Enrichment Activity

Mole Day


                                                                                                Assigned:   10/20_______

                                                            Due:   10/23___________   




National Mole Day begins at 6:02 a.m. on 10/23 and ends on the same day at 6:02 p.m.  This is significant since 1 mole of anything is 6.02 x 1023 things (just like 1 dozen = 12 things).  The following activities are intended to show that chemistry can be fun!


1.      Write a paragraph answering the questions: Who was Amedeo Avogadro?  What was his hypothesis?  (3 pts)  Don’t do this one!!!


2.      Make a .5 mole aluminum foil sculpture of a mole(the critter).  The sculpture will be checked and weighed for the grade.  (3 pts)


3.      Solve 2 of the following mole problems.  All work must be presented neatly. (4 pts each)

  1. If you spend a million dollars a day, how many years would it take to spend one mole of dollars?
  2. How many moles of pencils marks can you make in one minute?
  3. If the surface area of the Pacific Ocean is 1.6576 x 108 sq. km and the average depth is 4,028 meters, how many moles of water are in the pacific?  (Hint: 18cm3 = 1 mole H2O)
  4. If the average penny is 2 mm thick, how far toward the sun would a 1 mole stack of pennies reach?


4.      Name the mole in Beatrix Potter’s books. (2 pts)


5.      Translate “Mole” 4 ways: French, German, Spanish and Latin (3 pts)


6.      Use the online mole pattern and create a stuffed mole.  Turn in completed mole.  Sorry, the mole will not be returned.  (10 pts)


7.      Write an original mole joke.  3 examples follow:  (2 pts)

  1. What is chemical nonsense?  Mole-arky
  2. What does Avogardro wear when it is cold?  Thermole Underware
  3. Where did Avogardro stay on vacation?  A Mole-tel


8.      Consume 1 mole of water in Mr. Hanson’s presence. (1 pt)


9.      If you alone or you and a friend sing one of the mole songs in class on Mole Day you will receive 5 pts as an individual or 3 pts each as a duet.  (3-5 pts)


10.  Make a poster promoting Mole Day, October 23, to be placed around the school.  Posters are due 10/21.  (5 pts)


11.  Other mole project such as mole-toons, CD case with mole parody song list, create a mole song and sing the song to the class, etc.  (get approval before you begin the project.  Points will be assessed according to difficulty.)  (3-10 pts)


You may complete as many of the activities you wish, adding up to a total point value of 20 pts.