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New! Factory Service Manual found in New Zealand. Click on sections at right. Also New I have been corresponding with a gentleman who's father was with Bendix, see picture to right. This is a scan from a family photo album.  Bendix_Shop_Manual_Part1.pdf






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Bendix Eclipse Outboard Motors

Welcome to my Bendix Eclipse Outboard website. I would like to dedicate this website to my lovely wife Christina L. Folke who without her support this would not have been possible. I want to reproduce a few parts for these motors. Does anyone have anything to contribute; tooling, drawings, patterns etc? Also, do you have any unique knowledge of these motors that you would like to contribute? Thanks

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Patents (from Google)

Patent 2118209(SINGLE)

Patent 2127743   (OSCILLATING ENGINE)

Patent 2230008(TMD MAGNETO)

Patent 2528354 (OUTBOARD JET)

Patent 2060881 (MAGNETO)

Patent 101232 (SB)

Patent 2111324 (SINGLE)

Patent 2129633 (Magneto SMD)

Patent 2227392 (REWIND)

Patent 2431806 (UNIFLO)

Patent 2256831 (TMD)

Patent 2351050 (UNIFLO)

Patent 2289124