & Sunday)  $100 Fisherman's Headquarters Gift Certificates to the Heaviest Striped Bass
 - Weekend Bluefish Prizes: $50 Cash to the Heaviest Bluefish
 - This Sunday, October 12th: Princeton Tec Head Lamps, Picked at Random one for bass, one for bluefish

October 9, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 PM

We got word today that there was a new special prize just added to the LBI Surf Fishing Classic... On October 19th there will be two big money cash prizes awarded: $500 to the largest striped bass and $500 to the largest bluefish!

Late in the day we got a delivery of fresh bunker. Once again the early birds will have freshies. There's no telling how long the supply will last. We expect more Friday evening.

8:45 AM

Blake S. of Manahawkin geared up at the shop and hit the Inlet yesterday afternoon. He reported back." Consistent tog bite as the tide was coming in if you could get to the bottom before getting covered in grass. Small blues everywhere and tons of bait pushed up against the rocks."

A small delivery of fresh bunker arrived late in the day yesterday. At the time of this post it is almost sold out. We are also low on surf clams. We expect more bunker and clams later today.

Just a reminder this weekend is the LBIFT kick off seminar. There will be some great door prizes and give away raffle. You must be present to win!

October 8, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

11:45 AM

Lots of tog on the chew! Store staffer Steve-o got in on the bite again yesterday. He reported catching a number of tog with four keeper size white chins. Steve-o said, "You don't have to go for far if you don't want. They are stacked all along the Inlet. Bayside, by the Light and the whole stretch out." Load up with greenies and go. There's lots of small blowfish so bring enough bait.

We expect fresh bunker later today.

Received: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 12:11 PM   Subject: BHCFA Weekly Report

Fall weather has officially arrived for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association. Cool nights have dropped the bay water temperatures some seven degrees and a few degrees also in the ocean. As long as the vast schools of bait remain inshore, this should hasten the arrival of striped bass and big bluefish from the north.

Boaters are already drifting live eels in the bay looking for bass as well as fishing plugs along the sod banks. While reports have been scarce so far, this should start to pick up very soon.

The negative of the past couple of weeks continues to be the strong winds that make trips into the ocean difficult to say the least. As a matter of fact, there was even a tornado warning for the Long Beach Island area last night.

Once the winds drop, the trips to the offshore canyons for tuna will resume. When calm days are found, the fish will be there. The inshore wreck and reef trips will be popular as of October 18 when the black sea bass season reopens until the end of the year. With a 15-fish per day limit and many large fish around, this fishing should be good. Blackfish are still only one per day until November 16 when the daily limit increases to 6.

Captain Tim Knorr of the boat “William Knorr” just shared a bottom fishing report from a few weeks ago. Fishing at a wreck close to the Barnegat Reef, his group caught 5 jumbo keeper fluke with the smallest at 24-inches using large brown Gulp baits. At one point they caught a double header of juvenile mahi-mahi and another double header with a mahi and a bluefish. They fished the entire day on just one wreck. The anglers consisted of Captain Tim, his son Steve, and Eric Zak.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr

October 7, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

11:30 AM

A short while ago we got a fresh delivery of live surf clams For those looking to bait fish the surf, clams will be the best way to stay away from the little yellow eye monsters in search of a the linesiders.

8:30 AM

The traffic lights are blinking! Boy does it feel good to finally be able to get around the island in a timely fashion.

Stephen P. reported catching a nice bass off of the surf yesterday, "7 inches short on the $500 bass yesterday. At least the fish are here!" The $500 Prize will roll over until a qualifying bass is caught. On that day, if two or more bass are caught, the largest fish will take the cash.

Yesterday after work, store staffer Steve-o strapped on his Korkers and hit the Barnegat Inlet Jetty. He stopped back at the shop in the late afternoon and said the bite was on. His biggest was a thick fat lipped 5-lb tog!

Received: Monday, October 06, 2014 7:03 PM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

With another week of wind and a not-so-nice low pressure system that worked it's way up the coast - it left us at the dock for most of the week. Regarding the fishing front - some weakfish and shortie stripers have been showing up at the usual bayside locales - soft plastics or small bucktails would be the way to go. Prior to the arrival of the fall stripers, we will be sailing for a few different options: blowfish/kingfish in the backwater (depending on reports), or light-tackle bluefish/stripers (resident fish - mostly shorts) on artificials. October is always the month with a slight lull in the action until the mass migration begins. If I have a chance to sneak out front, I will give an updated report.

On all of of our striped bass charters, we will have live-bait included with the charter - some charters charge you for live-bait - we do not. As always we use only high quality tackle, and all is included (bait, reel/rod, tackle, ice, fish-cleaning, etc). We have a few trips booked in October and November - Book your striped bass/bluefish trip now.

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

October 6, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

2:00 PM

Green crabs came in a few hours back. Lots of happy customers gearing up to get in on the bite at the Barnegat Inlet. We expect more fresh bunker later today.

Francis Pons from the Little Bite of Italy in Surf City stopped in this afternoon to re-spool one of his reels. While here he told us that he caught three kingfish off the surf this morning. He buddy had a couple small blues.

9:45 AM

The tog are snapping! John Del Sordo posted a photo yesterday of a nice tog. He reported fishing through the Eagles game to catch a keeper. He got it.

