Daniel A Foxvog

Lecturer in Assyriology (ret.)
University of California at Berkeley




     Introduction to Sumerian Grammar 

       Elementary Sumerian Glossary  

         Timeline of Mesopotamian History

        Chief Figures of the Mesopotamian Pantheon


Brief Curriculum Vitae

       Specialization:  Sumerology

       Advanced Education

    BA    Linguistics                     University of California at Berkeley 1966
    MA   Near Eastern Studies    University of California at Berkeley 1968
    PhD  Near Eastern Studies     University of California at Berkeley  1974

      Professional Career

    Department of Near Eastern Studies
      University of California at Berkeley

    1970-1971  Associate in Assyriology
    1971-1972  Acting Instructor in Assyriology
    1972-1973  Acting Assistant Professor in Assyriology
    1974-2001  Lecturer in Assyriology (hiatus 1995-1998)
    Retired July 2001

       Academic Courses Taught

    Akkadian - 1970-2000
    Sumerian - 1975-2001
    Mesopotamian Literature and Documents A&B - 1977-2000
    Mesopotamian Religious Texts - 1976-1977 
    Babylonian Religion - 2001
    Individual Studies - 1972-2001


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