Freeze Thaw Method

Freeze Thaw Method

  1. Submerge entire Nodule or Concretion in water for two-three days.  Concretions are porous rocks which means that the rock will absorb some of the water.

  2. Place Concretion, still in water, in a freezeable container and place in the freezer for about a week.  If a hair line crack is present, as the rock and water begin to freeze, it will expand the crack in places where an abnormality exists. 

  3. After one week, remove the container from the freezer and let thaw naturally.  Lightly tap on concretion to further stress the area.  Your concretion should crack into two pieces.  However, if after five or six taps your concretion does not open, you may have to repeat the entire process. 

Although I am anxious to see and hear about your prized fossil treasures.  I would strongly advise that you be patient in the opening process.  The above method is to insure safe and proper opening of your fossils.