We got a report from a customer in the shop this morning who said he had blues on just about every cast yesterday fishing metal and meat (bunker and mullet). Hopefully some of the gorillas that are up in the New York waters will slide down our way cause the ones here are still small.

There's lots of schoolie bass around on the surf and in the bay. Yesterday Store staffer Kevin bragged of a linesider double header. They were thick and chewing. He showed a photo for proof, one on the SP Minnow and one on the teaser. This morning, store staffer Blake stopped in on his was off of the island after fishing. He reported catching a couple bass on plugs.

The season is closed but there are still fluke being caught. I talked with a customer yesterday who has been plugging the surf hard in the mornings. He said there are bass but, "I'm catching and releasing some quality keeper sized fluke on a regular basis." It would be nice to have a surf fishing fluke seasons that lasted into October.


October 5, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Chowderfest Sunday is finally here and that means one thing... It's fall fishing season here on LBI. Tomorrow morning kicks off the 60th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic. We have 400 anglers registered so far for the 8 weeks of surf fishing fun!!!

Here is a list of the upcoming special prizes, Please see the Tournament Rules/Prizes Brochure for more details:
- Monday 6th: Largest bass $500, goes till it is won. First fish caught gets a Princeton Tec head lamp, goes till it is won.
- Friday 10th: $25 Gift Certificate to Barry's Do Me A Flavor random pick
- Weekend $50 bluefish prize.
- Sat & Sun: Fisherman's Headquarters Gift Certificates
- Sunday 12th: Princeton Tec Head Lamps one for bass, one blue random pick.
- Tuesday 14th: TFO Surf Rod for largest blue, goes on till won. Also $200 cash bass reward in Memory of Don Fillman from the police officers he lunched with. Closest to 17 pounds. If no fish no one wins.
- Friday 17th: $100 for a 14 pound bass caught by a women in Memory of Jean Fillman, also $ 25 gift certificate to Barry's Do Me A Flavor random pick.

The past couple of weeks have been very mixed up with blow after blow. Talking to one of our bunker boat captains I learned that there were lots of fish stacked up; unfortunately not on the beach. He said, "There's lots of life out at the Ridge. The bunker and croakers have the Ridge covered like a blanket. There's kingfish and weakies in the mix too. We need this wind to swing around westerly and things need to settle down." Fortunately it is exactly what happened. Yesterday early afternoon the rain stopped, front passed and in came sun and westerly winds. Today the surf fishing conditions were very nice. The water's clean and there is a little bit of leftover easterly swell. The west winds took over yesterday afternoon. Monday looks to have light winds in the morning increasing through the day. Cold front expected Tuesday.

In preparation for the tournament, a customer came in to spool up with new line. He told us there were a few kingfish off of the north end surf on Fishbites. We got word in the shop that there were some bass on the mullet this morning at first light. The bass are chewing on the bayside too. A store staff member showed a photo of a double header. Yesterday at sunset he was fishing an SP Minnow with a teaser, two schoolie linesiders decided to piled on.

It's game time!   ~ FishHead.Greg

October 3, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

3:45 PM

The reports from anglers using lures for Stripers early this morning at various beach spots was not positive. You need clean water and no grass with plugs. With dirty water use dark plugs or go to the extreme with very bright colors. Otherwise you may need to resort to live bait. We do know of one angler using shad bodies with weedless hooks that picked-up short Stripers on bayside. Sold Blackfish reports from the Barnegat Lighthouse rocks. Spotty reports on kingfish which are best caught from Southern-end of island using bloodworms. Small Bluefish at spots all along the island surf and bayside. Blowfish in the bay with solid reports around the BI to BB areas.

Received: Friday, October 03, 2014 12:24 PM   Subject: Blowfish and Stripers

Tough forecast to read but this is how I see the next few days playing out.

Blowfish tomorrow (Sat, Oct 4). They're here in numbers finally and plenty of good size ones in the mix. Sure the forecast says rain but who knows when it will start, if it really will, and how bad it will be. We"ll be anchored in the bay, how bad could it be? We could always run for cover to take an intermission and start again. The ocean is going to be rough so this is a way to get out fishing.....slicker up! Charter only on this one, not enough time to put together an Open Boat trip. Flexible on times but 7AM to Noon is a good slot. Sailing from our Barnegat marina.

Next up is Sunday, Oct 5. This is the fish day for outside. It is supposed to start blowing hard from the west Sat afternoon all the way through Sunday. This will lay the ocean right out to flat calm. I'm going to move the boat up to Manasquan Inlet Sat afternoon/evening so we can run north for stripers. I got a good report for fish on the troll. I know most of us would prefer to catch them on bait or jigs but the only boats that connected were trolling. Anything from shorts to 20 to 30 pound fish. I never have a problem saying where, or how, when it's my report to give, but this one was given to me, so I really don't have the right to say where until I catch them myself. Hoping to connect with stripers and maybe some big blues. Expect this to be a trolling trip. I do have a fun way of wirelining them, though, with short rods, only 150 ft of wireline, and a bucktail/pork rind combo. You hold the rod while we troll and jig the lure. It is a train wreck of a hit! This is "old school" 1970's stuff but it still works. Open Boat 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM. $160 per person. 3 people max. All fish are shared. Leaving from our Manasquan Inlet marina.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

October 2, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

We got heads up from Rick Zane's that the Ship Bottom surf temperature yesterday was 69.2.

