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LCFO wants to wish Lisa Nixon a very happy birthday

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Congratulation "Look! It is our very own, Daniel Files, the inventor, on TV." Laurie Teague   


To: All Employees 

This is to confirm that all employees are required to complete online cultural transformation training.   

Due Date:  August 31, 2014 Where? 

The course Effective Team Communication can be accessed in your AgLearn account. 

Course Description: To maximize their potential, teams rely on the participation, input, and opinions of all team members. Learning to speak up and encouraging others to open up are important to a teams success. Effective communication is the fuel that will keep your team going to the finish line.  In this course, you will learn the importance of fostering a team environment that encourages open and supportive communication. You will learn to recognize common verbal barriers that can seriously interfere with team productivity and learn strategies for eliminating those barriers. This course also covers active listening and presents techniques for listening more effectively to teammates, thereby encouraging the sharing of ideas within the team.

 Optional Reading in Books 24 x 7.  To access, click “Books24X7” from your AgLearn account click on Easy Links below the search box.. Next, Go to Content, then Launch. Feedback welcome …. this is a test alternative. Book:  The Wisdom You Need to Succeed in a Diverse World Alternative training will be made available for those without computer access.  Offices with staff who are unable to access AgLearn will be notified of an alternative method of training. 

Thank You. Caroline Thorp

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