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 Tom Vilsack

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Pictures of the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in FGIS Lab



                Gary, Diket & Daniel retirement Pictures

        Robert J Daniel Jr., Started working in the GIPSA, FGIS, Houston Field Office as an Agricultural Commodity Grader Grain, 11/10/1993 and later joined the League City Field Office. He gave 41 years to GIPSA, FGIS.  

      Gary Erskine, started out with FGIS in 1977 as a grader in Fort Worth, Texas, he later worked his way up to become a senior inspector in Galveston, Texas providing training /instructions to ACG’s, ACA and ACT’s on GIPSA grain program. Later in his years with the agency, he became the Quality Assurance Specialist for the League City Field Office. 37 years.

    Glen Diket, started out with FGIS in 1977 as an Intermittent Agricultural Commodity Aid in Belle Chasse, LA. He worked his way up to become an Agricultural Commodity Grader in the League City Field Office, League City, Texas.  He plans to spend his retirement years traveling. 21 years 6 months



        Charles Brown retirement Pictures

Charles Brown, Started working in the GIPSA, FGIS, League City Field Office as an Intermittent, 05/30, 1993, from that point Charlie excelled and became a full time Agricultural Grader Grain to a Industrial Specialist Agricultural. Before coming to work for GIPSA he was a Master Sargent with the United States Army for 20 years and 21 years FGIS


                    Carl Tutt

                              Click on Picture for Tutt Obituary

 12-15-2014 "It is with deep sadness that the League City Field Office announce the death of Carl Tutt, Agricultural Commodity Grader for the League City Field Office. Carl worked  for GIPSA, FGIS for 41 years and he was known very well at FGIS Gulf Rice Mill. His funeral arrangements are tentatively scheduled for Saturday.  Please keep his family in your prayers as they go through this time of bereavement."  Dave Grady

12-05-2014 "Jayne Ludwikoski’s mother, Isaura (Sally) Gullufsen, passed away, December 5, 2014, she was 89. Sally was born November 22, 1925, in the, Azores Islands, Portugal. As an adult here in America, she was a  florist and then later became a quality control supervisor for, Goodyear, where she retired. She was a great mom and will be truly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jayne during this difficult time."

 "This is the information for Jayne Ludwikoski’s mothers memorial service. It will be held, Monday December 22nd at 6:30 pm.Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 221 E Fulton St. Mathis, Texas 78368

361-547-7471" Thanks, Laurie J Teague




To: All GIPSA Employees and Contractors and Interns 

What: All employees are required to complete Fiscal Year 2015 Information Security Awareness Training  

Why: The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires this course and assessments to be completed. For details please see attached memo from USDA’s OCIO.

 Due: February 28, 2015 (No excuses) Those Without Computer Access: Contact your local AgLearn Administrator, Collateral Duty Training Officer, Manager or IT Professional for information on how to complete a proctored paper course. All employees, contractors and interns are required to complete this training whether or not they work at a computer.   



 All GIPSA Employees With a LincPass, 

All employees are required to complete LincPass Training. 

Where and How: Please login to your Aglearn account and you will find Lincpass Training  on your To Do List.  AgLearn address is: www.aglearn.usda.gov   Due: December 15, 2014. Thank you for your attention.

Optional Reading in Books 24 x 7.  To access, click “Books24X7” from your AgLearn account click on Easy Links below the search box.. Next, Go to Content, then Launch. Feedback welcome …. this is a test alternative. Book:  The Wisdom You Need to Succeed in a Diverse World Alternative training will be made available for those without computer access.  Offices with staff who are unable to access AgLearn will be notified of an alternative method of training. 

Thank You. Caroline Thorp.

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