October 1, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Oct 1, 2014 10:04 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

The extended period of strong northeast winds finally ended last weekend with some typical fall weather arriving for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. Unfortunately for those who bottom fish the inshore wrecks and reefs, the fluke season has ended and the black sea bass season will not be opening again for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, there were some other alternatives.

Captain Gary Dugan of Irish Jig Sportfishing decided to see what other fish might be found around the wrecks. He reports finding some “drop and reel” fishing with all the bluefish he wanted, some huge sea bass that had to be released, and all the banded rudderfish his anglers could catch. In addition they took home a big triggerfish.

After two weeks of postponing and canceling charters because of the winds at the canyons, Captain Bob Gerkens of the “Hot Tuna” finally found a weather window last Sunday. He and his crew headed out looking for tuna. However, the “Hot Tuna” and other boats fishing the southern canyons were unable to locate tuna while struggling with thick weed that made trolling a challenge. Mate Dante Soriente suggested they jig and chunk the various lobster pots on the canyon edges with light equipment to get some fish for the fish box. This resulted in a banner day of 34 mahi-mahi, some of which were over 20-pounds. The split charter crew consisted of Hot Tuna regulars Shawn Hawthorne, Chris Martin, Joe Damato, and Ryan and Al Parker.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

6:00 AM

Fresh Finger Mullet came in yesterday evening. They are still here!

September 30, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

We got a report from three regular customers this morning. They all said the kingfishing is fair. Not bad but not spectacular. One angler fishing live bloods said that he was catching two to one over the other angler was using Fish Bites.

Store staffer took a call from his buddy this afternoon. The caller busted his stones saying, "You missed it! The top of the tide was on fire. I caught 25 tog with four being keeper size." The Barnegat Light Rocks are on!

We sold out of green crabs today; however, expecting a delivery tomorrow.

~ Fish Head Greg

September 29, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 PM

Store staffer Blake gave us a call to share a report. He said, "The bass are snapping! Sunset today and yesterday were great. Nothing like Montauk but lots of fun. On both days they were all over my jointed red fin!"

September 28, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 28, 2014 7:56 PM Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Charters

With the winds finally taking a break, I had repeat client Joe Lippincott and his wife Ruth of Allentown, PA on a 4-hr blowfish trip - their goal was to put some meat in the freezer. Joe and his wife Ruth are both accomplished at hunting and fishing, and have a variety of experience hunting and fishing in international locales from Canada to Africa. We fished a few different spots and chummed heavy for blowfish and kingfish - as the tide increased the bigger ones were definitely hungry. The husband and wife team piled in several dozen blowfish to 12-inches, 4 kingfish up to 17-inches, and a few other species. As always, it was a pleasure having Joe and Ruth aboard and looking forward to seeing them again. Nice job catching!!

All tackle, bait, rods/reels, ice and fish-cleaning is included on all of our charters. There are quite a few options over the next few weeks - in the back (blowfish/kingfish/1-4lb bluefish), jetty/inlet (striped bass - most are small / bluefish), or offshore (false albacore/bonita/etc). Generally October and November dates are for striped bass and bluefish - they will book up quickly as the fall run begins. If you are interested in booking a trip - please call my cell 609-290-7709 or book through the website:

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

2:00 PM

Click here for Results of Yesterday's LBI Fishing Club's 67th Annual World Series of Surf Fishing ASAC Tournament

12:00 Noon

Long Beach Island Fishing Club - ASAC Tournament hosted by the Long Beach Island Fishing Club, the 67th Annual World Series of Surf Fishing, was yesterday. With so many hardcore surf angling teams in town pounding the suds, one can clearly see from the tournament results exactly what's cruising our waters. As soon as we get the results we will post them here.

We've had a number of requests in the shop, on the phone and via email so we set out to get our own  temperature readings. Yesterday afternoon the Ship Bottom surf temperature was in the high 60's. We got readings from 68-71 degrees. With the warm water, I'm shocked that the kingfishing is so slow. Over the past couple weeks we've had very few reports. I can't wait to see the tournament results from yesterday for a clear indication of the current kingfish fishery in our local waters.

Store staffer Rob Vallone was down on the south end yesterday fishing Holgate. He reported lots of fluke and plenty of small blues. Rob caught 11 fluke (all shorts) on mullet fillets, whole mullet and small bucktails. Rob mentioned that there were SMALL kingfish in the wash. Let's hope it's a good sign! He said, "The blues are all over the place and biting on mullet and peanut bunker. In the evening they are hammering plugs too."

There's more guys driving the beach and finding the occasional bass at sunrise and sunset. A customer stopped in the shop yesterday to purchase some tackle for the fall run. While here he reported fishing the surf and catching the skunk. He mentioned that an angler right down the beach from him caught a keeper bass on cut bunker meant for blues.

Fluke season is officially closed. For the last hurrah, Martin and his son from from Allendale, NJ gave it their best shot yesterday. They moved around in the bay trying different areas. They managed one nice keeper.

We were afraid that the recent nor'east blow could be the end of the mullet run. Nothing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It wasn't until late in the day Saturday that some guys spotted them. Don't fret. There's still lots of mullet in the bay and more on the Northern Jersey beaches that are heading down our way. We got a report from a guy who was cast netting off of the front beach this morning, "I netted a little mullet so far but I did get a 15" fluke!"

