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 Flow of the River - Download

The current download is version 7.0: Which goes up to the end of of the game. V7 Gold will be the glitch-free enhanced version and final production.

Please tell us what you think of the game and post in the official FotR topic in the RPG forum of BZP.


This is the new and fixed version of FotR! No bugs, glitches, or any other problems!

Installation: Save the .zip file. Once you have the file, you will need to have Microsoft™ Winzip™ (it's free!) to 'unzip' the download. Create a new folder where you want the game to be installed, and name it "Flow of the River v7". Now using Winzip you can unzip the file into that folder. Look in the folder for the file called "GAME". Copy this to your desktop, then double click to start the game.

Need more help? Try the Manual or FAQ pages.

 Flow of the River Soundtrack

A collection of music from Flow of the River. The current version is v2. Enjoy!



 Other Downloads

Here are some other FotR Related downloads you might enjoy.

*To use the wallpapers, wait for the image to load and then right click on it. Select "Set as Background" to make it your desktop wallpaper. Be sure to have your wallpaper on "Autostretch" or "Centre", not "Tiled". You can access your wallpaper control panel by right clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting "Properties".


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