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 07-23-2015, It is with deep sorrows that we share the passing of Deborah Edwards sister, Carolyn Yvonne McNeil. She passed away yesterday. The funeral will be held on

Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 1:00 pm, EST. 

Leo C Chase Funeral Home262 W. King Street

St. Augustine, Florida 32084 

Phone number: 904 824-2865 

Please keep Ms. Deborah Edwards and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this time of bereavement.  

Thank you,  Annie Trujillo






To: All GIPSA Employees 

What: You are required to complete Sexual Harassment Training. 

Due: September 30, 2015 

Why: This is part of your EEO Civil Rights and Cultural Transformation Training Requirements for FY2015.

How:  The course has been assigned to you on your AgLearn Account and is on your To Do List. Find courses below as listed.

Employees Only:  Sexual Harassment Prevention for Federal Employees fgov_01_a19_lc_enus_SKILLSOFT 

Supervisors , Managers, and Executives:  Sexual Harassment Prevention for Federal Managers fgov_01_a29_lc_enus_SKILLSOFT



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