~ Fish Head Greg

September 27, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

7:00 PM

 - Fresh Bunker available
 - Surf Clams available
 - Bay Clams available
 - Eels available

 - Bloodworms available

Fresh Mullet sold out - No word yet if more will be available

September 26, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Due to high winds...
 - Good chance no Fresh Bunker will be available.
 - Once we sell out of our current stock of surf clams there will mostly likely be no deliveries until Sunday noon.
 - As backup we are trying to get bay clams but even these will be at limited quantities.

1:45 PM

Just returned home from my annual Montauk excursion. Once again it was a great time living the dream with the crew in the lot. I had a great time fishing with all, especially my good buddies Blake, Pete, Fred and Darren. I was even lucky enough to score two phenomenal surfing swells. The fishing was very good for the duration of our time; bass, blues and albies. Daily we put in hard hours but were rewarded. Our only day that was a bust was when a the cranking westerly wind blew the fish out of casting range. Most bass were schoolies; however, I released a 40" bass one night and a 36" bass another night. We left the bass chewing in the blow. All those Jersey anglers gearing up at the shop the last couple of days will be into some fun!

Finally fall is here and the 60th Anniversary Surf Fishing Tournament is 10 days away! The recent gale (Wednesday/Thursday) put a ENE windswell in the water and currently there's lots of white water off the surf. Target the surf and jetties in the mornings and evenings for the best opportunities for stripers.

Poppers and swimming plugs that imitate a mullet are choice. Recently the mullet run and abundance of other bait (baby bunker and spearing) has some fish on the chew. The blues are snapping! There's plenty of one to two pound blues and some schoolie bass on the front beach, Inlet and bayside. There's tons of snappers in the bay and also some weakies around the lights at night too. A couple customers reported blowfish in the bay.

Earlier in the week before the blow Ryan Dellane reported, "Stripers all night on Daiwa SP Minnows. What a great time!" He said that he caught them on Island's bayside fishing some docks. There was recent talk in the shop about a couple bass taken off of the surf on clam and mullet.

The tog have turned on! The Barnegat Inlet jetty is producing. Numerous reports of keeper sized fish on LIVE GREEN CRAB! Triggerfish are still here too. Blowfish and small sea bass are present from time to time stealing bait as quick as it hit the water. Prepare accordingly.

Still lots of keeper fluke in the bay, inlet, surf and ocean. Unfortunately, September 27th is the last day of the season. The 2014 fluke season was a good one. There were a number of big doormats... two state records (spear fishing) hit our scales. Major bummer this gale cut the season short. It would have been nice to get in the last few days and the weekend. Oh well, until next year.

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 26, 2014 12:35 PM   Subject: Barnegat Ridge Open Boat

Before all this wind and awful weather, the Barnegat Ridge was looking very good with albacore, bonita, mahi, and a few bluefin tuna. My last trip there was Thurs, Sept 18 and we had a pair of 30" and 32" bluefin tuna along with some nice bonita. The water was blue and 70 degrees. After that, as most of you know, the wind blew hard N/NE, let's see... EVERY SINGLE DAY! I finally hit a few tuna there and then I couldn't get back. Most of the hard wind we have been getting lately has been from the northeast and that usually improves water quality and fishing. I can't wait to get out and see what's swimming there now. The forecast has the wind starting to diminish late Saturday, with light and variable winds thru Monday. I will run an Open Boat trip this Monday, Sept. 29 to Barnegat Ridge, 6AM to Noon, $160 per person, 3 people max, all fish are shared. Call me on my cell to reserve a spot.

After that, I am moving the boat to Manasquan Inlet for the month of October as I have for the last two seasons. I could access the Shrewsbury Rocks where the striper fishing starts earlier and it's only 20 miles to the Mud Hole where we can target albacore and tuna on the good weather days. That's where the boat will be from Oct 1 to Oct 31. I will have her back in Barnegat by Nov 1 where we will jump right into the striper fishing.

See you out there,

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

September 25, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:30 PM

Due to high winds...
Once we sell out of the current stock of surf clams there will mostly likely be no deliveries until Sunday.
As backup we are trying to get bay clams but even this is not guaranteed right now.

September 24, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

1:30 PM

Finger Mullet are still along the front beach and various fish are feeding on them. However, this wind is helping these baits move along. Not sure how much longer finger mullet will remain in our area. When this wind slows down and the coming rains pass, then Friday we will know if these baits might be sticking around a little longer.

Received: Sep 24, 2014 10:33 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

Weather forecasts for the next couple of days look like winds and heavy rain will keep the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association at the dock. However, the weekend looks like it will be a good one weather-wise, and there are fish to be caught.

The summer flounder season will be closing for the year on Saturday, September 27. In addition, the black sea bass season is currently closed and will not re-open until October 18 when it will run until the end of the year.

Despite these closures, there is still quite a bit of very good fishing to be found. The BHCFA captains are taking family type parties out for fishing trips in the bay where there is an abundance of species to be found. By anchoring up and putting out a chum line, anglers can catch a myriad of fish including blowfish, croakers, kingfish, small bluefish, and many others.

The inlet and inshore waters are currently filled with schools of small, 1-3 pound, bluefish. These fish are hungry and great action on light tackle. Boats trolling the inshore waters and several miles out are also getting into some great action from false albacore, bonito, and even some small mahi-mahi.

Although weather conditions have not been ideal for offshore canyon trips, there are good numbers of tuna to be found there once things settle down, and the boats can make their way out there. There are also reports of some swordfish and good sized sharks being caught while chunking bait through the night.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 21, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 PM

Mullet on the beach being pushed by bluefish with fluke and stripers also in the mix.

