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Welcome to Purple Pakari

Welcome to Purple Pakari, newly refurbished with new features and pages! These include :

  • More downloads including wallpaper and exclusive SKS material
  • The walkthrough for the game
  • Updated information and instructions
  • The FotR Epic
  • Better graphics and a faster loading time

Purple Pakari is a site made mainly to host the Bionicle RPG Game - Flow of the River, and my home-made Bionicle movies!

Flow of the River is the result of a years hard work from the Swingin Kanohi Studios team (Kanohi Akaku, Lewaswingin and others). The game is an RPG (role playing game) which we made using RPG Maker 95. Please refer to the manual for more information.

Swingin Productions is an independant movie-making company, currently out of buisness. You can see the movies made in the Movies page, and can discuss them on BZP in a topic I will soon make and post a link to.

News: This is the new editable site of Purple Pakari FOTR. The Epic section has been updated with the rest of the chapters. The Downloads page has been updated with the new fixed version of the game. The Secret section of the site is still in need of the FotR Banners. If you have them, please PM me on BZPower. My username is Onua Nuva Fan.

FotR Soundtrack posted in downloads section.

The Walkthrough section is currently being updated. All of the titles have been added, I just have to go through the game and write the rest of the walkthrough.

The content of this site is property of Lewaswingin and the SKS Team. The Lego® brand Bionicle™ is a trademark of the Lego® Company. Flow of the River is a free game, made to promote the enjoyment of the Bionicle™ range, please do not sue us dry.

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