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  • Editorial

  • Where the Shadows Run From Themselves
    Wilmon B. Menard looks back on F.W. Murnau and the Death Curse of Tabu

  • Undead from 5 to 7
    Irene Dobson draws parallels between Carnival of Souls, Cléo de 5 à 7 and Maya Deren’s At Land

  • Saturday Afternoons at One: An Interview with Arthur C. Pierce
    Kevin Danzey has a film-by-film chat with the writer, producer and director:
        Introduction    |    The Cosmic Man    |    Invasion of the Animal People
        Beyond the Time Barrier    |    Mutiny in Outer Space
        The Human Duplicators    |    Women of the Prehistoric Planet
        The Navy vs. the Night Monsters    |    Las Vegas Hillbillys
        Destination Inner Space    |    Cyborg 2087    |    Dimension 5
        The Destructors    |    The Astral Factor


    In Memory of Bhob Stewart (1937—2014)

  • My Friend Bhob
    Nathan Schiff remembers

  • Calvin and the Castle
    James H. Thompson looks back on Calvin Beck, Bhob and Castle of Frankenstein magazine
        An Interview with Calvin T. Beck
        An Interview with Bhob Stewart

  • Kaspar Hauser
    Bhob reflects back on the mysterious boy from nowhere

  • Dementia My Name in Sheboygan
    Bhob courts the murderous Daughter of Horror

  • Saturday Nights at the Drive-In: An Interview with Bruno VeSota
    Barry Brown’s revelatory interview with the actor-director

  • I Wanna Publish Zines and Rage Against Machines
    Raymond Young looks back on fanzine publishing in the 1970s and 80s


    Book Review

  • The Los Angeles Diaries
    James Brown (brother of actor Barry) and his experiences in and around Hollywood


    Film Reviews

  • Ganja & Hess
    Notes on Bill Gunn’s experimental vampire film

  • Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream
    Stuart Samuels examines midnight hits from the 70s, including El Topo and Pink Flamingos



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    An index of articles from our previous edition

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