Word is that there are "Tons of blowfish in the bay" along with 1-lb Bluefish. Weakfish up to 2-lb at bridges, dike, structures... Spotty reports of keeper fluke also in the bay.

Matt Mercuro fished Barnegat Inlet both yesterday any today in the morning. Working the South-Side of the North Jetty with lures, mostly being popper lures, he scored on Striped Bass. Yesterday's tally was 25 Stripers all being shorts. Today's tally was 10 Stripers and 2 of these were keeper size.

September 19, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

1:00 PM

The wind needs to cooperate for both boat anglers and surf anglers.

The front beach surf has been producing a fairly steady bite on cocktail bluefish and short fluke. There's certainly plenty of mullet in the surf and peanut bunker in the bay.

As for the bay, it has been mostly small bluefish and short fluke especially around the inlets... Along with the occasionally keeper fluke

If you want some excitement the reefs seem like the place to be. From AC reef to LE reef all the way out and up to the ridge. Fluke fishing is great with fish to 8-lbs and bag limits more common than not.

Received reports of small mahi from around the Rutgers buoys and lobster pot floats in the LE reef vicinity. Live mullet and peanuts tossed close in to the structure has been productive. Turning close in while trolling small spoons and such should also be effective.

~ Fish Head Scott

September 18, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 18, 2014 8:04 PM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Sportfishing

This is always a love-hate time of year - hate that fluke season is ending, but love that stripers could be right around the corner. There are some options as fluke season comes to a dreaded close and we wait the arrival of the fall bluefish and striped bass run - bonita/false albacore offshore and striped bass/bluefish in the bay - most are smaller sized. I have also received word that there are some false albacore and bonita tight to the beaches, but the concentration is better offshore. If we can get a weather window we will run to target false albacore/bonita at the Barnegat Ridge and surrounding areas until the start of the fall striper run begins. Along with all required safety equipment, we also carry EPIRBs on all trips whether bay, inshore, or offshore - it’s a must when going offshore. Also t here has been some word of blowfish in the back - we can try if there is interest.

I had an afternoon weekday charter with Brian and Dawn Szucs of Princeton, NJ and Matt Renaldi and his girlfriend Jennifer Kertes of Piscataway, NJ. Our original plan was to hit the ocean for some flatties for a quick 3-4hr trip, but sporty ocean conditions kept us refined to the bay where the couples worked hard for some keeper fluke. Amongst the consistent 14-16” shorts, 2 keepers were boxed with Dawn Szucs catching the largest 22inches weighing close to 5lbs. All fish were caught on artificial and fresh bait combos. With fluke ending on Sept. 27, we try to get out and do our last push prior to the fluke season ending - ocean trips will have greater success as the fish are exiting our bays & inlets.

All tackle, bait, rods/reels, ice, fish-cleaning is included on all of our charters. We currently booking striper trips mid October through the 1st week of December. If you are interested in booking a trip - please call my cell 609-290-7709 or book through the website:

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

September 17, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

9:30 AM

Store Staffer Blake headed out and hit the sunset session yesterday. He reported back that last night he got into some striped bass. He said, "My MVP was a 4" Redfin! I was smoking them until one striped bass ripped a hook off. I spoke to a spear fisherman who was waking off the beach with a quality striped bass. He said there were large schools of striped bass pushing through the inlet."

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 17, 2014 8:34 AM   Subject: BHCFA Report

After a week’s worth of northeast winds making ocean fishing uncomfortable if not impossible, the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are optimistic that conditions are starting settling down for a return to the outstanding fishing occurring before the northeaster.

The inshore reefs were producing some fine catches of big fluke while schools of small bluefish in the inlet and inshore ocean waters made for good sport. The offshore canyons were giving up good catches of tuna as the normal good fall tuna bite was just getting underway.

Captain Gary Dugan of "Irish Jig" Sportfishing had a party out to the Garden State South Reef before the winds started to blow and had “drop and reel” action. His party had 10 nice keepers to 26-inches along with many throwbacks that were just short of keeper size. He was using live peanut bunker. Once the winds started to blow, Captain Gary was forced to fish the bay due to the conditions and ended up with small sea bass, some bluefish, and some dogfish. He got out to the Garden State South Reef again over the weekend and found rough conditions but his group managed four nice fluke to take home along with many other close throwbacks.

Captain John Koegler had the “Star Fish” and a party of 4 out looking for fish inside the inlet with the unstable ocean conditions. As they neared the south end of Long Beach Island a bluefish jumped close to the boat. Out went the trolling tackle, and a great day was had by all as over 30 bluefish found the lures to be irresistible. The big surprise of the day was two of the fish put up much more of a fight than the others. After a lengthy tussle requiring the boat to be out of gear, they discovered why. Rather than being the suspected foul hooked blues, they were the first of the fall stripers who were feeding with the blues. This put an optimistic spin on the day’s fishing.

With only a week and a half left in the summer flounder season, time is running out for anglers to end the fluke season with some more fish fillets.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Asociation can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 16, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

12:00 Noon

Cocktail Bluefish are still on the bait! The yellow eyes are crushing mullet and spearing. Lots of fun on topwater!

Got word from Ryan Dellane that he had more striped bass last night on plugs!

