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Fossil Collecting Day - Use Permit

Mazonia-Braidwood Fish and Wildlife Area


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Was fossil collecting the primary reason for your visit to the Mazonia-Braidwood FWA


Report of Mazon Creek Nodules collected from

Illinois Department of Natural Resources


The rich Pennsylvanian fossil deposits of Mazon Creek area of Northeastern Illinois constitute a world-class paleontological resource.       In order to make sure that information on fossil-bearing nodules collected from IDNR properties is not lost, the Department requires that a list of fossils collected under IDNR permits be reported to the Illinois State Museum (ISM).  This form provides an easy way to provide that information to the ISM.  It represents the minimum required report.  If, however, you would like to provide additional information, including photographs of more noteworthy, important, or spectacular specimens, IDNR would certainly appreciate that consideration.  This report form is most appropriate for use by less experienced collectors who have visited the site only once (or infrequently).  For the more advanced collector (including people who collect in the area more than once a year and want to group finds) a more advanced reporting form is available thru the Illinois State Museum.  Alternatively, you can also report finds online using forms on the ISM website.                                                                                                     The information on this form is being archived to better understand the Mazon Creek deposits and their fossils.  It may also allow potentially imporatnt fossil finds to be made known to the scientists that study those fossils.  If you have any questions or concerns about providing this information, please feel free to contact the Geology Section at the Illinois State Museum.  Information for contacting is as follows:

Voice:  217-524-7908                           

Postal:  Illinois State Museum -RCC       

1011 East. Ash St. 

Springfield, IL 62703

Information to be reported:

Date Nodules Collected:

Number of Nodules Collected:

Unopened                         Weathered Open (2 Halves)             (1 Half)


Number of Nodules Opened Successfully:  Freeze/Thaw                 Hammer


Number of Nodules Discarded:

Number of Opened Nodules with Identifiable Fossils:

Fossils recovered and Number (identify to best of ability).

Plant                                              Other

Jelly Fish/ Blob
Shrimp                                           Unknown