Club Information

  1. Introduction
  2. Other Choices
  3. Philosophy and Experience
  4. Training, Material, Ranking, Price, Etc.
  1. INTRODUCTION:  I’ve created a functional, albeit small, training area (reinforced walls & padded floor) that is ideal for learning the many disciplines commonly known as mixed martial arts (MMA).  First and foremost this is not UFC or WEC training.  We train in MMA to enhance the overall effectiveness of our self defense abilities.  While much of what we do will be similar to what is seen on TV we don’t limit ourselves with “rules” as these don’t apply in the real world.  I generally train adults only (18yrs+) but will train older teenagers (15years+) with parent’s consent.  The training is challenging and very "hands on" to simulate the stresses of a real life self defense situation.  The club is fully insured with a heavy focus on member safety.  There is no need to earn respect as we give it freely hoping to foster a comfortable training environment.
  2. OTHER CHOICES:  There are many choices when it comes to martial arts training in the Southern New Hampshire area.  Many focus on a single discipline while others due incorporate MMA into their teachings.  I can’t tell you what is best for you but I can tell you that FPSD is unlike the others.  My focus is on the quality of training, not on the business aspect. 
  3. PHILOSOPHY AND EXPERIENCE:  Experience has driven my philosophy and the way I train in the martial arts.  I have over 20 years of various martial arts experience.  After earning a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and training for many years in various other disciplines; I have developed a unique training philosophy.  Simply put, all three phases (stand-up fighting, clinch and ground fighting) must be trained together in each training session.  This philosophy necessitates a 2 hour class to ensure all three phases are explored.  Most other martial arts classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length but this time length does not allow enough time for learning, practicing and execution.  It is vitally important to train all three phases together as they are naturally intertwined.  Seeing the “big picture” of unarmed combat is vital to developing enhanced self defense skills.  The most important thing to remember is that I am not pushing any type of "style".  We'll look at a lot of different ways of approaching self defense but at the end of the day it is what works best for you that matters most!!  This philosophy allows the training to be customized to each individual's needs.
  • Price - FREE after the annual membership fee ($100.00).  This is not a typo...the training is FREE after you join as a member.  I give you 30 days to try out the club before the membership fee is due.  I'll even let you pay the membership fee in two monthly $50.00 installments.  The membership fee helps pay for the insurance and cost of equipment - nothing goes into my pocket.
  • Uniform – No formal uniform is required (I do suggest comfortable & appropriate attire).
  • Ranking – My focus is on SELF DEFENSE, not establishing a hierarchy of ranks.  All club members are treated equally and entitled to learning the same self defense material as everyone else.
  • Class Schedule – We will meet 2 times per week for 2 hours each (4 hours of rigorous training).  The current training nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-9:30pm (times and days are subject to change).
  • Training – The training is almost completely hands-on.  This means you will be training with a partner 99% of the time.  Because of this you must work well with your partners and vise versa.  There are no mirrors and you will not be punching/kicking in the air.  We spend only a few minutes stretching/warming-up as time is valuable and should be spent on training.  Physical conditioning (running/weightlifting/push-ups/sit-ups) will not be addressed each class and should be worked into your own conditioning program (I will gladly lend advice).
  • Material – Many concepts and techniques will be covered.  Knowing all of them is not as important as is finding what techniques work for you.  Your ability to effectively use the technique is far more important than the number of techniques you know as there is usually more than one way to accomplish the same objective.  Individuals will learn at different rates – this is completely natural.  With time and hard training you will be comfortable with the program in no time at all.
  • Training Style – I am demanding but equally demanding of everyone.  There are no favorites as everyone is treated the same.  I encourage you to participate in all the training activities but will never force you to participate if you feel uncomfortable.  If at any point you feel uncomfortable with anything we are doing simply let me know.  Often individuals are apprehensive to participate – I suggest that you watch first and then decide.  No one will think any differently of you for not participating in a particular activity – I guarantee it!!
  • Training Supplies – I will provide you with all your training needs with the exception of a Mouthpiece and Groin/Breast Protection.  Some may wish to use your own equipment – I can assist in the selection and purchase (I make no profit on supplies).
Frank McAndrew