Joseph Mitchell posted yesterday, "Nice surprise less than a mile off the beach! Saw a bunch of falsies, bunker and even some flying fish. All less than a mile from the beach. Got some smaller blues too."

6:00 AM

Store staffer Blake hit the surf after closing up the shop Sunday evening. He said the sunset session was fun, "On the first cast I got doubled up on the Guppy Pencil Popper. Not two but four yellow eyes piled on it. It was good right to dark. I was surprised to see so many anglers plugging the beach. I think most were fluke fishing."

We got a report from Patrick who was vacationing on LBI last week. He reported catching a 3-4' sand tiger shark off of the mid-island surf.

Fall are in the air; cool evenings, nights and mornings. It feels so good to be out of that hot and humid summertime air. The 60th Anniversary Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Tournament is less than a month away. Be sure to join this year. There are lots of new cash prizes in addition to the traditional prize structure and as always the Fisherman's Headquarters Striper Side-Bet Calcutta. For 2014, there will be three Special CASH DAYS: October 6th & October 25th - $500 for the largest striped bass, November 16th $1000 for the largest striped bass in honor of Frank Panzone. Prize money will roll over to the next day until there is a winner. Also there is a $100 bounty for the first legal red drum caught. For more details visit the LBISFC Tournament web site at: WWW.LBIFT.COM

The forecast looks to offer prime fishing conditions, lots of white water! First we have Hurricane Edouard. Although it is far offshore and will not be a threat to land, it is whipping up some surf. Expect forerunners to arrive at our beaches soon and peak Wednesday/Thursday.

Further out the models are showing a strong high pressure to build towards the end of the week and weekend. This high MIGHT interact with a low off of the south east coast and set up an easterly blow for a day or two. If this materializes we'll see more wind and swell. A lot may change. We'll have to wait and see.

~ Fish Head Greg

September 13, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

8:00 PM

This afternoon, we received a report from and angler hooking up at the inlet area on Triggerfish. He reported three Triggerfish along with Striped Bass being present.

4:00 PM

We got our first fresh mullet delivery yesterday (Friday). The Mullet Run has begun! The recent full moon got things moving but we'll have to wait and see what this current blow is going to do.

The ocean water is still very warm! It's great for those surf anglers on the hunt for fluke during the day and sharks at night. But we have a long way to go until our fall striper run gets going. Until then there are plenty of resident bass here. Today Ryan Dellane stopped in the shop and reported catching three bass last night in the Inlet. Another customer Joe reported getting into some fun at the same spot earlier in the evening before dark. Joe caught bass on Daiwa SP minnows and Albies on the fly.

Bluefish are still biting. Go get 'em on lures or meat. Laura Compton reported on Facebook yesterday that she caught some blues off of the surf before sunset. Lots of anglers are getting into them on poppers at sunrise and sunset.

Store staffer Jon was on the water Thursday. He fished the Ridge and reported a great trip. "Good size fat Alberts and lots of Bonita! We lost count... All on drone spoons, feathers and crippled alewives. No bluefin but lots of life and good water. I'm sure there was mahi there but it was too rough so we didn't stop and hit any hi-fliers."

~ Fish Head Greg

Received: Sep 13, 2014 12:26 PM   Subject: Open Boat Barnegat Ridge

Looks like there might be a break in the wind and weather this Monday, Sept 15. They are forecasting a 5 to 10 knot North wind which would mean a run to Barnegat Ridge is looking very good. If Monday morning comes, and the inlet or sea condition is not as nice as forecasted, I will have a box of shrimp ordered as Plan B. I am only accepting reservations from individuals who are flexible with this plan. Keep in mind that the only one who wants to get to the Ridge more than you guys is me! That area is alive with bonita, albacore, and who knows what else after all this easterly wind! But, as those of you who have fished with me already know, I do not sail in borderline or questionable sea conditions. 6 AM to Noon. $160 per person. 3 people max. All fish are shared. I am going to bring a pail of spearing so we can troll and bait fish the bonita and albies if conditions dictate. Call to reserve a spot.

Tomorrow, (Sun) is going to be a rough ocean but the bay is fishable if anyone wants to call for a charter.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

September 12, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 12, 2014 9:49 PM   Subject: Fishing Report - Reel Reaction Charters

I was able to make it out and finally do some fluke fishing with my father (Mike Taylor) prior to school starting - we fished some structure a ways out and ended with 4 nice keepers (8lbs, 6lbs, 5.5lbs, and one at 19.5"). Since school is back in session - we will be doing all of our charters on the weekends through December and there are some limited weekday afternoon trips until we are restricted by daylight.

It seems since school has started is hasn't stopped blowing - almost a week of East / Northeast winds have continued to push the warm water in - only problem is that not many boats are making it out. Fluke will close in about another 10 days - we will look to try to target them if the weather holds for the following weekend - this weekend is a wash with strong E / NE / N winds.

All tackle, bait, rods/reels, ice, fish-cleaning, etc is included on all of our charters. There are some weekends still open in October/November. If you are interested in booking a trip - please call my cell 609-290-7709 or book through the website:

~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709

6:00 PM

Just passing the first full moon of September and it's official... Today, the Finger Mullet are in the surf. This means it should be prime time surf fishing for Fluke right now. Striped Bass and Bluefish will be pushing those baits also. Good time to work those small poppers. Game On!

Yes, we have Fresh Finger Mullet in stock.

