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                                          GIPSA 3140's IT Directives

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GIPSA CIVIL Rights Policy    Sexual Harassment Statement 2013

Anti Harassment Statement 2013

League City Union Agreement     National Union Agreement


Employees Daily Schedule

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Weekends Schedule


Ship Hold List                     

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Weekly Ship Holds Listing   


2014 General Schedule (GS) Locality Pay Tables


          Araceli Garcia(1)  

   Congratulation to Jada McNeese and Porfirio Garcia  on the birth of Araceli Garcia born 1-10-14.




Action: Annual Ethics training has been assigned in AgLearn and all employees.  


Note: The training for all OGE 450 filers and employees is the same. 


Due Date:  June 30, 2014


ETHICS TRAINING: There is one course assigned in your AgLearn To Do List and is titled Ethics Sweepstakes.  To access AgLearn go to www.aglearn.usda.gov . 


Thank You. Caroline Thorp



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