September 10, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

1:00 PM

So I saw the pressure gradient setting up for a squeeze. With a cranking east or northeast wind in September there is one thing on my mind, MONTAUK! Blake and I packed up and hit the road late Saturday night. We arrived and hit the rocks on the north side at the Bluffs. Almost instantly we were in. Medium size bluefish (4-8lbs) were pushing spearing and a mix of other small bait right up to our feet. It was a blast pencil popping yellow eyes for our first session. It only got better from there.

Morning, evening and night were all very productive our entire time there (Sunday-Tuesday). We got into really good bucktailing on the south side and also a phenomenal bite on Daiwa SP Minnows and needlefish. Most Striped Bass were schoolie sized with a bunch of keeper size Stripers in the mix and then an occasional nicer fish. Blake took the honors with the biggest fish of the trip, 24-lbs on the Boga Grip.

We headed back last night and left the bass biting. Wish we could have stayed. Catching up with things here at the shop now before heading back to Montauk again next week.

~ Fish Head Greg

September 9, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 9, 2014 8:27 PM    Subject: BHCFA Report

With time running out on the summer flounder season on September 27, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are seeing some of their best fluke fishing of the year.

Captain Dave Kreines had a party out on the “Byte” Me for some bay and inlet fishing. They managed 10 short fluke and a few 1-2 pound bluefish. The big action of the day was two nice size cow-nose rays. Both of these big strong fish put up a good fight and were brought to the boat before being carefully unhooked and released.

Captain Gary Dugan on the “Irish Jig” fished the Garden State South recently and ended up with four nice fluke ranging from 18-24 inches. Another day he had seven keepers to 25-inches. He found the hot bait was live peanut bunker.

Captain George Finck of Sparetime Charters had a few charters this past week where he found the fishing to be good. He had Mike Gilligan and friends out to the reef and for a good catch of 35 fluke with four keepers up to 23-inches along with some bluefish. The charter even had fun bringing in two big skates which gave them a good fight. The ocean temperature was 78-degrees with waves of 1 to 2 foot which increased to 2 to 4 ft just before coming in.

Captain Fran Verdi had the John Cocca party out on the “ F rancesca Marie” for a four hour trip. The action was good and despite a 10-1 ratio of throwbacks to keepers, they managed 9 keeper fluke. They also h ad some sea bass and blues , but fluke ruled the day.

Captain Bob Gerkens had the “Hot Tuna” out for some daytime chunking for yellowfin tuna at a southern canyon. After hooking only a small mako shark on the chunk, Captain Bob made the move to switch to the troll. This move paid off as they found a good bite on long fin tuna in the 35 to 45 pound class on the troll. The charter party also caught a mahi-mahi to go with their tuna. Anglers included Scott Damiano, Dave Swarter, and John Clementson along with mate Brian Medford.

Additional information on the association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 8, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Shamong Joe gave us heads up that his new dock lighting is paying off. He reported, "Two fluke under the dock lights last night. I watched them swallow the hook. A 3-4 lb weakie was lurking . Spearing are thick and the snappers love them. On a mission next week with shrimp."

Kevin Graham weighed in a 10 lb fluke today. He reported fishing the Miss Barnegat Light and catching a bunch of fish. He hooked 10 plus.

~ Fish Head Greg

September 7, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 7, 2014 2:31 PM   Subject: Shrimping

Anchored up in Meyers Hole today (Sun). No crew so I went solo. Caught two 3 to 4 pound weakies, three fluke (only 1 keeper), a bunch of jacks, and a sand shark in two hours. Pretty lively. Have room for two more people tomorrow (Mon) on our Open Boat leaving at 6AM. I'm sailing either way.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

September 6, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------


Still have the summertime trend; fluking is good, the brown sharking is consistent, the blues are cruising chasing bait. Fish bucktails with gulp or spearing for the flounder. Fish big meaty baits for sharks. Cast poppers or metal for the bluefish. Those that want to bait and wait should fish smaller chunks of bunker, mackerel or mullet.


Woody hung a 5-lb fluke yesterday afternoon. He reported an epic day ocean fluke fishing adding that the Barnegat Light Reef was hold fishing. Woody limited out with three fish over four pounds. All jigging bucktails tipped with squid and spearing.

A lady purchase a flat of bunker for crabbing yesterday. She reported that crabbing is good and sea bassing is even better! "Yesterday the Carolyn Ann hammered the sea bass and fluke." Expect the fluke bite to continue. The sea bass fishing on the other hand will be over. Saturday September 6th is the last day until the season reopens on Saturday October 18th.

Store staffer Yoni stroked the mahi on Thursday. He reported heading out in search of some tuna. Unfortunately all the water he found was green and didn't have much life. With Plan A a bust he switched over to Plan B, pot hopping. Joni said that every single pot they hit had numerous fish.

Jeff Warford headed out to the edge Thursday afternoon for an over-nighter. He fished the "parking lot" at the Hudson. Jeff reported a very productive trip, "We didn't knock 'em dead but we were into fish most of the trip. We missed one bite at sunset on a spreader bar. It just didn't come tight. Once deep into dark, the chunk bite started. First a bigeye tuna on a squid bait before midnight. It was about 135-lbs. Then some yellowfin. We went two for three on 60-lb yellowfin. During the night we also had a monster whale shark add some excitement. It came up along side the boat and tried to eat a sword light. In the morning we got on some quality tilefish. Caught a 39-lber and a 22-lber on squid. We headed back to the dock by about 10 am when the place turned into a zoo." Jeff said he heard some guys day trolling longfin on bars and bally and also a couple blue marlin.

~ Fish Head Greg

September 5, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 5, 2014 1:16 PM   Subject: Open Boat Shrimping

The weather is sketchy for the next few days with some gusty winds and an uncomfortable ocean. We will be focusing on bay fishing. Targeting weakfish, fluke, blues and all the other species that want to enjoy our live grass shrimp buffett. I have gallons of live shrimp ordered for the next three days. Running Open Boat Sat, Sun, and Mon, Sept. 6, 7, and 8. 6AM to 11AM (back at the dock before any thunderstorms!) $140 per person. 3 people max. All fish are shared.

Good way to beat the heat and enjoy some light tackle back bay fishing. Are there any weakfish? Yup. 3 to 4 pounders. Not in large numbers, but almost every visit we get a couple of these big fish along with a good amount of fluke. Of course you have to fish thru the sand sharks, sea robins, snappers, and new this year: bar jacks. They are in thick and although they have no food value they burn line off of our 6 pound outfits!

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674

September 3, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: Sep 3, 2014 2:12 PM   Subject: BHCFA Report

The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association battled some tough ocean conditions last week as tropical storm Cristobel passed by. By the time Labor Day weekend arrived, the seas were calm once again.

Fluke in the ocean around the artificial reef sites and inshore wrecks continue to dominate the fishing picture once again. Some boats managed to head offshore to the canyons for tuna, but found the action a bit slower than it had been. That bite should be improving very shortly as the lot fall season gets underway.

Other action close to Beach Haven includes a few surprises around the reefs. Some big cobia have been picked up along with some small mahi-mahi. There are plenty of small bluefish around in the ocean and the croakers have been making their presence known both around the reefs and closer to the beach. In the bay there is a strong bite on croakers, small sea bass, and some blowfish.

Captain Fran Verdi of the “Francesca Marie” fished several days over the weekend and found good numbers of fluke and bluefish along with some croakers in the mix. His party on Sunday had a nice catch of fluke but brought the makings of sushi, and they ate all of the fillets raw at the dock before they could make it home.

Captain Gary Dugan had a party out that managed to put four very nice fluke in the box. They were on the reef and fishing with peanut bunker. Their largest fish stretched out to a very nice 24-inches.

Captain Jimmy Zavacky had a party out during the rough seas from Cristobel, and the hardy crew managed to put four nice keeper fluke in the cooler.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

September 2, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 PM

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer and the recent holiday, Labor Day. FINALLY! It's the time of year so many wait for. Teachers and kid are back to school. Baseball is in the home stretch. Football season is underway. Best of all, the surfcasters have their beaches back and fall is right around the corner with the Fall Equinox September 22.

Holgate opened to four wheelers with permits yesterday, September 1st. We had a number of customers who drove down and fished. We got word that the beach is closed off before the point but still there is plenty of beach to drive and fish. Not sure when it will open completely. Just have to wait for the birds to head south. Store staffer Blake hit the south end surf last evening. He reported small blues on poppers.

Historically, August and early September offer Long Beach Island the year's warmest surf water temperatures. With it becomes great fishing for warm water species like sharks and rays. There are some nice size brown sharks and rays still here. Expect both to stick around until the water temps drops. The fluke fishing is still good but the kingfish seem to be hit or miss. The small blues from snapper size to 1-3 pound cocktails are plentiful in the surf. Fish small poppers or metal for them. One angler this weekend reported catching two fluke on a Hopkins he was casting at blues busting bait. Small metal is a great choice for its castability and it will catch just about any species. Striped bass, bluefish, fluke, weakfish, false albacore, etc. Wait what false albacore!

A customer this weekend spoke about ALBIES! We could not confirm if it was surf, near shore or from the inshore grounds like the Ridge. None the less expect to see some footballs airing out on the bait any day?

Still plenty of resident striped bass in the bay, inlet and surf. As the transition from summer to fall progresses expect new arrivals.

Here is a fishing report from an angler this weekend who found blues and a bass... "I am 41 and have been fishing since I was about 7. Today was the best day I have ever had in the surf. I didn't even catch a fish! My 9 year old caught a short striper and a 12" bluefish. My 4 year old caught a 13" blue. I know they aren't huge or even something to brag about. But they were the first fish either had caught from the beach! Their smiles made it my best day fishing!" ~ Bill Hutton

On the bayside there are still fluke in the bay. We heard chatter in the shop about more blow fish. Nothing spectacular. Most are small but one customer showed a photo of a nice puffer. Crabbing is phenomenal!

It is prime time fishing on the inshore wrecks and reefs! We've got fluke season until September 27th and also the Sea Bass bag limit just bumped up to 15 fish until September 6th. Go get 'em while the gettin's good!

~ Fish Head Greg

September 1, 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Received: Sep 1, 2014 10:06 AM   Subject: Open Boat Barnegat Ridge

Sailing open boat tomorrow Tues, Sept 2, 6am to noon. We will be targeting bonita and mahi. Weather and sea conditions look great. We are going to troll and chum with spearing. The albacore are starting to show in the mix as well. $160 per person. 3 people max, all fish are shared. Calling me on my cell is better than email.

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing  732.330.5674




       Want to Read More? Take a look at the Report Archive.




























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